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The Earn At Home Club Scam Review. They Can’t Be Serious.

Earn At Home Club Review:  Scam? Without A Doubt


I joined this “club” on December 11th for the very affordable price of $5.02. To tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting much. That’s exactly what I got. Nothing much. Not to mention some very erratic behavior from the website. But what can one expect from a program that is outdated and cheesy to begin with.

…I received an email that provided my login info and a link to the site to get started.


Now, see there at the top where it says “Instant access to members area?”  You would think if you clicked on a link that says it will take you to the members area it would take you to the members area right? Well, it didn’t believe it or not instead I was sent right  into a f@#&*#@ upsell. They couldn’t even give me a chance to check it out first.

I was assured this was a very special offer and I would never see it again. So I best take advantage while I have the chance.(Still don’t know what it’s all about mind you) But I just better get right on it.


So I took screenshots of the entire squeeze page, just in case there were some things I wanted to talk about or show you. I’m not going to bore you with the entire page. I’m only gonna hit the scammy highlights. I am introduced to the “V.I.P. Club” and how it is the greatest.


What follows is a whole bunch of hyped up nonsense about how you will get more intense in-depth training and it shows a list of e-books you will receive as a V.I.P and just how much money you will make in general and how all this money will bring you happiness, yadda, yadda.

By the way, how am I supposed to tell the difference between what I have already paid for(regular membership) and this V.I.P. membership they assure me it is in my best interest to have?

 Then…here comes the pitch:


At this point, I have yet to enter the members area  to see exactly what I am dealing with.(Which is where that link was supposed to take me.)They want me to pay $47 for an upgrade to a program when I haven’t even tried it out.

I mean seriously, if I were to take them up on their V.I.P offer, sight unseen mind you, how would I know they aren’t just selling me the same piece of garbage I already have. With no actual upgrades.

That’s right I wouldn’t know because there would be nothing to compare it to. You follow me here?

Just to twist the screw a little tighter they mention that I will never, ever be able to take advantage of this offer again. Seriously. For real. They Aren’t kidding around. They MEAN IT.


I exited the page and tried again. This time, I ended up in what I thought was the members area, but I wasn’t there just yet. I ended up on a page that  displayed a video I was to watch and then down at the bottom it had two link choices. Here I’ll show you what I mean;

earnstart earnstart1

 There are two separate directions this goes. One, I click the part where the “play” arrow overlays the dude in the picture. I thought fer sure I would be listening to this guy give me the welcome spiel. I skipped that part(I went back later. Tell you about that in a minute)and went straight to where it says “….>>>>Continue To Training Area”. <ssiigghhhh> Still, not the training area but another f@#$^&@ upsell cleverly disguised as a “FREE BONUS”


I assume this website will be free? Let’s take a closer look. The link sent me to a fake news story,


which then takes me to a video advertisement for “Millionaire Websites”.


This is thirty minutes of how this absolutely free website is going to earn you truckloads of cash(yes he did say truckloads)every day like clockwork.


 The normal cost of a partnership into this business is $15,500. However since they are sensitive to the fact that times are tough and they want me to make money, they are  going to design this website and hand out a bunch of free coaching videos or whatever worth thousands of dollars. All for FREE. Can you believe it?

All of this free stuff can be mine for a one time fee of


I need only to pay for the hosting of said “free” website of course.


I clicked out of there and fiiiiiiiinaaaalllllly I was allowed to proceed to the Members Training Area. I was not very impressed. Bu then what was I expecting for $5.


#1 was all about Facebook. How to set one up and how to market on it.(Stuff Facebook tells you already)

#2 is called “Google Marketing” and is all about using AdWords. Considering this scam has been in production since 2008 or before, all the information was irrelevant.

#3 how to sell on eBay

#4 was about SEO. Something every website owner should eat, sleep and breathe.

#5  “Cash Magnet Websites” is all about setting up a domain and hosting. How to set up WordPress and set it up for multiple websites.(I didn’t know you could do that)and download the “website” so you can start making some of that truckloads of money.

#6 V.I.P. Membership. A list of about 40 downloads to read that are supposed to help me make money. Last of all is,

#7 simply titled “Downloads” These are supposedly what I am supposed to download to the website I set up in Course #5. But I wouldn’t know about that seeing as how I can’t download the s@#%.

Not to mention the fact that during course #5 there is a link to get another  website from a “company” called Innovative Site Creations and that’s a whole different can of worms. Look it up on Google and see what you find that is absolutely


Here they also ask that I only pay for two years of hosting  at a place called Purely Hosting. It was advised I signup for the two-year package for better rankings on Google. ??????????? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Google doesn’t rank you based on how long your website domain and hosting are paid for.

Unfortunately, I could no longer proceed with my investigation because the link is broken. I did Google the company.  They didn’t even have a two-year plan. Or at least, if they did I couldn’t find it. No hosting was provided either. At all.

Then I Took  A Break.

I took a break from my perusal of the website because quite frankly it was giving me a headache. So I put it aside and started to write my review. About a week later I came back to finish the article and discovered something screwy.

Upon my return I clicked on to course #5 “Cash Magnet Websites” to look at a few things. What I saw truly confused me. Same thing happened when I clicked on #6 V.I.P membership.  Here is what happened:

Normally #5 would take me here;


instead, it took me to this from some dude by the name of John Harris.


Here John tells of a program that will make you so successful that


All for the very affordable price of $77. Then it stopped and went back to showing  course #5.  And now…

It’s Doing It Again…

…so I can’t show you a screenshot of what #6 looked like before but I can certainly show you what is happening now.

I end up here.


Which is exactly like the one I was told I would never see again


with a few minor discrepancies. My letter was from Emily Young. The one showing up now is from John Harris just like the “cash magnet websites”. Also, the one from Emily specifically says this V.I.P. is for “Earn At Home Club Members” while the one from John harris merely invites me to achieve V.I.P. status.of whatever his program is.

They are one and the same. Except for price. Emily-$47 one time offer, John-$67 one time offer.

The Best Part; Success Road Academy

This is a 7-step video  presentation, about affiliate marketing.which I am beginning to suspect is the actual program. I think everything else is an accursed upsell.

Actually some very good information here. It talks about domain names, hosting, seo, websites,  keywords, niches and all manner of subject pertaining to the art of affiliate marketing. I do believe at one time this program might have worked, but the information is very dated, (Google Wonderwheel is mentioned.)as well as the fact that all links and websites referred to were either broken, defunct or led to something completely unrelated.

I do believe at one time this program might have worked, but the information is very dated, (Google Wonderwheel is mentioned.)as well as the fact that all links and websites referred to were either broken, defunct or led to something completely unrelated.

The copyright is 2008. 8 yrs is a long time, especially when dealing with technological evolution. So even if some of the info is good, so much of it is irrelevant that it isn’t  a very big help to anyone serious about becoming an affiliate marketer.

So You Gotta Ask Yourself One Thing.

Am I serious about learning how to make money online? If the answer to that is yes then it is imperative to get with someone who knows what’s going on and will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in affiliate marketing. That I can help you with. After extensive research, I found Wealthy Affiliate. The most innovative affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have helped me to

That I can help you with. After extensive research, I found Wealthy Affiliate. The most innovative affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have helped me to become successful online. I am now earning an income from the internet and it is awesome!!.

Now let’s compare a few things:

Now is the time to get rolling!! Don’t hesitate to take the first step into your future! It is free to try and you don’t need a credit card.! No Contract, no hidden fees. First ten lessons are free.


The Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review: Not To Be Confused With Learn How To Academy…Or Is It?

Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review


What Is Learn How To Link Academy?

I see this in my email and I just shake my head, look down at my keyboard and let out a heavy duty <sssiiiiggghhhh>. I am so totally over these link posting job scams. However looking into this one actually caused me to arch an eyebrow in surprised introspection at the slight difference in their approach. Then again, it is kind of a small stroke of genius because although this is a variation on what I have dubbed the “hydra scam”, it seeks a totally different demographic. So… join me now for a few moments as I explain and enlighten  about the Learn How To Link Academy and why it is a scam in my review.

 Not To Be Confused With Learn How To Academy…Or Is It?

