The Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review: Not To Be Confused With Learn How To Academy…Or Is It?

By | 12/17/2015

Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review


What Is Learn How To Link Academy?

I see this in my email and I just shake my head, look down at my keyboard and let out a heavy duty <sssiiiiggghhhh>. I am so totally over these link posting job scams. However looking into this one actually caused me to arch an eyebrow in surprised introspection at the slight difference in their approach. Then again, it is kind of a small stroke of genius because although this is a variation on what I have dubbed the “hydra scam”, it seeks a totally different demographic. So… join me now for a few moments as I explain and enlighten  about the Learn How To Link Academy and why it is a scam in my review.

 Not To Be Confused With Learn How To Academy…Or Is It?

As I expressed earlier and probably will again, Learn How To Link Academy is like so many others of it’s kind. In order to avoid mass confusion and to better illustrate my point, I am only going to compare it with Learn How to Academy and probably include expressions and references that refer to this type of scam as a whole. Let’s get right into it with a little bit of imagery:

learnlink.jpg.1learn how to academy review system

First I would like to compliment whoever designed this particular site. They  actually strove for a semblance of originality. Why do I say That? Let me tell you why I say that.

Up until this point in time,  every scam like this one I have encountered(and there is a myriad of them.)has been aimed at low-income single young mothers. Usually working more than one job to make ends meet.

This one is aimed at  low-income single young fathers. The very first of it’s kind I have ever seen.

The Learn How to Link Academy Scam Review


However,  though they have striven for a little originality, their story remains the same. They got divorced at a young age, had a small child, moved for  a fresh start, had a young child to take care of, worked hard, really hard, lived from paycheck to paycheck(Jeez, join the club),

Then they ALL experience:


Now, in Mr. Tony Anderson’s case, he received an injury at his workplace and was no longer capable of working so he could pay his bills. The grown man cries.

The situation with the woman is a bit divergent here. She usually ends up losing her full-time job(or all three of her jobs or whatever)and can’t pay the bills. She cries. Small difference. They both ended up without a viable income.

And Theeeeeennnnnn…

They both think about their situation and decide what they don’t want  job wise:


And what they want:


They describe their dream job discussing it non-stop to anyone who would listen, Everybody thinks they’re  crazy and the next thing you know…BOOM!!


Interestingly enough, this (for lack of a better term)recurring miracle occurs to each in an almost identical manner. They meet someone in a doctor’s office. For Alan: Some guy. For the women: A kindly stranger. Who relates what he does online and suggests perhaps they should give it a shot.

3 Months Later…

…they’re lives have been remade in the image created in their thoughts.  Debt free!! Able to provide! Work half the time for double the pay!! S*** tons of money with little or no effort.


So all because of the kindness of a stranger(no charge, just tryin’ to help out)Alan and every woman in these scams, has reached a level of comfort never before possible to them. And because they are doing so well(again, the kindness of a stranger):


Knowledge(by their own admission) given freely by someone unknown to them they are now offering to SELL to you. Well now, isn’t that paying it forward?(insert heavy sarcasm here)

They haven’t gotten to the part where they make the offer but trust me it’s coming. Right now they’re giving you the buildup. Telling you how easy it is to join companies and post links for them. saying:


There’s much more teasing  about how much money you can make and of course all the benefits and extras you receive. They even name this “job”, calling it being a “Link Placement Agent” It has been called other things such as: Link posting agent and search engine agent. They give it a name to portray the illusion this is an actual job and you can draw a regular paycheck from these companies.


Claiming also that:



But you haven’t heard the best part yet. The best part is:


That’s pretty much the highlights. Except more about being yor own boss and living the life of leisure. Along with all the training and support you will receive from trained professionals. Think on that for a minute and then read about my private consultation with a so-called professional when I signed up for The Work at Home Institute, which is a waaayyy earlier version of Learn How To Link Academy.

So now we get to the crux of the matter. This $2,000 package can beall  yours for the low,low price of $97.50 or:




Depending on how many times you try to leave the page without purchasing the program.

Learn How To Link Academy(LHLA) is nothing more than a link posting job scam

Remember earlier when I mentioned that I was impressed with this version of the hydra? Normally these things are slapped together with bits and pieces from versions of the scam that came before it. Including fake news stories, overused stock photo images for the testimonials of supposed members tell about how great LHLA is, logos of  large, popular companies they imply you will be working for, and the same basic story of hardship and loss turned instantly around by implementing this program

I have even seen instances of blatantly using two separate logos for two different link posting job scams on one page. Seriously you need to take a look.

