Wealthy Affiliate Review

By | 09/12/2013

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is an online teaching course that is designed to educate anybody on the basics of online marketing from the ground level up, specializing in, but not limited to, affiliate marketing courses.The course begins with a video walk through about WA and all the types of , training, support and tools that you will have access to.

After that, we roll up our sleeves and the work truly begins, You will notice that I have highlighted the word work. The reason is because it is important to have the proper mindset. This is indeed work, it is learning, not some get rich quick scheme. It will require effort and  a determination to succeed. I know this first hand because I am also a member of WA. I have found this course to be unparalleled at teaching the necessary skills to become successful in the affiliate marketing world.

 Click on the video so I can show you around a bit.

Wealthy Affiliate support system 

Wealthy Affiliate has the best support system that I have ever encountered. This is the only program that  I am aware of which brings the members together within a live community and not only allows, but encourages them to talk to and help each other on a regular basis.  Members of WA are not the only ones who participate in the community. Believe it or not the owners of the company are also available to everyone within the community. Here is a list of other support available to members.

  • Live 24/7 chat support (Live Chat Live!! Click on video!)

WordPress Express

  • 13 discussion classrooms
  • Access to successful internet marketers
  • CEO participation
  • Ability to create a discussion of your own to get help from other members and the owners on problems you might be experiencing 
  • Members most willing to share the secret to their success

 Wealthy Affiliate training and tools

The training and tools here at WA are without question the best I have ever encountered. Granted I have only enrolled in one other program ( I use the term lightly ) but since I have been a member of WA, I have involved myself in extensive research of other  available programs to find out if there is anything comparable to WA.

What I found is rather disturbing to say the least, and I have devoted much of this website to helping people like you  spot the scams in order to avoid them and hopefully point you in the right direction to accomplish your goals of learning how to make money online. Now let’s take a look at some of the training and tools available to you at WA.

  • WordPress Express website builder (Check out this video.)

  • 100’s of hours of video tutorials with daily additions covering  a wide range of subjects
  • 140+ live webinars and live webinars conducted every week. ( replays available if you don’t catch it live )
  • 1000+training tutorials created by Kyle and Carson and experienced members of WA and more created daily.
  • Two free websites with state of the art hosting
  • Free keyword research tool plus 30 free searches on Jaaxy the ultimate keyword tool

You can build your first free website right here!!!  Right now!!! All you have to do is type in a name for your website in the box below and away you go!!!!

So what did you think? Awesome right?!! That was just a sample of the tools that are available at Wealthy Affiliate. Get your free starter account to experience more of what is available to help you get started online.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

There are numerous aspects and features that I love about Wealthy Affiliate. These are the:

  • 1 week free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Access to the owners Kyle and Carson ( you won’t find that anywhere else guaranteed )
  • The step by step detail in the videos
  • Community support
  • Free websites
  •  Free hosting
  • Excellent research tools
  • Learning how to write quality content
  • Explanations of the workings of ranking and search engines
  • Everybody is helpful and kind

I’ve thought about the next  part very carefully and looked at WA with a critical eye in order to expose the cons. After all we know there is no such thing as perfection. To be perfectly honest, it really was a difficult chore. I did come up with something, though:


  • The distraction factor

Let me explain this to you. There is so much available knowledge that it becomes very disruptive to me when I am trying to concentrate on performing the tasks assigned within each lesson. ( learning by doing ) I am continually going off on a learning tangent whenever something interesting catches my eye. ( which is quite often ) I find myself becoming totally absorbed by live chat, new training, video tutorials and the latest updates to WA. I just can’t seem to help myself.

Who can use this program?


I think people who are new to the online business world  possess an open mindedness That directly impacts on their ability to succeed. ( No preconceived notions ) Anybody with a desire to have a website whatever their reason is. Perhaps you have a passion that burns inside of you that you want to share with the world?

For instance one member I know has a child with dyslexia. In learning of his problem she learned of her own. She has developed a website devoted to this topic and helping others with the same learning disability. That is merely one example. Perhaps you have a hobby that you want to turn into a moneymaking operation?

