Outstanding Google Keyword Ranking Checker Tool!!!-My Favorite Jaaxy Feature!!

By | 07/10/2015

Jaaxy’s  Keyword Ranking Checker Tool!!!

Jaxxy – World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Although the primary purpose of Jaaxy is to assist with researching and choosing most excellent keywords, Jaaxy is able to perform many other functions making it an exceedingly helpful and invaluable asset. However, if I were asked to choose  which aspect of Jaaxy I enjoy the most, I  would have to choose the Google keyword ranking checker tool.

Jaaxy. I almost want to just pause right here: …then softly yet firmly utter the phrase, “Nuff Said”. A powerful statement all packed in two small words. Yet aptly descriptive of the power and accuracy of this well-rounded keyword research tool.

It may sound as if I am gushing over Jaaxy but I assure that is only because I am. Seriously, Jaaxy has been responsible for helping me to choose keywords that rank well on a very consistent basis. Not to mention all of the other facets of Jaaxy which help …err, sorry about that. When I start talking about Jaaxy I have a tendency to go on and on.

However. I didn’t bring you here to get all carried away. I brought you here to show you and tell you about Jaaxy’s page ranking checker feature. So I am going to go ahead and get right to it.

Even though this particular feature is a small part of the awesomeness that is Jaaxy, it has  several unique  features of it’s own, which set it above and any other tool out there. So I’m gonna start from the top and work my way down, starting with this;

Google ranking checker tool

A full page screenshot of the Site Rank component. Now I’m gonna break it down and give you some close ups and more details.

The Search Box

google rank checker tool


  1. Keyword – keyword entry field

  2. Url – url entry field

  3. Previous – a drop down menu

  4. Drop Down Menu For Previous – displays all websites you have been to with the site ranking checker.

This aspect doesn’t require much more elaboration as it is pretty much self- explanatory. Moving right along, we come to the next attraction in our drive down Jaaxy lane:

Search History

Before we go nay further, I just wanted to let you know that all the screenshots being put to use here are taken from my own private Jaaxy account.


google ranking checker tool


Now.. the shot above shows part of the search history for these keywords. If you will notice, each box contains several bits of information about each search. I’m gonna take one of those boxes for an example and use it to show you what each piece of info represents.

Sample Box

goog;e ranking checker tool

Sample Box Breakdown

1. Keyword Entry

goog;e ranking checker tool

 2. URL Entry

google ranking checker tool

 3. Date Of Search, Position And Page # On Google Serp*

google ranking checker tool

 4. Displays Position # Of Page/Post On Google Serp*


 5. Repeat Search Button – Click here and Jaxxy will repeat the    search with the same keyword and the same Url.

google ranking checker tool

* Serp – Search Engine Result Page. What shows up on your screen after you have executed a search.

goog;e ranking checker toolI don’t know if you noticed or not but there is a little more to this particular element than meets the eye. There is a little number with an arrow right underneath the position number. This number tracks the article movement. Let me tell you a little bit about that number. But first a small back story to set the mood.

As we all know, Google can be very fickle entity and at times frustrate us to no end. This is what happens to me…   Sometimes when I publish an article. it doesn’t automatically land on page one of Google. No, no, no. Sometimes it lands on page two or three and sometimes even lower than that. (Although it doesn’t happen like that so much anymore.)

applauseSometimes I publish and it does land on page one right out of the starting gate. While exciting, I know that Google will sometimes make my articles do a little dance before they finally settle down into the number one position.(Not a modest bone in my body) This “little dance” I speak of is when the page rank will go up and down, sometimes quite frequently. until it finally snuggles in.

Unless you keep extremely detailed records, it is hard to track it coming and going. This is where that cute little number comes in. A red arrow pointing down will be displayed if the page you are searching for has dropped to a lower spot in Google rankings.

If however there is a green arrow displayed, that means the page/post has moved higher up in Google rankings. For example, check out these two sets of  numbers. There are two columns. The screenshot of the left side was taken five days before the one on the right.

google ranking checker tool

Pretty Cool yeah?

I happen to think so. This is one of my favorite parts of Jaaxy.( Sheesh!! Who am I trying to kid, They’re all my faves!) ready to see the last area of the screenshot broken down? Let’s roll!!

Google rank (A), SERP* link (B) and Snippet (C)


Keep reading, all will be made clear young grasshopper. remember what a SERP* is okay?

Keyword ranking checker tool

The Best There Is!!

I really love this one because it gives me a chance to see my name “In Lights”!! (That is what I call it when I see one of my articles on page one of Google.) I almost feel famous! Makes me feel tingly all over.  I love Jaaxy!! I’m sorry did I mention that already? Yes, yes I’m sure I have. Again my apologies.

Well what can I say. It is exactly what they say it is, The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool and it has helped me immensely.

The free trial at Jaaxy  allows you to execute thirty free awesome keyword searches!  The free trial even includes the site rank checker tool. That is an aspect of Jaaxy Pro available for  $49 a month  Try it now for free! Just type in a keyword to get started. If you have any questions, let me know.

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