The Lotto Crusher System Scam Review – I Don’t need To Pay To Know It’s A Scam

By | 03/05/2015

The Lotto Crusher System Scam Review

the lotto crusher system scam reviewTrolling through my email this morning, as usual, and I found two emails. They had different addresses and were worded a little differently, but they were exactly the same.  I went online ( I am always online ) to find out a little bit about this system.

With some cursory research, I discovered a little nugget of info I’d like to share. This program is being offered by two people, who profess to know the “secret” of how to win at the lotto. Their names are Winston Everett and Everett Thompson. Look at this:

the lotto crusher system review

 the lotto crusher system scam review


The link in my email sent me to a video. A very long and boring video which lasted approximately 33 minutes. ( The lengths I go to in the name of research ) This is a very good sign that what they are about to offer you is some type of scam

the lotto crusher system scam review He starts off by telling the story of how he was held at gunpoint by the store owner where he had won the lottery five times. the guy is convinced he was cheating in some way. However in the nick of time some people enter the store and he puts the gun away. Winston/Everett takes that opportunity to run for his life and he makes his way home.

The story of his life follows. A couple of kids, ( who he never sees ) a wife who works two part-time jobs ( doesn’t see her much either ) not poor, but struggling to make ends meet, ( My heart bleeds ) just like everybody else in America. He was tired of telling his kids they couldn’t have a certain box of cereal that cost $4.50 or a toy that cost $9.00 because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to pay the electric bill.

He’s watching television one night, and the lottery numbers are drawn. This sets him off on a six-month journey to figure out the “perfect formula ” that will pick the winning lottery numbers. He notices there are a few people who have won jackpots more than once, and with a little research, finds their phone numbers and calls them up.the lotto crusher system scam review

 Mr. Everett/Thompson charms them and they spill their “secret formula”. He studies these “formulas”, 27 of them, takes the best parts adds a little probability theory and Viola!! After six months, he has the perfect formula. Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention our hero just happens to be a mathematician? Isn’t that  convenient !!???

Now He’s Living The Good Life

So now he has his secret formula and he starts winning. He goes to Disneyland, climbs out from underneath his mountain of debt, buys his dream home, and pays cash for his dream car, while he enjoys the look on the salesman’s face when he says he’ll go ahead and pay cash. <ssiiiigggghhhh>

Now he is going to show off his proteges with fake testimonials. How do I know they are fake? Well, the answer to that  question is actually kind of sad. I am not going to post a bunch of fake testimonials to try and prove this to you. I am going to show you one very powerful testimonial that is completely untrue. It angered and saddened me, all at the same time. Look at this and you will soon understand.

the lotto crusher system scam review

Who  Dennis R. Really is

 Winston/Everett claims this man’s name is Dennis R. from Red lands, California, and that he won  $124,000 Please allow me to show you the truth of the matter. Look at these two photos:

The lotto crusher system scam review

 These two pictures are obviously the same man. The picture on the right is a very badly photo-shopped picture of him. There is quite an extremely sad and horrifying story behind the picture of the man on the left.

His real name is  Urooj Khan of Chicago Illinois. He didn’t win $124,000 dollars in the lottery. He won  $425,000. He was also poisoned with cyanide, the day after he won. The killer has not been apprehended as far as I know.  I feel indignant on his behalf. His likeness has been altered and used in a fake testimonial and he isn’t even here to defend himself.Very poor taste and outright heartless if you ask me.

The video continues with Winston/Everett informing us that we mustn’t be greedy. It is important to give back some of our good fortunes by donating to charity. ( But not until we have paid off our heavy debt and purchased all the things we want first )

He is only going to sell this to 175 people, and there are only 54 left. After that, the website will be taken down because he is afraid he will be investigated. ( That’s what he said  two months ago when I received the first one.  And in every subsequent email thereafter ) Lies, nothing but lies, all of it.

The digital product Is sold through an affiliate marketplace by the name of Click-bank. What is Click-bank?  Click-bank is an online marketplace for digital products. They are not picky about the types of products they host. This disclaimer was at the bottom of the page of the video I watched.

the lotto crusher system scam review

According To The Denver Business Journal:

Click Bank provides the systems for online entrepreneurs to sell their digital goods. More than 100,000 online entrepreneurs, or affiliates, use ClickBank as the online payment system and behind-the-scenes technology. The company charges a small fee, usually $1, and takes a 7 percent commission on sales.

Internet Retailer States;

Nearly three-quarters of all sales by ClickBank sellers, or about 73%, are referred by ClickBank affiliates, who find sellers to represent on and receive up to 75% of the wholesale price that ClickBank pays sellers. Each seller works out with ClickBank the retail price and affiliate commission for each of its products. The minimum retail price is $3 per item.

Basic Background Info

Allow me to help you  translate this information. Visualize, if you will, a very large building. Merchants come to this building ( owned by another person.) and  rent a space to sell their product.  Similar to a Swap Meet. However, there is a difference. They do not actually sell a product themselves. They recruit others to sell their product for them. So in this analogy, there are three entities. Let me break it down for you.

  1. The owner of the building – Clickbank
  2. The seller – Winston Everett or whoever he is
  3. The recruits – affiliate marketers ( what is  affiliate marketing?)

Money Breakdown

The division of the money. Winston or whoever is selling the Lotto Crusher System for the low, low, price of $97, right?  Notwithstanding the fee charged by ClickBank, their cut is 7% of the profits. What profits? Profits from sales made by the affiliates. Normally the affiliate does not receive 75% but let’s be generous and say they receive 50%.

So The affiliate who represents Winston/Everett will be paid 1/2 of $97. which is $48.50. Then Clickbank takes 7% of Winston’s profit. So ClickBank earns $3.39 and Winston gets the rest. A whopping $43.11. that isn’t much for ClickBank unless you multiply that by 100,000, in which case Clickbank, will generate $333,900. Not bad. And you? You get nothing. Unless you become an affiliate. that is where the money is

The Ultimate Question

Why are they selling the Crusher System instead of using it themselves if it’s so very fabulous? Because IT IS A SCAM!!!! That’s why. More money is earned by selling the “product” than by using it. But they aren’t going to tell YOU that. Otherwise, they don’t get rich off of people who will waste their money on it.

Do you really want to make some money? Do you want to help people find products and or services they want or need not some arbitrary product you know nothing about that is more than likely doomed to failure. If that is the case I have something much better than a stupid lottery system that doesn’t even work. Learn the skills you need to earn your own honest money online.  Don’t become another victim. Become an affiliate marketer.

The lotto crusher system scam review

I know the most excellent website where these skills are taught. Wealthy Affiliate. (Read my review !!!) The best feature of this program is the free trial offer. Something the Crusher system doesn’t have or any other piece of slag that comes uninvited to your email. For $0 and no credit card, you will receive two free websites, free hosting , domain names, and a free ten-lesson course that will show you step by step how to build your website foundation and get it up and running. No monetary obligation unless you choose to go premium.

logoSo how about it? Would you like to learn what it takes to work online and be your own master? If you answer is yes, then please do me the honor of accepting my personal invitation to Wealthy Affiliate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I will be right there with you I promise.

 Have you actually won any lotteries with the crusher system? I am always up for a good healthy debate. Tell me your story in the comment section below.

360 thoughts on “The Lotto Crusher System Scam Review – I Don’t need To Pay To Know It’s A Scam

  1. Shameke

    I want my money back 179$ or I’m filing charges this shit not working for me

    1. Polly Post author

      Well then you should probably talk to the people you paid that $179 to. A comment on my website isn’t going to get you anything.

  2. Me

    The #1 way to be sure it’s a scam, is when you can’t skip ahead. They lock you into watching the whole thing.

    1. Polly Post author

      Excellenmt advice. Another one is you can’t go back to something you have already viewed either.

  3. Embarrassed Scamee

    I am ashamed to admit that I fell for this scam, but they did refund my money in a timely manner. The customer service was even friendly and hassle-free. Apparently the bad refunds were due to Clickbank moreso than the actual scammer. I’m guessing they’re giving prompt refunds to avoid being reported to various government agencies.

  4. Polly Post author

    Hey Everyone!! Polly here!! Wow!! I must say…this particular article seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. I am fascinated by the conversations we’ve all participated in here. The coolest part was when I realized ya’ll weren’t even talking to me at all. Instead interacting with one another. like I wasn’t even here.

    I posted this article back in March, 2015. Since then, I have received thousands(literally) of comments, and personal requests for a copy of “The Lotto Crusher System”

    At first I actually had a “Contact me” email form on a page of my website. It got old really quick and I removed that page. Let me tell you why. The only type of emails I received(with a few rare exceptions)were requests for a copy of the “system”. If you scroll through the comments, you will see a large number of comments I published with the same request. I assure you, it is but a fraction of what I really received and that is all I’m going to say about that except: “SERIOUSLY PEOPLE??!!!?”

    This page has generated over 400 comments, and I feel that we have explored this issue pretty thoroughly The time has come to close The Lotto Crusher to anymore comments.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYBODY who contributed with their knowledge, experiences, questions, criticisms, insights, opinions, thoughts, profanity, insults, needs, wants, desires, true colors, accusations, threats, praises, thanks.

    I even started receiving some really creepy spam comments about a witch doctor, voodoo doctor, spell caster etc. who helped them win the lottery.(With links of course)Those never saw the light of day.

    I think by far the weirdest comment was about some full body hair problem and how they got rid of it. (brbbrrrbbr)

    All in All, I have had enough of this particular article. So…

    1. Lisa

      I just wanted to thank you also. I sat through the whole Everette video and was like, wow can this be real ? Thank goodness I googled and found your site. It saved me wasting money I can afford to waste. Thank you. Working mother in Florida

  5. Magda Vazquez

    I google the name of that man Everett and couldn’t find where or whe he has alledgedly won anything. In any ways I did so a serious documentary and they tried to interview a lady that has won for real 6 times. She refused to be interviewed. In my opinion if you play thousands of dollars you might have a better chance of winning, the rest is pure luck.

  6. JS

    I want to add – thank you Polly, for trying to help stop this evil lottery scheme.

  7. Steve Grimm

    In the early days of the lottery, there was a statistical method for crunching numbers drawn to see what numbers had a higher probability of being drawn. This was because the lottery used one machine and one set of balls. This increase probability of certain numbers was because, in spite of all the careful construction of the balls, a few would have “irregularities” and be pushed through the chute.. However, today, lotteries typically have 4 machines and 4 sets of balls. They randomly choose a machine and the set of balls. So you never know what machine or set of balls will be used.

    I had acquired a free number cruncher (in those olden days) ran it on my computer with a 286 processor and 1 MB hard drive (yes, that how long ago it was) and it did show certain numbers with a higher percentage. This is not true today with multiple machines and multiple sets of balls.

    At one time my state lottery published the percentage of each number being drawn. That percentage was almost exactly the same for each number. So much for number crunching today.

  8. Pram Tailor

    thank you for opening my eyes
    everything you say is true
    I am from New Zealand I almost got hooked into it than I thought it can not be real, lucky I Google it and found your blog, thank you

    1. Polly Post author

      It really is my pleasure. You are very welcome.

      1. John

        Hi Polly,

        I was taught when I was a kid if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not true. Unfortunately these people that tried to sell the lotto crusher system and probably other people that try to sell similar products know how to play innocent people based on they know that a lot of people struggle with financial situations. I think it’s pretty rotten that these people do this and get rich off of these people and I’m glad you exposed this phoney for who he truly is!!!!!

      2. Polly Post author

        Thanks John. I appreciate your appreciation.

  9. Kathy

    Wow theres alot of comments. Thanks for opening my eyes this scam. I try sometimes to believe but that saying if its too good to be true it usually is. I lost my home last feb and still homeless. Im disabled by a stroke and dont have doctor. My husband a truckdriver and we live in his truck thats why i interested. I so want a home. But thank you very much Polly. I didnt want waste any money i did get.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Kathy,
      it truly does my heart good to know that I was able to help in some small way. It is people like you that do my heart good when they tell me they didn’t fall for it. it is truly better to keep what you have than to give it away and receive nothing in return.

      I only wrote this article, you were smart enough to conduct research before committing any finances. You would be surprised at the number of individuals who do their research after the fact and now have to invest time and energy to recover their losses. I am glad that didn’t happen to you.

      1. Knotohn Urlyff

        Yes you shed light and opened the eyes on the scams so many fall prey to. But now your trying to offer websites just exactly like the ones hosting and selling the worthless lotto crusher and other get rich schemes that make no one rich but the ones hosting and marketing all the worthless crap. But im glad it did ur heart good., Now im curious as to how it does ur heart to sell the hosting sites to sale more worthless crap that takes the money from others., Your a worthless piece of garbage!! Now GFU

      2. Polly Post author

        Whatever dude. Trust me, you aren’t telling me anything I haven’t heard before. But I stand behind Wealthy Affiliate and the education provided there.

        So we all know the bottom line here is money and the making of it. The real question is…just what you are willing to do to get it? Are you going to jump on the internet band wagon and try to swindle everyone with a false product or are you going to put in a little time and effort to try and help by exposing the fakes and offering good honest people a viable alternative?

        I’m not getting rich here, but I am making enough to improve my and my mother’s standard of living. I sleep very well at night, thanks for asking.

      3. Heather Briggs

        Hello, Polly! I’ve OnLy read everything up to this point, but I think you’ve handled urself amazingly & I also think that what ur doing by helping to expose these scams iS a Very noble cause!! I’ve truly appreciated And Enjoyed reading ur blog. It flows quite nicely And I love ur personality. You seem quite funny, Definitely witty, and just a Real person who truly wants to HELP!!! I haven’t checked out the website you offered up yet, but I think I’m going too! I Am a stay at home mom who’s nest has recently been completelyyy…chickless? (You knowww they’ll be back! ~(^◇^)/ lol) but I’d Def be interested in helping to expose these “scam artists” too! Thankkk you for all ur hard work, Polly!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

      4. Kenton Mulligan

        Blah, blah, blah. You “exposed” an obvious scam and then tried to sell something. I don’t even care if your product is legit, that is shameless!
        Just like I knew it was a scam, I know this comment will go nowhere.

      5. Emily

        Think about what you’re saying genius! You were being negative about a review and then saying it’s shameless. Do you even know english because it seemed like it at first then you said shameless. LESS means not very much or in this case none. FUL means lots of it; shameFUL. Damn you just got schooled by a 12 year old.

      6. #lottocrusherisascam

        I’m glad that someone is doing something about this. You are doing a wonderful thing Polly and I want to thank you for what you’ve done. Heck, I even fell for it, but luckily I read your article and read the replies in the comment section, and now I know the truth
        Thank you very much Polly. It’s good to know there are still some good folks around.

      7. Polly Post author

        You are welcome. Sorry you fell, hopefully you can get a refund. It is comments like yours that inspire me to continue. To know that I have helped and it has been appreciated. I get a lot of trash talk you know. But it doesn’t bother me, especially when I know I have done what I could to keep someone from being swindled.

    2. robert rachels

      I listened to this idiotic man ramble on about how he couldn’t get of debt,BLAH blah blah and I’ve got a beautiful home and life,BLAH blah blah bit for about 8 minutes until I could not take any more of his Moronic rambling of BLAH BLAH BLAH’S!!!
      LOSER OF THE YEAR 2016?
      “Everett (scam artist) Wilson” if that is even his real name?!