Have you ever heard the saying, ”  Figure out whatever it is you love to do the most and then figure out how to get someone to pay you for it. ” In my case I just love being on the internet all the time. So this is what I do.

College Students

dudeOne of the most excellent features of operating your own online business, is the fact that it can be done whenever and wherever. I know many college students have part-time jobs in order to help pay for college expense. This is the perfect solution. For one, working online is accomplished from your computer. What does that mean for you? Well. the problem with having a physical job instead of an online job, is the necessity of trying to fit your job in around class times.

Class times vary and a part-time job online would enable you to work you job around your schedule in any way you see fit. Operating your online business means you can do it from anywhere you want ( apartment, dorm, library, coffee shop, cyber cafe, parents house ) whatever fits you the best, wherever you like to hang out when not in class. Plus, and this is my personal favorite, you can wear whatever you want. You aren’t required to wear some ridiculous uniform. If you are really good at it, you can make more than your professor. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The Retiree

retireeSometimes I think this platform has been engineered just for individuals who have worked hard all their lives , retire and receive what I like to call ” Diddily Squat ” ( the US government calls it retirement pay ) for all their hard work over the years. It doesn’t stop there: The US government, in it’s infinite wisdom are now in the process of taxing this chump change. What is the point?

One of the main reasons I got into this line of work is because of my mother.( Plus I guess you could call me a lazy ass. Some members of my family seem to think that )  She is retired from the career field of accounting, where she earned a nice comfortable income. Now she receives less than $1300 per month to live on. I want to help her to have a comfortable retirement. Besides, I am not far from retirement age myself. ( Good thing I am already preparing for that with my own successful website) You should also.

Seasoned veterans

This program isn’t limited to beginners. Not by a long shot. Experienced internet marketers and seasoned entrepreneurs can also benefit from this program. Some of the most brilliant minds in the field have memberships at WA and gladly share their expertise. If you are an experienced marketer you can benefit from the advanced training in marketing and analysis that is offered within WA. So you see there is something for everybody here no matter who you are.

So how much is all this gonna cost?

That is an excellent question, so  glad you asked. Below is a breakdown of what you receive with the two memberships we offer.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options
Folks this is as real as it gets. No scam, nothing  is hidden. I just have to give this my whole-hearted recommendation because of  the excellent affiliate marketing skills this particular program teaches. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you have to put in the work. Wealthy Affiliate is a  learning platform. There are no sneaky up-sells, false promises or deliberate deceit. When you get your FREE starter membership, you actually have to read and watch the lessons. There is no such thing making money for free.


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70 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Teddy Buck

    I received SSI each month i.would like to know.if working with wealthy affiliate if i.have to pay taxes i don’t want it to effect my favorite SSI benefits

    1. Polly Post author

      Well, understand I am not a financial advisor. Perhaps it is best to speak with you SSI advisor. They can probably give you a more informative response. Sorry

  2. tony

    What is the average monthly income from this program? Is there any guarantee?

    1. Polly Post author

      Well Tony…I gotta tell ya, as with all things in life nothing is ever guaranteed.

      Average monthly income? At the risk of appearing to answer with a non-answer, How much money you make will all depend on how much effort you put into it.

      That being said I will share this about myself as an affiliate marketer. During the three 1/2 years I have been a member of WA, the lowest Amount of $ for commissions In one month for me is $16. And the largest monthly commission I have received is $1200. The really cool thing was this: The month I earned my largest commission…was a month where the only “work” I did was answer website comments.

      And it really is about how hard you work. If I wasn’t such a lazy ass, I am sure I would earn much more.

  3. Stella

    Hi Polly, I enjoy your writing. I’m struggling to become a blogger. Working slowly and methodically through WordPress and my site is not live yet. I eventually want to do affiliate marketing too. Does WA work with wordpress? Also, as you seem to know what’s going on, Google called and left an automated message saying if I didn’t verify my business- blog I’m thinking they meant- it would be marked as closed. I was thinking that was a scam. Did I make a mistake by ignoring that call? Just up late researching my options when I found your post. Good for you helping your mum. It’s a similar driver for me too.