As I expressed earlier and probably will again, Learn How To Link Academy is like so many others of it’s kind. In order to avoid mass confusion and to better illustrate my point, I am only going to compare it with Learn How to Academy and probably include expressions and references that refer to this type of scam as a whole. Let’s get right into it with a little bit of imagery:

learnlink.jpg.1learn how to academy review system

First I would like to compliment whoever designed this particular site. They  actually strove for a semblance of originality. Why do I say That? Let me tell you why I say that.

Up until this point in time,  every scam like this one I have encountered(and there is a myriad of them.)has been aimed at low-income single young mothers. Usually working more than one job to make ends meet.

This one is aimed at  low-income single young fathers. The very first of it’s kind I have ever seen.

The Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review


However,  though they have striven for a little originality, their story remains the same. They got divorced at a young age, had a small child, moved for  a fresh start, had a young child to take care of, worked hard, really hard, lived from paycheck to paycheck(Jeez, join the club),

Then they ALL experience:


Now, in Mr. Tony Anderson’s case, he received an injury at his workplace and was no longer capable of working so he could pay his bills. The grown man cries.

The situation with the woman is a bit divergent here. She usually ends up losing her full-time job(or all three of her jobs or whatever)and can’t pay the bills. She cries. Small difference. They both ended up without a viable income.

And Theeeeeennnnnn…

They both think about their situation and decide what they don’t want  job wise:


And what they want:


They describe their dream job discussing it non-stop to anyone who would listen, Everybody thinks they’re  crazy and the next thing you know…BOOM!!


Interestingly enough, this (for lack of a better term)recurring miracle occurs to each in an almost identical manner. They meet someone in a doctor’s office. For Alan: Some guy. For the women: A kindly stranger. Who relates what he does online and suggests perhaps they should give it a shot.

3 Months Later…

…they’re lives have been remade in the image created in their thoughts.  Debt free!! Able to provide! Work half the time for double the pay!! S*** tons of money with little or no effort.


So all because of the kindness of a stranger(no charge, just tryin’ to help out)Alan and every woman in these scams, has reached a level of comfort never before possible to them. And because they are doing so well(again, the kindness of a stranger):


Knowledge(by their own admission) given freely by someone unknown to them they are now offering to SELL to you. Well now, isn’t that paying it forward?(insert heavy sarcasm here)

They haven’t gotten to the part where they make the offer but trust me it’s coming. Right now they’re giving you the buildup. Telling you how easy it is to join companies and post links for them. saying:


There’s much more teasing  about how much money you can make and of course all the benefits and extras you receive. They even name this “job”, calling it being a “Link Placement Agent” It has been called other things such as: Link posting agent and search engine agent. They give it a name to portray the illusion this is an actual job and you can draw a regular paycheck from these companies.


Claiming also that:



But you haven’t heard the best part yet. The best part is:


That’s pretty much the highlights. Except more about being yor own boss and living the life of leisure. Along with all the training and support you will receive from trained professionals. Think on that for a minute and then read about my private consultation with a so-called professional when I signed up for The Work at Home Institute, which is a waaayyy earlier version of Learn How To Link Academy.

So now we get to the crux of the matter. This $2,000 package can beall  yours for the low,low price of $97.50 or:




Depending on how many times you try to leave the page without purchasing the program.

Learn How To Link Academy(LHLA) is nothing more than a link posting job scam

Remember earlier when I mentioned that I was impressed with this version of the hydra? Normally these things are slapped together with bits and pieces from versions of the scam that came before it. Including fake news stories, overused stock photo images for the testimonials of supposed members tell about how great LHLA is, logos of  large, popular companies they imply you will be working for, and the same basic story of hardship and loss turned instantly around by implementing this program

I have even seen instances of blatantly using two separate logos for two different link posting job scams on one page. Seriously you need to take a look.

A Few Changes

New laws have emerged as a result of an FTC investigation into the use of fake news stories as a deceptive advertising tactic. This person took the time to address some of the issues generated as a result of these investigations.

Earnings Disclaimer


Previous disclaimers did not include the statement highlighted in the image above. Implying that the news stories were fact.

Testimonial Clarification And List

Many reviews on the many variations of the link posting job scams feature testimonials with stock images that are used over and over on these websites. This has been a point that scam exposers(such as myself)have used to prove what a scam this type of “program” is. The issue has been addressed and in a rather  unique straight forward fashion.(which I suspect will be the norm for programs like this everywhere.

This next bit of info was at the very bottom of the page right underneath the privacy policy and other important disclaimers.

 *The Above example is only illustrative of what might be achievable from using this program, and that the Above examples are not to be taken literally. **All testimonials are real and photos are stock. Some testimonials have been remunerated for grammar or to protect the identity or privacy, as well as trade secret knowledge.

Their individual results are atypical. They invested their own money and are not employees. Some of these testimonials may have paid for additional help. Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to work hard and invest both time and money to get these life-changing results. Click here to read the full Testimonials

I’ve never actually seen this type of addendum. Not only that but it includes a link to a pretty impressive pdf file full of “actual” testimonials. This I have never seen. It is indeed a very nice touch. And a very bold move because now they might possibly fall under suspicion of providing false testimonials. Showing no fear. Quite a b***** move I don’t mind saying. This I think is calculated to create trust.

But then waaaayyyy down at the bottom of all those glowing testimonials is a small reminder:

Some testimonials have been corrected for grammar or edited to protect the identity or privacy of our students as well as trade secret knowledge. Their individual results are atypical. Their results required a great amount of time and energy. They invested their own money and are not employees. Some of these testimonials may have paid for additional help. Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to work hard and invest both time and money to get these life changing results

Point #1 – You have to invest both time and money

Point #2 -These results required a great amount of time and energy

Point #3 –  Their individual results are atypical.(Not the norm)

I have not seen such candor about these scams ever. In previous versions, they did not include this type of disclaimer(’cause that’s what it is.)Instead, they chose to permit the illusion of easy money. With free stuff they usually end up asking payment for.

This is actually quite an evolutionary leap. I expect we will see a new generation of the link posting job scam.

is link posting a job are there jobs posting linksAlthough there have been notable changes to the overall structure, it still remains one of the many heads of the hydra. It still spews forth the same destructive scam much like the incendiary breath of the mythological beast. Every time a new head sprouts there are subtle changes or complete f***-ups. The fact remains: The Learn How to Link Academy is still a link posting job scam. Same package, different wrapping.

What It All Boils Down To Is This…

This link posting job is basically affiliate marketing and in a really farfetched theory of mine, might actually have been the progenitor of affiliate marketing. Be that as it may, affiliate marketing has evolved into something beyond merely posting links online.

These days, it is important to own and operate a website in order to even get past the application to become an affiliate of any company operating online.  Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Oh, they will probably offer you a free”  website that somehow you will end up spending money on. Most likely the “free” website will be a carbonish copy of the website that brought you there in the first place.


But the best thing you can do to learn how to make money online, is to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and the best place to do that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Take It For A Testdrive

get trainedThe one outstanding feature that drew me to Wealthy Affiliate after I finally discovered it was the fact that unlike any other “program” I’ve encountered in my search for financial stability by working online, WA offered a free trial. A 7-day free trial to be precise.

I didn’t even have to furnish a credit card number. Only my name and email address. It gave me a chance to try the program out before committing any sort of financing for a membership.

Whether you choose this scam or choose to pursue true affiliate marketing one fact is true of both. You will actually be required to work at it and you will probably have to spend some money. So instead of forking out $97.50, why not try Wealthy Affiliate for free? Learn what affiliate marketing is before you commit any kind of money try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Please accept my personal invitation to learn all about affiliate marketing and how to make money doing it.



Example Survey Questionnaire-Does It bother you to Answer These Questions?


The following survey question examples are the 10 most commonly asked at the beginning of each and every survey you will encounter:

Example Survey Questionnaire

1. Are you male or female?

2. What is your age?

3. In what country do you currently reside?

4. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code)

5. Which of the following best describes your current relationship status?

6. What is the highest level of  education you have completed ?

7. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

8. Are you White, Black or African-American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific islander, or some other race?

9. Are you Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Cuban-American, or some other Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino group?