A Few Changes

New laws have emerged as a result of an FTC investigation into the use of fake news stories as a deceptive advertising tactic. This person took the time to address some of the issues generated as a result of these investigations.

Earnings Disclaimer


Previous disclaimers did not include the statement highlighted in the image above. Implying that the news stories were fact.

Testimonial Clarification And List

Many reviews on the many variations of the link posting job scams feature testimonials with stock images that are used over and over on these websites. This has been a point that scam exposers(such as myself)have used to prove what a scam this type of “program” is. The issue has been addressed and in a rather  unique straight forward fashion.(which I suspect will be the norm for programs like this everywhere.

This next bit of info was at the very bottom of the page right underneath the privacy policy and other important disclaimers.

 *The Above example is only illustrative of what might be achievable from using this program, and that the Above examples are not to be taken literally. **All testimonials are real and photos are stock. Some testimonials have been remunerated for grammar or to protect the identity or privacy, as well as trade secret knowledge.

Their individual results are atypical. They invested their own money and are not employees. Some of these testimonials may have paid for additional help. Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to work hard and invest both time and money to get these life-changing results.

I’ve never actually seen this type of addendum. Not only that but it includes a link to a pretty impressive pdf file full of “actual” testimonials. This I have never seen. It is indeed a very nice touch. And a very bold move because now they might possibly fall under suspicion of providing false testimonials. Showing no fear. Quite a b***** move I don’t mind saying. This I think is calculated to create trust.

But then waaaayyyy down at the bottom of all those glowing testimonials is a small reminder:

Some testimonials have been corrected for grammar or edited to protect the identity or privacy of our students as well as trade secret knowledge. Their individual results are atypical. Their results required a great amount of time and energy. They invested their own money and are not employees. Some of these testimonials may have paid for additional help. Please do not begin with us if you are unwilling to work hard and invest both time and money to get these life changing results

Point #1 – You have to invest both time and money

Point #2 -These results required a great amount of time and energy

Point #3 –  Their individual results are atypical.(Not the norm)

I have not seen such candor about these scams ever. In previous versions, they did not include this type of disclaimer(’cause that’s what it is.)Instead, they chose to permit the illusion of easy money. With free stuff they usually end up asking payment for.

This is actually quite an evolutionary leap. I expect we will see a new generation of the link posting job scam.

is link posting a job are there jobs posting linksAlthough there have been notable changes to the overall structure, it still remains one of the many heads of the hydra. It still spews forth the same destructive scam much like the incendiary breath of the mythological beast. Every time a new head sprouts there are subtle changes or complete f***-ups. The fact remains: The Learn How to Link Academy is still a link posting job scam. Same package, different wrapping.

What It All Boils Down To Is This…

This link posting job is basically affiliate marketing and in a really farfetched theory of mine, might actually have been the progenitor of affiliate marketing. Be that as it may, affiliate marketing has evolved into something beyond merely posting links online.

These days, it is important to own and operate a website in order to even get past the application to become an affiliate of any company operating online.  Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Oh, they will probably offer you a free”  website that somehow you will end up spending money on. Most likely the “free” website will be a carbonish copy of the website that brought you there in the first place.


But the best thing you can do to learn how to make money online, is to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and the best place to do that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Take It For A Testdrive

get trainedThe one outstanding feature that drew me to Wealthy Affiliate after I finally discovered it was the fact that unlike any other “program” I’ve encountered in my search for financial stability by working online, WA offered a free trial. A 7-day free trial to be precise.

I didn’t even have to furnish a credit card number. Only my name and email address. It gave me a chance to try the program out before committing any sort of financing for a membership.

Whether you choose this scam or choose to pursue true affiliate marketing one fact is true of both. You will actually be required to work at it and you will probably have to spend some money. So instead of forking out $97.50, why not try Wealthy Affiliate for free? Learn what affiliate marketing is before you commit any kind of money try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Please accept my personal invitation to learn all about affiliate marketing and how to make money doing it.


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  1. Joseph Mizera

    These get rich scams are choking my g mail. They just multiply at an insane rate. I have to delete several hundred every day.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I have two other email addresses to catch all that crap. That way my real email address remains private.


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