    1. Polly Post author

      Oh my Goodness Stella, you have so come to the right place!! WordPrees websites are awesome. However they can be a bit tricky if you are unfamiliar with them. Once you get the hang of it though, you are good to go.

      Now, does Wealthy Affiliate work with WordPress. Why yes, yes they do. In fact Wealthy has something unique only to them. It is called the WordPress Express Website Builder. Heh heh. As I sit here typing this, I imagine my voice loud and echoed and you know, a drumroll and cymbals as I announce the Express Builder. (Hey, it is my imagination. It
      can do whatever I want with it)

      Anyway, I can’t really explain or describe WordPress Express. WordPress Express must be experienced. Check out this video demonstration I made.

      But…it doesn’t end there…the very first 10 lesson video course takes you through the process of getting it ready step by step. My website was live as soon as it was built and I went from there.

      Okay now for the Google question; You absolutely did the right thing by ignoring the call it is indeed a scam. According to Google at the Google Safety Center:

      Robocall scams are automated phone calls using recorded messages that may ask you to press a button to speak to a sales rep. Google doesn’t make these calls, so if it’s not a real person right from the start (and you didn’t request an automated call from us), it’s not Google

  4. Janet

    Hi Polly….I am 66 Y. O. & was forced into retirement a year & a half ago after a foot injury & my job of 10 years was “eliminated” while I was on disability! My husband still works but I desparately need something I can do from home to supplement our income. My concern is that I don’t fully understand what being an ” affiliate marketer” is, & if I can do it. I’m not a computer wizard and only do the basics that an Admin Asst. would do. I do have an online business through social media using lots of graphics. But this would be a whole new ball game for me! So, I guess what my question is, that at “entry” level, what basically would I be doing? That’s what I’m not understanding. Can you sort of clarify the basic “job” & could I make money on the level of a “beginner”?
    Thx so much!

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Janet, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Let me see what I can do to clarify things for you.

      Affiliate marketing is the art of advertising or referring the products/services of others and in return receiving a commission for any sales generated from these efforts. Not really too complicated.

      I am not a computer wiz myself. I’m actually a chef by profession. For the longest time, my computer was nothing more than a source of entertainment for me. Something I did to unwind after a long day at work.

      Here’s how it’s done:
      !) Build a website. Easily accomplished with the WordPress Express Website Builder.(View a live demonstration here)
      2)Developing said website writing articles about the product and services you wish to recommend.

      Once your website starts to receive traffic and starts to be indexed in google you will join a company and receive affiliate links to place on your website.

      Affiliate links contain an Id number unique only to you. That is how they know who to pay.

      Basically you will become a writer, learn how to rank your articles on Google for maximum traffic, and maintain your website. A job which can easily be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

      Of course there is more to it which is explained in depth in the step by step videos provide by Kyle and Carson. T

      As far as making money at a the beginner level, please read this article entitled “How long will it take me to make money online?” By the Wealthy Affiliate CEO Kyle. It will explain much.

      If you want to learn more, you can do so with absolutely no financial risk by signing up for the starter membership free. No credit needed.

  5. Johan Fritz

    Hi Polly

    I have been around (affiliate marketing) way too long, well at least, that’s how I feel.
    In my stupidity I arrived at the conclusion that my main reason for missing the boat is not having a “list”.
    Everywhere you turn, people are telling you that the money is in the list. Problem is, you need to pay monthly subs for that. Not something a newbie might be able to afford.
    My question then is , if they sell you this wonderful opportunity, why the h*ll do they not include the tools to set you up proper?
    Will this program that you are so passionate about help me solve that problem?

    Kind regards

    1. Polly Post author

      Oh, most definitely Johan. For instance…did you know that it is possible to make your own free auto-responder(which is the main ingredient in building a list) using a g-mail account? Or that there are several auto-responders out there with a version which is free for a list of up to 500 people?

