Earn Money Online Working From Home!! It’s Easy, It’s fast, And It’s Free!!

By | 09/25/2018

Step Right Up!!!

Earn Money Online Working From HomeYeah…you’d like that wouldn’t you? But first, I have this oceanside property in the dessert I would like to show you. Seriously, this is how they lure you in. Enticingly dangling dancing money signs right in front of your face.  Everybody likes the lure of easy money and for some strange reason people really believe  it’s easy, fast and free to earn money online working from home. 

That’s not asking for much is it?

A little, yeah. I am here to bust your bubble with a heavy dose of truth. While it is very possible to work online, It is not fast nor is it free. No matter what you do. Easy isn’t a word I would use either. It is merely an illusion (the fast easy part) but definitely doable(the earn money online part), and I can help you with that(the doable part).

 What follows(the next six paragraphs)is a list of  keyword search terms entered during the past thirty days.(This will make better sense after I explain). For now…

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Earn Money Online Working From Home Earn Money Online Working From Home

Fifty-five keywords were used  in the above sample. It sounds like a lot right? What if I told you, those fifty-three keywords combined accounted for 19,584 searches. That’s almost 20,000 people looking for a way to make money online from home.Earn Money Online Working From HomeLook at the list again and imagine tacking the words fast and  for free including any variations thereof. on the end of each phrase. The actual search numbers boggle my mind. I can’t put into words how many I’ve come across in my keyword research using the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Suffice to say the number is big. Very big.

What This Means

So what is the big deal? Why am I talking about this at all? A great deal of information can be derived from this list. First; a loooooooootttttt of people want to make money by using the internet to go online and “work”.(whatever that means) Clearly they have no idea what they’re looking for.

Next; they want to stay at home(for whatever reason). Third; they want it to happen quickly and they want it to be easy. Let me see…there was one more, hmmmmm…oh yeah, they want to do all this for free. 

I would say(I’m guessing here)at least %75 of the people who search are in some kind of financial jam. Not only do they need money, they need it quickly. Need for money is the primary goal so they’re unable to invest any money. Hence the no investment part.

It also means you’ll probably run into numerous schemes, scams and systems that will get in your way. Somehow “broke” people find money enough to buy a program and end up wasting time and money. I know I did. 

I was one of these people until about five years ago. I know how hard it can be to find a way to earn money online. Having said all that,  opportunities to make money without investing anything(save some personal time)are indeed available. One way is…

Online Surveys

Explaining the survey situation is a bit tricky. Hopefully, it will all make sense. I have to warn you though, what goes on in my head often sounds different when I try to write it down. Earn Money Online Working From Home

But First…The Disclaimer: Surveys are not meant to be a substitute for a full-time income. But if you know where to look, You could earn $50 per/month. Maybe more, maybe less. Depends on if you qualify for the surveys you are directed to.(That was pretty clear right?)

The first thing you need to know and understand is…

Real  Surveys Are Free. Always.

Always. Don’t believe  anybody who says differently. It shouldn’t cost you a dime to sign up with any real survey company, if it does, don’t waste your time. I only recommend Opinion Outpost.

There are those who would lead you to believe they have an “exclusive ” list of survey companies who pay the big bucks.(Not true). A list they would try to sell you. Don’t. 

Earn Money Online Working From HomeSome “survey companies” amount to nothing but smoke and mirrors. What do I mean by that? Well…it’s like this: They don’t actually pay you in cash. In fact, you spend more money than you make. I don’t know about you but I’m in it for cash. Not prizes, or gift cards or whatever.

A smokescreen, distracting you from the fact it is an affiliate marketing website. In like manner, a site listing(and providing links to)countless survey sites you are encouraged to sign up for. Also affiliate marketing. Not that there’s anything wrong with affiliate marketing; Except when deception is involved. 

However “Full disclosure” is now a requirement for all affiliate marketing websites. So…in light of this factoid, always check the privacy policy. If  full disclosure is not given look for a page labeled “Full Disclosure“.  Matter of fact, this advertorial(time index 1 min 3sec )shows a prime example of full disclosure. This is a very important step. Seriously. No really, Seriously.

Writing, And Photography.

<siiiggghhhhh> All you’ll find  on these two subjects is the same old tired lines. Writing articles and posting them(where? For who?) Blah, Blah, Submitting your photos to sites selling photos. Blah, blah, blah(There’s some really excellent free image download sites) Perhaps you can make money like that but it will take time and effort(like anything else)to become established.

I tried the writing thing; didn’t really pan out until I built my own website and discovered content marketing. I(obviously)write all the time now. In truth I don’t really know a lot about the photography angle It was never really viable for me and my circumstances, and, you know, I was just kind of passing through and not paying much attention sooooooo…

I would really love to hear of any participation ya’ll might’ve had making money online with photography. Maybe help someone out with a few pointers?. Build up some karma credit?

My experience trying to learn how to work online, has taught me a few things. and in the spirit of helping others to avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered, I would like to share what I have learned and maybe help get you pointed in the right direction. Becaaauuuse…

Earn Money Online Working From Home

In order to have a chance at success online(by that I mean a consistent income enough to replace full time employment) I needed certain things. A website, hosting, someone to teach me how to work on the internet. Investing money wasn’t really optional.It was mandatory. So then it became a question of minimizing expenses .

Affiliate marketing is the way to get started online with the least amount of expenses. If… you get with the right people. So who are the right people? Ah yes, well…consider what you need; A website, domain name, hosting, SSL and most importantly, training as well as an education. Preferably, all in one central location. Therein lies the problem.

Some affiliate marketing learning platforms provide lessons, videos, coaching but no websites, hosting, domain names or SSL, or websites, hosting and domain names and that’s it, or any variation thereof wherein something necessary is missing. In other words nobody had everything and they charged extra for what they did offer. Except Wealthy Affiliate. They. Have. Everything. So 

Stop Struggling To Make Momney Online-Learn The Skills


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