    3. Jackqueline Inner

      Thank you so much. I was actually going to try it. I guess I’m feeling pretty desperate.

    4. cent

      This Is How They are hitting The Lottery by taking money from other people. As soon as I heard that they charged about 200 bucks for this Lotto Crusher I knew it was a scam. if they made all that money from The Lottery Why do they need $200 from each and every one .I can understand not wanting to give their secret away totally free but $200 is a scam within a scam . Do the math people and don’t be dumb .if they won all that kind of money. why in the hell do they need my $200 ?

      1. cent

        The state lottery is scamming us anyway then these guys jumping on the bandwagon scamming us again.

  10. Gerald M.

    As far as Polly deleting the system instead of sharing it for free, to share it would work against what shes trying to do: help others avoid the scam. Someone would attempt it “just to see” and lose a chunk of cash trying to win the lotto. And since the laws of mathematics render it IMPOSSIBLE for a system to exist that works, there is zero reason to disseminate it in any way.

    I do look forward to looking into your suggestions this week Polly. I appreciate what your trying to do here and will certainly check out the links. Folks, nothing is from the goodness of ones heart unless its given freely.

    1. Polly Post author

      Thank you for all of that Gerald. Really.

      1. Tovar

        sir, may u please send me the lotto crusher. Please! ‘m really eagerly to have these software

  11. Gerald M.

    Ok boys and girls, here’s the deal. Let me preface this initially by stating UPFRONT: I am not attesting to the validity of ANY lottery outside of the one I have researched extensively and acquired knowledge on, the California state Lottery (both scratchers and the Superlotto, Mega Millions, etc keno variety. The California State lottery games are legitimate. Without going into paragraphs of detail, I can tell you it is quite fascinating (to me at any rate) everything involved in the production of scratcher games, the operation of the keno type slip games, and the extensive controls placed therein to maintain its integrity. Anyone can easily access the states quarterly and annual lottery financial reports online and see the EXACT breakdown and accounting of all monies generated by the states lotto games. Every last dollar is accounted for and you can see the exact breakdown and distribution of funds, from production to prize total given out on down to the amounts that actually go to schools as well as further breakdowns by school districts/groupings. Its really quite interesting and I encourage anyone with a casual interest in state lotteries to check it out. My personal friends I showed it to found their own assumptions to be WAY off base.

    So, are the California state lottery programs legit? Absolutely. Do they have a very intricate array of multiple checks and balances that insure its integrity? Actually yes, they do. So intricate in fact it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to in any way cheat, angle, or short cut your way instant fortune. IMPOSSIBLE. You have the exact same odds as every other person when playing scratchers. 20 years ago in the earlier days of the lottery there were a number of instances where the system was manipulated, predominately due to weaknesses in the algorithms and early computer programs that ran scratcher production. I’m not exaggerating though, its been AT LEAST 2 decades since that last occurred and in never will again. There is redundant systems both computerized as well as human auditing in place that eliminates any possibility of that ever occurring again. The Ca Lott is as straight up as I gets, period. THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM REMOTELY A WORTHWHILE ENDEAVOR FOR MAKING MONEY. YOU STATISTICALLY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF BEING HIT BY LIGHTNING MULTIPLE TIMES THAN WINNING A TOP PRIZE, scratcher or otherwise. That is an absolutely proven mathematical fact. I dont remember the exact percentage but over 90% of the money the lotto generates is returned as prize money overall. Sounds great right? Most video poker machines in Vegas return 96.5 up to 101 % of the money they bring in however, how many people you know living the good life just playing video poker? Zero? Yep, me too.
    You can increase your chances by learning perfect play tremendously but even with a 101% return machine its not a feasible living. Why? Because its 101% return OVER TIME. EVENTUALLY. Sooner or later someone’s gonna hit a royal flush and win $4000. Doesn’t mean if you play $4, 5, 6 plus thousand in the machine its gonna be you however. There is zero skill or good play advantage with the lottery however and for the 5 one million dollar prizes available in one scratcher game (on top of all the lower prizes) it needs to be able to sell enough non winners to cover all those prizes plus an additional 10% for expenses etc. The sheer number of tickets in a scratcher game run are STAGGERING.
    But even ignoring all of that, how can I absolutely say lotto crusher systems are impossible? Simple. All games of chance/gambling at their core are mathematical constructs. They are immutable. You cannot cheat 2 plus 2 into equallying 5 because…it doesn’t. Period.
    If a video poker machine on average returns 98% of the money played into it, try to imagine the absolutely ABSURD amounts people spend gambling for that 2% of profit to be enough to create and operate the casinos in Vegas so successfully.
    If just 2% of profit is enough to operate the Wynn resort and make Steve Wynn a billionaire, what do you really think your odds are of getting the million dollar winning scratcher ticket? How many non winners at $5 a ticket need to be sold to cover ALL the prize money plus 10% profit? You cannot “cheat” math folks. There would be no gambling if it didnt generate a profit for the house which means the math is simply NOT IN YOUR FAVOR no matter what you do. Its not even complex math either. Its pretty fundamental.
    Even more basic is common sense however. If you did discover a lotto trick to win multiple times, which btw the lottery will IMMEDIATELY be aware you have won more than once cuz…taxes and payouts of that magnitude, what do you think they will do when 52 other people use the same trick? How fast you think they will shut that shit down until they figure out the problem? You’ve figured out how to get rich and are going to extremely cut short your opportunity to do so for $200? Its all just math folks. If I sell the system to 5 people and make a grand, each one who wins big more than once will literally speed up the lotteries awareness and intervention 1000 fold. Theres is no math in existence where selling such a system makes any sense. But hey, some people really believe the earths flat still…..
    Seriously. Look that up to.

  12. John Eric

    Something for nothing equals a scam!
    Hard work, diligence and budgeting is how you save money to do all the things that you want to do.
    Do not waste your hard-earned money on a scam!! Take that 20 or $40 a day and put it in a jar and it will grow faster than any Lottery you play.

    1. Polly Post author

      I couldn’t have said it better myself John!!!

      1. Clark

        The lottery is for people who flunked math class and obviously do not understand odds and probability. save your money

      2. Polly Post author

        Heh. Another interesting observation. Thanks.

      3. Anonymous

        Clark, I aced math. Graduatued high school at 16. By a stroke of luck i’ve won the lottery 3 times. 50k was the most however.
        Just saying, people do win. I wouldnt waste my money weekly on the lottery. To pkay here & there is o.k. in my book.



    Ok after reading every single comment on this page & reading this article u wrote I am going to call bullshit..
    1st off Polly, u are selling a product, regardless if u are “offering a free trial for 7 days”, u are still selling a paid product, we have to pay after the 7 days or opt out so your selling a product so learn what the definition of selling means before u chastised anyone..
    I’ve done WA, complete scam..did the whole referral from an affiliate of WA offering me to get my free trial & I did so I set up my site, picked products to advertise & let it go live, after my 7 days I paid about 50 bucks a month to keep the premium membership cuz I thought I didn’t give it enough time..after a few months & a few hundred dollars later I made a grand total of……..wait for it……. $0.00 ……..I did everything correctly, I chose products that I knew were going to sell like “hotcakes” especially with Xmas coming up (let my site go from Oct to Feb) & still made nothing..several hundred clicks on my page that I saw cuz of the “click counter” I have shared my link to my personal FB page to my family & friends whom have purchased items thru my site, even my own wife bought me Xmas gifts from my site..we did receive those gifts as well as my family & friends, but I still made 0 dollars..called the number that was given to me in my purchase agreement as well as the contact info from the website & received no response after leaving several messages & also having my mail returned with a red stamped return to sender, no such address…
    I have researched WA left & right online & I have even called Consumer Affairs, BBB & the FBI to verify this site..guess wut, I was told it is a scam by all 3 places..think I’ll believe them over u..
    2nd off….u explicitly stated u make no money cuz it’s free & not until people “purchase” the membership & with that u get a commission..correct? Has to be since u posted it right? Well Polly, sure u do get that commission of the membership fee & that’s it..Click bait & WA are the same exact sites, but just different TOS agreements & the “scam pyramid” it has been going on 1 year now & still waiting for my refund from u pieces of shit..
    3rdly…u blast all the people that call u out, but in turn your the deceptive one..I’d love to knock u down to the size of a pea, but I’m afraid u will eat it..please do us all a favor & stop editing comments so we can see what the real story is how all the people claim this is false, I have debunked this whole WA shit myself by paying money & getting nothing in return & u edit comments so we can’t see the whole truth? Hmm mm extremely fishy & major red flag..

    Do some research people don’t fall for this either..don’t believe me? Call the FBI yourself & please by all means call the Department of Consumer Affairs who have cases against these people, but just can’t seem to find their whereabouts just a phone number to an automated answering machine & a bogus address that is someone else’s business building that WA isn’t even a part of…
    Nice try

    1. Polly Post author

      You can call bullshit all you want, just like I do with all these other scams I review. The freedom to have your own opinion is of course your inalienable right as a human being.

      I’ve received comments like yours from people like you before. I’ve been called names, cussed at and accused of much wrongdoing by trying to help people by showing them a way to make money online without resorting to some get rich quick scheme.

      At first I used to take it personally when a comment was all accusations, no proof, and of course, failure. But as time went on and I thought about it, I realized that people like you are just pissed off because you’re expecting some sort of f****** miracle all of a sudden.

      For some reason, the majority of the world population is under the impression that making money online will be quick and effortless. Nothing could be further from the truth. It requires work and determination just like any other “job”.

      You aren’t really willing to do the hard work and stick it out until you become successful. Failure is the direct result of giving up which is pretty much what you did. You didn’t do “everything right” cause if you did, you would still be an affiliate marketer and you would be making money.

      I can tell you a couple of things you did wrong just from what you said in your comment. First of all you gave up. Next, it takes a little while for new sites to be indexed on google and then it is a new one. They won’t trust you until your site has a little time to learn and grow. Kyle makes sure you are aware of this up front. He doesn’t lie and tell you you’ll be making lots of money real soon.

      And just what makes you the expert? Seriously. You were new and learning and you have the arrogance to say you did everything right? You mentioned also that your friends and family ordered off your site. Well you are in for a shock. If you were advertising Amazon products, they won’t pay commissions from what your friends and family order. Somehow they just know. And you make it sound like WA is supposed to pay you. WA only pays you if you are an affiliate of their website.

      Face it you didn’t do everything right and you failed. Now you’re just mad. Get over it.

    2. John Smart

      You do realize that ANY scam that involves any type of monetary payment can and should be reported to the FBI scam link. You can also report scams to the FCC – they will actually remove the scammer’s web site and email addresses and add them to a national list, which is farmed out to virus protection programs, et al. to further prevent future scamming…

    3. Aaron

      I don’t Know about WA however I did affiliate for ClickBank back in 2008 and I made just under $200 in commissions and I received a real check that I successfully cashed at my bank. I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at WA but I can say for a fact that ClickBank is legit. I wish you good fortune!

  14. Dabeah Cooke

    almost fell for it too, haa thank to you guys: I did my research: im glad $40 isn’t in the drain.
    although, is the a system that anyone can recommend? or a Book. something to better off my odds

    1. Popeye price

      Thanks to all of you shit.i thought I was going to be well off cause it was a different catch and the lottery at that so thanks I thought on it as well for several months .and you know what the number never even changed it was counting down two months later it was higher crazy right .

      But hey everyone I’m trying to better my chances as well need some type of niche little to no money I have two daughters to feed

    2. James Weatherford

      System I would recommend . Track the winning numbers for a month or more come up with your on formula / winning numbers and play . It will work as good as anything you could buy. Have fun !

      1. Privat Bill Jackson

        Well my comment was declined so I try again I have used lotto crusher and it works on all lottery number I done really really well my wife quit her job I chose nor to if you remember in video he said not to many people would be able to get it he was afraid lotto system would disolve I believe hand full of people was given this chance and people like Polly telling people who got it that it dont work.

      2. Polly Post author

        I haven’t declined any of your comments. I was just busy with things around the house. Me , my brother and my mom are getting things ready for a yard sale.

        So listen Bill, I would never do something like that. And seriously, what I actually had was a pdf of another program very similar called the lottery crusher. Not Lotto Crusher. And on top of all of that, I didn’t even read it. I should never have mentioned it in a comment I made. I just ended up deleting it.

        I didn’t give it to anyone who requested it, nor did I make it available for the online masses for several reasons, and none of my reasons were the fact I wanted to keep it all to myself. I like to gamble. In fact I like it a little too much. If I let myself, I could really get carried away. But I’ll tell you what I like even better… Making money and keeping it for useful things like you know bills and eating or spending it on my mom in the hopes of giving back to her and making her retirement years a little more enjoyable.

        The video was a load, I can’t believe you seriously fell for it. Tell me, did you win with a scratch off like everybody else in the video?

        I truly am happy for you for your good fortune, but now you are insulting me by insinuating that I have it and I’m just trying to keep it for myself. On the contrary, I am just trying to help keep [people from wasting money on something that only maybe might work for 1 in every ten thousand people. If that. You know there are many individuals out there who are just desperate enough to spend the last bit of money they have only to end with disappointment like the guy who was murdered the day he won.

        So enjoy your win, and again, congratulations. But don’t insult my intelligence.

  15. xel

    To add to what Polly has said, most lottery systems to date utilize a bingo like system to the draws. this is a system almost purely free from human error. statistically speaking the chances of human error is lower the well the chances to win the lottery. unless the system gets rigged then it will always provide even chances to MOST numbers. I emphasize most due to possible wear and tear in addition to creation error.
    until they move to a fully digital system it should be near impossible for a single formula to predict the numbers correctly more then roughly once in every 100 years. you would have better luck playing pick 3 and using your birthday the entire time.

  16. Tommie

    It’s now almost the end of 2016 and this scam is still running. There are quite a few discrepancies in his story and pictures. I decided to send a message letting them know that I was not buying the phony story not his system. And that I would be posting to a scam alert site. But looks like so many others beat me to it.LOL. My only regret was that I didn’t use a fake email address so now I’m probably going to get email after email from them. Great! ?

  17. Diana verbeeck

    I listened to Everett’s schmiel and tried to fast forward to the bottom line ( cost $250 lmao n he generously knocked it down to $197 lol), but couldnt fast fwd ugh! So I listened & read along and just shook my head in disbelief. I was curious but not stupid.
    1-) if you have to ask the price, you cant afford it.
    2-) if the item has no price on or near it, it’s too expensive n less value.
    3-) if you have to be held hostage to a video and listen to a bunch of fictitious testimonials and fictitious facts ( lol), then ITS A SCAM!
    My 3 rules above have come in handy.
    I did some googling as others have, who commented here and you, Polly, were 1 of 3 that said Everett was scamming, though you were more explicit in stating why. Thank you for that ! You erased all doubt I had about lotto crusher being legit. WHEW! Lol
    Knowledge is power ?

    Lotto Crusher?

      1. Turkey


      2. Polly Post author

        Here you exaggerate your importance. To actually you think could hurt my feelings is ridiculous. Your horrible language did not engender the effect I am sure you desired. For someone to hurt my feelings, they must first matter to me. And you matter not at all. You are merely another comment on my website. That is all you are. And to bring an old woman into it? Shame on you.