      That is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are over 2,000 tutorials, and trainings not to mention all the how to videos. A free webinar every Friday night; just off the top of my head, I could go on and on.

      You will never know the wealth of knowledge you are missing out on until you experience it for yourself.



    How to join ? please explain me the procedure .As I had mentioned in my earlier mail , I am working in Maldives and I can have at the most ONE HOUR , for the training , every day . you had replied —it is enough .
    So let me know .

    1. Polly Post author

      Hello Tushar,
      I think I told you before. Just click on the banner at the top right of this page and then fill out the form with your name and an email address to begin your free trial.

  7. Chris Buchanan

    Hi Polly,
    Same situation as most others here, looking for opportunity. I make a pretty good wage at my real job so can you tell us in round realistic numbers if we work hard at this what type of income are we talking?
    I make close to six figures working 60hr week. Could I earn that much or more with WA? If so how long would you anticipate (I see 3 mos for google) before I could earn that kind of $? If that amount is unrealistic what is income potential?
    Part 2 Affilliate programs are basically selling other people’s items right? I don’t really have anything I want to sell. Or am I strictly selling other people’s items for them then receiving basically a commission?

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Chris,
      Sorry for the wait for your answer. Mom keeps me busy sometimes.
      So…let me ask you a question. How long did it take you to get to the point where you are making a six figure income? And you work 60hrs a week. I used to do that. I was a chef for many years and 60 hr workweeks were nothing to me. But it was backbreaking work.

      I often am asked that particular question. What I like to do is refer my readers to a blog written by Kyle our CEO at Wealthy Affiliate. I personally know of one particular member who worked very diligently on his website for a year, and now he’s pulling in over 10k per month. And he’s just a kid.

      Me personally? I have been doing this for just about three years now. But if you count the time I actually worked it would only equal to about 1 1/2 years. So I am not making 10k per month. But I am doing well enough that I don’t need a “real job” and I can stay home with my mom. Your success depends upon you and what you do to achieve it.

      As far as potential income? Well considering the fact that there are over 2 billion using the internet, the income potential is limitless and it is not unreasonable to be able to achieve that type of income. if you worked hard enough, I bet you could attain the same level of income you currently enjoy and more.

      Affiliatemarketing is indeed advertising the products/services of someone other than yourself. When you sign up as an affiliate for any particular company, they assign you what is known as an “affiliate link” which personally identifies you. If your visitor then proceeds with a purchase, you will receive a commission from that sale.

      That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. It is not necessary to have your own products/services to sell. Working online in this manner cuts down your startup cost and your operating cost.

  8. John

    I’m in an electric business for over 20 years I want to start using an online strategy can WA assist me and how….
    John D

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey John,
      WA can assist you in every way possible. If I am understanding you correctly, you wish to bring whatever it is you do into the online world? That is not a problem. Kyle will show you step by step how to build an awesome website using the WordPress Express Website Builder which is unique to Wealthy Affiliate. You will not find this anywhere else. I guarantee it.

      If it is your business, then perhaps local marketing is what will fit you. There are lessons about that.

      You probably want to increase your clientele. Are you an electrician? However whatever you specialize in, the important thing is to be seen. WA can teach you all about how to rank your website in prime page one positions. This is important because you won’t get any visitors if nobody sees your website. There are lessons about that.

      Whatever you could possibly need to function online and be successful, WA provides. From two free websites, to domain names to tutorials and lessons about any kind of web presence you desire. Whether you want to become an affiliate marketer or just build a website to have an online presence(on page one of course) you will learn what you need to at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Kyle and Carson are brilliant teachers and they are always one step ahead of everybody else. All the website themes are responsive, (Adjust their size for whatever medium being used at the time.) i.e. mobile phones, tablets, pc’s and there are hundreds to choose from. You name it they have it or show you how to do it.

      You can learn about social media marketing, paid traffic marketing, email marketing or my personal favorite organic search traffic. They teach it all and they are very good at it.

