Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? Review Redux Two Months Of Membership

By | 12/02/2015

Opinion Outpost ReviewWhat you are about to read has the utter distinction of being the first article I’ve ever written that is at all  positive  about an online  survey site(OSS).  Several reasons exist for this. First and foremost is the fact that I consider myself the Queen of online survey bashers. Second, I have never had a positive experience until now and my first experience was so humiliating that I ignored the very existence of OSS entirely. Well it’s been two months and I did promise an update, so once again, is Opinion Outpost a scam?

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Opinion Outpost Review(Redux)

If you have read my previous review of Opinion Outpost, you’ll know that I am very suspicious and I exercise extreme caution when interacting with any and all survey companies I come into contact with.(Mostly so I don’t drive myself crazy)

That article was written in real time during the first few days of my membership. Somewhere along the way, between the beginning and the ending, I reluctantly admitted there was a  slight possibility that there might be a very, very small chance  there was money to be made at this website. Not a lot mind you, but enough for me to put forth the effort in order to make the determination.

Totally left a bad taste in my mouth when I admitted that. But you want to hear the kicker? I actually did make money at this website! $98 as a matter of fact! below is the proof. A screenshot of my actual rewards history.


Damned if I might just have to tweak  my opinion slightly because of this.(You have no idea how much that p***** me off!!)

First Time For Everything

Opinion Outpost also bears the distinction of being the very first OSS where I actually earned some $$$ and I must admit(to my utter horror)I am pleasantly surprised! In fact I am so surprised, I want everybody to know. That way maybe they can get some too.

Gettin’ Down To It

So I did every survey that came my way and going so far as to keep doing them until they ran out and told me to check back later.Sometimes I earned points left and right. Sometimes I would go through dry spells when I didn’t qualify for any survey. However even if I didn’t qualify I received one entry into the quarterly cash giveaway(more on that next)

There is one particular survey invite I have been stalking since the first time I encountered it. This was a live survey session. It begins at a certain time and continues for an 1 1/2, after which you are compensated with the sum of $35. The first couple of times I accessed it, I didn’t even get to the part where you take a qualifying survey.(To decide if they want to invite you to the live session)


After a few instances, I was finally able to complete the qualifier and get an invite to the live session. I was ecstatic. $35 for 90 minutes of my time. IT rocked. And to top it all off, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Easiest $35 I ever made.

Now if I am able to do like 10 of those a month, that’d be like $350. All for about 15 hours of “work”. That comes out to $11.22 per hour. Not bad. I’ll take it.

S*** That Annoyed Me

One survey that sticks out in my mind really pissed me off. It was a 25 point survey that a spent about a half hour completing. I enjoyed this particular survey. I finally came to the very last question and then all i had to do was collect my points. All be damned if they didn’t screen me out and deprive me of my points..

I did contact customer service but not until the next day. They got back to me promptly and asked me the ID# of that survey. <siiiiiggghhh> I did so many in between when it happened and when I contacted them that I couldn’t figure out which one it was. Lesson learned.

There were a few other glitches but nothing that really bothered me or affected the outcome. Just minor annoyances and definitely not worth stressing about.(After all it’s only $2.13 a day)

During the 60 day period, I attempted 402 surveys. I completed 101 for a total of 980 points. 980 points=$98. All in all not a bad experience.(Made easier because of actual cash  earnage)

$10,000 Giveaway!


Every three months at opinion outpost, they have a drawing for a cash giveaway of $10,000. Every time you complete a survey, they award you with 1 entry into the drawing. They also award you with 1 entry if you screen out of the survey.  I really want to win that bonanza so I take every survey I possibly can even if I don’t receive points due to screening out of the survey.(Can’t always fit the demographic you know)

So here is how it stands for me at the end of 60 days:

980 Points=$98        675 Entries in $10,000 Cash GIveaway

I am going to win that 10 grand. Just you wait and see and when I do, I’ll tell you aaallllll about it.

