How Do I Become a Affiliate Marketer? – I Can Show You How, With Four Easy Steps!

By | 02/10/2015

How do I become a affiliate marketer?   All it takes is four steps:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn revenue

Step One: Choose an Interest

  Have you ever heard the saying,  ” Find something you really like and figure out how to get someone to pay you for it.”? Do you have any hobbies you are particularly passionate about?    Maybe a field or subject in which you are an expert?  Perhaps an interest you would like to know more about?  It would be very beneficial if you picked a subject and/or product  which is something you like to discuss frequently and at great length. This way you never run out of things to talk about.

how tobecome a affiliate marketerLiterally millions of  ideas are out there waiting to be expanded upon. For instance, maybe you are really into golfing. Think of all the subjects that have to do with golf which you can talk about and recommend to your readers. Shoes, balls, clubs, clothing and even the best places to play. The possibilities are endless. Remember there are over 2 billion people out there on the internet. How many do you think are golfers? Enough for you to create a business based on your love of golf. This is merely an example. the same goes for any other subject you choose.

One of THE most important aspects of affiliate marketing, is you have fun doing it. Another aspect is we want to help your visitors make an informed decision.

Step Two: Build a Website

how do i become a affiliate marketerWhether you have an office, a building, a booth at a swap meet or a spot  on the side of the road, you need to have a place to conduct your business. On the internet, that place of business is a website. Don’t let anybody tell you any differently. Like an office or whatever type of location you have for a business, your website will be the venue where the interaction between you and your visitors will occur. If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer, a website is essential for your success.

Maybe you are at a loss as to how to go about building a website.  I know how that feels. It can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you are doing. Most free website builders complicate matters entirely and they make it harder than it has to be. I bet you have probably already tried, so I have a recommendation for you. I suggest using the free website builder at Wealthy Affiliate. It is unparalleled in it’s ease of use and the speed at which it functions. You can go anywhere else on the internet and you won’t find anything like this I can guarantee  you that. As a matter of fact, you can try it right here, right now, for free!


 Step Three: Attract Visitors

After obtaining your website, and before earning any money, your objective will be to focus on capturing the interest of readers to bring them to your website. Here  is where you will be discussing all the aspects of golfing that interest you and hopefully other golfers like yourself. ( Assuming golfing is your chosen interest. If not just insert whatever topic you have chosen into that sentence)

This is accomplished by achieving rankings within Google, Bing and Yahoo using the medium, of the written word. The higher your rankings, the more traffic ( visitors ) you can welcome to your website. More traffic equals more opportunities to generate revenue. How exactly to achieve those  rankings is a skill you will probably need to learn unless you already have experience with some aspect of marketing online. Affiliate marketing courses would probably be a good idea.

For the most outstanding affiliate marketing courses possible, I would again recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The same online community I recommended for the free website. WA offers the entire package, including the course. Read more about Wealthy Affiliate in my review.

 Step Four: Earn Revenue

 Now that you have traffic coming to your website, joining companies with affiliate programs is your next move. These are free. After you join, you begin to promote and review products/services. Back to the golfing analogy. You would write reviews on certain types of clubs, balls or the latest in golfing apparel. The affiliate will pay you a percentage of sales that are generated because you send them to their website where they make a purchase. Sometimes these percentages can be up to half the purchase price . Maybe more maybe less.

Let me offer you a small piece of advice:  Never pay  to join an affiliate program. If you are asked to pay a fee this is a good sign you are paying for some sort of scam. Think of it like this: When applying for employment are you told to pay a fee to enable you to work there? No. You will in essence be working for them. ( sort of )

So There You Have it My Friend

The four easy steps I promised to show you. Trust me on this one and give Wealthy Affiliate a shot. The starter membership is free. There is no money back guarantee like most programs will promise. The reason for that is because no money is collected up front. Sheer Genius!! So get started with your free trial now!!