10. How much total combined money did all members of your HOUSEHOLD earn last year?

Of course, these are merely the most popular. Some companies tend towards the redundant by adding such questions as: “What year were you born?”, “What Month?”.Twice I have encountered the very personal sexual identity question and a couple of times they wanted to know political and religious affiliation. I draw the line at those.(I figure if the survey deals with religion or politics, I am not at all interested in anything they could possibly think to ask along those lines.)

surveysI’ve been participating in online surveys quite frequently for the past two months. During this time I’ve noticed that every survey(Literally, every single one)I have completed or attempted to complete, will always ask a similar basic set of questions to determine your personal demographic. The nature of these questions might be considered invasive by some(me for one)because they deal with private or sensitive issues.

For those of you who feel as I do you need to decide if you can live with divulging this very private information to random survey companies and people you don’t even know. Because in order to participate in %99.9 of the surveys out there, you will have to disclose the information.

To Answer Or Not To Answer? That Is The  Question.

questionnaireOf course, you always reserve the right to refuse to answer any of the questions. But if you refuse to answer, you will most likely be excluded from the survey right then and there. If this occurs with any sort of frequency, you probably won’t be invited to very many more surveys. Not gonna make any money like that.

Rock And A Hard Place…

I must admit that during my first attempt at online surveying, I was a bit reluctant to surrender some of the information they were asking for. So a lot of the time I would just click “refuse to answer” and 9 times out of 10 I would be screened out of the survey. That’s no way to make money and it was a source of great frustration for me.

I particularly objected to the last four questions on the list and steadfastly refused to answer in any way other than”Prefer not to answer” or some variation thereof.

Since my resurgence into online survey taking I have rethought the matter and decided that answering these questions can’t really cause any harm to anything that is important to me. It’s more like I have some serious personal convictions when it comes to classifying humans no matter what the situation.


Who cares if I am working or not as long as I pay my bills?

In my opinion, the questions which pertain to race should be eliminated because as far as I’m concerned there is only one race. The Human Race.

Discussing how much money you make, or asking someone how much money they make is not socially acceptable behavior.


So…upon further thought this time around and much more research and investigation, I decided to climb down from my high horse(took a little while because this was a particularly high, high horse)and just answer the questions. Especially now because this time around, I am actually making a little money.(To my complete and utter shock)

This is one of the reasons why I changed my mind:

Demographically Speaking…

questionnaire1Once a demographic becomes aggregated,(information put into a big pile) that is when you lose your singular identity and become nothing more than a number.  A number among many other numbers that were once people.

But now, they have participated in a survey, had their demographic aggregated and have been reinvented as a nameless faceless statistic compiled within some corporate report.


First You Take A Survey…

…the results are separated into piles of other results depending upon the responses given. With me so far? These piles where the data are accumulated are known as demographics. Then these piles of data undergo something known as aggregation. It means that all the demographics from all the surveys(the little piles of data)are thrown together to make one large pile of data. This is called aggregated data.

From this rather large pile of data come the statistics which is what you end up as at the end of it all. Nobody even cares who you are. That is why it doesn’t bother me to answer the questions anymore. At the end of it all I am nothing more to them than a faceless statistic and I like it just fine like that.

Of course, I could be wrong about the whole thing and online surveys are merely a secret plot by the government as a way to spy on the citizenry. Remember: It isn’t  paranoia if they really are out to get you. Joke people. Just a joke…or is it?

Seriously. I’m kidding.

Once Again…

…I feel need to stress the fact that taking online surveys isn’t an activity that can replace a full-time income. To do that you need something more consistent and reliable. Something like affiliate marketing. How would you like to…


I don’t exactly relax on the couch while working. But I am at home relaxing with all my comforts nearby. It’s quite frankly, the best job I have ever had. Please accept my personal invitation to learn how to become an affiliate marketer.


Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? Review Redux Two Months Of Membership

Opinion Outpost ReviewWhat you are about to read has the utter distinction of being the first article I’ve ever written that is at all  positive  about an online  survey site(OSS).  Several reasons exist for this. First and foremost is the fact that I consider myself the Queen of online survey bashers. Second, I have never had a positive experience until now and my first experience was so humiliating that I ignored the very existence of OSS entirely. Well it’s been two months and I did promise an update, so once again, is Opinion Outpost a scam?

Untitled design(2)

Opinion Outpost Review(Redux)

If you have read my previous review of Opinion Outpost, you’ll know that I am very suspicious and I exercise extreme caution when interacting with any and all survey companies I come into contact with.(Mostly so I don’t drive myself crazy)

That article was written in real time during the first few days of my membership. Somewhere along the way, between the beginning and the ending, I reluctantly admitted there was a  slight possibility that there might be a very, very small chance  there was money to be made at this website. Not a lot mind you, but enough for me to put forth the effort in order to make the determination.

Totally left a bad taste in my mouth when I admitted that. But you want to hear the kicker? I actually did make money at this website! $98 as a matter of fact! below is the proof. A screenshot of my actual rewards history.


Damned if I might just have to tweak  my opinion slightly because of this.(You have no idea how much that p***** me off!!)

First Time For Everything

Opinion Outpost also bears the distinction of being the very first OSS where I actually earned some $$$ and I must admit(to my utter horror)I am pleasantly surprised! In fact I am so surprised, I want everybody to know. That way maybe they can get some too.

Gettin’ Down To It

So I did every survey that came my way and going so far as to keep doing them until they ran out and told me to check back later.Sometimes I earned points left and right. Sometimes I would go through dry spells when I didn’t qualify for any survey. However even if I didn’t qualify I received one entry into the quarterly cash giveaway(more on that next)

There is one particular survey invite I have been stalking since the first time I encountered it. This was a live survey session. It begins at a certain time and continues for an 1 1/2, after which you are compensated with the sum of $35. The first couple of times I accessed it, I didn’t even get to the part where you take a qualifying survey.(To decide if they want to invite you to the live session)


After a few instances, I was finally able to complete the qualifier and get an invite to the live session. I was ecstatic. $35 for 90 minutes of my time. IT rocked. And to top it all off, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Easiest $35 I ever made.

Now if I am able to do like 10 of those a month, that’d be like $350. All for about 15 hours of “work”. That comes out to $11.22 per hour. Not bad. I’ll take it.

S*** That Annoyed Me

One survey that sticks out in my mind really pissed me off. It was a 25 point survey that a spent about a half hour completing. I enjoyed this particular survey. I finally came to the very last question and then all i had to do was collect my points. All be damned if they didn’t screen me out and deprive me of my points..

I did contact customer service but not until the next day. They got back to me promptly and asked me the ID# of that survey. <siiiiiggghhh> I did so many in between when it happened and when I contacted them that I couldn’t figure out which one it was. Lesson learned.

There were a few other glitches but nothing that really bothered me or affected the outcome. Just minor annoyances and definitely not worth stressing about.(After all it’s only $2.13 a day)

During the 60 day period, I attempted 402 surveys. I completed 101 for a total of 980 points. 980 points=$98. All in all not a bad experience.(Made easier because of actual cash  earnage)

$10,000 Giveaway!


Every three months at opinion outpost, they have a drawing for a cash giveaway of $10,000. Every time you complete a survey, they award you with 1 entry into the drawing. They also award you with 1 entry if you screen out of the survey.  I really want to win that bonanza so I take every survey I possibly can even if I don’t receive points due to screening out of the survey.(Can’t always fit the demographic you know)

So here is how it stands for me at the end of 60 days:

980 Points=$98        675 Entries in $10,000 Cash GIveaway

I am going to win that 10 grand. Just you wait and see and when I do, I’ll tell you aaallllll about it.

One More thing…

In my previous article, I made a big deal about their privacy policy and how they don’t share or sell your very private information. Well, it seems I have been getting a little more junk mail than usual and coincidentally the subject matter often coincides with  some of the surveys I have taken.

Except maybe one small aberration when I received an invitation to get a deal on some kind of male enhancement product that guaranteed me I would have longer hotter sex than ever before.  Alas I am a female.<sigh> I have no idea where that one came from.

So just a few hours ago I was talking to my niece about this and she was saying that you have to watch out for the ol’ switcharoo. ???? I was thinking they were reneging on the terms of the privacy policy but my niece said they sometimes redirect you to another survey site. When that happens they are not responsible for any private info you provide.

Not sure if I like that much. But… I don’t think it bothers me enough to quit the surveys. i like the extra cash. Most of the crapola goes to the junk mail file and I block it. Or if it somehow makes it to my inbox I spam it. There isn’t enough of it to give me any discordant emotions. the $$$ money soothes

Is It Worth It?

