Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? An Objective Review

By | 10/04/2015

Is Opinion Outpost A Scam

Opinion Outpost Review

Before I begin to discuss this company, I would like to impart a little personal information to you about my feelings toward taking surveys online. I think it is important that you understand my thought processes when preparing to either write a review or to just write something that is about surveying. So if you will just bear with me, this won’t take but a moment of your time. Then, I promise I will get on with it. Relate to you my experiences, determine if there is money to be made and answer the question: Is Opinion Outpost a scam?

Cats In A Bag…Fighting…

Cartoon Drawing of animals fighting … is what it feels like inside my head whenever I write or think about something that has anything to do with online surveys. I started this website right on the heels of spending 3 months(day and night) trying to earn money with online surveys. I was attracted to this activity because I needed to find a way to work from home. Not only that, I needed to find a way to do it for free. I had no money to invest into some venture or other.

It was a horrible experience. I just wanted to erase it from my memory. Purge my brain cells until it no longer existed. I hated it soooooooo much that I was able to turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened. As a result I haven’t really written too much about it. I have lived in denial for too long

So… I have decided to rectify that situation and face the demon head on. Write about it and start a series of reviews about different online survey companies(OSC’s). Since September 1st, I have written two informational articles based on my personal experiences with OSC’s and two reviews. Opinion Outpost will be my third.

The Road To Recovery

The first and second articles were the ones based on my experiences. The third and fourth were reviews. I have evolved in each of the writings and I have been  lessening the amount of venom I spew on this subject. Hopefully helping to provide better objectivity with each successive article.

The writing of my participation and starting a series of reviews has helped to excise some of the resentment(it’s an ongoing process) I have toward online surveys and to understand them better.In so doing, I have been able to avoid the maze-like environment that is the seedy underbelly of the online survey world.

Little by little I have been able to tame the wildcats in my head and focus on writing any kind of a comprehensive piece about OSC’s.

Now On With The Show…

Small opinion outpost logoOpinion Outpost(OO)is an online survey company that pays you in reward points in return for giving your opinion in a selection of surveys.  I signed up with the intent to participate in order to determine the value(if any)there is to actually making any money with this particular OSC.

Privacy Policy

I don’t mind if the information gathered from a survey I take is shared with the company for whom said information is intended. What I do mind, is when they share my information with other companies whose only intent is to send promotional “opportunities” my way. For this reason, checking out the privacy policy is the first thing I do before ever signing on.

The type and amount of information collected might surprise you. I cannot stress the importance of being informed when it comes to something extremely sensitive and revealing.

There are two areas in a privacy policy that warrant intense scrutiny. The first thing I want to know is what kind of information do they collect?:

 * NOTE*

SSI stands for Survey Sampling International, LLC, Opinion Outpost is either  a subsidiary or an affiliate of SSI.

Excerpt from opinion outpost privacy policyExcerpt from opinion outpost privacy policy part2

The second important aspect of the privacy policy to always inspect is who do they share their information with? Section 4 of their policy deals with SSI’s Use of Information. This information is rather spread out so instead I have included a link that will take you straight to it.

Basically, they only share with their own company or clients they work with who will only use your info for statistical research purposes. I can live with that. I don’t mind providing the info, as long as it is used for actual research. Not sending me ads from third parties.

A question about privscy policy

So far I have completed a total of 17 surveys and I have not received any “Offers you might like” from third party companies.( A relief, I assure you.)

After having properly examined the policy, it is important for you to decide if you are amicable to sharing all of this private information.

If the  policy asks you to reveal information that would make you uncomfortable, paranoid or both, them I would recommend not signing up for this or any other survey company.

Joined Up

Opinion outpost loginI decided I could live with it. For now. After filling in basic info: (Email address, name and password) I was granted membership and sent a confirmation email. They subsequently invited me to participate in my very first survey for which I would receive 5 points. 100 points=$10.00. Swagbucks is 1,000 points=$10.00

Between 12 am and 4:30 am

I work from home so I can choose when I want to work. I began a series of four surveys. I have posted a chart below to show the results.

A small chart depicting survey points and time survey took

Even though I completed these surveys during a four-hour stretch, my total “working time” was 45:43 min. Surveys 1, 2 and 3, were invitations to participate sent to my email. I did not qualify for either of these and because of that I received no points for my efforts.

Survey invitation received in emailSurvey invitation received in email3

The results in each of these were very similar. Once I finished the first round of questions and clicked the “Next” button, I was cut off and ended up on this page:

Getting ready to take survey

After three repeats, I figured they were trying to tell me something so I endeavored to go ahead and complete this survey. I ended up here;

Survey company logo

For the next 24 minutes and 56 seconds I answered 64 questions mostly all about where I shopped, how often, who had he best stuff, who gave the best service etc., etc.Some questions that zeroed in on one of the places in particular, rate them from best to worst and worst to best, rate them second, third and fourth best and second, third and fourth worst.

After 64 questions, it became redundant and I quit counting. It seemed to me that they asked each question more than once but simply rephrased it several different ways. 15 to 20 questions and 11 minutes and 25 seconds later, I finished the survey. As soon as it was completed, I landed on this page:

Points awarded after survey

Total entries for 10,000 dollar sweepstakesHooray!! I actually made some points!! So now the idea is to see how long it takes me to make 100 points. (100 points=$10.00.) Add that to the five I already had(for completing the initial survey)I now have 21 points. In addition, I received one entry into the $10,000 cash giveaway conducted every three months.