WordPress Review – Express, the Best Website Builder For Beginners

If I didn’t make everything clear to you or you have questions about Wealthy Affiliate. Then please leave me a comment in the section below. I will definitely get back to you

Tate care until next time


33 thoughts on “How Do I Become a Affiliate Marketer? – I Can Show You How, With Four Easy Steps!


    Hey Polly,
    I am Tushar .
    Good Morning .
    It is just an accident , I visited your Blog and review about SURVEY. Thanks for the opinion .I was about to be cheated there. Thanks for saving my hard earned money.
    Any way I am going to retire in a couple of years from now and was looking for ” online Income Source “. So I was surfing any where I could . Ultimately landed up on the review of yours . I have been reading the reviews and the opinions, doubts , questions of so many people . I am some how happy to read your ALMOST IMMEDIATE REPLY to them. Presently I am working in Republic of Maldives , can spare only ( and Maximum )1-2 hours a day for the Training . Will it be sufficient at the beginning , off course ? I am not in a hurry at all , though if I could get GOOD R O I , I will not Mind at all .
    By the way I have already a site of my own on GoDaddy , is it OK? It is presently IN A STANDSTILL position as I could not go further , being uneducated in this field of Online Marketing .
    Please reply

      1. TUSHAR

        Thanks for an immediate reply.
        Please let me know, If I start a starter program now , is it compulsory to join immediately after 7 days or can I join after few days ?

      2. Polly Post author

        Hey. No, it is not compulsory to join premium at the end of 7 days. It is an offer. Let me tell you a little secret; When you join there will be a clock at the top of your screen that counts down the 7 days. However, do not fell pressured. If you decide to join after the seven days has expired, your first month will still only be $19.

        I personally joined after 4 days. I love it and I knew this was the answer to making honest money online.

        I feel I did you a disservice when answering your comment before. When you join as a starter with the free trial, you get two free websites with The themes offered are WordPress. And there is a really neat site builder. Here I made a video to show how it is done.

        The fact that you are not in a hurry is a good thing. The amount of time is fine if that is what you can invest, as long as you are serious in your commitment to that time. Many people want money and they want it quick, but they don’t want to work for it. Those types of people will forever fail. Of course good ROI is always welcome.

        I was wondering if you would be willing to send me a link to your website so I can have a look? I promise I won’t post it or share it. I would just like to see what you have so far. Do you have a domain name also?

        I would hazard a guess and say that you didn’t really receive any support from go-daddy?
        I will tell you this. WA can host any domain you have, however it is necessary to have premium membership in order to host domains you own. (I would still like to see it if you don’t mind?)

        What I would do if I were you, is to try the starter membership first. If you decide that this is the path for you(like myself)Then join premium and move your domain to the Wealthy Affiliate Servers and go from there. We have the most secure, advanced domain servers in the world and I can guarantee it is ten times(probably more) better than anything you will receive from go-daddy or any other hosting name server platform for that matter. Of that you can be sure.

        So I apologize for my very brief comment to you before and I hope somehow this helps you understand a bit more. Send me a link!! I’ll have a look if you want.

  2. papagary

    Come on Polly you are just has bad every other internet business offer. Been in mail order since 1980 I’m not rich but made a decent amount. If people would research this a little bit more you could do every thing you offer for a lot less. First people go to vista print, big daddy, or any other web hosting. there rate are a lot cheaper than WA . Second people will not come to your web site unless you advertise all over the web,they just don’t magically come to your site. Third You can go to any major web site business and become a affiliate web site for nothing. Number Four It is good idea to sell some kind of product( anything but how to make money) crafts, import/export products, or just have a nice community web site were you don’t sell anything but have a lot of traffic. Have a separate affiliate page were your customers can go . if you have enough affiliates there bound to be one or two that you traffic will go to were you will get compensated. Like I said before traffic does not magically come to your web site you have to promote it and promote it a lot just like any other business. Sorry Polly but that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. P>S> The Web hosting site will gladly help you out in getting your web site off the ground for NOTHING.