      So John the only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself. The free trial requires only a name and an email address. No credit card required. (unlike every other “program” where you have to pay up front or give them your billing information so they can bill you if you forget to cancel.)

      No strings attached. Look forward to seeing you there.


    Is it mandatory to join and pay for Platinum member immediately after 7 days Free Trial ?
    Can you post the answer on my ( our ) personal Email Address , shown in the box below ?

    1. Polly Post author

      No Tushar, it is not mandatory to join immediately after the free trial.

      Unfortunately Tushar I am bound by law not to contact you through the email you provided. However, feel free to Skype, or call my Skype number. I would love to discuss this and answer any questions yall might have.

  10. Justin

    How can I contact you directly? Just to know for sure your not saying another product is a scam and lure me into your scam.

    1. Polly Post author

      Well Justin,
      First off, Wa is bot a scam. I am a member and have been for three years. I have made quite a bit of money using the skills and tools located at the WA website. As for contacting me directly, I do have a contact me page, where you can send me an email. But see That goes two ways. How do I know you aren’t some pervert just trying to get my personal info? I have had that happen before. Boy, do I regret it.

      And besides, Wa offers a free trial. Unlike these other scams who tease and tease but don’t tell you a damn thing until you have paid their price. So why don’t you just sign up for a free trial and then I will contact you within an hour of you signing up.

      1. Justin

        As you have said in another reply you can never be too safe on the Internet. 🙂

      2. Polly Post author

        I have said that and let me tell you I try to live by it. Remember, you never know who is on the other side of the comment. At least you can see my picture and you know what I look like. Right?

      3. Jack

        How do we actually know the picture you posted representing yourself as being you is really you?

      4. Polly Post author

        Good question Jack. You don’t. I guess you’ll just have to trust me.

  11. Paige

    Hi Polly. I had a question. Other than the WA membership, was there any other costs that you had to pay? If so, what were they and how much? I understand that some capital investment is typically required to make money in just about any industry, but I was wondering how much you’d have to put out before you actually start making a profit (money that you make after making back your expenses.)

    I’m a college student and I’m fairly well verse when it comes to the Internet and marketing terminology, it’s part of my degree program. The only thing that really concerns me is cost. Anything worth doing won’t be easy, but perhaps not so harsh on my already small wallet, hmm? Hahahah.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Paige,
      List of expenses:
      WA Membership- $49/month
      Jaaxy Keyword Tool- $19/month (optional.WA provides a free keyword tool)
      Domain Name- $13.99/year (also optional.WA provides 2 free subdomains at siterubix.com)
      Total- $68/month except for one month out of the year when I pay the renewal fee on my domain name. That one month I pay- $81.99
      It takes approximately 3 months for google to index your site. Once google puts your name in lights, the traffic starts.Once the traffic starts, you’re in business.

      I understand having little or no cash. Sometimes I had to pay every other month because I couldn’t afford it. For a long time, I didn’t even use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool because I couldn’t afford it either.

      So in my case, it took a little longer than usual. You know the old saying;”When it rains it pours” That is what happened to me. It started off with a trickle but now it is pouring and I do fairly well. Well enough that I don’t have to get a “real job”

      I was determined however to be successful at it. Persistence pays off, and you fail only if you quit. Check out this article written by Kyle CEO of WA.

      1. audrey parks

        Hi Polly. Was wondering if you pay taxes as a contractor and if paychecks are biweekly?

        Thank you,


      2. Polly Post author

        Hey Audrey,
        Straight to the point, I like that. The answer to both of those questions depends on what company you are an affiliate of. Some companies pay monthly, some pay bi-weekly, some pay you only when you have reached a certain payment threshold(i.e. $100) or whatever limit they’ve set.

        I am not qualified to give out any kind of tax advice but here is what I do know.

        Generally speaking, most affiliate companies do not tax your earnings. So it would be up to you to pay the taxes according to the laws of the country/state where you reside.

