How Do I Get A Google Page One Ranking? – I Can Show You How!!

By | 04/01/2015

How Do I Get A Google Page one Ranking?

How Do I Get On Page One Of Google?You are here because you want to know how to rank high on Google for your website posts/pages – am I right? Okay then, I will share some techniques I use which have helped me to learn how to get a Google page one ranking.

Primo Positions

Not just anywhere page one. I’m talking about Positions 1-4 on page one. THE BEST SPOTS. Once you get your article in these primo spots, it’s really hard to shake them loose. Unless your content sucks  Always remember, “Content Is King”!!!!  If you manage to rank that high, it won’t do you a lick of good if your content sucks.

Show Not Tell

I am not actually going to give  you any advice in this article. Instead, I will show you some examples of the pages I have ranked on page one, what position they currently enjoy and how many page one’s I have with each article based on different keyphrases entered in the search browser.The results will be speaking for me. After I have proven to you that I know of what I speak, I will show you  the path I followed to achieve these results. ( I almost feel like I should say something like ” young grasshopper” at the end of this sentence.)


learn with wealthy affiliateI had been contemplating the best way to show you how these particular posts are ranked and I came up with several ideas designed to provide you with a visual representation. In one of my thoughts, I visualized displaying screenshots of the landing pages, but I would’ve needed to do that for each of the   KW’s represented.

Not to mention the fact that it would be necessary to repeat the entire procedure several times for each of the posts I intend to present to you. Too much work. Too much space. Instead, I have put together a presentation I think captures all the necessary info and then some.

The first example I would like to show you is a little number I like to call:

Excel Cash Flow Scam   –  Date Published – 2/11/2015


The images posted below, show the results of my Google ranking for each particular KW. Now If I were you, I would be thinking “Yeah right!! Anybody can make and paste an image like that. Doesn’t prove anything” ( that’s how skeptical this old broad is ) And you would be correct in thinking such a thought..

I anticipated this and each image is embedded with a link to take you to the page in question so you can see for yourself. If that doesn’t do it for you, just type the KW in your search browser or any variation thereof, and see what pops up.







As of June 16, 2016, these articles have been holding steady in the #1 position 

End Update



The publish date for this article was almost two months ago. Twenty-four hours after I posted with the original KW chosen, ( excel cash flow scam ) it landed on page one in position five and moved to position three almost immediately. There it has remained with no fluctuation in position whatsoever. Since the post date, over 3,000 unique visitors  ( traffic ) have visited my website with The Excel Cash Flow article as the entrance point. ( This is a good thing!!! )

Ranking and Traffic

High rankings on page one won’t mean much for your website unless you receive traffic from these rankings. For your furthered education, I have provided a graphic aid to illustrate how much traffic a particular KW or KW phrase can generate.


This image is a legend of sorts to explain how to read the following KW traffic information.

  1. Search term typed into the browser
  2. Average number of searches KW receives per month
  3. Views to your website if you get ranked on page 1 of google
  4. Quoted Search Results – This is the number of competing websites ranked in google with the exact same KW
  5. KW quality indicator – Green is great, yellow is okay, red is no good
  6. A score based on competition and traffic. The closer this score is to 100, the more likely you will obtain a google page one ranking.

With all that said, have a look at this:

How Do I Get on Page One of Google

So the average searches come to a total of 2,393 and the traffic adds to 408.  Looks like I am getting the lion’s share of the average searches and much more than the traffic results. I’ll take this opportunity to enlighten you with a few facts.

The Excel Cash Flow post ranks page  one on  11+ pages in Google. Each with their own levels of traffic flow. Not to mention the fact that it also ranks page one in Yahoo and Bing. Several page ones as a matter of fact. All these rankings combined give me the high traffic flow to my site.

 Next up:

Cami White Financially Healthy – Date Published – 2/20/2015

financially healthy work at home review






This post has brought over 1,300 unique visitors to my site as the entrance point. One point of interest is the numbers below don’t match up. However, the article enjoys this same position on 15+ pages in Google listed under varying search terms.

Also, the same number applies in Yahoo and Bing. If you view it in this manner, that is over 45 different pages where Financially Healthy ranks  page one position one!!! There aren’t many competing articles at all. Meaning all that traffic is mine! Mine I tell you! Mine, mine, mine!! ( Insert maniacal laughter here. )

How Do I Get on Page One of Google


One More For The Road

The Lotto Crusher System  –  Date Published – 3/5/2015

the lotto crusher system scam review


how do i get on page one of google





This little guy is close to my heart. He has had a hard time finding his place on Google. Lotto Crusher is a good little quality article and despite the fact that the other bigger articles are pushing him around, they are finally giving him the respect he deserves.

When I first published him. he landed somewhere low on page two. Even though his ranking was low, he still brought traffic to my site. Fighting his way up from the lower two and onto page one, the traffic stream produced by him has picked up immensely. I expect Lotto to go far like his big sisters, Excel and Financially healthy.

He is still jumping around a little bit trying to fit in, but at least he is doing that jumping around on page one now.

How Do I Get On Page One Of Google?



Since the writing of this article, “Lotto Crusher” has entered the number one spot for all the aforementioned plus like six more.

End of Update


Not the Only Ones

I have several more articles that hold number one spots in the rankings, but I can’t give away all my secrets now can I? I just wanted to show you that I know what I am talking about and you will believe that I can help you.

What’s My Secret?

I actually don’t have a secret. I merely have a process I follow each and every time I conduct KW research. It is a four step process I derived from several sources.