One More thing…

In my previous article, I made a big deal about their privacy policy and how they don’t share or sell your very private information. Well, it seems I have been getting a little more junk mail than usual and coincidentally the subject matter often coincides with  some of the surveys I have taken.

Except maybe one small aberration when I received an invitation to get a deal on some kind of male enhancement product that guaranteed me I would have longer hotter sex than ever before.  Alas I am a female.<sigh> I have no idea where that one came from.

So just a few hours ago I was talking to my niece about this and she was saying that you have to watch out for the ol’ switcharoo. ???? I was thinking they were reneging on the terms of the privacy policy but my niece said they sometimes redirect you to another survey site. When that happens they are not responsible for any private info you provide.

Not sure if I like that much. But… I don’t think it bothers me enough to quit the surveys. i like the extra cash. Most of the crapola goes to the junk mail file and I block it. Or if it somehow makes it to my inbox I spam it. There isn’t enough of it to give me any discordant emotions. the $$$ money soothes

Is It Worth It?

The way I see it, the answer to that is all a matter of perspective. For instance, let me tell you my perspective and if I think it is worth my time and effort.(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)opinionoutpost11

Many would argue, time versus money. In other words, how much do you make per hour?  Truthfully, you really don’t make much of an hourly wage at all.

$1.63 per day is what I made. $98 over a 60 day period. I  spent two to three hours a night, four to five nights a week doing surveys. I think there was about a two-week period up in there somewhere in which I didn’t devote any time whatsoever to the activity.

So then if we adjust for that let’s just say $98 in 46 days instead.(Actual time spent) That comes out to $2.13 per day.Hardly worth the effort if I was seriously trying to make a go of earning a living with this pursuit.

Let me impart to you a little insight into a day in the life of myself. Although this does not seem  relevant to the topic at hand, if you  just chill with me for a second all will be made clear.

A Typical “Work” Day For Me

opinionoutpost.png.1First of all. I usually go to bed between 5:30 and 7 Am. I sleep until the afternoon  one thirty, twoish or whatever. I get up,(still in my jammies) let the dogs out, make me a hot cup of instant coffee and a big honking glass of ice water. I stumble back to my bedroom(office)sit down, flip on the computer and light up my first cigarette.

More coffee, let the dogs in, use the bathroom(somewhere in this timeline), give out doggie treats, then finally settle in for another 11 hours of sitting in front of the computer.

No alarm clocks, no rushing to get ready for work, no uniform to dress myself in, all the coffee I can possibly pour down my throat and smoking is allowed.

Pretty much living life the way I want.


I work at home as an affiliate marketer(this means I am online most of the time writing, researching and doing things in general for maintenance and SEO for my Affiliate marketing is my job. The survey participation is like a part time job.

Since I am already home, it isn’t really hard to fit surveying into my current lifestyle. I can work at it for a few hours at a time , a few minutes at a time, or not at all.(Sometimes the s*** gets on my last damn nerve) My choice. Just the way I like it.

So to me…it’s worth the time and effort expended because I don’t really make any kind of a serious extra effort(Apparently I have lost my mind!) Just get it over with and kill me now! I am still finding it hard to believe I made money doing this! I’m not sure how to feel about it. Not about the money, no, no, no. That part I know exactly how to feel about.(Heh)

I’m actually talking about the fact that I have made money period. After what happened to me the first time, I have been hell bent against online surveys. In fact, I began all these articles and reviews with the intent to expose and vilify them. You know, show the world their true colors and what they really are all about. Now I find myself in the awkward  position of earning some cash.  @#$**#@!!!!!

After All Is Said…

I would like to stress the fact that it is highly improbable  one would be able to earn a life sustaining income  doing online surveys.

If you are serious about learning how to develop an  income stream from the internet,  I can help you out with that by referring you to the platform that gave me my start in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate.


Seriously. I don’t actually sit on my couch(heh. I could if I wanted to though) but I work at home the way I want, on my terms and it is awesome!!If you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and live life on your terms then please, accept my personal invitation for a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. No credit card required.


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