The way I see it, the answer to that is all a matter of perspective. For instance, let me tell you my perspective and if I think it is worth my time and effort.(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)opinionoutpost11

Many would argue, time versus money. In other words, how much do you make per hour?  Truthfully, you really don’t make much of an hourly wage at all.

$1.63 per day is what I made. $98 over a 60 day period. I  spent two to three hours a night, four to five nights a week doing surveys. I think there was about a two-week period up in there somewhere in which I didn’t devote any time whatsoever to the activity.

So then if we adjust for that let’s just say $98 in 46 days instead.(Actual time spent) That comes out to $2.13 per day.Hardly worth the effort if I was seriously trying to make a go of earning a living with this pursuit.

Let me impart to you a little insight into a day in the life of myself. Although this does not seem  relevant to the topic at hand, if you  just chill with me for a second all will be made clear.

A Typical “Work” Day For Me

opinionoutpost.png.1First of all. I usually go to bed between 5:30 and 7 Am. I sleep until the afternoon  one thirty, twoish or whatever. I get up,(still in my jammies) let the dogs out, make me a hot cup of instant coffee and a big honking glass of ice water. I stumble back to my bedroom(office)sit down, flip on the computer and light up my first cigarette.

More coffee, let the dogs in, use the bathroom(somewhere in this timeline), give out doggie treats, then finally settle in for another 11 hours of sitting in front of the computer.

No alarm clocks, no rushing to get ready for work, no uniform to dress myself in, all the coffee I can possibly pour down my throat and smoking is allowed.

Pretty much living life the way I want.


I work at home as an affiliate marketer(this means I am online most of the time writing, researching and doing things in general for maintenance and SEO for my Affiliate marketing is my job. The survey participation is like a part time job.

Since I am already home, it isn’t really hard to fit surveying into my current lifestyle. I can work at it for a few hours at a time , a few minutes at a time, or not at all.(Sometimes the s*** gets on my last damn nerve) My choice. Just the way I like it.

So to me…it’s worth the time and effort expended because I don’t really make any kind of a serious extra effort(Apparently I have lost my mind!) Just get it over with and kill me now! I am still finding it hard to believe I made money doing this! I’m not sure how to feel about it. Not about the money, no, no, no. That part I know exactly how to feel about.(Heh)

I’m actually talking about the fact that I have made money period. After what happened to me the first time, I have been hell bent against online surveys. In fact, I began all these articles and reviews with the intent to expose and vilify them. You know, show the world their true colors and what they really are all about. Now I find myself in the awkward  position of earning some cash.  @#$**#@!!!!!

After All Is Said…

I would like to stress the fact that it is highly improbable  one would be able to earn a life sustaining income  doing online surveys.

If you are serious about learning how to develop an  income stream from the internet,  I can help you out with that by referring you to the platform that gave me my start in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate.


Seriously. I don’t actually sit on my couch(heh. I could if I wanted to though) but I work at home the way I want, on my terms and it is awesome!!If you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and live life on your terms then please, accept my personal invitation for a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. No credit card required.


British High Commission Of Nigeria, Ghana To Compensate Scam Victims!!

British High Commission Of Nigeria, Ghana According to the email I recently received from the British High Commission of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic and Burkina Faso they have received a report about a scam committed against me and they aim to compensate me…

“Due to the retrieval valuable properties and money from the suspected scammers arrested by our security agency. NIGERIA FINANCIAL INTELLIGENT* UNIT(NFIU)”

*Which by the way really exists except they call it the Intelligence Unit. The image below is a screenshot of the email in its entirety:


419 Scam With A Twist!!

I gotta give this one an “A+” for style and originality. Claiming to represent the British High Commission of not only Nigeria but several other countries is a bit out of the ordinary as far as Nigerian scams go.

They are actually twisting the normal scam in a different direction altogether. It doesn’t really matter what they try to do to disguise it, even if you were to fall for the ever present atrocious grammar, there is no masking the foul stench that arises from any unsolicited email that originates in Nigeria

identitytheftSo they are trying to make us believe they are the “proper authorities”,(when in fact, they are low-down dirty schemers) thereby gaining trust. Cautioning us to not have any further contact with  internet scammers. For the benefit of my own amusement, I write these guys and ask them stupid questions just to see what will happen(don’t try this at home kids!!)

So I write(there are two email addresses by the way. I wrote both)and I ask them how am I supposed to be able to tell who the internet scammers are that I shouldn’t have further contact with? One replied that I just needed to send all my info, then relax until I receive further instructions about my claim. The other simply re-sent a copy of the  original email.

They’re Killin Me!

Seriously… every time one of these ridiculous emails comes to my inbox I just want to laugh. How can they really believe anybody would seriously  fall for this drivel? The english is bad, the grammar atrocious and how could anybody possibly believe this email originated from a supposedly English speaking person. (British High Commission remember?)


Then I remember, not everybody is aware of the scams that abound on the internet specifically aimed at private emails. Scams that try to extract money, private information, or both, Usually both so they can suck you dry.

You would think that with all the attention on email scams and the fact that most of them spring from the suburban wildlife of Nigeria, People would stop falling for it. However, the internet teems with young new denizens who are unaware of some of the dangers to avoid when first discovering the joys and benefits of the email address.

The internet is a large hunting ground and the predators will always return as long as there is young, fresh prey to be had.

Big A** Dartboard

These scammers aim their emails like someone standing blindfolded in front of a dartboard with like 27,000 darts in their hand. Getting ready to throw them all at once. Some of them are bound to land on a bullseye.british1

The darts are the emails and the internet is the dartboard and instead of 27,000 darts there are 27,000,000 of them. Somewhere out there some of those darts will strike a bullseye(potential prey) and the scammer will profit. Because they profit,  they keep perpetuating the scam.

So How can We Avoid These Email Scams?

It isn’t all that difficult. Just follow a few basic guidelines and learn to recognize them for what they are:

Make sure your email filters are set properly to make sure most of this garbage makes it to the junk mailbox and bypasses the inbox completely. 

Do not Open any unsolicited emails.

Test them. look up addresses, map images, phone number prefixes, contact them(email only and only once)in other words… research

It’s Probably A Scam If…

They ask for money up front, they ask for financial information, hell, any personal information, they want you to fax a copy of your identification(i.e. driver’s license, passport etc.)your sex,(yes really)the grammar sucks, punctuation sucks, you’ve inherited wads of cash from a complete stranger, It’s from Nigeria, you’ve won a lottery you have never heard of and has a stupid name anyway.

These are just the merely obvious items As I said earlier, this  one has definitely approached the good  ole’ 419 scam from Nigeria in an entirely different albeit original, angle.

What It all Boils Down To…

Just exercise good common sense, don’t part with your money or your private, sensitive information EVER, and everything will be fine. Trust me.

Are Online Surveys Safe? Do Online Surveys Really Pay You?

new5Before investing your time and effort with online surveys, you should know the answers to these two very important questions:1) Are online surveys safe? Nobody wants to take a chance that something bad can happen to them as a result of taking online surveys. You never know what’s on the other end of the connection. 2) Do online surveys really pay you? Oh, they really pay you alright. It’s what you are paid with that makes all the difference and I want nothing but money. Straight up.

You must first consider the importance of matching certain demographics. If they cannot match your demographic to any of the demographic criteria of their clients, it isn’t likely you will be receiving many survey invitations. No surveys=No $$$$. That simple.

I will definitely tell you this much right now. Do not, I repeat DO NOT go into online surveying with the expectation of creating a full-time income. At best you might be able to create a little extra supplemental income. I have yet to meet or talk to anyone who actually supports themselves and/or their families with online surveying.

How I Choose

In order to determine if I am interested in joining a particular survey company, I have created a small checklist. I examine these aspects to ensure the safety of the site(safety first!!) and to see if they will really pay me before making my decision. 1) Privacy policy, 2) Payment system and 3) Will I get cash?

Privacy Policy

new3A privacy policy is essential for operating any website. Survey companies are no exception. Oft times they can be a bit wordy and hard to understand because of the terminology used. However, after prowling through dozens of these things, it is easier to translate, digest and hopefully help explain to other people.

I look for two aspects which will be what determines whether or not I sign up. 1) The type of data they collect and 2) Who they share that data with.