    1. Jocelyn Howard

      God bless you for showing us the truth..while watching the lengthy video, I was pondering a few questions. Especially regarding the quality, sound and effects. That gentleman that was killed after winning the scratch off was horrifying. It’s sad that there are so many lazy people in this world, who believe stealing and lying are the only ways to get ahead. Be blessed.

    2. Deanna Vazquez

      Thanks for your checklist, Diana. Number 3 is a definite red flag for me. If you’re forced to sit through a REPETITIVE string of bogus claims, interspersed with comments like you will ONLY win $20,000 some months, then you’re given a price but then having it PRICE SLASHED, followed by an URGENCY that you buy it right now, you need to think carefully before parting with your money! As an aside, I also thought it interesting that the Lottery Crusher video instructs you to turn on the sound. After listening for a while and recognizing the familiar format of many other scammy sales pitches, I decided to turn off the sound and read along to see how I felt reading without the reassuring voice-over. It’s amazing how one’s sense of credibility of the message goes down completely when there’s no voice over.

  18. Tom

    The Lotto Crusher works only for the Pick 3 lotto game, nothing else that I tested.
    made over $8,000 net in 3 months. Winnings less playing the Lotto game dollars invested equals $8K.
    A lot of small wins to build to eight grand, but it works. More game wins occurred vs. game losses.
    That’s an average of $2600+ per month. Play only the evening draw.

    1. Polly Post author

      Well now Tom, I do believe you are the only visitor to my site who has actually reported winning something using this system. After all this time. Well I suppose congratulations are in order. So Congrats.

    2. Jenna

      In that case, why not share the details of how it works?

    3. Courtney Brown

      Please help me. I’m a single mother and trying to save our home which we are weeks away from losing. I understand this may be a scam But I’m desperate to keep my family from becoming homeless, please will you email the formula tho me and what to do shoo just maybe i can save us from losing everything. And everyone else, judge me as you may. . but if you’re a parent please try to understand I’m a desperate mother trying to provide for my familyand willing to do anything to do so. Please Tom email me this information i beg. please

      1. RoJoMe

        I hate to dash your hopes, but “Tom” is probably a “plant” trying to refute what Polly is saying (which is ALSO a scam). You would receive more help from a local church. Good luck.

    4. Peaches

      Can we have the details for that and not pay 197 frigging dollars, of I win I’ll help u out! 🙂

  19. Joe Levy

    Hello Polly, i am fascinated by scams and mass manipulation. I was on Amazon shopping for running shoes when somehow this lotto crusher video was right there ready to be played like a cheap guitar. I knew even before clicking on it that there was a 99 per cent chance that it was a scam. My best friend lost 250 dollars to a similar scam and two of my students fell for the famous “Wealthy African Prince” phishing scam. All of this happened even after I told them to please research it before committing and utter act of self deprecating stupidity but they did not listen to me. When I found the lotto crusher video I watched 4 minutes of it and laughed out loud at how monotonous and insidious this video was. An infomercial from hell. The production value is a bit under zero which made me question. If he is so rich now, why would he not pay someone who could actually use a spell checker properly to write the sentences if this scam. The pictures used were scratch off winner pictures so it is insulting to think that the scam scumbag thinks so little of his audience as to use evident flawed red flagged items to mislead and deceive. It is an edictment to the people who fall for this every day. I still researched it to have some online scam alerts to send my gullible friends in case they stumble upon this easy way out scam. That’s how I found your website. I started reading your comments and questions and interactions and it became very entertaining. I read every single comment and reply here hahaha I can’t believe I did this. Of course I am in my day off in bed sipping black tea and having grapes while I enjoy the reading. The reason I kept reading is because you reply to almost every single question or comment. Very articulate and very elegant even when blowing someone to smitherines with your word skills. The denisovan who called you a fat bitch probably read your reply and became extinct again. LOL. You also kept repeating in every possible way that you will not send a free copy of the scam to anyone and provide reasons over and over but people keep asking. Those are the same people who still believe anything even after clearly proving it wrong. I have seen this phenomenon among religious people, and among fanatics of a political party. Being gullible seems to be more common among humans than I thought possible. So I decided to prove my theory that people will believe something even after knowing it is a scam. I offered the lotto crusher to several random people and some friends after explaining it was a scam and giving them reasons why it was a scam and one every third person wanted to try it anyway!!!!! When we want to believe something, somehow we disconnect logic and accountability and walk into the shadows of willful ignorance with the false hope if an improbable reward. Sad! Thank you though for all the help you have given to so many through this medium (I mean this site ya’ll, not the iui ha board “medium”)

  20. JKS

    If he’s a genius mathematician and both parents are working overtime then why can’t they afford name brand cereal? Btw, if this were free, it would be an excellent scam by lottery companies to get people to buy their products.

  21. Merle Gross

    Your Lotto Crucher System manual left out Chapters 6, 8, and 9.
    May I get them emailed to me, please? THANKS, Merle

    1. Polly Post author

      Not my scam. I did not send you whatever it is that you have. Please don’t confuse me with that scam artist.

      1. Jeremy

        Artist implies skill. After watching the video myself, there was little to no skill to be had. I only watched it once and I caught the discrepancy of how many people were using the system (like 124 at one point, and 300 some at another…). If you take into account that I’m not terribly astute, that makes for a less than skilled scammer.

  22. Lisa

    So easy to find the pdf file by Google. Didnt even wast my time reading it nor space on my phone. Deleted it. Gonna atleast look into your program as you have went to great lengths to help people from being scamed 🙂

    1. Polly Post author

      Apparently everybody else is having trouble finding it. I deleted it myself. Nothing but trouble. Thank you for saying that. I really do my best to help. I know how it feels. I don’t want it to happen to anyone else. I’ll contact when you join. Contact me if you need assistance.

      1. Mason

        Hey Polly, I’m interested in joining WA, at least the free trial, but I wanted to know how much time it would take up to learn how to market other people’s products for profit. I also wanted to know how much money this type of thing will make. Thanks 🙂

      2. Kevin

        Pretty easy. I Google Drive “Lotto Crusher pdf”. The third or fourth option was the post purchase page. I hit the download button and I now have it at, for the low low price of $0.00. I’ll check back after I made my Millions 😉

      3. Polly Post author

        Yep. Let me know when you’re a millionaire.

    2. Dierre Johnson

      This is so stupid! I can’t believe I watched that stupid video.. and then I search the lotto crusher system and I click on this site thinking this guy is debunking the lotto crusher system but in actuality it all was a segue about becoming an affiliate… I even looked up the Urooj Khan guy…

      1. Polly Post author

        And what did you find out about him? Seriously I think you’re missing the point here. If this dude employs dishonest, fraudulent, deceptive tactics why would anyone believe anything he says? People only want things like the Lotto Crusher because they are lazy, greedy or desperate and want something for nothing. I have even received comments about voo-doo witch doctors casting spells for them and winning big(Which I never post).

        The affiliate marketing education is a way to offer these people a viable alternative to “Luck” or witchcraft.

  23. Brandee Sundblad

    I know scam presentations when I see them… but if anyone did purchase the system, would you post the formula he was selling? Why not blow his “secret” out of the water and paste it all over the Internet with the disclaimer of it being a scam…

    1. Polly Post author

      You know, I really grew weary of everyone asking for a copy “just for laughs” so I actually deleted it myself. I couldn’t post it if I tried. And I wouldn’t want to if I could. Besides I am already disclaiming it as a scam. I don’t need to post it.

  24. Shar

    Thank you for the awakening! People need more guys like u.
    Keep the good job!

    1. Joseph

      This authour, is probably the creator of the lottery crusher, knowing that it had been flagged and removed from clickbank, decided to write a scathing review of lottery crusher so with the new alias can offer you the new scam affiliate marketing. I have no proof and have done no research for this claim, I’m just saying it’s possible ! This is also just more of a satire comment at the same time, things that make you hmmmmmm!…..

      1. Polly Post author

        Heh heh. Quite an original comment. Alas, no I am not the owner of the lotto crusher. And affiliate marketing is not a scam. It is a legitimate way to make money online. Nice try.

      2. Apollo Mayaimi

        Affiliate Marketing is the lazy man’s way to real and honest Referral Marketing. Eventually, you want to advance your skill set and that can’t take place with cheap MLM affiliate marketing tactics. Learn Referral Marketing!

      3. Polly Post author

        Learn what an MLM is. Referral marketing is good if you have a lot of money and a big company. You know what guy, you are just all over the place here. Do you even know what you are talking about? Doesn’t seem to me that you do. You know Ap, can I call you AP? Affiliate marketing is not an MLM. Referral marketing on the other hand benefits no one except the company that offers rewards for the referrals. Seriously Ap, Know your facts before you open your mouth, or in this case type your opinion.

  25. Shell

    Hi Polly!
    First I’d like to say that I have listened to quite a few of these scam videos and have noticed that the narrator’s voice is the same regardless of the products being offered, which I find quite funny. I’d like his job, lol.
    But I am confused about your offer. Did you become an affiliate just by going premium? You have to have a product to sale, right? Granted I haven’t checked out your site yet, but due to a disability it would help me a bunch if you would just answer that. I’m asking as I don’t have anything to sell online so it would not be something that I would be interested in.
    Thanks so much.
    P.S. I am really distressed to see that so many have fallen for that “bleep bleep”‘s scam! I hope these people can get their money back due to your help.

    1. Polly Post author

      You don’t really have to have a product to sell. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing. You sell other people’s products or services and this is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.
      I really hope they get their money back also.

    2. Lori

      LOL Shell! I listened to the stupid video and that is EXACTLY what I thought. “Gee, that sounds just like the same guy that tries to sell the survival tips and the same guy that sells the members only access to the site that guarantees that you can become a non-diabetic by drinking epsom salt.” (Which by the way would cause someone to have massive diarrhea…very dangerous for a diabetic.)
      I’m glad you noticed his voice too.

  26. Dee

    I listened to the video, too… I sat and listened to the video, too… I sat there signing in exasperation waiting to see how much he was going to charge… That’s all I wanted to know, because I knew it was going to be a scam. When he said almost $200 I about fell off the chair. I used the help button to take the opportunity to tell him what a jerk he was… That if this really worked and he was really such a great and rich man; he would give it away to a bunch of people for free in a small window of time… After all… Wouldn’t that be the charitable thing to do? I also asked him why he would charge us poor people money if he is so rich… After all, he knows how we feel… He couldn’t even buy his son the four dollar and 50 Cent box of cereal he wanted at one point in time. When I came across this and realized he use the picture of that gentleman that was murdered after he won I was incensed. I remember this story. This “Lotto Guru” is nothing but a greedy, lying, ungodly stalker. He is no better than a rapist. He needs to be reported to the right people. Period.

      1. Phred

        Well I have reading some of your posts and replies to various people.
        I am amused but I do have a bit of truth to share with you and your followers.
        I do know one person that Everett talks of.
        Joan “Gunther” (not her real name but close) Is someone I know well.
        She did win the Texas Lottery once (split 14,000,000) in about 1990 or so. Then she scored with three Scratch Off games for 1,000,000 then 2,000,000 then 10,000,000. That much is true but her “method” was more common sense.
        First Lotto jackpot was random. She was actually in France and had to come home to collect winnings.
        The next three were won like this ….
        Because she had so much money each month (payout is monthly annuity for 20 yrs) she bought literally thousands of tickets, scratch offs, etc. She had to offset her winnings (income) with loses to reduce her tax (IRS) bill at years end.
        Now her “system” was simply to watch games the were close to “sunset” or end. She would pick the games that had major prizes or jackpot prizes left that had not been won. She would go to a retailer and buy all the scratch off tickets the store had, such as Holiday (Christmas) scratch offs and check them all. Spending thousand upon thousand of dollars buying hundreds of tickets and did get “lucky” finding the three that made 13 million. It it wasn’t from a secret formula.
        She is a PhD mathematician and is a published author of Calculus textbooks but bottom line she just needed to lower her taxable income and got lucky or unlucky however you want to term it.
        Having a bunch of money sometimes can be a burden !!! One problem I would like to have !!!

      2. Polly Post author

        That was a very interesting story. Thanks for sharing. So it kind of is a numbers thing. Buy as many as you can, spend all of your time scratching them off. The more you buy the greater your chance to “get lucky”

        I wouldn’t mind having her “problem” either. 8)

  27. James

    Lets not bash Polly for her informative research on the Lotto Crusher system.Actually, what she is offering, is a much better and safer alternative. She’s not asking for a credit card, or giving you some phony-bologna 30minute video. I applaud you Polly, for your marketing approach, and I hope you do well with it

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey James thank you very much and I received your skype message. Very kind of you and I appreciate it.

    2. Dierre Johnson

      You people are crazy… the lotto crusher system is a joke and Polly is one also…

      1. Polly Post author

        Well, you know the old saying “Opinions are like ass***** and nipples, everybody has at least one” and you are entitled to it.

  28. Dorothy Wright

    Thank you for saving me a whole bunch of money and disappointment. These people are like sick preditors.

    1. Polly Post author

      You’re welcome Dorothy.

  29. James Dixon

    Thanks for the info Polly. I saw this video and almost bought it for the $197 this snake oil salesman was pushing it for at the time. I personally believe that lotteries themselves are scams and then you have people like this preying on the fears of gullible people who are desperate for money.

    1. Polly Post author

      Anytime James. I agree with you about lotteries being scams. I never buy tickets for them.

      1. Apollo Mayaimi

        How is the lottery a scam? Just because you haven’t won it’s a scam? That doesn’t make sense to me!

      2. Polly Post author

        You should go to YouTube and checkout some of the videos they have there that show the underhandedness that goes on behind the scenes with these things. My OPINION(Like my ass****)is mine. And in my OPINION lotteries are scams. I have better things to spend my $$$ on.

      3. Anonymous Poster

        At its very best–and I’m being pretty generous here–a lottery is a voluntary taxation system.

        In California, the lottery law was passed under the pretenses of helping education, with a percentage of the proceeds going to help fund schools.

        The very year after that law was passed, funds equal to the education proceeds generated by the state lottery were eliminated from the portion of the state’s education budget that was funded out of general revenues. A classic political bait and switch.

        So yeah, for the good folks of California, the lottery at least started out as a full-on scam.

    2. tyesha

      James and he is still pushing for the same dollar amt almost a month later. I’m glat I did not fall for it either. I mean if you know what it means to struggle Mr. Everette then why wouldn’t you share your so called knowledge at no cost to help others just like you were out.

  30. Emily K.

    Hi Polly,

    Thank you so much, I already assumed it was a scam but had to do some research just in case and I’m glad I don’t have it to spend and even if I did I still would’ve researched and when I did I saw this link and after reading yours and many many others comments about the scam it just made me so relieved and yet kinda sad it’s a scam. Oh well, just proves the lottery isn’t really beatable because if it were then they would’ve closed down a long time ago because someone would’ve figured it out by now. Thanks again! Have a wonderful many years ahead of you, be safe and hope your mom is well.