      3. Paige

        Wow, not nearly as bad as I initially thought. Thanks so much for the reply! I’ll definitely give it a shot. I’ve always been determined to be my own boss in the end. I also love writing and sharing things with others. I’ll play around with the different tools and see what I can afford and such. I always knew that something like this would take a lot of time and effort, so I’ve been very selective about choosing something to pursue or start up. This sounds like it might be it though.

        Thanks so much for the information! The article was a good read too, it speaks truth. You get what you put in.

      4. Polly Post author

        Hey, no problem Paige. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      5. Amandine Georgette

        I am trying to join the community but when i try to create an account i receive this answer that i already have an account but i don’t remember when. What to do?

      6. Polly Post author

        Try creating a membership using a different IP address.(i.e. A library with free wifi. an internet café. Use a computer that is not your ip address.

  12. Tomas Bishop

    What is up? I wanted to know if you would be interested in a link exchange to help improve our search engine rankings

    I will insert your homepage link naturally in one of my existing articles and you can do the same for me.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Tomas,
      I appreciate your offer, however, there is much controversy about the use of backlinks. I have researched the pros and cons and have decided this is a course of action I do not wish to take. For this reason, I have removed the link you included in your comment.

  13. John

    Can I make any MONEY with Wealth Affiliates?

  14. John

    Does Wealth Affialiates actually make you any MONEY?

    1. Polly Post author

      Actually John,
      WA doesn’t make me money. I make me money. I had no idea how to accomplish such a thing until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. They have TAUGHT ME how to make money online by teaching me how to become an affiliate marketer. And yes I do make money using what I learned from them.

  15. Ronald

    Thank you for keep me from making a mistake in attempting to purchase that lotto crusher. You just saved me money. God bless you and for real hn out.

    1. Polly Post author

      Anytime. Glad to help. We all work hard for our money. I wouldn’t want to see anybody throw it away on something lie this.

  16. Ms. Gregg Quander-Smith

    Hello Polly,

    I have stumbled on your page while checking out a scam page… I craft (girls barrettes and crocheted hat & scarf sets). Will WA help me to get a website where I can sell these items or even my typing and formatting skills? I work in a call center and soon will be working from home, I’d like to add WA to the mix!

    Warmest Regards,

    1. Polly Post author

      Most definitely. Wa can provide you with not one but two websites if you so desire. One of the most important things about selling something online (or anything else for that matter) is the necessity of obtaining customers(traffic to your website)Wa teaches this well. As far as typing and formatting, I must admo=it to having severely limited skills in this area until I joined Wa.

      My skills in this area have improved immensely. In fact check out this article about how to become good at writing effectively to generate sales. I think it will help to explain.

  17. Larry

    i’ve been in the service industry, most of my life. landscape & tree service, too strenuous to continue. Now i run a carpet cleaning service, still strenuous, but i work because i don’t receive enough from ssi to live on. Yet i’m not working very often. What would i do for online supplemental income. I found you after trying surveys, and looking at other money making online schemes or scams. Still looking for a way to create, or make some imcome from the internet

    1. Polly Post author

      I tried the survey route once before too. Didn’t end well for me. Funny you should mention surveys, I have been writing about surveys or reviewing online survey companies rather intensely in the past month and a half with more to come.

      I was just about to start writing an article about a survey company where I have actually made $20(Paid to PayPal)since I joined at the beginning of the month.Opinion Outpost if you are interested. But it is best if you have a PayPal account, especially if all you want is cash(like me).

      Or you could choose the starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. Just click on just about any link on this page and it will take you to a sign-up page. Affiliate marketing and that one survey company are how I am currently earning mon=ey from the internet.

  18. Jason

    Can this be blended with an existing blog? What if I’m a writer and want to promote books?

  19. Jason

    What is the time invested vs. income ratio. So you need something you are passionate about and can share, and that seems like the hard part.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes Jason it can totally be blended with an existing blog. And to your other questions: First read this blog by Kyle our CEO at Wealthy Affiliate. Are you not passionate about writing and books? I chose affiliate marketing as my niche because I really wanted to learn. The harder i worked the more I learned, the more passionate I became.