    1. Polly Post author

      You haven’t got a clue have you? If you know so much about it, exactly why are you here at my website and why this particular article? Of course there is more to it than what I have written.Mail order? Give me a break! it is nothing like internet affiliate marketing

      First off, yes you could go to one of the generic hosting sites you have mentioned but I guarantee you won’t get the same level of protection and support that WA offers. I can also have 50 websites. Each with the same level of protection and support, at no extra cost. All other hosting companies charge extra for each website you have.

      Second, I never said they would magically come but advertisement is not necessary. The best traffic one can receive is free organic traffic, which I am pleased to tell you I get a lot of. Many of my articles rank #1 or on page one for several different keywords. A skill I learned at WA.

      Third, with the exception of a few like Amazon, you can’t just got to any business and ask to be an affiliate.This I know for a fact. Although it is free, (which I clearly stated in section 4 paragraph one of the above article pay attention please) certain criteria must be met. Your website must meet traffic requirements, as well as the theme. Also I don’t sell how to make money. You clearly haven’t read a word I wrote. I offer a free trial an I only make money if a referral decides to purchase premium membership.

      Fourth, you don’t have to sell products, you can sell services also. Therein lies the beauty of affiliate marketing, you sell other peoples products/services.(Keeps overhead low) But you have to want to help people with what they want. Not what you think they want.

      And lastly, those web hosting places don’t do it for free. And they aint got nothin on the help WA gives I won’t let you lie to my visitors old man.

      Seriously dude, get your facts straight.

  3. Darrick

    I’m 34 years old and for about 18 years I have wanted to make money at home online. I’m not even remotely
    lazy at all. I’ve worked full time since I graduated 17 years ago and and about 12 years ago I started installing flooring everything from carpet to hardwood
    and tile.
    So my problem well let’s say my problems are
    1. I have a wife no kids but I have animals and a huge garden depending on what time of the year it is, So after I get home from work is when I get to start my at home work schedule which varies like I said depending on what time of year it is an example, today I have to start cutting and splitting firewood so i can heat my house all winter for the price of chainsaw gas.
    So now tomorrow I’m probably going to be sore for most of the day which brings us to problem number two.
    2. Damage and pain. As im getting older my body like everyone else’s is aging and installing carpet and other types of flooring can be very painful and tiring.
    I do not feel like I get paid enough money for what my body has to go through day in and day out. Some days are easy and I come home and feel great but days like that only happen a few times a month.
    3. I’m a subcontractor, and because I’m self employed I pay a self employment tax on top of state and federal. I do not have a retirement of any kind, partly because I don’t have a financial adviser and because of being self employed I do not have a 401k.
    4. I want to set up my hours that I work, when to start and when to finish. If I decide to lay in bed next to my wife for a extra hour than I don’t want to have to worry about loosing my job for showing late and with the excuse that I just wanted to spend time with my wife.
    I have no problems getting up early or working long days but if I work 10-12 hours today then tomorrow I only want to work 4-6 hours.
    Working from home gives me the freedom of walking my dog every couple hours plus my dog and I will both benefit from spending more time with each other.
    5. No ware and tear on my vehicle due to driving to work every day and obviously using zero gallons of gas to get to work. Also I’ll have the option of working more instead of driving to work I can spend that time working or improving my company.
    I can go on and on but I digress, I do have questions for you though that I hope you can answer.
    I know that there’s a lot of variables like how many hours I work, how much work I can get done in the time I designate for work and then how much traffic to my site and how much capital my products services or
    information generates.
    My question is, if I’m mildly successful and I put together a website how much money might I expecte? I know there’s a lot of things that will help make money or not make money so i know it’s a hard question. But a rough guess at what I could make a month would be awesome?
    I would also like to know when and I would be paid, would I be subcontracting or an employee, would I be able to get health insurance or set up a retirement account.
    Is there incentives, bonuses, paid time off? I’ve worked full time for 17 years and have never had paid time off this doesn’t seem like a job that does that but it would be nice.
    I hope you don’t mind the long post but I wanted you to get a little background info.about me so.You can kind of know my situation and possibly give me a little bit of advice.
    Oh and about the Lottery scam thank you for your review. Your review did not keep me from buying his product only because I wouldn’t have bought his so called info anyway but I was interested with reviews that didn’t come from that guys imagination and if I was interested or wasn’t thrown off in the first half minute well then your review would have saved me money, but if I do some time want make an online purchase I’ll see if you have a review for it? Not sure how often you review stuff I only stumbled on to this accidently.
    Thank you for your time and for possibly for a new