  31. Robert hooks

    Help me polly…prove your system or setup works..i knew this lottery crusher was a someone previously stated..this dude is holding up scratch i got the email 2 weeks ago and today..he still is at 54 copies left..either he is not selling any or of course its a scam..this brings me to your offer..i dnt expect you to do all the work for me..but show me how..teach me the world how u helped this below avg financially,wishing upon a star,loving father of a priceless princess, starving to go overseas for contract work in a war zone guy..i mean really..if i get onboard with your system ppl will ask how i didit..they know im filled with dreams n many wishes…but none have panned now im this dreamer whose lookn for a mentor,a teacher, someone i can learn from n pass there teachings on..i tell u this..if u can help me..i have no problem with returning the favor by donating money or my time in helping with your mother or charity..i just wanna have a chance to be a better provider for my family..and nowadays it seems everyone’s scamming others..all i want is a piece of the pie..a small slice even..i am blessed with my good health n piece of mind..and truly thankful..but ppl wanna trust others n online ways to make money..but it seems there all scams..shoot i have gotten plenty of emails from kings n queens in africa,Nigeria ,places wayout that donate millions to me..but they never send it..lololol..just please show me,teach me,be my financial savor and i will always be in your debt forever…thanku for exposing lottery crusher..but be my guide in changing my financial future..stay blessed..oh and that unknown profile that wrote that probably the lottery crusher his take care i hope to hear from u..once u email send u my # and we can give u my real name and u can confirm it with Facebook and my pictures..its my real email tho..thanx

    1. Polly Post author

      I don’t want your money or donations thank you for offering. If you want to see how WA works, sign up for the free trial. I always make it a point to contact anyone who signs up under my link and I will be more than happy to help you out. Through WA.

      As for contacting each other, If you look at the upper right hand of this page, you will see CONTACT ME with my skype number or if you have skype, a link to contact me skype to skype(which is free) I cannot and will not email you. It is against the law for me to use your email address to contact you.

      So if you would like to talk to me call me.

      1. Jòphotte un Bobosquallio

        Why is it against the law for you to email?

      2. Polly Post author

        You know, now that you ask, I am only repeating what someone told me when I asked a question.

        So I decided that now was a good time to do a little research. So.. what I discovered was…it isn’t actually against the law per se, although there are rules and regulations which must be adhered to.

      3. JS

        To all the people who want Polly to send them a copy of this worthless magic lotto-winning “secret” or post it publicly, there are certainly many obvious ethical, practical and even legal reasons she wouldn’t want to do that, and people should understand this.

        One of the reasons,. in my opinion, is that if she did, the scumbag who is peddling this junk finds out, he’s the type who will try to harass her about it and try to sue her or whatever. Who needs that? There’s a certain kind of con man that takes their own con seriously, even though they know it’s a con – but they are such egomanical narcissists that they can’t help getting upset. You’ll note the sock-puppet posts here trying to say that they’ve made money and Polly is awful – you wouldn’t think a professional thief would bother fake posting, but some of them have more than a few screws loose. Some people lie so much that they themselves don’t know what the truth is anymore – or care. We’ve all known people like that

        Believe me, what Polly is saying is right; this is impossible. If it was as easy as the man says it is, you couldn’t run lotteries anymore – they’d go broke.

        Stealing and fraud are always wrong, but this lottery scam is unusually vicious and evil, because it is aimed directly at desperate people who need money. Instead of help they lose their last dollars on the lottery. (Of course, the lottery itself is also an evil scam aimed at poor people.)

        How can this person look at himself in the mirror and not be disgusted by what he sees?

      4. Polly Post author

        I don’t think I could have said it better myself You totally get me and what I am trying to do here. Thank so much for your support and words of wisdom.

  32. Susan T

    Polly, I’m interested in checking out WA’s free trial period but wonder if that allows enough time to build the sites and measure ROI before committing to a subscription. (I currentlly work full time.)

  33. Susan pole

    I find it funny you are calling out the system yet trying to market something. Who is scamming who?

    1. Polly Post author

      I’m not scamming anybody. Check out the free trial offer for yourself. You shouldn’t talk about something unless you know what it is you speak of

    2. Captain Spunky

      “Free trial offer”= scam

      1. Polly Post author

        According to;

        scam-a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

        So in other words, a scam is a deliberate attempt to mislead in order to make money quickly. This is how the majority of these get rich quick schemes work. I am not misleading anyone.

        The free trial at Wealthy Affiliate is exactly that: Free. I remember when I was in the beginning stages of developing some sort of online income. I came across several programs which offered “free trials” Every single one I encountered required a credit card or some kind of money up front and had all kinds of stipulations.

        Wealthy Affiliate’s free trial offer comes with no strings. All you need to sign up is your name and an email address. Then the ball is in your court. YOU decide if you wish to join. And it doesn’t happen because you forgot to notify the company and they charge you anyway. Or you notify them and they charge you anyway.

    3. Apollo Mayaimi

      Lol! I guess there is a very fine line between a scam product and a real product. Often, it’s hard to distinguish because the fake product is made to resemble the real thing.

  34. Gypsy Rose

    Thanks for the info Polly! I almost fell for it too! It seemed to good to be true, so I backed out (after the very lllooonngggg sales pitch) and researched it. Thank goodness, because it is a scam. Just one more way of taking hard working folks money.


  35. Mike M

    There is, and never will be a system to accurately predict lotto numbers. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fool or a scammer. Lotto numbers are pure chance, and every number has an equal chance of showing up as all the others. Don’t believe me? The powerball official site lists all winning numbers on every drawing since 1997, and has convenient tables showing the frequency of the winning numbers for anywhere between a 12 and 24 month period. I went through the tables from January 2012 to present and wrote down the top 8 numbers from each table for white balls, and powerballs. Some numbers were chosen as many as 27 times in that period, but did not have the same luck in previous or subsequent periods I looked at. In fact, in the past 3 charts I looked at, none of the most chosen numbers ever matched up( i.e. One number that was chosen the higher number of times on one table didn’t have the same luck on another table), proving there is no magic formula you can use to predict lotto numbers, it is 100% chance. Even the most frequent numbers of the time period would rarely show up with 2 of those numbers on a single drawing. As I stated, the winning numbers and tables I used are on the official powerball website, and anyone can look at them. If you believe this lotto crusher system is legit, I highly encourage you to do the research I did for yourself and see that I am not making this up. Winning the lotto isn’t like counting cards in a casino or outsmarting a random number generator in a slot machine, there’s far more chance involved in it than that. Also an interesting fact to consider is that as of 9/30/15, 10 more numbers were added to the powerball possibilities (before this date possible numbers were 1-59, and after this date they changed to 1-69) making the odds of winning even less than they were before. In conclusion, this is a case of don’t believe everything you see online, do your research, and 99.99% of the time of something guarantees you’ll win something it’s a scam. Hopefully this saves some people from making a costly mistake.

    1. Gsh

      so let me get this straight. You haven’t tried it yourself…..but you trash it and then sell your own program? Now that’s hilarious!

      1. Polly Post author

        As the title to my article points out… I don’t need to pay to know it is a scam.

        I don’t “sell” the WA program. I offer the free trial. Notice Lotto Crusher doesn’t do that. Of course, the bottom line is to make money, but at what cost? Certainly not at the cost of my conscience. I am not going to try and get somebody to buy something that isn’t worth the digital space it takes up.

        I do not make any money until and unless people I refer decide to purchase the premium membership. The WA program sells itself. And I sleep well at night knowing I haven’t tried to sell somebody a piece of digital crap that isn’t worth the time or the money they invest

      2. Polly Post author

        Hey Amber,
        Listen, you can contact me here and I will give you all the information you need. Or you can call me and give me an email address and I’ll send you some info. Or simply click on the banner at the top of this page that says “Uncover the secrets to making money online” Or go to my Getting Started article to learn what you need to do. Take your pick.

    2. Apollo Mayaimi

      Well, how much accuracy do you want 30%, 70% or 90%? Heck! Not even Stock Analyst are 100% accurate; yet, you and others put unsurmountable burdens on Lottery Analyst to generate those winning combinations you need to win. Nevertheless, there are a few decent Lottery Analyst that can predict the lottery all at varying success rates. Secondly, since these Lottery Analyst have demonstrated their predictive ability; then, no I have to disagree with you and say that the lottery isn’t 100% chance. There are strategies to increase your winning percentages and the smart money is in the smaller prize daily games. Stay away from extra ball lottery games like PowerBall, Mega Millions, e.t.c.

      1. Polly Post author

        So spill the beans dude and tell us how much you’ve won if you know so much about it. I am really dying to know. At least Tom actually backed up what he said.

    3. Sorin Moldovan

      hello my name is Sorin help me with the power ball bless you and your family

  36. Brian

    Thanks Polly for posting reviews on the lottery crusher…I knew it was a scam…I have also looked into wealthy affiliate…I just don’t know how to start and what exactly to do…I don’t really wanna spend a whole lot of money…I need help getting started and need to be walked through the while process

      1. Polly Post author

        Yeah. Like I’m gonna let that slip through the first time, much less twice. You know Brian I do have the ability to edit comments. And I would have believed you except you did it twice. You are shameless 8).

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey, no problem Brian. I like putting these guys out of business.

      You know, I know exactly how you feel about trying to figure out a way to get started online.
      I wrote that article for people like you and I who need a little nudge in the right direction without being waylaid by some scheme De jour.

      After you click the link and arrive on the “Getting Started ” page, click the text link “get up and running instantly”. This will take you to a video which I provided that will answer many of your questions. Join Wealthy Affiliate for a 7 day free trial, and I am sure you will have found what you are looking for. I know I did.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the place you need to be. And I’ll be right next to you, helping in any way I can.

  37. Walter

    You said “He is only going to sell this to 175 people, and there are only 54 left….That’s what he said two months ago”.

    Well, on 8-7-16 he’s still looking for 54 more, lol.

    I see your first comment was on 3-6-15, but page is Copyright 2013 by Polly.

    So, when was your 2 months ago? How long has this gone on?

    1. Polly Post author

      Heh. This article was actually published on 3-5-2015. So two months ago would have been…January 2015 when it came to my email.

  38. Billyem

    Is the wealthy affiliate a multilevel marketing company? I am going to go to the site but thought i would ask first.

    1. Polly Post author

      No Wa is not an MLM. It is an educational affiliate marketing website. All of your profits are yours to keep not share with someone else.

  39. MRSMMN

    The guy mentions a place called Scranton, Ohio. I couldn’t find it on a US map using Google Maps so this video is TRASH!

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah, I used Google earth and All I could find in Ohio was streets and buildings with the name Scranton in them. He would have more credibility if he had said Scranton New Jersey.

    2. Jenney Johnson

      I’ve been to Scranton Ohio you take interstate 70 to get there but I still think it’s a scam the lotto is random

      1. Polly Post author

        Can you like give me some coordinates or you know some landmarks or something? Because I still can’t find it. I find schools, insurance companies and streets with Scranton in the name in Ohio but no actual town named Scranton. At least not in Ohio

      2. Me

        I know there is a Scranton pa,never heard of it in ohio

      3. Willi

        It’s a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

      4. Polly Post author

        It is actually a peninsula in Ohio. An area, not a town or anything

    3. Tom

      As for this product, Im not sure about it. Also, how can this be a scam since Ive seen people who have hit the lotto 3-4 times in a 5 month span sometimes even on a game show 3 times buying scratch off games. I went to Wealth Affiliate and its an MLM set up. Anyone with common sense can see this. Nice play Polly. I sure hope they aren’t giving you a cracker for advertising falsely on here.

      1. Polly Post author

        Know-it-all’s like you get on my last damn nerve. Seriously, we were just indulging in a bit of idle conversation. I actually received many more comments about this in which I was even provided with geographic coordinates. I didn’t post those comments because I was tired of the conversation.

        So…I have taken the liberty of editing your comment and removing all the stuff you wrote about Scranton.

        Yes Virginia-Tom there is a Scranton Ohio. It really isn’t as big a deal as you have made it out to be. I left the parts of your comment I thought were mildly interesting as well as slightly intelligent. Normally I don’t edit comments from my visitors, but for you I will make an exception.

        Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and if you think the Lotto Crusher isn’t a scam, go ahead and buy it and use it to predict all the scratch offs you buy. Then come back and tell us how much money you won.

        So now let’s talk about how you don’t have a clue. Do you even know what an MLM is? I don’t think you do. Please allow me to educate you. According to Wikipedia:

        Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a controversial marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.

        This is not the case at WA.

        WA teaches how to become an affiliate marketer. I have referred many people who choose not to become an affiliate of WA. Instead they choose their own niche and sell other peoples products/services. I do not receive a share of their profits at all. If they choose to become an affiliate of WA, I still do not get a share of their profits. Common sense is not the qualifier here.

        Forming an opinion based on facts not imagination is what matters. You were probably there for like five seconds and made a snap decision. You should take your own advice and get your facts straight before you open your mouth and show how uninformed you really are.

  40. No name

    I dont know how people can be so crooked polly you look like a fat bitch living off other peoples accomplishments. How about you get off you fat ass and go work hard for your money like 95% of us.

    1. Polly Post author

      Heh Heh. You know mister NoName I did work hard for 30 long years. I was a chef and I worked in all aspects of the business. Catering, restaurants, fast food. You name it, I did it. One time I even worked a 22hr shift and had to be back at work 4 hours later for another 16 hr shift. You ever done that?

      I stay at home now because my mother needs me. Since she has a very paltry social security income, I had to find a way to make money without leaving home. Not that I have to justify myself to a no name nobody like you.

      As far as living off of other people’s accomplishments I did this on my own with help from WA. Not some scam bullshit that wants my money for nothing in return. Did you even bother to read my article? You’ve obviously seen my picture. But what exactly have you accomplished?

      I think you are just jealous, that I have found a way to make money without sweating my figurative balls off. How old are you anyway, 12? You big crybaby. Talk to me when you have something more intelligent to say.

      1. Elias J Cassidy

        Heh you tell him Polly, couldn’t have thought of a better response myself! 🙂 what a sad sob.

      2. Polly Post author

        Thanks Elias. I have discovered that people who attack other people, especially their physical characteristics are usually unhappy with themselves and their own lives.Those types of people are usually bullies.

        I am content and much too old to be worrying what other people think of me.

      3. Alex A.

        hey polly ive been reading alot of your replies, and hoping your a real person and Going to WA site to check it out. Thanks for the info il keep you posted

      4. Polly Post author

        I am a real person and you will see that when you join with your free membership. I always contact those who join within an hour of their joining. See you there Alex!

      5. Rosky

        You go Polly! not letting a piece of sh** try to talk you down! You a re doing a great service for those who may have doubts about their own intuition of these types of scammers! Thanks a bunch!

      6. Polly Post author

        Thanks Rosky. It is nice to be appreciated. And you are very welcome.

      7. Wraith

        Thank you Polly, I will give your system a try and i given it a ton of thought. I figure free trial …why not.. And for the record kids and professors at MIT and other well known colleges have been trying to create a lotto formula for decades to no avail. I knew it was a scam

      8. Polly Post author

        Yes I have heard about that MIT experiment. I am glad you will give WA a shot. There are no other programs out there that offer a free trial without a credit card and all of your private info. They always want some sort of backdoor.

    2. Nick

      People shouldn’t give energy to evil people like No name. He’s just depressed about his sad life he’s living.

      1. Polly Post author

        I totally agree with you Nick. That is why he is a bully and attacks others. Like I said he is just jealous. If he would get down off his high horse for a minute he would see the opportunity with WA right in front of him.

      2. JS

        Except he doesn’t have to because he’s getting rich from winning the lottery all the time!


        Wait, no he isn’t.