The best part?  Traffic generated is all free organic search engine traffic. ( I personally think that is the best kind )

Method to my Madness


how do i get on page one of googleI use a technique learned at Wealthy Affiliate. The Alphabet Soup Technique.( AST ) It’s very simple really. Pick a topic, any topic you wish to write about. Type it into your search browser, then a space, then the letter a.

A drop-down menu will display, and many expansions on your topic are presented. Continue this with all the letters of the alphabet. I think you’ll be surprised at the large amount of topics you come up with.


After I have garnered all I can from the AST, I take all that information and enter it into the Jaaxy KW research tool. This refines my search and helps me discover relevant KW’s for the article I am preparing to write. For an example of how I do this I am going to use one of the images from the Excel portion of this post.

how do i get on page one of google

Excel cash flow scam was the KW I used for the title. At the time of my search all the numbers circled in red presented with different numbers. The three search terms below, did not exist.  The numbers that were presented were 543  61  0 respectively.That’s actually a pretty good result.


I take all the results and sift through them to determine which are possible primary KW’s and which I will use for LSI KW’s. I choose the primary KW based on two of the numbers in the search results from Jaaxy. The average number of searches, ( 50 and up ) and the QSR (less than 300 ) but I generally go for something lower.

In this case, the QSR was 0, which means there were no competing websites using that exact same KW.( Excellent Choice.) Once I have chosen the primary KW, it is time to write the article.


I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a KW that makes sense. For instance: I used “How do I get on page one of Google” for this article. Which in my opinion, sounds fairly good as a title.  Good number for average searches and a low QSR  good. Plus the SEO number is 92. Also good.

how do i get on page one of google

Whereas “google page one ranking” is not a good choice for the primary KW, even though the Jaaxy results are much better. It just doesn’t make any sense. However, with a little creativity it can be used as a LSI KW. Which I have. See if you can spot where it is in this article.


 Next, all that Google requires is for you to use the KW in the title and then use it in the first paragraph of your article. Just write naturally around it. Anything more than that and you run the risk of stuffing the keywords and Google doesn’t like that.

There you have it!!

how do get on page one of googleA basic rundown about how I get on page one of Google. The most important tool I use is the Jaaxy KW tool. It is very efficient and saves me a ton of time. I know this will be a very big help to you also. So I would like to encourage you to sign up for 30 free searches, ( No credit card required ) that way you can see for yourself how cool it is. As a matter of fact, all the images showing site rank and KW search results are screenshots from Jaaxy.

Hopefully, this has been beneficial to you. If you have ideas, I would like to know “How do you get on the first page of Google?”

Drop me a line.

8 thoughts on “How Do I Get A Google Page One Ranking? – I Can Show You How!!

  1. Brennan

    Great tips on using Jaaxy! Thanks so much! It’s impressive you’re ranking for so many keywords! Keep it up and I wish you the best

    Found your website from searching through google fyi haha nice 😀

    1. Polly Post author

      Thank you and you’re welcome. Jaaxy is THE keyword tool to use. Less expensive than any keyword tool I’ve seen. Gives pertinent info and doesn’t waste time on unnecessary graphs and such. With the help of Jaaxy, I have ranked well on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      1. James

        Polly I would like more information about your system, an how to get started haven’t had time to read much about this wealth affiliate stuff however if you could send me more info and a email address I can write to it some web page that would be great I want to learn as much as I can on how to make money online please feel free to contact me at the following address delta4460 James W. Thank you.

      2. Polly Post author

        Hey James,

        For more information about the Jaaxy keyword research platform go to

        If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, go to

        Or please feel free to contact me with skype or call +1-210-209-8350

  2. Merlin

    I’m still not understanding how this generates revenue. My only interest is how can I go online and list different consumer products and make money off of them. As I came about your site by stating Fianancial Healthy was a scam but there are individuals that make tons of money similar to what they are promoting. Not sure about as much as they say they are making per day or per hour because people I know that work from home are not interested in sharing the income they are making. But they are obviously doing pretty well because that’s the only income they have and doing well. My interest is only how do I get into the only consumer listing without all the technical difficulties. Listing a consumer product and getting percentage off sales is my interest.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Merlin,
      Sorry it took me so long to answer, things have been quite busy on the home front. People do make money with something similar, it is called affiliate marketing. Many people earn their living online doing this, including myself. When you make your living online, it is important to make sure everybody knows about your website. That is why it is crucial to try and rank your posts on page one. Not many individuals will go past the first page of Google when conducting research and if they do, it is usually only the first three pages.

      As for how much money there is to be made, well, that is entirely up to you and how hard you are willing to work for it. I have worked hard to get to the point where I am now able to supplement my mother’s retirement income so we are able to live more comfortably.

      This is a line of work available to any one who has a website. I tried to get into this field using a program similar to the Cami White products. What I learned was, none of these companies will take you seriously unless you have a website. Trust me I tried.

      If you are truly interested, I recommend the free trial membership at Wealthy Affiliate. (No credit card required.) They will get you started with two free websites and free hosting, plus 10 lessons in the Online entrepreneur certification course. If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer this is the place to learn how to do it. Then I think you will understand why it is so important to be on page one of Google.


  3. Angel

    Dear Polly,

    I can’t thank you enough for this Article. I have been trying to understand how to get around this subject for ages. Its great to meet you, and even more surprising is you are also a WA Member like myself. 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your online success.


    P.S.- I will come here often as this is such an inspirational resource website I can refer to.

    1. Polly Post author

      Well hello there Angel. Always awesome to meet a fellow member!! I am happy to have provided information for you. I am pbar47 in the network. If you need more help with keywords and such, I would be more than happy to lend a hand. Look me up.


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