Want to learn how to make fast money online?

Want To Learn How To Make Fast Money Online?

money treeI just bet you do. So do I.  The appeal of the “fast money” scheme is not so easy to pass up in this day and age especially with the internet at our disposal. If you are like most people, the idea of financial security is very much an appealing subject. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make fast money online, if it were at all possible. I myself fell into this way of thinking. Most people just want to support their families comfortably. Me? I merely desire to provide comfort for my mother as she gets on in years. Her retirement pay is practically nothing considering all the years that she worked. I actually spent money trying to make this happen.  Fortunately, I was able to spot the lies of other schemes similar, and I did not waste any money to keep trying to make it happen.


The Attraction Of Online Profitcomputer money

I was drawn to the money online aspect for several reasons;

  • From the articles I read online, I was convinced it would be effortless and instantaneous. Trust me this is not the case.
  • Managing a sustainable profit without having to work for someone else.
  • Being able to do this whenever I desired i.e in the middle of the night, one or two hours at a time, smoke and drink coffee while “working”, no dress code , being able to stay home with my mother and the choice of whether I want to work or not on any given day

I learned quickly (thank God!) most of the ways to make money online were deceptive to lure me in and actually designed to take what money I had away from me. I also learned that instantly making money with no effort and no investment capital was the exception rather than the rule.

 The “Ways” Of Making Money Fast

In my quest to learn how to make money quickly, these are just a few of the “ways” I came across suggested by “experts” Please don’t be fooled

  • Gamblingpoker chips I find this suggestion extremely ludicrous considering how addictive this sort of “job” can be. Not to mention the detrimental effect that is bestowed upon friends and family of the addicted gambler. In my humble opinion, not a good idea.


  • computer survey Online surveys- I actually went down this erroneous path once before. I don’t care what they tell you it is not a suitable way to supplement your income. Most of the time, they don’t even offer cash, although they advertise that they do. Normally prizes for “credits” is what the offer truly is. They do offer cash at PayPal, however, you still need to have credits to do this. Like 2500 for $25. Considering how much time is spent acquiring these credits, you could do better devoting your time to something more efficient.
  • Sell body parts- I kid you not. Companies will buy sperm, blood and blood products, hair, and breast milk, just to name a few. Seriously? There are only so many body parts one is able sell, much less over and over again for a sustainable income.
  • loan signBorrowing money- Puh-lease! This particular trick can be accomplished offline as well. These places are merely over glorified pawn shops and payday loan agencies. Besides that is not making money that is money which you are required to pay back. Probably with interest. Not the definition of making money.
  • Miscellaneous schemes- for reviews on a few “systems to make money fast” click here and here and here

 Is There Truly A Way To Generate A Sustainable Income Online?

Yes there is, you just need to learn the skills.  However since I have popped the “money fast bubble” let me introduce you to the solution I have discovered and I actually make money doing it. Affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? So glad you asked click here for an explanation and just know that anybody is capable of this. Affiliate marketing can be accomplished;

My office buddy fang

My office buddy fang

  • Working from home
  • In your jammies
  • With your pets nearby
  • In the nude
  • Whilst drinking coffee (or whatever )
  • With your mama in the next room
  • Whilst smoking a cigarette (or whatever)

The list goes on……………..

To me these reasons were enough to find out whatever information I could.

learningThis Is What I Did…..

I got myself with someone who knew what they were talking about and learned as much as I could (still learning). Wealthy Affiliate. The best thing was that it cost nothing to start, I didn’t need a credit card, and I could go at my own pace. Here at this website I discovered;

  • a wealth of information
  •  A close knit community full of encouragement
  • Two free websites complete with hosting
  • 24/7 interactive chat room for help.

To get in on this click the link to Wealthy affiliate to learn more about this inter active website or start by building your first free website here and be on your way to financial freedom!

Please feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question belowe.

5 thoughts on “Want to learn how to make fast money online?