        Honestly, you’d think all these lotto bazillionaires would be too busy buying hookers n’ drugs or polishing up their huge mansions to bother sending you whiny comments, but hey, I guess they are just so generous that way. (Sarcasm)

  41. rick

    There IS some truth to the idea, however, that there are routines involved in generating numbers for lottos. And that those routines are not “random” in a true sense but “patterns”.

    1. Polly Post author

      And you know this because…

  42. Lily

    Thanks for the fantastic job of researching these A-holes, Polly.

    My 77 year-old aunt was scammed for $25,000EU by Nigerian romance scammers, so I’m very weary of anything that defies logic.

    The extent to which people will go to scam those most in need and vulnerable is beyond comprehension.

    I have zero tolerance, so these days I tend to report all scams I come across to the Feds:

    Under ‘Additional information at the bottom of page look for ‘Report Cyber Scams or Incidents’.
    The Australian government has a dedicated site here
    The UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre

    If you bought it, it is worth your while to claim a refund directly or through their aggregator, as mentioned in other comments. Going through lotto-crusher’s page data I was surprised to see they actually have an FAQs page with a section on seeking a refund. (seems to have worked for some).

    The most ridiculous thing with lotto-crusher is that someone actually spent quite a bit of time to compile the 135 page PDF of utter rubbish (Safari ‘Developer’ tab and tools come in handy).

    Again, thanks Polly

    1. Polly Post author

      I tell you what Lily,
      I really feel bad for your aunt and angry on her behalf. My mom is almost the same age(72) and I am glad I am here to watch out for her. She doesn’t get online at all but I think some people would be surprised at the number of scams done over the phone.

      One day she woke me up yelling(hate it when she does that)about some phone call she received about going to jail within 30 mins if she didn’t take immediate action to pay some overdue bill. I calmed her down and showed her the bill was paid and not to worry.

      Then I got online and explained to her about this scam and took her to a website which explained how these companies actually contact you. I can smell s@#% like that a mile away. It is what I do.

      S for all those links you posted I will publish them with your comment but I have a whole page dedicated to reporting scams for like six English-speaking countries.

      I try to encourage people to report these things which is why I have that page. Thanks for the info and for sharing your story.

    2. Amy

      Anyone notice that the pictures he used were scratch offs? His “scam” method can’t pick the odds of a scratch off. What a Crook!

      1. Polly Post author

        HaHa. Yeah, I know. And one of the pictures actually shows a logo that says”Scratch and Win”from the Western Canadian Lottery Asociation. So tell me, how does a formula that is supposed to help you win lotteries and the Powerball supposed to work for scratch offs. I shoulda mentioned that in my article. Good eye Amy I was just mulling that fact over yesterday.

  43. Kathleen Allison

    I have come across your reviews many times…. So you have saved me many times! Thank you so very much!

    1. Polly Post author

      Well Kathleen,
      I am happy to have helped you. Since you have come across many of my reviews, it must mean you are looking for a way to make some money online yes? So what would it hurt you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for free? No credit card necessary I assure you. This is a free one week trial and all you need for it is your name and an email address.

  44. C.J.

    I just finished listening to this very long sales pitch and realized that the price had been raised to $197.00 because I have a “good ear” and could tell that the voice was different when it mentioned the price versus the speaker (supposedly Everett Thompson). Now after finding this page and seeing that it had been offered originally for $97.00, I’m wondering if it was changed because tonight is the drawing for Powerball and the amount that is on the line is $478 Million so this little greedy man figures he could ask for this price because someone might believe they could win Powerball tonight if they purchase his system?!! Hmmmmm……….

    Anyway, thank you, Polly, for putting up this page and doing all of your research to save other people from wasting their money on something that is just profiting Mr. Everett Thompson (or whatever his “real” name is)!

    I noticed that you’re pushing a website called, “Wealthy Affiliate”. I have to wonder WHY you are doing this? Many years ago I went to a seminar on setting up your own websites where you could sell your own product or use one or more from a listing that they gave to attendees where I could go to sleep and find that in the morning I had made money because of people clicking on my site, and they seemed to be on the “up and up”, but it ended up costing me $5,000 and I wasn’t able to take advantage of the program due to unforeseen circumstances so it was an absolute waste of money for me that I wasn’t able to get back. Are YOU affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate, and if not, what exactly have you accomplished with this site so that you are recommending it? Just curious…..

    1. Polly Post author

      Ptthhhhhbbbt! I can’t believe you paid 5 grand for that. Seriously? Let me ask you, did you at least get to try it first?

      That is exactly what affiliate marketing is. Advertising other people’s products and receiving commissions from sales.

      I am affiliated with WA and proud of it. They have taught me everything I know about websites and ranking my articles on google so I get much traffic.

      I have made a substantial amount of money as an affiliate marketer. That is why I am an affiliate of WA. I want to help other people to really make money online instead of falling for every run of the mill scam that comes out, and…it won’t cost 5 grand to do it.

      I have actually made way more money than I have put into it. Isn’t that the idea? To generate profits?

      1. Jim burroff

        Poly I just bought 5oo hardback for 17.95 said they retail in my store for 59.95. Supposed to be arriving in two weeks paid half on credit and half cod. Even comes with a DVD that explained system to customers on my screens. Do you think I’ll receive this product or is it a local scam

      2. Polly Post author

        You will probably receive the product since half was COD. They always want their money you know. It is probably a scam just the same. Was it a book and DVD about winning lotteries?

      3. David

        You just said, you don’t need credit card or money to make money, so saying I made way more money than you put in, is telling me you had to cough up some money,implying,it takes money to make money…so I’m confused

      4. Polly Post author

        I did say that, didn’t I? Either I wasn’t perfectly clear or you have misunderstood. Let me clarify; WA offers a free trial period of 7 days. At the end of this time, the offer of premium membership is extended. First month $19. Every month thereafter(should you choose to continue) is $47 per month. However, if the offer is not accepted, the offer of free membership, two free websites and free hosting remains.

        Most programs do not offer a free trial and they don’t really go into an in-depth explanation of what you receive if you pay. or if they do offer a free trial, they hold your credit card hostage.

        Wealthy does not require a credit card until and unless you wish to become a premium member. You would be surprised at the number of individuals who either forget or lose track of time and are charged, based on the assumption you wish to continue. In some instances, they are continually charged even after they have opted out. This is unacceptable as well as unethical, yet it continues.

        I chose to go premium. So my expense was very low compared to most of the things I have experienced or been told by other people.

        Forgive me if you felt misled. I hope I have cleared up your confusion.

      5. Cindy P

        By being an affiliate marketer, aren’t you supporting the people who are running the scams? As I understand it, Winston/Everette was using “Clickbank” to sell the lotto-crusher system. Isn’t “Clickbank” an affiliate marketer? So, doesn’t that make WA a company that supports people who want to sell their “scams”? Please tell me if I’m confused. Thanks.

      6. Polly Post author

        No. This is not the case. Clickbank is not an affiliate marketer. Clickbank is a digital marketplace. This means they provide space for people like “Winston Everett” to offer their products for affiliate marketers to sell for them. With me so far?

        That is not to say all products offered by ClickBank are scams. Some of them are possibly legit. WA doesn’t support people who offer scams. WA is a domain registrar as well as a domain server, which hosts websites. Although WA offers to host for websites, the website itself is the property of the member.

        I myself have never witnessed a website from a member who offers scams on their website. The members I have witnessed are involved in niche marketing. Selling products they believe in like pet products, games, toys, shoes, etc.

        Clickbank being an affiliate marketer to WA supporting the people who sell the scams is a leap in logic I can’t comprehend.

  45. Susan B

    Thank you for sharing this review. Next time you are watching a long video press the refresh button. It will ask you if you want to stay on the page or leave. Press stay and it will have everything in the video on a web page.

    1. Polly Post author

      And then it will take you to a page where you can pay for it and keep lowering the price until there ios no profit in it for them. Yeah I know. Just about every scam out there is like that.

  46. David Schofield

    Excellent review of what i believed, (as i watched the video) to be a scam. Either way it is refreshing that you went to such an extent to present the details of how and why Lotto Crusher is a scam. Very much appreciate your efforts and the countless amounts of money you saved quite a lot of people from wasting. Bless you from the Palmetto State.


    1. Polly Post author

      Thank you, David. I really hope I have saved people the time and trouble or at the very least given them the tools they need to get their money back.

      1. Carol

        Thank you Polly. There are a lot of testimonies on google claiming this scam is for real but it is ridiculous. Thanks for telling the truth. The scammer has put a lot of work into promoting the lie

      2. Polly Post author

        Yeah he sure has. No problem Carol I just don’t want to see anybody get hurt.

    2. Mark Barbee

      As I watched the video i grew excited and optimistic but with a bit of caution…as i read further and further it drew me in still i was hesitant…this is to good to be true…I even spoke to my brother about this find…but even after speaking with him caution was still floating in my head….I knew I had to Google this Everett Thompson guy my spider senses were right…..fraud scam etc. People are vulnerable especially in are times I think people have good intentions but they can get preyed upon by scams like this if the impulses/self control are not controlled. Be aware be smart do not act on impulse and investigate.

      Thanks for the information

      PS Lucky for me I’m tight with my money and i did not lose $$$

      1. Polly Post author

        No problem Mark. yes, I agree. An investigation is necessary especially before committing any money. Good thing you had the savvy to check thongs out first.

      2. Richard L

        My question to Mr. Thompson would be, “If you’re making millions from this “perfect” system, then why do you need my $197?…I mean, all your debts are paid and you’re living like a king with not a care in the world and as you claim, after taking care of your debt and securing your family, give back to charity, well, it would be charitable to give your system away to those less fortunate than yourself and help them realize their dreams also, that would be the real Menschly thing to do…After all, you’re wealthy now, you don’t need some poor person’s $197, do you?”…That’s what I would say to him…I’ll tell you folks something for free, plug about six months of winning numbers into an Exell spreadsheet and see which numbers come up the most and then take those numbers and play them consistently, you’ll probably have better luck…I was TDY once in NH and took a print out of one week’s winning numbers, carried them around in my wallet for a tad over a year, at home in NC, I remembered that I had them and played all the different lotto numbers from different NH games on one NC gwme, Mega Millions, and hit $300 the first time…Just the right place at the right time….

      3. Polly Post author

        Exactly. Why isn’t he giving it away instead of selling it?

  47. Marie

    Professional gamblers are successful because they follow a set plan/guide. They do not make bets outside their plan. That is why this program appealed to me. The video talked about mathematic formulas (the plan) as the basis of winning the lottery. I can understand probabilities and by combining the formulas for winning lotteries made sense. But I too was uncertain by the creditability of the video.

    If the system is easy enough to run, and not all lotto tickets will be winners, I can understand that. What I liked about the video is it didn’t promise overnight success or that purchasers would win millions of lotto dollars. However, they showed some pretty hefty checks that tugs at our needy side.

    Always aware of the sell pressures of you must buy now, either because of time constraints, price will inflate, or limited resources.

    But that aside, has anyone really tried this program, I mean put in sweat and time to see if in fact it does work?

  48. Tina Rios

    When this supposed “mathematician” made an error with simple math.. That was the red flag for me. He said he was “giving out” 175 copies. 124 already sold. 53 left. That should equal 177 copies. I watched the entire thing. First he says 51 copies left. Then says 53 copies left. I guess 2 people returned his system while he was telling me about it. Early into it I realized he was selling something. The math error confirmed it was a scam. I also found it a little suspicious that he’s asking for the credit card CVV code… I read the FAQs on a website he directed me to when i tried to navigate away from his sales pitch. I shared it on Facebook and wrote about what a scam it is. Then i found this page. I am disgusted to learn that he’s using a doctored photo of a real lotto winner who was murdered and wrote a fake testimonial from him. Can’t we report this con artist to some type of official department?

  49. Hayden

    Well if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its probably a duck. Or in this case a scam

  50. Nita

    FYI, Polly
    Did you ever see, either on TV or you tube, the lottery drawing where the girl announced the ball number before it even came down the chute?! and out of order at that! The lottery is probably more fixed than ramdom.

    1. Polly Post author

      Soooo…..I have spent the past half-hour watching videos on youtube about the lottery. Definitely some veerrry interesting videos there. The one you mentioned was the first one that popped up. Thank you for mentioning it.

      It just goes to show ya’;

      It does no good to buy a system to outwit the lottery system when it is filled with crooked people fixing it the way they want to fix it.

      1. Michelle

        Thank you so much for your review. I almost got suckered into buying the lottery crusher.
        I’m impulsive but I am thankful that I didn’t have enough money to get it. The video I watched offered it at $197.
        Then I decided to look for reviews about it. Thankfully I came across yours. You are a blessing. I learned that if something sounds good, do some research on it first to see what others are saying about it.
        You are a good person Polly, keep up the great work you are doing.
        God bless you.

      2. Polly Post author

        Thank you for the compliment. It thrills me to know I have helped you to avoid this scam. Some people do the research after they have forked over their money. Keep up with your vigilance. Don’t ever let your guard down. The internet can be a dangerous place if you are not careful. Take it easy Michelle.

      3. DJ

        I almost bought it as well for $197 thinking heck I’m so financially strained it’s worth a shot. Thankfully I saw this information!

      4. Robbie

        I do love that you took the time to help everyone stop and think. Too many people see dollar signs and jump at the too good to be true opportunities. I knew it had to be a scam too, but I would love that formula without spending the money, even if it is a scam… lol. Can’t work worse than blindly playing like I am now. Does anyone have the base formula he claims to have come up with? Sorry lol. I don’t mean to be counter-productive… Just curious…

      5. Polly Post author

        Look Robbie,
        I don’t even have it anymore. I am really sorry I even mentioned the fact that I have it. I deleted it from my pdf files. So I am pleased to tell you I can’t help you with that. If you want it that bad then just pay for it. And there isn’t even a base formula. It is just a bunch of made up bullshit.

      6. Mike

        Trust me I was going to order it and over sudden o decided to read some reviews. Then I went to google it about the system and read the reviews. Thanks I didn’t order it. sounds so good but it’s all scam ..!!!

      7. Polly Post author

        No problem. Glad to be of service.

      8. Jorge

        same thing here… I almost bought it, but went ahead a did a research and found your website… Thanks

      9. Polly Post author

        Anytime. Keep up with your research. Don’t get suckered.

  51. Bar b q

    OK people, here is the lesson once again…..if it sounds to good to be true it’s probably a scam. Don’t care what age you are, quit being stupid and getting suckered. Most things on the internet and as seen on TV are just that. Nuf said?

  52. Polly Post author

    Ladies and gentlemen, faithful readers, new visitors and loyal fans(heh.That might be stretching it just a little) Ahem, as I was saying, I have received numerous comments and emails requesting I pass the lotto crusher pdf on. Nobody admits to being serious, they just want to have a look at it.

    I have received so many, that it seems necessary to address this issue once and for all.

    I will not send this to anybody. I haven’t even looked at it to tell you the truth. Rest assured, my reasons for not sharing with all of you are valid.

    First off, in case you hadn’t noticed, I believe this program to be worthless and evil. I wrote this article to try and keep people from wasting their money on it so why would I just give it to you?

    Second, This “system” is protected by copyright laws. I have no desire to be sued for copyright violations.

    Third, if I were giving it away, this article would be titled “Free pdf download for the Lotto Crusher”

    And finally, gentle readers, if you really want it that bad, pay for it. I for one will not be a party to your descent into madness.


