About PollyB

By | 08/21/2018

Hey what’s up! As you can tell(I hope)by the title, my name is Polly and this is my website. It is my pleasure to welcome you to my little slice of the net. I hope you enjoy the coming attractions available for your continuing education, entertainment and enlightens. Please fasten your seats then sit back… Read More »

What Is Wealthy’s Affiliate?

By | 08/02/2018

What Is Wealthy’s Affiliate? Here’s a hint for you. Wealthy, not Wealthy’s Wealthy Affiliate. During my tenure as a member of Wealthy Affiliate(WA), I have heard (and by heard I mean read) it pronounced in quite numerous forms. Let me see if I can remember a few for you. Obviously Wealthy’s Affiliate.(I say obviously because… Read More »

Are Online Surveys Safe? Do Online Surveys Really Pay You?

By | 10/08/2015

Before investing your time and effort with online surveys, you should know the answers to these two very important questions:1) Are online surveys safe? Nobody wants to take a chance that something bad can happen to them as a result of taking online surveys. You never know what’s on the other end of the connection. 2) Do… Read More »