The next day I received this email From Opinion Outpost:

A stack of money next to yhe words "A useful tip that pays" Politely worded survey rejection


I thought I had already completed my profile!! I even received 5 points. I clicked “Complete Profile” and I was transported to my profile page. The highlighted areas show what I changed:

How to edit profile settings

I chose “Very Frequent” and unchecked the box. I do not wish to receive newsletters, only survey offers. I was not awarded the promised 5 points. However, At the top of the page is the offer to take another survey. No point offer, no time specification

Between 7:30 pm And 10:05 pm

Engaged in 8 more surveys;

Another chart

During the 2hr 35 min period it took me to complete these 8 surveys, I spent 46.12 min actually working on the surveys(I timed all of these with an online stopwatch) I must admit I was a bit more focused and encountered less interruptions. The surveys where I actually received points were interesting and entertaining. In other words, I didn’t mind participating

.I have accumulated 21 additional points.

My account balance is now 42 points and 6 entries in the $10,000 cash giveaway in January. Briefly recapping, I spent a little over 1 1/2 hrs. to essentially make $4.20. (100 points=$10.00 remember?)

Total points earned and Total sweepstakes entries

I am now able to redeem my points if I want to.(Starts at 30 points) Or I can hang on to them a while longer to see if I can earn 100 points.

So I’m gonna stop right here because now you know everything I know about Opinion Outpost. I would like to take the time and share my overall impression of this OSC and whether or not it is a scam and if there is money to be made.


Their homepage is nice and normal. There is no flash and pizzazz. I like it that way just fine. Whenever I used to go to the Inbox Dollars website I felt like I was at the circus. What with the flashy ads many attractions and a dancing dollar bill named “Billy”. This website is nothin’ but straight-up surveying.

Payment System

Opinion Outpost utilizes  a point reward system to render payment to it’s participants. I mentioned “100 points=$10.00” many times in the preceding paragraphs. I was actually pretty amazed at this point to dollar ratio. 100 points is actually a goal within reach, compared to 1,000 points=$10.00.

There isn’t much in the way of rewards choices, but it has the only thing I am interested in and that’s PayPal. I am in it for the cash money I can make not the prizes offered.

Redeem survey points for cash w/PayPalPoint redemtion prizes

At the rate I’m going I might just be able to make $50 bucks this month. I’ll take it. I might even consider staying on with this survey company. Whaaatttttt??!!! Did that come out of MY mouth??!!!

I would just like to interject at this point to mention that nobody is more amazed at my actions than me. If I am anything, I am an online survey basher. I  like to find survey companies to chew up and spit out on a regular basis. They have caused me nothing but agony. Yet here I am telling you that this one isn’t so bad and you might be able to make a little money. You never know huh?

Not For Everyone

Online surveying in any shape or form, is not suitable for generating a full-time income. It is only designed to supplement what you already earn.

You must fit the demographic. Every single person has a demographic that is individual to them. Like a fingerprint. You might not qualify to take any surveys. In which case drop it like a hot rock and move on.

I Work from Home Anyway

I could easily fit this little bit of surveying into my life because it doesn’t require a large amount of my time or concentration.(Although some surveys can be thought provoking at times) In fact during the time I spent engaging in surveys, I’ve broken off in between to do tasks like: feed the household crew(2 cats, 3 dogs, mom, my brother, me) then playing video games and working on my website. In particular, this article you’ve been reading.

A picture of my computer desk where I work

I work from home already as an affiliate marketer, so adding a bit of surveying isn’t really going to cramp my style too much. I am at the computer and online all the time. Whatever money I make from OO will be added to what I already earn.

As an affiliate marketer, I make hundreds of dollars online not merely fifty. Don’t get me wrong, the $50 is nice. It all adds up. But the affiliate marketing  income is what helps to pay the bills around here.

In fact I discovered affiliate marketing right after I crashed and burned from my online survey fiasco. I haven’t looked back since except to revisit the survey scenario. It has and continues to be one of the most awesome discoveries I’ve ever made.

I Needed To Learn

Banner:Stop struggling to make money online and get trainedI wasn’t born knowing how. No . I had to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I learned this at a place called Wealthy Affiliate. Best in the biz  I work from home with a very low overhead, I choose my own hours, I wear what I want and I sleep late if I want to.

Most people who are looking into the idea of earning money online stumble across surveys as a way to make money for free. And  it sounds goooooodddddd the way they tell it. The fact remains that in all likelihood riches will not be yours if you devote yourself to this endeavor.

You are better off learning to become an affiliate marketer. At Wealthy Affiliate. Please accept my personal invitation to join WA with a free starter membership.(No credit card required to join)

A 7-day free trial designed to help you learn more about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. It won’t cost you anything but time and then if you like it you can join premium for a special introductory offer of only $19.

After your first month, it is $47 per month. No contracts and you can cancel at any time. So you join free pay for the first month, you don’t like it and cancel? You’re only loss is $8. And you have learned something along the way..

So What Are You Waiting For??!!

2 thoughts on “Is Opinion Outpost A Scam? An Objective Review

  1. Juan

    It must feel great to be able to work from home and it will be my goal to accomplish that one day. I do like how you explained how online surveying is not suitable for generating a full-time income, since that can save people a lot of time. What has been your experience with Wealthy Affiliate like so far?

    1. Polly Post author

      My experience has been fascinating, thanks for asking. I have learned many, many things about scams, ranking an article, proper keyword usage, and I have also improved my writing skills tremendously. Oh yeah, I make money also.(GRIN). Joining WA was the best career decision I ever made. Seriously.


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