    1. Nick C

      I came across this scam from web-surfing last night and purely out of curiosity and boredom, I actually listened to the entire pitch from beginning to end and had a few good LOL! The rhetoric and prose of the entire script is so amusing and reminds me of those late night get-rich-quick infomercial scams that use to run in the 90s before mainstream internet.

      I’m very compelled also to reiterate to those who have asked for a copy of the PDF: I think its rather insulting to even ask Polly for a copy of the content which is without question rubbish. Her expose on this scam is doing y’all a favor to steer away from it, so why bother asking? It simply does not work so kindly show some respect to the poster, folks. If its not even worth the $97 out of your own pocket to feed your curiosity, then it shouldn’t also be worth your time for further examination.

      The simple truth that this system is a scam: if it truly does what it claims to do with proven and repeated results, why put it up for sale to the public? Its also laughably absurd that the author claimed his ‘system’ is based on refinements to systems used by past lotto winners, which he was able to obtain directly from those individuals. GIVE ME A F**KIN’ BREAK! This system is simply a work of fiction based on probability, but the actual odds and probabilities involved in these games are beyond calculable consistency and analysis.

      1. Polly Post author

        Thank you for that, Nick. I am glad you understand what I am trying to do here. Even though I posted a comment, and even on my contact page told everyone I would not send it, I am still receiving requests.

    2. linda karmeris

      If you havent even looked at it, then how would you know that its “just a bunch of made up bullsh#t”? Just sayin….

      1. Polly Post author

        Actually Linda, I have looked at it. Another visitor here sent me a link to the Pdf. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling everybody and for awhile I was contacted by people who wanted a copy. Which I refuse to provide. I will not be guilty of enabling and if I were going to provide it to everyone I would sell it instead, Which I am not going to do. I like sleeping at night or whenever.

        So…how do I know? that is easy to answer. Have you ever seen the video? In it he provides “testimonials”, and I use the term lightly, from people who have used his system. Did you notice those “winners” were holding scratch off cards? Or were pictured in front of a logo that clearly scratch to win? So answer me this…how exactly does one use a “system” on a scratch off card? I assume you are familiar with scratch offs?

        Let’s not forget about Dennis R. How does a dead man offer a testimonial?

        If this part is nothing but lies, how can we believe anything else he says? Seriously Linda?

    3. PrivateGeorge of y he Jungle

      Well I was thinking I have done really well with lotty crusher really really well on any lotto not telling how much but let’s say wife got to quit work I chose not to I want everyone to think about what I am telling you maybe a hand full of people want this to them selves like you Polly but it works for me and I have been giving it away FREE FREE I believe more winner’s so be it. I am set pretty dam good now.

      1. Polly Post author

        That’s the spirit Private! Give it away!! I’m going to print every single one of your comments, that way everybody knows how well it went for you. Hopefully they will start bothering you for a copy instead of me. Damn, for a long time everybody wanted me to give them a free copy. Got on my last damn nerve. Must’ve been about 50 people or so. Without fail, they always said to me, “Yeah I know it’s a scam, thanks Polly. But hey can you send me a copy, just for laughs?” I hope they bother you instead of me now.

        Trust me dude, the crusher is not something I was hoarding for myself. I have better things to do. Again, Congrats!! Give my best to your Wife.

  53. J.P.

    I was bored and came across the lotto crusher video. Watched approx 3.5 minutes of the video. Said to myself, this is a stupid scam. Checked Google to confirm my intuition and ended up falling in love with Polly.

    The End

    1. Polly Post author

      Aaaawwwwwww! How sweet.

  54. Ramona Fore

    Can someone please send me the email address for the lotto crusher main page. I am 72 years old and foolishly bought this system on a whim. It’s absolute garbage as far as I’m concerned and I would like to get my money back but cannot find out where and how to do this.
    Can anyone help? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Nora

      I hope this helps

    2. Mark

      Dispute the charge on your credit card.

    3. Alan Bowker

      Ramona Fore
      I sucked in and purchased it also, I even got sucked in for the OTO for another $80
      I am going to email them and ask for a refund and see what they say they offer a 2 month money back
      guarantee which I made a copy of and I can send it to you
      if they don’t contact you in a couple of days contact your credit card company fraud department and dispute
      the charge and explain the 60 day guarantee etc.
      I authorize Polly to give you my email address and you can contact me and we can info

      1. Alan Bowker

        that web site above that Nora gave you is the duplicate of the site I purchase from and probably you too
        scrole down and take a screen shot of the 60 day guarantee if you know how if not I am going to and can
        give you a copy to show your credit card co if the do not honor the 60 day guarantee

  55. John Brower

    just went through the video! YAWN!!! The price you mention is an old price! It’s now available for the low price of $195! Nice scam! Thanks for your research!

    1. Polly Post author

      No problem. it seems you didn’t really need me. Obviously, you were able to recognize it for what it was.
      Still, happy to be of service.

      1. Turkey


      2. Polly Post author

        My, my, my, somebody certainly has quite the potty mouth. So I edited for content(such as it is) This is a PG site.

        Comments like this, clearly show the author’s lack of decorum, values and intelligence. However, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. I am not lying the offer for a free trial is genuine. But some people once they realize they actually have to work at it, start calling it a scam. These people are lazy, stupid and greedy. They want something for nothing. And that is exactly what they get. Nothing.

        Now I don’t know about you, but where I come from, it is impolite to ask somebody how much money they make and rude to brag about how much money you make. I am not going to tell everybody I make thousands of dollars and the money just rains down on me softly from above. Like all these other scam artists. Nor will I say it takes little or no effort to cause this shower of money to fall down around you. Please have a little smarts you idiot.

        All the foul words you have employed in your “comment” is very telling about your state of mind and your spelling is atrocious. You can’t even swear correctly and you have absolutely no imagination. It makes it hard to take you seriously. Seriously. I have received more “comments” like this and I am sure yours won’t be the last.

        I don’t feel the need to defend your accusations because you have no idea what you are talking about. Somebody must’ve ripped you off for a lot of money for you to be so fierce with me. And you fell for it. You are just jealous. And like I’m really going to tell you my last name or my address. Especially after you have spewed such vitriolic hatred towards me? I would just be asking for it. That would make me as stupid as you. I’ll tell you this much, I live in the USA.

        Oh my goodness, I do feel sorry for you. Somebody hurt you badly didn’t they? Sorry to hear that Turkeysawyer. My heart goes out to you. And do me a favor next time you comment(because I am sure there will be a next time)and use your own name. That way I know what to call you besides TurkeyBaster, I mean Turkeysawyer. Sorry about that.

      3. Kelley

        I can’t believe you people(if I miss spell anything I’m sorry). I know nothing about the products you speak of and I don’t have anything good or bad to say about them. But all this fighting back and forth is terrible. You all are like little children thinking what one has is better than the other. Everything in life yields what you put into it and if you are looking to get rich quick ,for most not happening

      4. Polly Post author

        I like to call it a spirited discussion, showing as many points of view as possible. Giving everyone(who so chooses)to offer their opinion on the matter.

  56. Renee Overton

    Thank you for the info! I found the link to the “Crusher” system while browsing, and closed the page when it showed the price of $147.00! Way too rich for my blood.
    And it just felt too good to be true.

    1. Polly Post author

      Usually when it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Good thing you are savvy enough to recognize that

      1. Dawn

        Thank you so much, I thought it was a scam because if you wanna help someone you don’t charge them $197 dollars. I don’t have money so I wouldn’t be wanting to be spending what I don’t have to make it!!

  57. Lena

    Gidday. 🙂
    A very interesting read, many thanks. The ‘Lotto Crusher’ email arrived in my junk file just yesterday, I was fascinated to recognise our innate desire to predict what IS random – on that train of thought I wonder if the seldom drawn numbers shouldn’t be more probable to occur, as the chances must be in their favour? … but it must be pointless pondering, because random has no pattern and no past.
    Anyway, a pleasure to share. (Did anyone else wonder why every word began with a capital letter? haha, a strange habit indeed. )
    Regarding clickbank earn from home : I jolly fell for it because it began with some piddley cost of $3.00 … but then became $60 – $80 charged against my card each month for no return, the dispute / ‘cry foul’ process through my card provider (bank) was something which would take a fair bit of paper-work and up to 6 weeks to resolve, plus a fee if I wasn’t successful, so I just replaced my card for $15 and cut my losses. (Sigh)
    Nice to meet u (virtually), keep up the good kind honest work. 🙂

    1. nora

      I am so anngry that puvlihers clearing house would even post it on their website no one should have to pay to play the lottol im always skeptic now thanks for the info

  58. apo

    hi Bryan send the ebook of lotto crusher .i want to try it but not going to pay those scammers

    1. Polly Post author

      My name isn’t Bryan, it is Polly. I will not be sending you a copy of the lotto crusher. Trust me you don’t need it. If you want to try it, pay for it.

  59. Ryan

    I like how everyone knows its a scam “within the first few minutes” lol nobody noticed he is claiming to have a formula predict completely random numbers? lol

    1. Polly Post author

      I had a mathematician comment one time and he said there was no way to predict randomness. Hence the word Random. Some people right?

      1. margo

        True ….. but using some probability laws like the law of larger numbers and applying Chebyshev’s inequality in a graphical format one is really using subsets of lotto numbers. Example the powerball
        ( not all numbers 1- 69 ) but some groups that you notice have special qualities….Special qualities based on the fact that the state Does post past drawings…. You can come up with numbers that then need to be a sequence and then have enough money to play the sequence – and that is not cheap. This is when you want a club .. In the individual case as presented he is full of it but without giving you any more math theorems you had better be good at programming a graphical prediction program and you had better be good at rejecting sequences.. After spending a solid month on this with a lot of legal pads I did play a sequence in the big powerball that went to 1.6 million and got 3 out of the 6 numbers I got lucky on picking the one sequence or maybe my brain has seen so many numbers that it does some sequencing itself…. Anyway I had spent 8 dollars on that one drawing(- which produced 3 winners -that is also statistically correct) and won 7 $ back by winning 3 numbers so I broke even . I know that its not impossible to win but its impossible to find enough people to play the combinations.

      2. Polly Post author

        Interesting take Margo. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

      3. Keez1979

        Margo, are you a mathematician? I’m good at math and have been looking into probabilities, but haven’t won anything yet. Would love to talk to you! I don’t want to pay scammers, but I do think some numbers have more of a probability of being picked than others.

      4. Polly Post author

        Heh heh. Ya’ll gonna form a club Keez? Margo stated her case very well. If you guys can work it out, will you share with the world?

      5. Kaelum

        You should watch a documentary on how lotteries actually get their numbers, the equipment they use, and the testing that they perform. After that, you’ll understand that though it is impossible to be 100% random, that they make every attempt to ensure that no patterns develop, and they do this before every draw.

        For every single draw, they run over 1,000 test draws on each of the machines that are in the rotation. Every lottery is different, but I don’t know any that uses less the 6 redundant machines, in case one develops some sort of pattern, and is taken out of use while they investigate why a pattern developed.

      6. Polly Post author

        I am not surprised at the effort they put into complete randomness. There are much more people out there who either have a “system”, or they are looking for one.

        The ultimate goal is to make money. Not give it away.

      7. thompson

        Margo… I have a PhD in Mathematical Physics, and everything you posted here is just as ridiculous as whatever the LottoCrusher guy is selling.

  60. Lori

    Hey, Polly: Thanks for all the info. All good stuff to know. But, I have a totally different question but kinda related: Have you done research on the work from home products out there? I see them all the time, and I really do want to set up a work from home type deal, but there are so many, it’s hard to know whats not another scam. I’m interested in a legitmate business who needs people to do on-line work from their homes, but it seems that the majority of these types of things are more about set up your website and send people random email rather than any real product or service. Your thoughts on this and where I can get real informaiton about legitimate on-lilne work from home info? I’m not interested in setting up yet another website that just spams people with random crap to read. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

  61. Harry

    Another sign that it’s a scam is if it’s a site that has a countdown that says something like “this site will close in XX hours XX minutes and XX seconds” and that countdown resets to it’s original time when you first arrived at the page when you refresh the page. They do that just to create some urgency so you feel like you don’t have time to go and say “I’ll just think about it”.
    That kind of reminds me of some sellers on ebay that list items saying they have only one left, while they almost always actually have several still in stock that they’re just not displaying. You can tell because right after you purchase that last one it still says that there’s only one left.

    Also goodness it was a 33 minute video? Geez I just had that lotto crusher site sitting silently in a separate tab to look at later while I was browsing the internet. I thought it was just a shorter video on a loop.

  62. Sal

    Lotto Crusher – one way to confirm that an offer is a scam is to click to close the browser tab. If you’re offered a discount at that point, it has scam written all over it. Lotto Crusher went from $147 to $97 when I tried to close the browser. Better to put that $97 toward tickets – it would give me a better chance to win than the Lotto Crusher program ever would.

    1. Polly Post author

      You are so right abpou that!! A telltale saign of many a scam. I actually got it down to $9 before there was no more give.

      1. Richard

        the lottery is pretty much just like keno or bingo,except the odds of winning are a lot higher.any fool should know that just like the casino’s the lottery is not there to loose money.

      2. Polly Post author

        Exactly. Lotteries and such like games, generate much revenue for the entities that run them.Mainly state governments. In Illinois last year, the state lottery issued IOUS to those who won more than $600. What made it worse was the fact they kept selling tickets. Even worse than that: People kept buying the tickets even when they knew they wouldn’t get paid.

        That’s like continuing to go to work when they don’t pay you. Who does that?

      3. David

        I asked my boyfriend to pick me up a pick 4 strt/box quick pick…it came out,so sometimes quick picks come out!

      4. Polly Post author

        Did you win anything? More importantly, were you using the Lotto Crusher system to study the numbers etc. before purchasing the Quick picks?

  63. James

    Tried WA, just could not get it to work even paying $300+ for a year it will not work if your sites don’t see traffic!

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry to hear you feel that way. I wonder though why people insist that it is the program that does the work? Of course WA does not work!! The work is done by the individual.You paid for one year of membership. What you choose to do with that membership is completely up to you.Did you follow the lessons? Did you do the required assignments and work? Did you devote serious time and effort to this endeavor?

      Contrary to what most people assume, it is actual work. I think one thing that stumbles a lot of people is the fact that writing is something that is required. That is the work part.I would rather be doing this than sweating my ass off for somebody else’s bottom line.

      When I began at WA I knew nothing about creating and maintaining a website much less how to generate traffic. I couldn’t type, and I had no idea how to string two words together to make an interesting sentence, much less learn something as complicated as keywords, traffic, SEO and ranking a website.
      But I learned how to do just that. At Wealthy Affiliate.

      I think I can safely say Wealthy Affiliate does not work. WA teaches. It is up to the individual to do the work.