Once you have pinpointed and read the relevant information, you must decide if you can live with disclosing ultra private information to total strangers.(You will encounter this with every survey site)If you decide it makes you uncomfortable, suspicious, paranoid or all of the above, then I would suggest that perhaps online surveys are not for you.

I must admit to having a small lingering paranoia that survey companies are government spy agencies in disguise.(Pretty sure that’s not the case, though) Like I said earlier, you never know what’s on the other end of the connection. Right?

 Collected Data

Find out what kind of information they collect:


These screenshots came from the same policy. I picked this one because it gives the clearest most concise explanation of what type of data they collect. From voluntarily surrendered information termed sensitive data  to the information collected automatically.

I can sum it up for you in one sentence: They know who you are, they know what you do and they know where you live.(Not creepy at aaaalllllllll!)

Sharing/Selling Data

Find out who they share/sell your information with/to:

Check the privacy policy for one of these two types of statements:                                       newClearly states that your private information is sold or shared to third parties with  the intent to try and sell to you.

Clearly states they will never sell your information to third parties who intend to try and sell to you.

The two screenshots above are examples I retrieved from a couple of random survey sites. I chose them because they stated the point I am trying to convey in very easy to understand terminology(some policies can use terms difficult to decipher).

My perspective is like this: I don’t mind surrendering the information asked by most survey companies. How they use the very sensitive data I have provided is my main concern.new5

I am perfectly fine with my information being used for what they claim it is for actual honest to goodness RESEARCH!!

When the info is shared for this purpose, only your demographic  is  used as either one single statistic or aggregated and presented among many statistics as part of a bigger picture. Safety in numbers. (Heh, get it?)

What I don’t like is when they share/sell my info to third parties who will use this information to Send me “offers” that I don’t want or need.(That opens up a whole other can of worms about email safety) I get enough of that in the real world from the U.S. Postal Service, I don’t need it in my cyber world as well.

When I find privacy policies that will sell my info, that’s it for me, I won’t join. I move on to the next survey company to see what their policy has to say. Or if I join one in order to collect research material for a review, I don’t spend any money on any offer, and I collect my points for when/if the time comes to redeem them for cash. Remember, I am all about the money here.

Payment System

is affiliate marketing for beginnersOnline surveys companies generally operate the same way in this instance. They “pay” you with some kind of point reward system.  Aahhh the lovely point reward system. I would guess that %90 or more companies operate with points only.

In other words, for every survey you complete they reward you with a certain amount of points.  It isn’t always going to be the same amount of points for every survey. The points are redeemable only after a certain amount has been obtained.

The most important thing to consider about any point system is the redemption value(RV) or: Points=$. How many points are needed to equal $1 in “actual money”? For SwagBucks the RV is 100 pts=$1 or 1,000 pts=$10.  The RV for  Opinion Outpost is 10 pts=$1 or 100 pts=$10.


The redemption system usually works like this; You are not paid in cash or items. You are paid in points. After you have earned a stipulated total, they allow you to cash them in for gift cards.giftcard

The cash amount on the gift card depends upon how many points you have. This is how come I told you the RV was so important earlier.  Various companies offer a larger variety of gift cards.

Many now offer a redemption for cash. But…most cash type payouts are in the form of PayPal. So if you don’t have one, you need to get one. If you expect to be paid in “cash” I already have one anyways because of the income I receive as an affiliate marketer.

The Seedy Underbelly Of The Online Survey World

However, many “survey” sites are like a circus: Many attractions, lots of rides, and spending money/points to win prizes. Keyword here;  Spending not Making. These types are what really give online surveying a bad name. These offer more points awarded when you complete some kind of offer or some other stupid crap where you have to spend money to receive the points.new7

They are just helping others sell to you  These are not true hardcore survey sites(like what I want) At their very core, they are nothing more than affiliate marketing websites. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it is important to understand the true nature of who you’re doing business with. You won’t make any money with these people.

I think. many people come away from the experience with hard feelings and a bad taste in their mouth because of all the crap email they have tp put up with. Not to mention the fact that most of said emails are not survey invitations at all. Instead, they are “special offers we thought you might like, based on your demographic profile” (My personal feelings after my personal online survey fiasco.)

Surveys are not their main focus. Their main focus is on advertising other companies products, Through any means possible. You can kind of spot these if you are clued in to a few things I have noticed about their names.

If the name includes the mention of money in any way, shape, or form(i.e. cash, dollars, images of money). If the name contains the word reward or club or the implication that you will make money if only you would set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day to complete a few surveys. Run the other way if you don’t wish to be caught in their snare.


The best kind of survey company will: Not sell/share your information; Offer a reasonably attainable points=cash RV; Not be overrun with videos, games and “opportunities” to enjoy; Actually send surveys to your email and in the end, really pay you.

On A Personal Note:

Picture 4I would like to interject to state that never have I been paid for any of my efforts at online surveying. That being said, I would also like to say, my interest in online surveying has resurged.

I am trying to work through much of this on a personal level. That’s why I have been publishing post after post either reviewing an online survey site or just writing some things I hope will be helpful to others new to the world of online surveys.

This time around, I am exercising more caution, initiating more research and generally picking and choosing companies I want to join and/or review.  I know better now how they operate and checking them carefully, one at a time allows me to exercise better control over the situation. (Trust me, you will need to)

Maybe this time around I will find what I was looking for. Whatever I learn I will share with you as I learn it.

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? An Objective Review

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam

Opinion Outpost Review

Before I begin to discuss this company, I would like to impart a little personal information to you about my feelings toward taking surveys online. I think it is important that you understand my thought processes when preparing to either write a review or to just write something that is about surveying. So if you will just bear with me, this won’t take but a moment of your time. Then, I promise I will get on with it. Relate to you my experiences, determine if there is money to be made and answer the question: Is Opinion Outpost a scam?

Cats In A Bag…Fighting…

oo2 … is what it feels like inside my head whenever I write or think about something that has anything to do with online surveys. I started this website right on the heels of spending 3 months(day and night) trying to earn money with online surveys. I was attracted to this activity because I needed to find a way to work from home. Not only that, I needed to find a way to do it for free. I had no money to invest into some venture or other.

It was a horrible experience. I just wanted to erase it from my memory. Purge my brain cells until it no longer existed. I hated it soooooooo much that I was able to turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened. As a result I haven’t really written too much about it. I have lived in denial for too long

So… I have decided to rectify that situation and face the demon head on. Write about it and start a series of reviews about different online survey companies(OSC’s). Since September 1st, I have written two informational articles based on my personal experiences with OSC’s and two reviews. Opinion Outpost will be my third.

The Road To Recovery

The first and second articles were the ones based on my experiences. The third and fourth were reviews. I have evolved in each of the writings and I have been  lessening the amount of venom I spew on this subject. Hopefully helping to provide better objectivity with each successive article.

The writing of my participation and starting a series of reviews has helped to excise some of the resentment(it’s an ongoing process) I have toward online surveys and to understand them better.In so doing, I have been able to avoid the maze-like environment that is the seedy underbelly of the online survey world.

Little by little I have been able to tame the wildcats in my head and focus on writing any kind of a comprehensive piece about OSC’s.

Now On With The Show…

Opinion Outpost(OO)is an online survey company that pays you in reward points in return for giving your opinion in a selection of surveys.  I signed up with the intent to participate in order to determine the value(if any)there is to actually making any money with this particular OSC.

Privacy Policy

I don’t mind if the information gathered from a survey I take is shared with the company for whom said information is intended. What I do mind, is when they share my information with other companies whose only intent is to send promotional “opportunities” my way. For this reason, checking out the privacy policy is the first thing I do before ever signing on.

The type and amount of information collected might surprise you. I cannot stress the importance of being informed when it comes to something extremely sensitive and revealing.

There are two areas in a privacy policy that warrant intense scrutiny. The first thing I want to know is what kind of information do they collect?:

 * NOTE*

SSI stands for Survey Sampling International, LLC, Opinion Outpost is either  a subsidiary or an affiliate of SSI.

The second important aspect of the privacy policy to always inspect is who do they share their information with? Section 4 of their policy deals with SSI’s Use of Information. This information is rather spread out so instead I have included a link that will take you straight to it.

Basically, they only share with their own company or clients they work with who will only use your info for statistical research purposes. I can live with that. I don’t mind providing the info, as long as it is used for actual research. Not sending me ads from third parties.