  1. Heather

    Seen the lotto crusher system & got really excited about using your system and watched the video about trying the system others used to win the lotto multiple times. I stuggle everyday and believe this could help me free from that struggle especially being a single mom. YET what gets me is you charge $200 for the download. How can someone whos struggleing even afford that 1 time payment someone like me cant even make that 1 time payment to even begin trying your system. I simple dont have that kind of money extra at any time. Its not right & unfair…

    1. Polly Post author

      You are totally barking up the wrong tree here Heather. It IS NOT MY SYSTEM. So please allow me to take a moment to straighten this out. I advocate AGAINST the Lotto crusher system. You are complaining to the wrong person. Mmmkay?

      If you wish to lodge a complaint contact the proper people. I am Not it.

      $200 for the download eh? I wouldn’t if I were you

  2. J Allan

    Well Polly, I hope you actually Ruth’s comments because I believe this is information that you NEED to have or else you will continue to mislead people (unintentionally I’m sure) about the ‘catastrophic world’ of online surveys. While admittedly there are FAR MORE scams than REAL survey opportunities THAT ACTUALLY PAY…..IN CASH IF YOU CHOOSE…..out there THEY DO EXIST! I know this to be a fact because I’ve been working with these few companies for a few years now and I’ve never once (knock wood) been taken by any of the three. While the pay is ‘okay’, one will most likely never become financially independent doing online surveys. With this, I agree 100% wholeheartedly. However I have been paid NUMEROUS TIMES approximately $2 – $5 for surveys that took mere minutes (usually under 5 (although their “time estimates” generally say between 20 – 30). That’s an average of about $3.50 per survey. Some surveys are much shorter and pay much less but with the companies I’ve been with (listed at the bottom here) this appears to be the AVERAGE!! I too have been looking online for work from home virtually since the inception of home computers only to find myself able to corroborate MOST (definitely not all) of what your article says (NOT THE ARTICLE ON THE PAGE ABOVE…..I’ve been chasing links trying to find a means of contacting you and was unable to return to the proper page <it's the one where you are reviewing Jason White the "King of Surveys" as he has endowed himself) but I digress. Coming out and emphatically stating that ALL online survey companies are scams is, at best, irresponsible and blatantly FALSE, and, at worst it could potentially land you in some legal 'hot water' and besides that really isn't fair to the companies out there that ARE legitimate. These legit companies struggle with the stigma that has been created by all of the innumerable LOSERS that perpetrate these stories and shenanigans daily just to keep their own legit businesses from floundering and/or outright FAILING! So please let's not give them anymore of a headache than they already have. That's only common courtesy. That being said, and with no further adieu, the following is a list of 3 (short list I know but these guys deserve credit for being on the up and up…..and this is BY NO MEANS an 'exhaustive' list. I'm sure there are more, I've just never found them.

    (1) American Consumer Opinion Surveys (ACOP) – ALWAYS PAYS ….. ALWAYS BY CHECK OR PAYPAL
    (2) Product Report Card – CHOICE e.g. Amazon or other gift cards or PAYPAL
    (3) InnoPoll – AWAYS PAYS either by check, PayPal or choice of gift cards OR they will allow you to donate your
    earning to a large number of charitable organizations.
    (4) LEAF Surveys is yet another that ALWAYS PAYS and ALWAYS BY CHECK

    It is my sincere hope that you will consider revisiting the blog on your web page and updating the INCORRECT data with some updated, current and FACTUAL information. With Donald Trump in the White House we CERTAINLY have our share of inconsistencies, 'fake news' and "ALTERNATIVE FACTS", we need to Neuro that we hold ourselves to a HIGHER STANDARD!!!

    Ps. I too am a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member. Glad to see it's working out for you.

    1. Polly Post author

      Click on the banner on the top right of the page and the rest is self explanatory. Just fill out the form with your name and an email address and away you go.


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