WordPress Review – Express, the Best Website Builder For Beginners

By | 03/02/2015

wordpress review
Today I want to talk to you about WordPress. Specifically the WordPress Express website builder,  and what it has to offer. First a little bit about WordPress. They are the most widely used website platform IN. THE. WORLD. Did you know over %30 of all websites are WordPress websites?  Considering how many websites are in operation globally, this translates into millions of websites. MILLIONS. Now, I am going to tell, and show you exactly why  WordPress Express is THE BEST website builder for beginners, and why you should use WordPress Express to create a website.

Review of Reviews

wordpress reviewWhen I decided to write this article. I did some research. ( as usual ) Many reviews of WordPress exist in the form of comparisons. You know like, WordPress vs. whatever they are trying to sell you. I read quite a few of these articles, and I also visited the actual WordPress website in order to present accurate information for your perusal and your personal amusement.

On with the laughs. The irony of these website builder reviews ( where they try and basically fail to bash WordPress.) is they are using WordPress websites themselves. They chant about how these “drop and drag” builders are perfect for the beginner, easy to use, right there in front of you, cheaper than having a professional design it. and other assorted “benefits” that make them much better than WP. Actually none of those claims are true.

Typical Toolbar For a Drop and Drag


Have you actually had an experience with one of these? I’m thinking that I am probably the only idiot in the world who thinks these drag and drops are just a load of hooey. I can’t figure out how to get any of them to perform the way they say it will. Even after I watch the how-to video. ( If they even have one ) EVER. I haven’t tried only one of them to come to this conclusion, I have tried every single one I have come across. Not only when I was starting out with trying to build my own website, but as a matter of course, to see if just one of them presented actual ease of use. I don’t know what I’m missing. But I’m pretty sure I’m not missing much.

The Horse’s Mouth 

The best place to obtain the most accurate info about  WordPress is WordPress itself. They are truly amazing. One of the points the reviewers like to try to make is the absence of any kind of help in learning how to operate the best website builder for beginnersyour website. Again, not true.

WordPress has an extensive information program that takes you through the process and getting you started. Choosing the theme, configuring said theme, publishing, mobile application, responsive themes ( themes that appear the same on a mobile phone as they do on the net ), adding photos and video, and much more. So don’t pay attention to those other bloggers who try to downplay that area of WordPress.

WordPress has a wide selection of themed templates as well as templates with no theme at all. I like the non-theme templates because the user has the option to exercise more creative input in the appearance and feel of their website. Even the themed templates enable you to change and upload your own distinctive header. Some are offered for free and some you have to pay for. You find that type of option anywhere you go  right?

The truth of the matter is they really have to reach to find downsides in having a WordPress theme for your website. They are perfect for, but not limited to the blogging platform. They have three different plans to choose from, just depends on what you want. WP has an impressive stock of plug-ins (extras to extend the functionality of your website) some free some not free. WP themes can be e-commerce sites with just one plug-in. (Another element they say WP themes are unable to do.)

 WordPress Express Website Builder

Now that I have discussed the reasons why, in my opinion, WP themes are better than any drop and drag website builder theme, I would like to discuss the WordPress Express website builder.(WEWB) There is a site called WordPressExpress.net which in the time I started this article until now seems to have disappeared, ?????? I don’t know why. So never mind I guess.

Utilizing the WEWB is a four-step process which takes between 30 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes to  build your website for you. This marvel of internet engineering is available in only one place. That place is Wealthy Affiliate. ( More about Wealthy Affiliate )  Let me take a minute here to explain a little bit about this to you, but first check out this video ( which I made myself thank you very much ) that will demonstrate the ease of the actual process

Obviously this video needs to be updated and I’ll get around to it, Meanwhile…

There’s More !!

  Your free website can be anything you wish it to be. If you want to be an affiliate marketer, you can do that.( What is affiliate marketing? ) If you wish to become an online merchant and sell your own products/services you can do that. If you just want to have fun with it and treat your website as a hobby, you can do that too. You can do anything you want to because it will be all yours to do what you wish.