      1. Pamjoy

        what the hell are you talking about WA for…..i paid for lotto crusher and havent had time to study all of it but so far i spent$540 on the daily 5 random pick and only won back 160 of it..according to my calculations I should have at least won back 80%

      2. Polly Post author

        Sorry you had a temporary attack of stupidity. There should be a refund policy somewhere on their website. These guys are out of clickbank. May be a while before you get it though. Good luck with that. I talk about WA because it is an honest and superior choice to learn how to make money online instead of paying for a gambling system that will ultimately fail. As you have experienced. Sorry for your loss

      3. Philip

        I was stupid enough to fall for that Lotto Crusher scam ..boy they are getting good at their sales pitches and presentations.
        however I had a sinking feeling even as I was paying for it.
        I’ve got it downloaded it into my PDF and called forr an immediate refund it’s way complicated and just a bunch of malarkey..
        I got my refund of the full $147 in 3 days I didn’t even know you could try to click away and be offered a lesser price I’ve done that before on other scams and got them down to $1 for 30-day trial with no strings which I never purchased

      4. Polly Post author

        I am really pleased you received a refund. It is complicated and malarkey. (love that word by the way)

  64. Bryan

    This is a long one folks, skip to the end if you want.

    So I came across this site from a clickbait ad on a website for a woman’s magazine. Given the recent fervor over the record powerball jackpot, I figured what the hey let’s take a look. I knew it was a scam, but there is value in it for the watchful person (more on that in a bit). I also did some google searching (which led to here), and I dug up the story on the winner you mentioned. I also came across another vendor other than clickbank for this product, You may not have been aware of them, Paula, but they sell similar items to lotto crusher, might be worth looking into.

    I also was able to find a link to a download site for the pdf of the lotto crusher ebook, with about 10 seconds of google fu. This site seems to be a legit download site for this product, but it’s indexed in google because someone didn’t do their work right.

    Interestingly, I couldn’t find the product in the clickbank marketplace when I looked for it. It seems they have taken it down. This may explain why it can now be found on I know clickbank has been removing a lot of products from their marketplace in the last few months, some vendors I know suspect that they are trying to repair their brand. I’ll hold off on an opinion for now as they still sell a lot of stuff that I can’t say as being anything but a scam but isn’t really provable. You know, smells like a rat but only a whiff or two, that type of stuff.

    Now for the important lessons.

    1. This vendor has clearly done their research on the pain points of their audience, and how appealing having financial security is to so many people. Taking the family to disney world, just closing on the dream house. Then this vendor addresses the really big one, the look on the car salesman’s face when he pays cash. That plays to the power that wealth brings which is particularly effective targeting for men.

    2. Good timing with the powerball record amount. While this isn’t something this vendor could know about before hand, it is important to note that the fervor around the powerball record amount is nationwide and therefore creates opportunities to sell stuff related to the lottery. It’s important to be able to recognize trends like this.

    3. This vendor doesn’t know how to use google to find a pdf of his own system. I could share his pdf with the world know if I were so inclined. That’s a problem for the vendor. I could also now RE-WRITE HIS EBOOK and sell it as my own if I were inclined to do so. I could also check if he has a copyright for it as well, if he doesn’t have one a lot of things open up. Keep your websites and your intellectual property secure.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment Paula, let me know if I missed something and if you want the pdf of his ebook, or if you wish to discuss anything else.

    1. Polly Post author

      Whew!! Thank you so much for all that. It is quite a bit of info. I think I’ll let it stand alone as an update to my article, thank you.

      Listen, one thing? My name is Polly, not Paula.

      1. jamie

        I would love to have a copy of this if you are willing.

    2. marija

      I’d like a. Pdf download for the lotto crusher pretty please?!

      1. Polly Post author

        Sorry, no can do. I do not wish to be known as a scam promoter. Trust me I was not impressed with it. It is not worth your time.

    3. Erin

      Hi Brian,

      How are you? If you wouldn’t mind, could you please email me the site where you found this PDF download? I’m interested to read what this corrupt scammer has to say that’s worth a whopping $197 as of today’s date (7/20/16). If you’re uncomfortable doing so, I completely understand. Thanks so much for your informative, well written and nicely organized post. I truly enjoyed it!
      With sincere appreciation,

    4. Lily

      Their copyright Disclaimer is rather ‘ interesting’:

      ‘The entire rights of the content found in this E-book are reserved with the publisher. The replication or republication of any part of this E-book in any form, or by any mean, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, recorded, scanned or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without getting the consent from the author of the E-book. Any such action that comes to the notice of publisher is punishable by law.’

      Which in the court of law would have no leg to stand on as it is not a copyright assertion – ‘The moral right [copyright] to be identified as the author of a work does not arise until it has been asserted.’ ie. the author is Named.

      Of course, he is not going to tell the world who he is. But, unlucky for him some of us are very good at research – WhoIs search revealed the domain name is registered to a WILLIAM DOIL in Miami, FL.

      So I searched his name plus lotto-crusher. The list of scam websites this guy has/had registered is quite lengthy:


      1. Polly Post author

        Very interesting. That B@#%*&@ sure has his fingers in a lot of scam pies doesn’t he?

  65. Allan Smith

    Thanx Polly. I, like most every other blue collar worker could certainly use a little more money to last until the end of the month instead of having to save up just to be able to purchase a meal at a fast-food establishment. I cannot thank you enough for your time well spent researching such scams. I most certainly will be looking into WA.

    1. Polly Post author

      I know right. We never ate out for the longest time. It was all we could do to pay the bills. It is my pleasure to provide this service. I will be looking forward to seeing you at WA

  66. David

    Newsmax sent this email scam.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Philip

      I was stupid enough to fall for that Lotto Crusher scam ..boy they are getting good at their sales pitches and presentations.
      however I had a sinking feeling even as I was paying for it.
      I’ve got it downloaded it into my PDF and called forr an immediate refund it’s way complicated and just a bunch of malarkey..
      I got my refund of the full $147 in 3 days I didn’t even know you could try to click away and be offered a lesser price I’ve done that before on other scams and got them down to $1 for 30-day trial with no strings which I never purchased

  67. Gene Long

    I watched the video and right away knew the scam. He does put some truth in the video to mske it appear ok. But the dollar figures of $147 and $97 seem to always be used by scamers. Next he says that random generating programs are not random but do repeat. This is true. However to say they use these programs is false. They discovered this years ago. What you see them using is balls dropping down from a basket. This is truly random as random can be. Don’t fall for this nut case. But he will make some money and keep this scam going.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah. I wish everyone were as savvy as you and not waste their money. I notice that too about the sums of money they ask for. There is also $77, $67, $47. And yes, unfortunately, some people will fall for it, and everybody “selling this program will probably make money. I happen to procure a copy of the “system” I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.

      1. gwSpano

        Thanks, Polly. I almost got pulled into this scam Vortex. Will be looking at WA. I’d appreciate taking a look at your PDF on this scam if possible Thanks!

      2. Polly Post author

        To tell you the truth, I am not really sure if I should post it. I don’t want them guys to sue me.

      3. Dyton

        Using a 7 at the end of prices is a marketing tool. Researchers of marketing have found using 7 at the end creates sales. Plain and simple lol. 4 is another number used. Go look at walmart… you’ll see a similar practice.

  68. Amos

    So if 175 people purchase the lotto crusher and bet on the same lotto who will win?

    1. Polly Post author

      I know right? I suppose some people don’t see that. They see $$$$ instead. Imaginary ones at that

  69. ghostwriter

    Thanks for posting this. I came across that video, and decided to watch for a few minutes to amuse myself (knowing all the while that it was a scam, of course). I was curious to know more of the details of the scam, and a quick Google search brought me here (after also returning results that were mostly scam “reviews” of this scam product). I was impressed enough by your approach to the topic that I will be looking into the Wealthy Affiliate materials tomorrow.

    What I appreciate the most is that your post, combined with the scam site/video, provides a great opportunity for me to teach my kids (ages 8 and 11) about the importance of checking facts and sources for EVERYTHING they see on the Internet. Keep up the good work!

    1. Polly Post author

      Well that was just awesome!! I am happy to have made a difference for you and your kids. Not to mention I am flattered you are using it to teach your kids. Outstanding. If you need any questions answered about Wealthy Affiliate. Let me know. C’Ya

  70. Marimal

    Could we have some super IT genius hack into the Lotto Crusher System Site so that we could have the info for free. Then if the scam turns out to work i wont be greedy i will donate to them. LMAO

    1. Polly Post author

      Heh. You are quite diabolical. However, I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to attempt such an activity. Besides why go to all the trouble when it’s crap anyway?

    2. Pamjoy


      1. Ken Lycett

        Can I get a copy of the .PDF to look at?

      2. Polly Post author

        Sorry Ken. No can do.

      3. Debra

        To Pamjoy, What is your email address. I would like to see this so called program that I was almost sucked into buying. At the last second before purchasing, I decided to google them from a different computer to try to verify. I’m so glad I did. Thank you.

      4. Polly Post author

        I am sorry I cannot give out my email address. You can contact me here but, I can save you some time and just tell you right now that I will not send you a copy of this scam. It is not my intent to promote this and that is what I would be doing if I were to fulfill your request.

      5. stacy

        Hi Pam. I’m sorry you bought the scam. I don’t think you are stupid just very curious. I’m extremely curious & a friend of mine did a paper in school about lottery success & horror stories, but he also told me he found a formula that would take a lot of time, but possibly worked & I wanted to see now if its the same. I’d pay for it if it was $20 or $30, but I’m now afraid they will steal my cc info. Would u mind sending me a copy? If not, that’s ok. I’m just so curious now. I am a single mom, just lost my job, so I don’t exactly have gambling money, so don’t worry…I just want to read it & compare it to my friends version or see if it’s the same.
        If yes just let me know & I’ll send u my email!

        Thank you!


      6. stacy

        And Polly, hi! I am actually interested in your online marketing, WA. I will check it out. I stumbled upon this site, but I’m laughing to myself, because you keep thinking that people are calling you by the wrong name, and keep replying asking who so & so is & then repeating your name (Polly) ~ But all people are doing is just replying to others that have written on here. i see you are the host & moderator, but I see a few people corresponding with each other on their own. Just caught that. I replied to someone & I thought you actually might correct me. So I hope I don’t waste your time..I was asking another on this page a question. Ok thanks. Rock on!

      7. Polly Post author

        Heh heh. No, you aren’t wasting my time.
        Yeah, I just caught on to that myself just a little while ago. When I noticed what was happening, I seriously considered removing my comments>(They kind of make me look stupid) Instead, I left them and now I just allow the comments with no interference.

        I actually think it’s pretty cool that my visitors are talking to each other and not just me.

      8. Erin

        Dear Pamjoy, (in reply to post on 3/5/16, “I got cus I was…..- email me I send it to you)
        If you wouldn’t mind, (& are still willing) I’d truly appreciate if you could send the email as you proposed in your post earlier in the year?
        I am also completely willing to help you get a refund from this scamming company, file a complaint & report them for credit card fraud, if in fact they did steal or fraudulently use either your credit card info or your identity.
        Unfortunately, I too have been through the same exact thing on multiple occasions with different companies after purchasing products online and over the phone. The companies claimed my trial was free and all I had to pay was S&H, then proceeded to bill me monthly as a subscriber to their “club” & many other problematic issues that I don’t want to bore you with nor the other readers of this site. I didn’t learn my lesson the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. but the one thing I did learn is this, to never, ever give up! Even when they claimed to have me on tape accepting offers/memberships,etc. I refused to believe them bc I knew they were incorrect & had them email me a copy of the recording. As clear as day you can hear me rejecting all offers.
        You truly can never, ever give up fighting to get your hard earned money back from these scum. I also have many other tools in my arsenal that I’d be more than happy to share with you if necessary. These people depend on you giving up & letting go, that’s why they try to make it as difficult as possible for you to get your money back, these fly-by-the-night companies make the majority of their money exactly this way.. They make me sick to my stomach! You just have to keep on pushing back to show them that you’ll never give up & that they chose the wrong person to mess with this time! I honestly hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Erin
        P.S. Polly, If this message doesn’t get sent directly to the person who posted this, Pamjoy, would you be kind enough to please forward this to her? That is, if it doesn’t break any rules /regulations or the like. I’d be very grateful and appreciative . Many thanks! Keep on doing what you’re doing – keep on trucking!

      9. Polly Post author

        I will definitely post this to the comment section for you. If she returns, she will see your answer. Unfortunately, I cannot forward anything to anybody. The email line is there so I will know people are real but I will not publish any personal emails nor will I invade someone’s privacy to do so. Maybe you guys can arrange to meet in a private chatroom or something and take it from there. Meanwhile, feel free to talk to each other as much as you want here on my website. Thanks for the props.

  71. Jerry

    I went through this video and knew it was a bunch of junk a few minutes in. I listened to it till the end and waited for the next part of the pitch I knew would come. Many years ago I got the same idea that if I went back over the winning numbers I could see which ones came up first. I went to a two year history and listed all the numbers in columns. Then I picked the numbers that came up the most often. Indeed there were numbers that repeated more than others. I used what I came up with and they did win sometimes. I actually spent more on tickets than I won so I decided if I was going to play the lottery I would do it the same as everyone else. By chance. I play once in awhile and I win once in awhile but lose most of the time. I do still have my $147.00 that I didn’t waste on this sorry scam.

    1. willem

      hey jerry can you send me a copy to me, I still wanted to see what that looks like. and have no desire for so much money to go into the ship ..
      Thanks & Regards

      1. Polly Post author

        I don’t know who Jerry is and what exactly do you want a copy of?

        Ik weet niet wie Jerry is en wat precies wil je een kopie van ?

  72. jenni

    Hey!!! You are super cute and really smart. I totally had scam all over the majority of the video and confirmed it when they repeated different numbers…. ie 51 more copies to sell then only 53 copies to sell. Any ways, love your work and spent an hour reading all your comments…. I may even see you on the affiliate wealth page you are pleased with. I am Jenni. You should Google me. I am on the west coast

    1. Polly Post author

      Thanks for the compliments. Love to see you on my page. Pleased you enjoy my work and you took the time to read all the comments. Please visit anytime.

      1. Nickolas

        Me too reas ing most the comments nice work tho thanks. BTW the only reason I thought this might not be a scam is because I thought the logo crusher would be free

  73. Bill Stapleton

    Why would the store operator get mad for a customer winning? The store gets a percentage of the winnings. When I read this I knew that it was B.S. A store owner , making $$$, pulled a gun on a customer making him that $$$$.

    1. Polly Post author

      I know right? You saw right through that B.S. didn’t you? Good for you!!

      1. Byron Billings

        The comment by Bill Stapleton reminded me of another comment in the video “that if too many people used this system the Lotto would lose money”. Since the payouts are SET amounts based upon TOTAL tickets sold and equally DIVIDED amongst the winners, it pretty much guarantees the state a profit.

    2. Jan

      Yeah, I thought the same thing. And shall we talk about the numerous typos in the slide show. Not very professional.

      1. Polly Post author

        Seriously right? I wish everyone could see right through it.

  74. Hank

    Why doesn’t someone just go ahead and post this “lotto crusher Scam” on the web. Just give it to ant person that wanted to try it for free (it is a scam any way so what does it matter)
    This would prove once & for all that it is truly a scam.

    1. Polly Post author

      They will nevwer post it for free. It is a product that anyone can sell. That in itself sayas a lot. They would rather sell it then use it.

  75. Carolyn

    Four times tried to leave comment and offer to get anyone’s money back. request my email and I can and will do it. worked as very high balance collector for years and prior to that paralegal. Believe me I can get the cash. Funny thing is that first 3 said I got the CAPTCHA code wrong. Right, like I can’t read. and finally on the last it supposedly went through. Nope nowhere to be found. Consider yourself on notice I am, and will be taking this up a notch and will go to the top if needed. Court costs the winner nothing and you scums will pay treble damages. and pain and suffering. People who suffer from certain ailments, can be made much worse by knowingly being put through this type of experience. And you certainly do no know and don’t care. That’s all it takes.