    1. Polly Post author

      WOW! My life in five short paragraphs by Darrick. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you, but your comment deserves my undivided attention and unfortunately I had family issues taking my time for a little while.

      I can tell that came from the heart. Let me just say your comment is a very interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You totally get the concept of working at home.(Some days I never get out of my jammies)

      I can relate to you on many of the points you made. I worked for 25+ years as a chef. Some people think that it really isn’t “work” I mean how hard is it to cook right? There is a lot more involved than just cooking. Try cooking and serving 5,000+ people. So I get the part about wear and tear on your body after so many years.

      Let’s get right to the questions you have, shall we?

      #1 How much money can you make? You are correct, in assuming it is a difficult question. Many factors are involved, and all of them revolve around you and how much time and effort you are willing to put into this endeavor, the companies you affiliate with, the percentages they pay etc. I know a guy who makes 10,000+ per month with his website about gaming and all the accessories that go with it. I know people who make less than a 1,000 per month.

      What amount would you be content with? How hard will you work for it? I know this sounds cliche, but it is also very true. I will tell you this, though, the sky is the limit. Seriously. There are over two billion people who use and shop on the internet and the numbers steadily increase.

      The trick is in first developing traffic to your website much like any other physical business. No traffic, no money. Once you have attracted them can you captivate them and are you genuinely interested in helping these people find what they need and not what you think they need.

      DIY is all the rage these days and I think with your passion and your expertise you would do very well in that area with developing a website about what you spent your whole working life doing.(And videos, lots of videos) Show them, don’t tell them.

      #2 When will I get paid?
      That also depends on the affiliate company. Some companies pay every two weeks. Sometimes you have to reach a certain dollar amount before you will be paid. I personally get paid once a month.

      #3 Subcontracting.
      Most companies do not provide 1099 forms for subcontractors. In lieu of that, your SSN serves the purpose and you will be responsible for paying taxes according to the laws of the country/state you reside in.

      #4 Health Insurance.
      Not that I am aware of.

      #5 Retirement account?
      No 401k’s that I am aware of.

      #6 Incentives and bonuses
      Again, it depends on the company. You would have to do research on the companies you affiliate yourself with.

      #7 Paid time off?
      Seriously? You’ll be working from home and will set your own hours. Every day is a vacation to me. But no, not from the affiliate companies. Working online is a bit different from having a job on the physical plane. A website operates 24/7. It is the nature of the internet. Once your website becomes established with Google, you will quite possibly be making money all the time. I wake up in the morning having made $ while I slept.

      I knew a guy about 20 years ago who drove one of those package delivery trucks. What I remember the most is that he subcontracted to this company and paid for his own truck. So he paid taxes for being an employer as well as being an employee.(Paragraph three in your comment) Affiliate marketing is not like that.

      I think it is safe to assume you will be operating much like you have in your working life. However, your potential income is much more than you would expect from having a physical job because your customers can be reached globally from the internet via your website. You probably won’t be taxed at both ends either.

      Make no mistake, it will take time and effort. It will not happen overnight. As long as you keep working at it and don’t give up, it will eventually not require as much of your time as it does in the beginning.

      The difference between affiliate marketing and the run of the mill scams online is this: The income you develop and generate is a sustainable income and will be able to replace your physical job.

      Sometimes I work 5 or 6 hours a day, sometimes I work one or two, sometimes I do nothing at all except answer comments and tweak my website. The point is I do it on my terms how I want to do it.

      I only answer to me. I don’t work for anyone else. I worked hard for it, but I sit in air conditioning with my dog by my side, drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, have cocktails whatever I want to do.