Don’t forget that you get not one but two free websites, free hosting and free domain names, plus ten free lessons that will show you how to build your website from the ground up. Unlike those other places where they say it is free but they won’t let you experience your “free trial” unless you enter your payment info first. ( How is that free? Or risk-free for that matter?) I want to encourage you to try it. Right here, right now.

My name is Polly and if you have any and I mean any questions or you know where you can find another website builder like this one , meet me in the comment section below and spill it to me okay?

4 thoughts on “WordPress Review – Express, the Best Website Builder For Beginners

  1. Carla Jelder

    Hi Polly,

    I watched your video about building a website using Word Press. Question: how does the shopping cart fit in this picture? Do you have to use a specific Cart or can you choose any? Does any Cart integrate with the website? I’m confused on this issue.


    1. Polly Post author

      Ah yes…the shopping cart. I only briefly mentioned that particular aspect because Some people actually have their own products to sell or are making their website as an extension of their physical business

      Practically every company in business in this technological information age has an online presence in order to generate more profits.

      What many people are unaware of is this; The shopping cart is not the actual issue.

      Unless you plan to actually collect money from visitors to your website, shopping carts are nothing you need to be concerned about.

      But I will discuss it briefly to help with your confusion.

      Shopping carts are merely a virtual area available to stockpile your “goods” whilst continuing to shop. Like going to a grocery store. First you pile your stuff into a basket. then once you have acquired everything on your list, you make your way to the checkout counter where you exchange money for your goods. With me so far?

      In the virtual world, a shopping cart is simply an icon with the specific function of “storing” your “goods” in one place until you are ready to go to the “checkout” area.

      Before installing a “cart” it is prudent to read the information provided in order to determine if it is compatible with your WordPress Theme. So in essence no, you can’t choose just any cart. Compatibility is a factor which needs to be considered first.

      Also, just so we cover all the bases, a shopping cart is irrelevant and useless unless you have an encrypted, secure checkout page where actual payment for the stuff in the cart occurs. I never buy from a website that doesn’t have a secure payment page.

      Also, shopping carts are a moot point if one is an affiliate marketer. Unlike a merchant, affiliate marketers do not advertise or sell products/services of their own. Instead we advertise/refer/recommend the products/services of others and so have no need for the shopping cart or secure encrypted payment page.

      The visitor is directed to the website where sales and consequently payment is rendered. In return, the affiliate marketer earns a percentage of the sale(if there is one)as payment from the merchant whose products/services are recommended.

      I only mentioned it because the websites recommending the ridiculous(in my opinion)drag and drop type website builders, use the supposed inability of WordPress to provide the necessary tools required to sell online. Claiming WP is good for blogging only and difficult to set up and wield effectively in the online world. Not true by the way.

      So…hopefully…I have cleared up your confusion. If not please feel free to contact me for clarification.

  2. Private

    Just let you know I done what lott crusher told me won a lot of money not go I ng tell you how much but it really works

    1. Polly Post author

      Cool. I am happy to hear you were able to capitalize on the lotto crusher. That makes you the second person I have heard from who actually made money from this. I suppose you two are the exception to the rule. What you oughta do is call good ole Everett, the lotto crusher pusher, and let him know. That way he can put you in a video to advertise his product and maybe make an honest man out of him. I am sure everybody is tired of seeing the same video over and over.

      You don’t have to tell us how much you made, I won’t even bother to ask. It is impolite to ask someone how much money they make and rude to brag about how much you make. It is enough to know your life is a little better and some good came out of this crap. I wish you well.

      Unfortunately, the odds are slim to none that everybody who buys that digital pile of poo will have the happy ending you did. Unless I miss my guess, and I know I didn’t, there is some sort of disclaimer at the bottom, to make sure they aren’t sued.


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