The Earn At Home Club Scam Review. They Can’t Be Serious.

Earn At Home Club Review:  Scam? Without A Doubt I joined this “club” on December 11th for the very affordable price of $5.02. To tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting much. That’s exactly what I got. Nothing much. Not to mention some very erratic behavior from the website. But what can one expect from a… Read More »

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? Review Redux Two Months Of Membership

What you are about to read has the utter distinction of being the first article I’ve ever written that is at all  positive  about an online  survey site(OSS).  Several reasons exist for this. First and foremost is the fact that I consider myself the Queen of online survey bashers. Second, I have never had a… Read More »

British High Commission Of Nigeria, Ghana To Compensate Scam Victims!!

According to the email I recently received from the British High Commission of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic and Burkina Faso they have received a report about a scam committed against me and they aim to compensate me… “Due to the retrieval valuable properties and money from the suspected scammers arrested by our security agency. NIGERIA FINANCIAL… Read More »

Are Online Surveys Safe? Do Online Surveys Really Pay You?

Before investing your time and effort with online surveys, you should know the answers to these two very important questions:1) Are online surveys safe? Nobody wants to take a chance that something bad can happen to them as a result of taking online surveys. You never know what’s on the other end of the connection. 2) Do… Read More »

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? An Objective Review

Opinion Outpost Review Before I begin to discuss this company, I would like to impart a little personal information to you about my feelings toward taking surveys online. I think it is important that you understand my thought processes when preparing to either write a review or to just write something that is about surveying.… Read More »

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Interested In Online Surveys? So… want to be a survey taker huh? Well, if that’s the case, let’s have a look-see and find out a little bit about what is out there shall we? If you are going to become involved in this activity, you might as well go into it with your eyes wide… Read More »

Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam-Another Nigerian Inheritance Scam

Nigerian Inheritance Scam There is a serious proliferation of scams which originate from the country of Nigeria. These scams are often referred to as a “419 scam” dubbed so because this is the penal code for which these crimes are prosecuted in that country. Apparently they are the number one scam producing country in the… Read More »