  20. Lynn

    Hi Polly. There seems to be some confusion I’m not sure if it’s me that is confused or it is some of the people who have made previous comments. Am i understanding you correctly, your job is marketing the product Wealthy Affiliate to people who have an item, talent, service etc. to sell online? Thus, the program would teach them how to market whatever they’re trying to sell in a more successful way. Or…are you recruiting people to sell the Wealthy Affiliate program so they may sell it to others online? Please clarify. Thanks.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes you understand correctly Lynn. I am an affiliate of WA. I offer people the same chance I was offered. To make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. It is not my intent to make more WA affiliates. This is not an MLM. In other words if someone becomes a member of WA through my website, it is true I receive a commission However if they in turn become an affiliate of WA. I do not receive commissions from them for whoever joined from their efforts. Does that answer your question? This is for people who want to become affiliates of other companies or Wa itself. Also to help them learn to market items, talents or services more effectively.

  21. Curtis

    It keep saying that I already have an account with you guys and I don’t have an account with you guys and I would like to tell you about um you tell me this isn’t a scam but its acting just like all the other places that I’ve tried to do this as well so please could you email me back let me know what I need to be doing or what I am doing wrong

    1. Polly Post author

      I am sorry I cannot email you directly. I don’t understand why it says you already have an account, but here is a link to the contact page at Wealthy Affiliate. http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/contact/ That is the best I can do.It is not a scam and i am sorry you think that.

      EDIT: I spoke with our CEO at Wealthy Affiliate and he told me that the only way this could happen is if someone else is using your IP address. Is there somebody in your household who is a member. He is looking further into the situation. I will keep you posted Okay?

  22. Lisa

    You have never really said ……. Then what? Sign up great videos and training get websites etc….. Then what?. What are the websites? How do they work for you?. What will you be doing once you do get the 2 trial websites up?

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry if your questions weren’t answered within my review. Let me see what I can do to rectify that. Wealthy Affiliate specializes in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is in my opinion, the best way to get started online So now in order to answer your other questions check out this article on how to become an affiliate marketer. Hope this helps! If not leave me another comment. C’ya

      1. connie

        sorry, this really does not answer the question. What would a person actually be doing? sounds like it is training to attract visitors/traffic to a website for your own business. please clarify. if you don’t own a business nor have any desire to own a business doesn’t sound like it would be a way to earn income for the normal person. please explain in great detail.


      2. Polly Post author

        You don’t actually have to own your own business. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. Instead of advertising products of your own, you advertise someone else’s products and receive a commission when a sale is made.Any “normal” person can do it without having their own business.

  23. stacy

    hello I am interested in working from home I checked out excel cash flow and it seems to good to be true I saw this and I am interested in learning more about how this works if u could please help me more understand how this works thanks

  24. Adele

    I have a power Mac computer and an iPad. I know nothing about WordPress or if Macs will tolerate that program. Interested? Yes? Previous to retiring I was into graphic art within the commercial printing field. Cheers

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes you can use WordPress on a mac and an iPad with no problem. There’s your niche right there, graphic art. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be anything you want. WordPress can seem a bit daunting, but there are some very simple themes that are really easy to use and the Wealthy Affiliate community is always there to help.So why don’t you get started with a free trial and see how easy it can be?

  25. Tonia

    Hi Polly,
    I have signed up for WA starter membership and I’m just getting started and I really want to find something that works and is not a scam. I’m trying to supplement my income while I go to school. How hard was it to start making money? What niche did you choose?

    1. Polly Post author

      Tonia! Hey! Great hearing from you again! I am living proof that if you learn and apply the skills taught at Wealthy Affiliate, you can succeed. As far as how hard it is, that all depends on the individual.

      My biggest personal challenge was steady consistent work. I have procrastination disease.Once I buckled down and got to work, I started to enjoy steady consistent success. I actually chose the how to make money online niche with affiliate marketing.