So far I have completed a total of 17 surveys and I have not received any “Offers you might like” from third party companies.( A relief, I assure you.)

After having properly examined the policy, it is important for you to decide if you are amicable to sharing all of this private information.

If the  policy asks you to reveal information that would make you uncomfortable, paranoid or both, them I would recommend not signing up for this or any other survey company.

Joined Up

oo5I decided I could live with it. For now. After filling in basic info: (Email address, name and password) I was granted membership and sent a confirmation email. They subsequently invited me to participate in my very first survey for which I would receive 5 points. 100 points=$10.00. Swagbucks is 1,000 points=$10.00

Between 12 am and 4:30 am

I work from home so I can choose when I want to work. I began a series of four surveys. I have posted a chart below to show the results.

Even though I completed these surveys during a four-hour stretch, my total “working time” was 45:43 min. Surveys 1, 2 and 3, were invitations to participate sent to my email. I did not qualify for either of these and because of that I received no points for my efforts.

The results in each of these were very similar. Once I finished the first round of questions and clicked the “Next” button, I was cut off and ended up on this page:

After three repeats, I figured they were trying to tell me something so I endeavored to go ahead and complete this survey. I ended up here;


For the next 24 minutes and 56 seconds I answered 64 questions mostly all about where I shopped, how often, who had he best stuff, who gave the best service etc., etc.Some questions that zeroed in on one of the places in particular, rate them from best to worst and worst to best, rate them second, third and fourth best and second, third and fourth worst.

After 64 questions, it became redundant and I quit counting. It seemed to me that they asked each question more than once but simply rephrased it several different ways. 15 to 20 questions and 11 minutes and 25 seconds later, I finished the survey. As soon as it was completed, I landed on this page:


oo14Hooray!! I actually made some points!! So now the idea is to see how long it takes me to make 100 points. (100 points=$10.00.) Add that to the five I already had(for completing the initial survey)I now have 21 points. In addition, I received one entry into the $10,000 cash giveaway conducted every three months.

The next day I received this email From Opinion Outpost:

oo20 oo21


I thought I had already completed my profile!! I even received 5 points. I clicked “Complete Profile” and I was transported to my profile page. The highlighted areas show what I changed:


I chose “Very Frequent” and unchecked the box. I do not wish to receive newsletters, only survey offers. I was not awarded the promised 5 points. However, At the top of the page is the offer to take another survey. No point offer, no time specification

Between 7:30 pm And 10:05 pm

Engaged in 8 more surveys;


During the 2hr 35 min period it took me to complete these 8 surveys, I spent 46.12 min actually working on the surveys(I timed all of these with an online stopwatch) I must admit I was a bit more focused and encountered less interruptions. The surveys where I actually received points were interesting and entertaining. In other words, I didn’t mind participating

.I have accumulated 21 additional points.

My account balance is now 42 points and 6 entries in the $10,000 cash giveaway in January. Briefly recapping, I spent a little over 1 1/2 hrs. to essentially make $4.20. (100 points=$10.00 remember?)


I am now able to redeem my points if I want to.(Starts at 30 points) Or I can hang on to them a while longer to see if I can earn 100 points.

So I’m gonna stop right here because now you know everything I know about Opinion Outpost. I would like to take the time and share my overall impression of this OSC and whether or not it is a scam and if there is money to be made.


Their homepage is nice and normal. There is no flash and pizzazz. I like it that way just fine. Whenever I used to go to the Inbox Dollars website I felt like I was at the circus. What with the flashy ads many attractions and a dancing dollar bill named “Billy”. This website is nothin’ but straight-up surveying.

Payment System

Opinion Outpost utilizes  a point reward system to render payment to it’s participants. I mentioned “100 points=$10.00” many times in the preceding paragraphs. I was actually pretty amazed at this point to dollar ratio. 100 points is actually a goal within reach, compared to 1,000 points=$10.00.

There isn’t much in the way of rewards choices, but it has the only thing I am interested in and that’s PayPal. I am in it for the cash money I can make not the prizes offered.


At the rate I’m going I might just be able to make $50 bucks this month. I’ll take it. I might even consider staying on with this survey company. Whaaatttttt??!!! Did that come out of MY mouth??!!!

I would just like to interject at this point to mention that nobody is more amazed at my actions than me. If I am anything, I am an online survey basher. I  like to find survey companies to chew up and spit out on a regular basis. They have caused me nothing but agony. Yet here I am telling you that this one isn’t so bad and you might be able to make a little money. You never know huh?

Not For Everyone

Online surveying in any shape or form, is not suitable for generating a full-time income. It is only designed to supplement what you already earn.

You must fit the demographic. Every single person has a demographic that is individual to them. Like a fingerprint. You might not qualify to take any surveys. In which case drop it like a hot rock and move on.

I Work from Home Anyway

I could easily fit this little bit of surveying into my life because it doesn’t require a large amount of my time or concentration.(Although some surveys can be thought provoking at times) In fact during the time I spent engaging in surveys, I’ve broken off in between to do tasks like: feed the household crew(2 cats, 3 dogs, mom, my brother, me) then playing video games and working on my website. In particular, this article you’ve been reading.

Picture 47

I work from home already as an affiliate marketer, so adding a bit of surveying isn’t really going to cramp my style too much. I am at the computer and online all the time. Whatever money I make from OO will be added to what I already earn.

As an affiliate marketer, I make hundreds of dollars online not merely fifty. Don’t get me wrong, the $50 is nice. It all adds up. But the affiliate marketing  income is what helps to pay the bills around here.

In fact I discovered affiliate marketing right after I crashed and burned from my online survey fiasco. I haven’t looked back since except to revisit the survey scenario. It has and continues to be one of the most awesome discoveries I’ve ever made.

I Needed To Learn

internet shipping scams package forwarding scamI wasn’t born knowing how. No . I had to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I learned this at a place called Wealthy Affiliate. Best in the biz  I work from home with a very low overhead, I choose my own hours, I wear what I want and I sleep late if I want to.

Most people who are looking into the idea of earning money online stumble across surveys as a way to make money for free. And  it sounds goooooodddddd the way they tell it. The fact remains that in all likelihood riches will not be yours if you devote yourself to this endeavor.

You are better off learning to become an affiliate marketer. At Wealthy Affiliate. Please accept my personal invitation to join WA with a free starter membership.(No credit card required to join)

A 7-day free trial designed to help you learn more about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. It won’t cost you anything but time and then if you like it you can join premium for a special introductory offer of only $19.

After your first month, it is $47 per month. No contracts and you can cancel at any time. So you join free pay for the first month, you don’t like it and cancel? You’re only loss is $8. And you have learned something along the way..

So What Are You Waiting For??!!

Is Inbox Dollars A Scam? Read My Review…Decide For Yourself

Is Inbox Dollars A Scam

Inbox Dollars Review

Coming up in this article, I will discuss with you, my experiences with Inbox Dollars. How and where I signed up with them, the paid emails, and what they actually pay for each survey and offer sent to my email. I will reveal what keeps them ticking and why it is free to join. At the end of this you will be very well informed and able to answer for yourself the question I posed in the title. Is Inbox Dollars a scam?

What Is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars(ID for future reference)is a paid online survey company. At least that is what everybody says they are. However, if you look at the logo I have included above you will notice they call themselves an Online Rewards Club.

It is not really accurate to label them a scam, as they are actually an affiliate marketing website that operates on both sides of that. They are affiliates of the companies they advertise for:

and they offer an affiliation to other bloggers and publishers.

inbox5.jpg.1In other words, they get paid when they secure sales for these companies, and they pay their affiliates %10 for any sales generated as a result of their referral to these companies and ID itself.

The above descriptions are a basic rundown of pretty much any survey site. One of the main differences between ID and a bazillion other survey sites is that they offer “cash” instead of a stupid point reward system. As if this sets them apart from the others. It doesn’t. It is merely an illusion created to make you believe you will actually make some money by participating. You won’t. Not really.

If You Want To Take Surveys…

…you have to qualify. What does that mean? Patience grasshopper all will be revealed. Surveys operate by targeting specific individuals based on, ethnic origin, sex(whaaaaaaattttt?)I meant to say gender, sorry. Age, employment status, financial status, how many children you have if you have any at all, if you own a car, a house, if you plan to buy a car or a house, how many people in your household, the age of all of them, who does the shopping, if you do the shopping how much you are responsible for.

