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By | 09/16/2015

Dangers Of Email Spam

nospamI have had up close and personal experience with the horrible damage that occurs when you have an email address acting like the poster child for everything that could possibly F### up gets F##### up. I’m serious, my email account was shot down in flames because of email spam. Irrevocably destroyed beyond repair. In a perfect world, we would stop getting spam emails. However we do not live in a perfect world, so we do what we must.

In reality, the spam itself was not the perpetrator of my email’s unfortunate destruction. The real fault for the catastrophe it had become was me. I had no one to blame except myself. Why? I’ll tell you why. I made the mistake of opening these vile creatures in the first place and to make matters worse, clicking on links that were displayed within spam emails and because I gave out my email address indiscriminately.

The mistakes I made were not caused by stupidity on my part, rather a naivete I had email spam altogether. So I an going to share what I have learned about protecting my email from spam invasions with the hope that my message will reach you and help YOU put an end to relentless email spam.

pandoras boxA hard-earned lesson brought about because I was searching online trying to figure out how to generate an online income to be able to work from the comfort of my home.  As a result of my desire and subsequent quest, I unknowingly opened a Pandora’s Box of email spam for a ride I will not soon forget.

Excerpt From Wikipedia RE: Pandora’s Box

Today the phrase “to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences.

Get Your Own Website And Learn How To Work On The InternetIt is still out there, in whatever cyberspace it currently exists in doing who knows whatever, to other email addresses. I have a friend who won’t give me her email address because the monster I created  ruined her email account. So she created a different account.

Ultimately, I am pretty sure some sort of virus was unleashed upon my email leaving doom and destruction in the wake of the infection. I learned my lesson the hard way. The total experience with  my previous email address left a seriously bad taste in my mouth. I am fortunate that my lack of education in the matter did not cause the destruction of my entire online set up.

It wasn’t until almost a year later, I decided I could no longer continue living without an email account. I got up off my a$$ and registered an account with a different provider and took steps to ensure I wouldn’t have to go through this nightmare ever again. Ever.

Onset Of The Mayhem

The mayhem ensued by something so innocuous as clicking on a link in an email. As I stated earlier, the actual physical email ( so to speak ) will not cause any harm to your email or computer. It is when you click on a link inside one of the unsolicited emails, that problems begin to arise.

The reason I did this is because I was trying to learn how to work on the internet I had signed up with a website called Survey Money Machines and received an email every few days advising me on how to make money with online surveys. I was encouraged to join every survey company I encountered and specifically the ones recommended in the emails I received.

openemailNot only was I to join, but I was also encouraged to open every email because if I didn’t the offers to participate in surveys would dwindle, thereby diminishing my chances at generating any kind of income. If I only knew. I was unaware that some of these companies were selling my information to other companies.

In addition, I was inundated with offers for financing a home, a car, a boat, male virility products(I am a female) doctors, insurance companies etc. They were taking the information from questions asked on the surveys and using it to send all of these outrageous offers for products and services I did not want and had no use for.

So I merrily clicked away inviting just about every malware and adware in existence into my inbox and apparently my life. By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late and my email virtually imploded upon itself.

So How Do I Stop Getting Spam Emails?

My advice to you…is this: use the filters in your email to protect yourself and your email from unwanted solicitation. Don’t open anything unfamiliar to you. Don’t give out your email address indiscriminately. But the best thing that you can do is to spam these intrusions in your life. Sometimes they come back but if you spam it enough, it will eventually go awayemailprotect.jpg.1.

Most of the time in these unsolicited emails way down at the bottom you will see a link which will invite you to unsubscribe from the “mailing list”. Don’t even click on that! Anytime you click on a link your information goes out there, into the ether in danger of being snagged by some black hatter trying to make a buck. Just spam it to death. It truly is the only defense against email spam.

If by some quirk of fate, you decide to become involved in something like this, do yourself a favor and set up a different email address with a different provider altogether This will ensure your true email is protected and you can contact friends, acquaintances and conduct your business in a safe email environment.

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