      Darrick, I really enjoyed your comment. Reminds me of myself. You are very good with words and I think you will do really well in this line of work. Try it out. WA offers a 7-day free trial no credit card and no money upfront. I’m telling you, dude, this is the way to do it.

  4. Devondre Sanders

    Hi Polly I’m really curious to the WA I love dancing and music and I’m also multi talented in alot of different aspects such as cooking, sports, children activities and gaming etc and I love your review of this website and the four easy steps to take to get started I’m just curious to know what would be the best route to generate revenue quickly, accurately and safely because I have a lot of debt a newborn on the way and just tapped out on income right now for any failure. I’m also unemployed and very cautious of ways to make money on the internet because of scams like the lotto crusher you wrote that amazing review on. Basically I just wanna know, can you and the information you provided really help me and my family and change my life because I can’t risk failure again and it’s hard to trust which I’m pretty sure you understand. I just wanna provide for my family like my parents should have can you please help me? Your work and research sounds very legit I just wanna be in for the long run as you are because I’m very driven and dedicated to my work as I sense from you. Please help?

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes, the skills you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate would be a big help. It is very hard to trust what you find on the internet because there are so many scams and It is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t.

      Working as an affiliate marketer is work and will take some time. It won’t be something that will make you rich quick, but with your time, effort and commitment it will be a sustainable income. The only reason you would fail would be if you gave up entirely.

      I am in it for the long run and i am glad I did not give up, because working online has changed the standard of living for my mother and myself. I will be more than happy to help in any way that I can. Give the free trial a shot and you will see for yourself that this is indeed the real thing.

  5. Hunter

    Hey Polly I saw something that caught my eye the other day and it was a “lotto crusher” product so I watch thier 30 MINUTE VIDEO! and I was impressed but not all the pieces fit together very well so decided to look into it more and read a few reviews about it BESFORE I bought it and I did and found your review on it. Thankyou so much for that by the way cause I almost bought it Hahaha. And started reading this page by you and ended up joining wealthy affiliate. And have built my page over the past couple days but I want to give you credit for introducing me to this and am very grateful to you. So I’d like to help you and help you by helping You get to Vegas and also follow you on WA. My username on WA is mann632 please message me cause I do have a couple questions and would like to have you for whatever questions the site doesn’t answer for me. Please message and follow me.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Hunter,
      You are very welcome.
      I have already messaged you, I am following you, I answered your question as best I could. Feel free to ask more. You got me one step closer to Vegas, and Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am pbar47.

  6. John

    Why don’t you tell everyone that the first 7 days is free then after that It’s $47.00 a month? you have to purchase the premium to continue on.

    1. Polly Post author

      You say that like if I’m trying to keep it a secret or something. I’m not. That particular fact is plainly stated in my review about Wealthy Affiliate as well as several other articles on my website.

    2. Hunter

      You don’t actually have to purchase the premium membership but you do need it to use the live chat’s and use other people’s blogs but you do have access to quite a few things still

  7. Earnest Smith

    I really want too try sumthing different in life becoming my own boss in any type of business
    I read all the comments and seeing you reply
    Don’t know nothing much about it ; but willing to
    give it a try and learn…..

    1. Polly Post author

      Excellent Earnest! Pleased as punch I am. As soon as you sign up, I’ll contact you in less than an hour. See you there!

  8. Patricia Jacobs

    Hi Polly,

    I’m active in the health and wellness industry. I have a protein powders that I sell and also own a virtual gym. I already have a website and need to get traffic in order to start selling my products. Will WA help me get traffic to my site?

  9. Alyce Johnson

    Hi Polly,

    How long can I remain at the free membership level?
    I understand that the free live assistance is only for the first 7 days but does access (either to the instructional materials or to the web sites I build) also come with a time limit?

    Can I maintain indefinite use of the web site I build without ever needing to pay a fee?
    I’m concerned that I will eventually need to pay $47 per month to retain access to my new online business “address”.