The list goes on. So for me, nobody wants to pay a white, 49-year-old single, childless, woman living with her mother and brother, doesn’t own a house or a car nor plans to buy either in the near future. I also never reveal the financial status of my household and frankly I find all of these questions highly personal. Also, remember they will sell or share your information with other third parties as clearly stated in their Privacy Policy. (sectionII.)I don’t know about you, but this aspect bothers me.
Is Inbox Dollars A Scam

List Of Surveys

They do actually have a list of surveys for you to choose from as you can see in the image below. On most of them there are limits as to how many you can try to complete each day. Also listed is how much you will be paid.

You will only receive payment if you qualify and actually take the survey and they can be some loooonnnggg surveys. Some are estimated at 21 minutes and you will be paid maybe $2.oo more or less(Depending on the survey and how much they get paid for referring you) Most aren’t worth the time spent.

If for some reason you do not qualify, you get a free spin on their “Billy Spin And Win” which is quite the consolation prize(can you see me rolling my eyes?)



Paid Emails

Paid emails are really the heart of how ID makes their money.(Notice I said “their money” not “your money”?) Because it is true. I will give you several examples of this. I already have one example you can read about in a previous article I wrote about Survey Money Machines.

Okay, here is an example of a “paid” mail:

It isn’t enough to apply for credit. No no no. According to this, you will receive $5.00 only if you are approved for credit at Fingerhut. But… you do get paid for reading the email. The last one I read paid $0.4.  Whoa! I think I might have a hard time taking that to the bank?

Then There Are These

For this deal, you get paid $3.00. But…terms and conditions apply. Just what are these terms and conditions?


I can try Great Fun from Trilegiant with the first month for $1. With my authorization, the trial and $16.99 monthly membership fee will be billed to the credit or debit card I provide. If I wish to cancel, I can call toll free 1-877-488-9480 or email or click the cancel link on the Customer Care page at I can cancel my benefits at any time and I will not be billed for any additional months.

Translation: You have to spend $17.99($1.00 for the free trial and $16.99 for the first month) in order to earn $3.00.

Next we have one from Zippyloan:


For this one in order to qualify for the $15.00 you must apply, receive approval and take out the loan. The smallest loan allowed is $100. Now we all know when you take out a loan, you must pay it back with interest. Translation: You end up spending $100 plus in order to earn $15.

Of course in all fairness they aren’t all this costly. However, they still cost more than you make.


Offers and such  are just some of the things you do to earn money. You can play games(usually gambling games where you have to buy credits or tokens $$) You can watch videos at $0.1 or $0.2 a pop. Sign up for other survey companies. Or all the piddly crap where you only earn $0.1 to $0.75. You can only cash out when you have reached $30 or more.

So Can You Really Make Money?

You can…but it isn’t serious money, money you can live off of. The premise behind InboxDollars is they pay you to get deals, shop and other things you would normally do online.  So if you shop online all the time, this might be for you. If you want to really make some money, Inbox Dollars is not the best choice(neither is any other survey company for that matter).

This is for people who have nothing better to do and use this as a leisure activity. So I wouldn’t really classify this a scam, but it  is important to see it for what it is…an affiliate marketing website. Therein lies the real money.

 Affiliate Marketing

wabannerWould you like to learn how to become an affiliate marketer? It really is the least expensive way to get started with a money making venture online. It just so happens I know the best place to accomplish this. It is where I got my start. Wealthy Affiliate. The best part about it? It is free to get started.  No credit card and no money up front. Truly the definition of a risk-free trial.

So if you are serious about making money online whether it is because you want to or you need to…

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Survey Money Machines Review

Interested In Online Surveys?

So… want to be a survey taker huh? Well, if that’s the case, let’s have a look-see and find out a little bit about what is out there shall we? If you are going to become involved in this activity, you might as well go into it with your eyes wide open hailey5We will begin with a Survey Money Machine review.

I have been planning to write several articles about surveying for quite some time now, but my own experiences with this endeavor has caused me to pretend as though online surveys do not exist. However, I am hoping to prevent what happened to me from happening to you. Trying to make money with online surveys can be quite maddening.

My Frustration With Surveys

Survey Money Machine ReviewsI must admit to having serious frustrations in dealing with surveys in any way, shape, or form. I can’t really label this particular website as a scam(although there are some who would beg to differ). In actuality,  SMM is nothing more than an affiliate marketing website. As are most survey sites.

Much of my frustration stems from the fact that getting involved with so many survey companies(even just one)leads off into a maze of crazy paths and different directions. Much time is spent just trying to navigate the lefts, rights, and hairpin curves that following just one survey path can take you. In this review, I will take you through one path in order to able to lay out some facts and then you can decide if this is a scam or not.

Let us begin with trying to determine…

 Who Is Hailey Gates?

Survey Money Machines ReviewFirst of all, it is important to me to know who I am dealing with. Hailey Gates is the presumed owner and operator of Survey Money Machines. However, I have serious doubts as to the reality of Hailey being an actual person. Her picture for example. Let’s have a look.

If I may be so bold as to direct your attention to the left of this paragraph, you will see a picture of “Hailey” that is taken from one of the SMM websites.(Yes there are more than one, but that is a topic for later.) This picture is a lot like the Transformers; More than meets the eye.

What do I mean by that? Ahh.. I thought you would never ask. Allow me to elaborate. This picture is little more than a stock photo that can be downloaded(either for free a for a fee.) and used on any website. Looky here what I discovered.

Survey Money Machines reviewSurvey Money Machines Reviewhailey8hailey9


These are all photos of “Hailey” I found on different websites and not for SMM. Each image is embedded with a link to the website from where I found it. If you would like to see for yourself, just click on the image. They have even changed the color of the shirt in some instances. Once you arrive at the website you may have to scroll down a little bit to see the picture, but trust me, she’s there.

The thing of it is, these images are merely the tip of the iceberg. She is on hundreds of websites(no exaggeration)hundreds. That right there is enough to make me wonder. if “she” is dishonest with a picture, what the hell else is going on? Right?

Unfortunately, using stock images and creating fake people is a common practice in online scamming.

 So I Signed Up…Again

hailey16In the interest of research, I signed up with SMM… again.<siiiiigggghhhh> However, knowing what lies in store for me I have used a fake name and a throw-away email address to prevent damage to my true email account. This is already giving me a headache.

I opted in for the fast track. The image to the right explains exactly what this means.This means I will get a double buttload of emails.

Next I filled out a survey(already)designed to get a feel for my “demographic.” I can’t remember, but I think there were about 10-15 questions. Next I was sent to a page where I was encouraged to sign up with at the very least 10 of these survey companies.

I did not do this because I know what’s coming next. More buttloads of emails. Trust me this stuff multiplies like rabbits and even though I am researching I am not a masochist. Besides, I can give you a good review without doing that.

Not True

I would like to point out that SMM claims they do not support survey sites who bombard your email with “offers” you will end up paying for. I found this under something they labeled, “What Makes Us Unique”.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Now I am going to show you something that proves this as an untruth. Below is a screenshot of a survey company I joined through SMM called “Inbox Dollars”(ID). Just so you know, Inbox Dollars is not the only one. However, it only takes one for it to be a lie.Survey Money Machine Reviews

You with me so far? Okay. I am going to show you one of the emails ID is going to “pay me” to read. Are you ready for this? Because I’m not but here we go anyway.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Survey Money Machine Reviews


There are two links here as you can see. Both of these links take you here:

Survey Money Machine Reviews

The Disney movie club. In order to get the $10 ID has promised you, it is required to complete the offer. Now let’s investigate what this offer entails.


According to this, you have to buy each of the first 4 movies at the price of $1.99 each. Then you have to agree to buy 5 more movies over the next 2 years at regular club prices. They start at $19.95. Blu-Ray at $29.95. And then of course you have to pay shipping and handling.



So let’s do a little math. If we figure conservatively and order regular titles instead of Blu-Ray, you’ll pay $7.99 for the first four movies. Shipping and processing is free for this order. 5 more movies at regular cost $99.75. Shipping and processing for each movie X5 (assuming you only choose one each time) $19.75. By the time you are through, you end up spending $127.45. And all ID is going to pay you is $10. So it begs the question,“How the hell is that making money???!!!!”. Seriously!! It is ridiculous.