      If you have a free membership, you can contact me on my profile page at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Keep in touch


  26. Camille

    I too fell for Excel Cash Flow. I called them the same day I paid $97, was very firm, and they voided the payment. However, I am seriously looking for an at home, online position. The WA that you are talking about, can you give me more info. I think I want to try it but why would I be marketing?! I just need to make some extra cash to pay my credit card and school debt.

    1. Polly Post author

      Good to hear you were able to obtain a refund. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know to be successful as an affiliate marketer. As to what you would be marketing, that is entirely up to you. Read this article about becoming an aff marketer. It will help to explain more about the choices you will have. Affiliate marketing can indeed help you to pay your bills, but please don’t misunderstand and think it will happen right away. No matter what anybody tells you, making money online is not something to be accomplished quickly. however Unlike all the scams you will see online, WA offers a true free trial. No credit card required. Try it for free. There is no financial obligation. You won’t lose anything. Let me know if ou have more questions

  27. donna

    how do yiu make money?
    1. Do i need to learn your material and then solicit businesses who will use my services for marketing online?
    2.Do you provide me with daily work etc? not sure what is all involved?

    1. Polly Post author

      Thank you for your inquiry. I am happy to be here for you because I want to make sure you have all the info you want.

      There are many ways to make money online; introducing people to how I do so is just one example. It’s not a matter of learning “my material” … instead, it is a foundational platform designed to teach you every single aspect of online marketing even if you want your market to be strictly local in nature. The Wealthy Affiliate training platform teaches you how to manipulate your website so that it will be among the first to appear when people type in what they are looking for in their real estate venture. For example, if they are Googling “3 bedroom homes + Denver, Colorado”, (assuming your in Colorado) you would want your agency to be one of the very first that appears in their search, right?

      Well, this is what Wealthy Affiliate will help you learn. And the best part is, not only will I be there to help you, but there is a very large community of like-minded professionals who help each other. There’s even 24/7 support.

      I hope this has answered your questions because I would like to see you part of the WA family and I would like to see you rank #1 in Google. After all, that’s how prospects find out about you and once that connection is made, you’ll have homes to show. 🙂

      Please let me know if you have any more questions. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing you at WA.” Please accept my personal invitation for your free starter membership. No credit card required.

  28. Tejas

    Hey nice insight to the WA program. I am a member there and completely agree it deserves the 5/5 stars. learning a lot and achieving a lot there too.

  29. Christina

    Thanks for the thorough review and breaking it all down. Wealthy Affiliate is the best site out there for helping people build an online business. Period.

  30. Polly Post author

    Glad to hear from you. I hope this info was useful to you

    1. Teresa Hewitt

      Hi Polly, how are you? Hope you are doing well. I was doing some research of how to earn an extra income on-line (internet marketing, honest work from home). How long have you been working from home as an internet marketer with wealthy affiliate? Is wealthy affiliate easy to learn how to earn an income and does the company provide training videos with subtitles or closed captioned for deaf and hard of hearing people? I am deaf. I do perfectly understand that you do hate scams as well I really do hate scams myself. I was a victim of scam plenty of times in my lifetime. Have a great goodnight!! Teresa

      1. Polly Post author

        Hey Teresa,
        I am well, thanks for asking. How are you? I have been working from home for almost two years now. It is the best job I have ever had. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn online marketing that you will find anywhere.Totally sucks that you have been a victim, Preventing this from happening to people is my new focus. That and providing a safe environment to learn and work in. The program at WA is easy, as it provides every type of training for any situation you will encounter online. The videos provide step by step training. Unfortunately closed captioning is not provided due to the ever-changing nature of the internet and the need to constantly update Materials. However, all of the video lessons have supporting text to go with them.(as well as Visual aids) Also, there is a live chat room which operates 24/7 where you can talk to other members who can help explain in great detail what you are learning. Not to mention all of the tutorials available.You can try Wealthy Affiliate free for one week to see if it is right for you.a credit card isn’t required either. So my best advice to you is to give it a shot and find out if it is right for you. I hope this helps you. Anybody can learn the skills to be successful online. Hope to see you there!! I would be honored to help you as much as I can.

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