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry Carolyn,
      I only received the last two communications. You seem a little perturbed. One thing I do (especially when making a lengthy comment), I copy the comment after it is completed then I submit the comment. If it doesn’t go through I just paste it in and resubmit. I do this until I have achieved the desired results.

      Now, on to your other…issues.
      This was part of your previous comment:
      “I wrote. offer is this, request my email and I will make sure as the grass is green you will get your refund.”

      Unfortunately, I am bound by law to keep your email private. I cannot post it or hand it out to anybody who asks, then you could really sue me.I admire the fact that you want to help people. Perhaps you could build a website and advertise the fact that you can help people get their money back. I am sure it is a very good niche. Please comment further, I would be happy to continue to discuss this . Or you can contact me here

  76. B Green

    I just watched this video ad from a Newsmax email this morning, because always on the alert for a way to make some money. It said it was a very short video. It was already in lie territory, because it wasn’t short at all. Then said it was $250, marked down to $147. Not even the $97 mentioned here. I never buy anything from video ads that are over $50. Typically some health related info that have actually helped me. But, I’m real suspicious of someone trying to make a few bucks that already claims to be rich. That’s the real scam giveaway. If he wanted others to know his little secret, he’d just give it away for free.

    1. Polly Post author

      That’s what I said!!If they are wealthy and doing this out of the goodness of their heart then they would just give it away and they would become quite the philanthropist. I know if I was greedy I would keep it a secret that’s for sure. Good thing you are a cautious individual and take the time to look things over before parting eith you r hard earbed cash. The Lotto Crusher System is definitely a scam! Thanks for visiting. Come back anytime.

  77. Matt

    I don’t feel sorry for any one of you who bought this system. The lotto is random, if you really think you can predict the winning numbers with some 5th grade math you deserve to lose your money.

    1. Polly Post author

      I can understand your feeling.However some people aren’t really stupid, rather they might be misinformed, desperate, greedy or a combination of all three. I once received a comment from a gentleman who was actually a mathematician. I can’t seem to find that comment, But I remember very clearly he said that randomness can never be predicted. And that is exactly why they are called games of chance. Thanks for your comment Matt.

  78. BlackJack

    For the readers who “try” various dubious programs with “guarantees” I believe that by using a reputable credit card you can get your refund by contesting the payment and having the credit card do your work for you, in accordance with the guarantee.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes indeed Blackjack, very good advice

  79. Paul Kershner

    I’ve been trying to reach this guy who’s system I bought to get a refund from day 1 and to know avail! Sent emails and no replies, and click bank is another joke, their automated system is useless! This system isn’t worth $97.00, and the fact that you can’t search for your product by name is another rip off! Their system only finds the last item you’ve purchased in their system! I want my funds back you low life thieves!

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Paul sorry about what happened. Please take care when purchasing online moneymaking “products” Due dilligencw and research id=s necessary when deciding to purchase or not. I will add your comment and hopefully keep other people from fslling for this B.S.

  80. Gary

    I keep getting emails for this drivel almost every week. It’s a real crack-up that they’re only going to sell 175 copies, then take the website down for good. I almost fell for it. On the basis that if it turns out to be B.S., you can get your money back through Click-bank. Never bought anything from Click-bank, are they a reliable source for a refund?

    1. Polly Post author

      As near as I can tell Gary, Click-bank is reliable for refunds. The lotto crusher system is indeed one of their products.
      Glad you saw through the B.S. Take it easy, and if it’s good take it twice!

  81. Mike

    Yes I was very interested in purchasing this product. Things are tough and really could use that extra income to live better. I filled everything out all that I had to do was hit the button and it would of processed my credit card but I had a hunch and I decided to google this product and found this site and I’m glad I did. I went back and exited the webpage with all my info and now I am very glad I didn’t get scammed and now leaving this message thanks Mike

    1. Polly Post author

      I would have been interested in it too because I am always looking for new ways to make money but I am always wary and I investigate thoroughly. Good thing you did the same. I know what you mean about being able to use the extra money. I stay with my mom and I don’t have a job in the traditional sense.

      Sadly, the con artists who proliferate the internet prey upon feelings of desperation, need and greed. They adjust their sales pitches accordingly. and lure many honest people, with visions of fancy cars, big mansions and money floating down from the sky.

      Even if this program was legit I wouldn’t deal with them anyway because of what I learned about Urooj Khan. That fact alone shows the depth of the moral ineptitude of these people and this I cannot tolerate.

      That is why I am pleased in my discovery of affiliate marketing. With the help of my premium membership at Wealthy affiliate, I am learning how to become a successful and efficient affiliate marketing. Truly it is the best thing that has ever happened to me career wise. Why don’t you sign up for a free trial and see what it’s all about? Glad I could help you with your research on the Lotto Crusher System. Stop by again sometime!!

  82. Cathy Ji

    While I think it’s great you are trying to save people from spending money on a scam…I find it interesting that you are basically advertising your system of making money?!

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Cathy,
      I can see how you would think that. The reality, however, is much different. I am not advertising. I happen to make pretty good money as an affiliate marketer and I just wanted to give other people the same chance I was given through Wealthy Affiliate. I was pretty much destitute and living with my mom. Well, I still live with my mom, but now I am a contributing member of the household. All because I learned how to become an affiliate marketer. A free trial membership with no credit card requirements is more than anybody out there will give, They are in it for the money their scam produces and they most likely do not believe in their product. If they did they would be using it instead of selling it.I happen to believe in the program I am involved with. I want to share with anyone who cares to learn. Drop by anytime.

  83. Barb

    Thank You for saving me too. Living on fixed soc. sec. income. Not greedy, just desperate. 🙁

    1. Polly Post author

      Thank goodness you didn’t fall for that load! My mom lives on soc sec also. I quit working so I could take care of her and give her companionship. We were desperate also. Then I discovered affiliate marketing and have devoted my time to learning how to earn an income online. I’m not saying I’m raking on the cash but the work I have put into affiliate marketing has produced enough money to make our lives more comfortable. And it gets better every month. You should do what I did and try Wealthy Affiliate for free. Then decide if it is right for you. See you soon!

  84. Joe

    I’ve received this solicitation twice in my spam folder. The main thing that I found weird was the email was sent to me from my own email address! Of course, I wanted nothing to do with it the system. So many scammers out there in we land. Delete, delete, delete.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah I still get this one every so often. I delete it also/. I have the same problem with it coming from my own email address also. Not sure what exactly to do about that. I would really like to spam those suckers.

  85. Tammy

    I was stupid enough to fall for this video b/c I figured I could download it and then after reading it, ask for my money back if it wasn’t helpful. I downloaded it and after reading a few pages saw it was a total ebook of garbage. But Guess what?- when you do ask for a refund, it says you’ll be contacted within 24 hours- I wasn’t. It’s been 3 days. My credit card was charged and I am now filing dispute with credit card company for charges. When you try to go to their contact page- it says 404 server error. Do not waste your money. Learn from my mistakes. I only wish I’d found this post before ordering.

    1. Polly Post author

      Thank you for your comment.Sorry to hear what happened. That sucks.Al though you learned a valuable lesson, it still doesn’t help knowing you have been wronged. I currently work as an affiliate marketer, and I was thinking that if you really want to make money online, you could learn how to become one just as i have. Slip on over to my Wealthy affiliate review to learn about the free trial no credit card deal that is offered. Drop by any time

  86. Brad

    Here’s the thing and our reviewer nailed it on the head: If this works so well…..WHY would you want others using it? The greater the number of winners the smaller the payouts, etc. The idea that a person who has made it “big” using some system just wants to “give back” because of their good fortune is ludicrous on the face of it. REALLY? Then just look around for folks that could really use the money and GIVE it away! Hey, you don’t need the money from the sale of the product ….. right?

    If it seems to good to be true…….it ALWAYS is. Sales of products like this work because folks are both greedy and desperate. Or, just desperate. But, trust me, in sales and ad theory…..GREEED is worked on as the number one motivator to get the sale.

    1. Polly Post author

      Thanks for backing me up. Unfortunately these bloodsuckers try to capitalize on that greed and desperation. Makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. Especially when they try to take advantage of desperate people who are only trying to provide for themselves and their families.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  87. Janet

    Polly, you were so hard to find. Every “scam” review” praised this guy and the system! Something caught my eye on your review and thank goodness it did. I was right there. What a dodo I am. I’m going to look into the system you are suggesting. Thanks for your efforts and God bless……Jan

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry I was so hard to find, although the last time I checked I was . However find me you did and that is a good thing. I am pleased my review caught your eye and I was able to help you make an informed choice. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. and I look forward to seeing you at Wealthy Affiliate.

  88. George Arquette

    Nice work Polly.
    I had no question this was a scam. It’s fun to see what immoral things some people will do to their fellow man in the name of money.
    Accurately predicting randomness is impossible. I learned that in statistics long ago.
    The use of poor Mr. Kahn’s identity ( or lack of) is reprehensible and down right nasty.
    Karma will take care of “Everett in time. And that Karma will be “random” also.

  89. Anne Marcantonio

    Daaayyyyyaaaammmm! I also thought it was a hoax and tried to listen but was falling asleep… enough already about the house, the cars, the kids, oh and the wife!! But I DID NOT know alot of the info you provided about both unconscionable scams – the lotto crusher and clickbank… Invaluable!!


    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Anne,
      I know. If not for the fact I was doing research, i would have fallen asleep too. It was truly some boring S***. I yawned so much it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for commenting, and your appreciation

  90. Robert Spiller

    I’d like to play the devils advocate if I may….how did you find those photographs of the fake winner and the real one who lives in Chicago, or used to live there because now he’s dead. I’m just curious, but you have saved me from spending what money I have left.

    1. Polly Post author

      Considering the story, it really wasn’t all that difficult. I simply executed a search for lottery winners. Then perused the images provided. I actually found several articles about this poor man.The CNN was the most factual.The Fake picture is actually used in the video sales pitch that goes to any email as a sales pitch. I am pretty sure the others were fake, but those i could not find. Yet. Come back soon. thanks for the comment

  91. Sudhir

    Thanks for this post. Do you have any idea how difficult was it for me to find your post. I did a search with “Lotto Crusher Scam” using Google and Bing. After looking at 100s of posts I found yours. Almost all of the other posts claimed to provide an honest review of the product, but connected to the lotto crusher website. What a shame? We indeed have become the land of lawlessness.

  92. Trish

    Hi, thanks for sharing, they almost got me till i found your post. I always google if it sounds to good to be true! Wish i could tell the loser who is doing the scam.
    RIP the poor gentleman who has been killed.

    1. Polly Post author

      My pleasure Trish. It is indeed a good rule of thumb to always research something before buying. Especially if they want you to invest some sort of money into it. I wonder if the guy who made the presentation is even aware of Mr. Khan’s fate? Thanks for your comment!!


  93. Graeme Monk

    Thanks, I appreciate your investigation into Lotto Crusher.
    I was interested but also wary so checked whether it was a scam and found your site.
    Well done.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey no problem. I just would hate to see anybody caught up in that fiasco.

    1. Polly Post author

      I don’t understand Steve. Are you calling me those names? Or What’s the deal?

  94. Harold

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. And if it was that simple , everybody would be have it.
    Thanks for the info, been wanting to do a web site. Might look into that!
    Thanks again!

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah Harold, Scam avoidance 101. That has always been a question of mine. If the system is so great, then why aren’t they using it instead of trying to sell it? More than happy to share my research with everyone. I really hope you look into starting your own business with Wealthy Affiliate. I know it will make a huge difference in your life.It has made a huge difference in mine. Thanks for dropping by.

  95. gary

    I have requested a refund in accordance with their Guaranteed 100% Money Back if you are not satisfied for any reason. Their guarantee is as worthless as the program.

    1. Polly Post author

      That is too bad Gary. Obviously you didn’t win anything. So sorry you were bamboozled by these buttheads.It is a law that they have to give you your money back if they say they will. If you do not receive your money back, consider reporting them to the Attorney General Consumer affairs division or to the FTC.In the meantime , I would like to encourage you to look into Wealthy Affiliate if you are serious about making money online.
      Drop by anytime Gary.

    2. WJ

      Yes they guarantee a refund but don’t hold your breathe..They will not respond back to you if you request a refund…Please stay away from this Scam Artist…Fraud at its best! Again I say stay away from these Crooks!!!

      1. Polly Post author

        Yes it is unfortunate, but these internet crooks do exist. Unfortunately they try to capitalize on desperation and greed. Two facets of human nature that are easy to exploit.Hope you were not taken in by them

  96. Cathy

    Wow Polly,

    This scam has got some homicide twist in it. How on earth did you manage to dig that out??!! With a bit of scrutiny, you can really tell that those two pictures derive from the same image. What a crook to use someone else’s picture (who had deceased) for your own brand marketing – that’s so wrong.

    On the other note, thanks for sharing how Clickbank’s payout works. Been always curious about it. I might go behind the scene to check them out.


    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah there is a morbid twist to that particular “Testimonial”. I felt it was extremely important to expose this story for two reasons.

      1.Expose the lies inherent in any type of scam that relies on “testimonials” in order to convince the sheep to buy their “system”
      2. The depths and loss of morals to which they will sink to obtain your hard earned cash.

      As for how I located the information, I simply input a search for scratch off winners. He was the subject of several articles.
      I was personally offended. I wonder if his family is aware. of this?
      Let’s not forget about Clickbank. I personally would not conduct any sort of business with them, simply because they are not picky about what type of product they make available for affiliate marketers. Everybody wants to make money. We all need it to survive ( except for those people living in Alaska on those reality shows ) But I think I would rather earn my money in an honest and ethical way. Wouldn’t you?
      Thank you for your comment. Drop by anytime Cathy

  97. Sylvia

    Hi fellow WA member,
    I had this same email last year around this time and I watched the video just to amuse myself wondering how long it will take to finally spill the beans.
    Of course I didn’t follow since I knew right from the beginning that it is a hoax. It still surprises me though that the same email still makes its way through the digital world over and over again.
    Great post!!!

    1. Polly Post author

      What’s up Sylvia,
      I know right? The more I do this, the more aware I become. It is much easier to spot the scams no matter what form they take. Unfortunately, a large segment of the population are not aware.

      This scam, in particular, bothers me a little more than the rest. Let me tell you why. Compulsive gambling is an addiction, addiction is a disease. The people who propagate this program, enable compulsive gamblers taking advantage of a disease that has the ability to ruin their life.

      I am not a psychologist, this is only my opinion, but I have a special place of contempt in my heart for them because they take advantage of an illness, on top of the fact they are trying to take your money NO FAIR!!!! I couldn’t keep silent any longer, simply because I have no interest in gambling.This is the lowest of the get rich quick scam. The people they target can not help themselves. And they are aware of this fact.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  98. Raymond Philippe

    Thanks for sharing this story. The Clickbank product creators you mentioned here seem without scruples. Giving Clickbank and Clickbank affiliates a bad name and bringing discredit to all the honest sellers and online businesses out on the www. Thanks for exposing them.

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