What is the definition of SEO?

By | 02/02/2015

What Is The Definition Of  SEO?

SEO –  Search Engine Optimization Strategies, techniques and tactics, employed by webmasters and seo experts to improve and determine the visibility of a website in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

The ultimate goal is to manipulate the articles we write in such a way as to cause our websites to end up on the first page of Google that is displayed as the result of an organic search. Thus giving a good guarantee of high traffic as compared to the amount of searches conducted with any given search term entered in a user’s browser.

One important fact to remember is Google does not rank a website in its entirety. Rather each page is ranked individually. Proper keyword research and quality content is imperative for each and every article written. Google is more interested in the quality of the writing, not the number of keywords stuffed into a sentence , phrase or paragraph.

 So here’s what you do in order to obtain the best possible rankings for the articles you write. First off, do your keyword research. Do it well. For help in keyword research I recommend the use of www.Jaaxy.com Once you have obtained your keyword, use it in your title, Then use it in a sentence in the first paragraph and write naturally around it. Make sure you have good quality content. No copying. It needs to be fresh, original and helpful to the reader..

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