Something Shady Here

While I was writing this, I thought to myself”I wonder if there is an actual Disney Movie club website and if the offers are the same?” So I searched on Google and there is indeed a Disney Movie Club Website. What I found there made me suspicious of ID.

The membership terms and conditions are pretty much the same as stated above. Except for this:


So if you actually join at their official website, you only pay $1.00 for all four movies. That most likely means ID is pocketing the additional $6.99. If you really want to join the Movie club, just skip over ID and go to the official website. At least there you know what you are paying for. That particular offer was pretty straight forward. I was paid 4 cents for “reading” that email.

Another email from ID was the…

Outback Steakhouse Offer


This one was different in a couple of ways. For this “survey” I would only get paid $0.50 and it had this attached to the bottom of the email.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Which means my email address was given to a third party. This is why it behooves one to read the privacy policy before giving any info and why it is a good idea to use a throw-away email address. Once it gets going there is no stopping it.

When I clicked this link I was sent to the National Consumer Center. At the bottom was this information: Clicking on this image will show an enlargement so you can read the highlighted areas. This type of offer drives me crazier than others. You are about to find out why.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

So I answered three easy questions to qualify. And I answered them three different ways, so it doesn’t matter what answers are given. Qualification is a certainty. The three questions were:

1) Do you like Outback Steakhouse?

2)How old are you?

3)How many times a week do you use facebook?

Next I had to give my first and last name, mailing address, zip code, phone number and birthdate. All the answers I gave were inaccurate as I have no intention whatsoever of claiming my “reward”.

Easy right. Next level. You ready for this crazy crapola? This time, I was asked a total of  23 questions. I will not list them all. I will give you the highlights though. They wanted to know some very sensitive information. Remember they are selling that information to other third parties.( The image above clearly states this).

They wanted to know if I owned a car, did I own a house, my yearly income, my political affiliation, do I have over $10.000 worth of debt. my ethnic background, my employment status, do I have health insurance and so on. You get the idea here? This type of information can start serious arguments in polite conversation. The only thing I answered truthfully was my ethnic background.

Survey Money Machine ReviewsI didn’t fill out any offers. silver, gold or platinum. I skipped them. All. They require money and a credit card. No thank you.

So then they were like well what are you interested in? And gave me several things to choose from. I randomly picked credit cards. I was promptly whisked off to where I was given the “option” to apply for 15 different credit cards. Yeah, I really need another line of credit. After that it just stopped. No reward card for me I guess.

All of that for a lousy $0.50 from Inbox Dollars. However, this is merely the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg. My inbox currently holds like 17 of these types of “survey offers”. Each with it’s own confusing path to travel down.

My Point Already?

Umm…OH YEAH!!! Do you remember why I brought you down this path to begin with?  Hel,l I don’t remember and I’m writing this article. If you do, you just might survive survey taking after all, if for some reason you are overcome with a temporary bout of stupidity and sign up for this crap. The point was to disprove the fact that Survey Money Machines does not deal with survey companies that blast you with “offers” you have to pay for. I think I have done that with my little display

I am not the only one who feels this way. check this out. I found a website where people can review companies. Here is what some of them had to say about Survey Money Machines:

Survey Money Machine Reviews Survey Money Machine Reviews

Now remember, SMM  is merely an affiliate website. “Hailey” makes her money by receiving a small stipend for referring you to these survey companies. So now what? Well, take a page from “Hailey’s” book and learn how to become an affiliate marketer.  I’m tellin ya, if you really want to make money working online, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

Where To Do That?

wabannerI got you covered. Learn where I learned, Wealthy Affiliate.(Read more about Wealthy Affiliate!!) They have the best affiliate marketing program there is! It’s really easy to get started. The free starter membership doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t need a credit card to try it out. This is the place I found after my own online survey fiasco. It was the best one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never looked back.

You will lose nothing except maybe a little time and you have everything to gain so why not give it a shot. Tje surveying sure as hell won’t make you any money. Hailey is making a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. You can be even better than that!!! So sign up and start building your first free website. today!!

Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam-Another Nigerian Inheritance Scam

Nigerian Inheritance Scam

Karen Smith Email Inheritance ScamThere is a serious proliferation of scams which originate from the country of Nigeria. These scams are often referred to as a “419 scam” dubbed so because this is the penal code for which these crimes are prosecuted in that country. Apparently they are the number one scam producing country in the world. So I would like to show the latest, which has shown up on my doorstep(so to speak) and explain a little bit about it. I call it the Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam.

The Email

Lke the most of these 419’s I am warmly greeted as Beneficiary(quite the personal touch, yes?) Then”she”introduces herself and lets me kow where she obtained my contact information. Below is the email word for word as well as the email address it was sent from. Oddly enough, the name on the email does not match hers.(Big surprise)




Brief Overview

karensmithBad grammar, a common telltale sign this is a scam. She got my info from a Christian website. I don’t belong to any Christian websites. She is dying of cancer,(causing my heart to bleed for her of course)only has three months to live,is an elderly widow, is heirless, and wants to leave her husbands millions(which he left to her) to anybody but her God forsaken greedy family who is bent on letting her die. So anybody but them deserves her inheritance.

This is where I come in. If I am interested in inheriting her millions, she urges me to contact her lawyer, a Mr. Michael Newton currently residing in The U.K.Contact information is provided as well as some sort of code which is to be mentioned when initiating contact proving I am truly the heir of choice.

Digging For The Info

In the interest of research and a little morbid curiosity, I emailed “Mr. Michael Newton” with a throwaway email address and supplied the code given by “Mrs. Smith”. Below is the contents of my email to “him”.

Mr. Newton,
I recently received an email from Mary Holeman who has named as an heir in her will.  law/chamber/solicitors/je/ws/ WILL/98390-012. So I am requesting information on what I need to do in order to collect my inheritance.

I received a reply back within 10 minutes. By someone who identified himself as Charter Chambers. ???????. Oh well, Karen Smith Sent hers from Mary Holeman’s address. Why would this guy be any different? I gotta tell ya, this fella was rather long winded in a badly grammatical way, so I’ll just hit the highlights.

ksmithHe put his physical address at the top. It was an address in the U.K.(A real address by the way) I was informed that this was totally %100 legit but if I didn’t believe him not to bother responding with an unwarranted proposition. Whatever that means.

Just a little sidenote: I’m cleaning up the grammar as I relate this to you because for someone who lives in an English speaking country, he’s got serious communication issues

Edward and wife were honest and nice people. It was sad watching her suffer from cancer disease(his words)for two years He has faith in God to do what’s right in her case. Charter was instructed that anybody “that writes me either she is dead or alive and quote the reference numbers I should not hesitate to deal with him/her” with respect to the “deposited cash of Ten million US dollars.”

The cash in question is currently “in safe keeping security Company/security firm.” If  he is sure  “with my willingness and sincerity to carry the responsibility in accordance to the donor’s good intention, am going to give you proceeding funds for release.”

However,  certain personal information is required:


It must be “Real information” And there are conditions. Oh yes. Check it out.


So in other words. I can’t tell anybody. if I don’t have a bank account I need to set one up, and he’s telling me how I have to spend it.

Phone Number

A phone number was provided and I checked it out. Want to see what I found out? I’ll share. No problem. This is the number provided:


I must say I learned quite a bit when I conducted this part of my research. Look at this:

work at home paycheck

Sorry.(Heh) I just couldn’t help myself. Seriously here is what I discovered that I did not know before now.

karen smith

I thought this was very, vveeeerrrrryyyy interesting.

I emailed this dude again:


Received this reply:



This is a common theme with these inheritance scams. Spouting some sob story and generally leaving their money to a complete stranger for one reason or another. The intention is to get your personal information in order to continue the scam.

They would probably have stolen my identity, robbed me of whatever money I had in my bank account and hit me with certain “fees” necessary to process my “inheritance”

I tell you what, this crap gives me a headache. The effort expended in reading the tripe they presume to call English is enough to drive one mad.

Watch out for stuff like this if somehow it slips through your email filters. Don’t be afraid to do a little research and dig up the dirt. It’s out there if you know where to look.

Real Money To Be had Online

If you are truly interested in making some extra cash, why not look into another alternative. The alternative I have chosen is affiliate marketing. It really isn’t that hard once you learn how.