    Who will own the website name I chose? Do I own it or does WA retain the rights to it?
    Will I own my own domain name or is WA offering something different with their web site hosting?

    Thanks in advance for your time & your help with my questions.

    1. Polly Post author

      Okay. Let’s take these one at a time, and see if I can help you out.
      1. You can remain at the free level indefinitely.
      2. The instructional materials become somewhat limited if you choose not to become a premium member. You will always have access to the websites you build, but you are limited to two with the free membership.Premium allows up to 25 websites.
      3. If you choose to use a site Rubix website, then WA will own it. You will be able to access it as often as you like, but you won’t be able to transfer it anywhere else. If you buy a domain name, that website will belong solely to you

      Actually, WA just became a domain registrar in its own right. And by the way the hosting here is excellent

      Does this answer all of your questions?

  10. Bart

    I tried the eBay business and failed misserbly. I would love to learn more, but financially I am tapped right now.

    I love landscaping and gardening as a hobby. How much time is required to start making money so I can afford to keep this going with the monthly costs for the websites?

    Thanks for the information, I hope this can work for me.

    1. Polly Post author

      If you are serious, invest serious time and effort for 6 months to a year. The benefits of being your own bos are worth the sacrifice.

  11. efrain ortega

    hola amiga quiero saber si conoces a alguien que hable ESPAÑOL tengo mucho interés en tener mas información sobre este gran producto tengo celular moderno y computadora..[por favor contéstame es de suma importancia..

    1. Polly Post author

      Hola a ti también . Conozco a un montón de personas que hablan español . Yo vivo en el sur de Texas . Sin embargo permítanme presentarles a las maravillas del traductor Google . Todo lo que tienes que hacer es escribir Google Translate en su búsqueda del navegador , copiar y pegar cualquier frase que desea traducir . Anuncio que se traducirá automáticamente.

  12. Pam

    I don’t have a computer but have a tablet and smart phone I’m a disabled 52 year old woman who really needs to make money.Can you really make money with wealthy affiliate and can I run a business from my phone or tablet?

    1. Polly Post author

      Not a problem. As long as you can type and connect to the internet there shouldn’t be any problem. All of the themes offered for beginners at Wealthy Affiliate are responsive(which means they will respond on any mobile device).Phone or tablet or pc. And yes you can really make money with Wealthy Affiliate, if you apply and take action on the lessons you learn and the tasks assigned to you.Take it easy pam.

  13. stacy

    hello I am very interested in working from home I checked out excel cash flow and read up on it sounds too good to be true then seen this and I am not sure how this works so if u will please help me understand how this works thank you

  14. Anonymous

    Can I generate revenue at the “free” level or do I have to upgrade for that?


    1. Polly Post author

      Of course, you can generate an income from the free membership. Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate program and the free websites and hosting come with that free membership.

      However, I will say, those who upgrade to the premium membership generally generate a larger income, due to the in-depth training received as a premium member. The first month of premium will cost you only $19. Then for every month after it is $47. The only other upgrade is yearly and you actually save money As it is only $359 a year.

      Of course the best way to discover the possibilities is to investigate yourself by signing up for the free trial. Try it out for seven days and then make your decision based upon your own experiences. That’s what I did. And I am doing better financially than i was 4 years ago when I quit my last traditional job.

  15. Prince

    i read through your reviews on which i find very helpful. thanks alot

    i have created a new yahoo account specified for affiliate marketing but my issue is my location. In my country Ghana(Africa), not many people are internet literates and by so, there are limited products to market online.
    Am a freelance designer and 3D artist but really want to partake in this affiliate marketing business.

    how do i receive help on what to market which has best-selling rate wide world??

    Kind regards

    1. Polly Post author

      I am pleased you enjoyed my article. And I am even more pleased because you found it helpful. Consider enrolling into the 7-day free trial available at Wealthy Affiliate. WA teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing. Inside the membership, is where you will be in a position to learn all you need to know, including marketing trends and most popular niches. Worldwide.You can join up here.

      Be there waiting for you.
      Best Wishes


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