The Earn At Home Club Scam Review. They Can’t Be Serious.

By | 12/21/2015

Earn At Home Club Review:  Scam? Without A Doubt


I joined this “club” on December 11th for the very affordable price of $5.02. To tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting much. That’s exactly what I got. Nothing much. Not to mention some very erratic behavior from the website. But what can one expect from a program that is outdated and cheesy to begin with.

…I received an email that provided my login info and a link to the site to get started.


Now, see there at the top where it says “Instant access to members area?”  You would think if you clicked on a link that says it will take you to the members area it would take you to the members area right? Well, it didn’t believe it or not instead I was sent right  into a f@#&*#@ upsell. They couldn’t even give me a chance to check it out first.

I was assured this was a very special offer and I would never see it again. So I best take advantage while I have the chance.(Still don’t know what it’s all about mind you) But I just better get right on it.


So I took screenshots of the entire squeeze page, just in case there were some things I wanted to talk about or show you. I’m not going to bore you with the entire page. I’m only gonna hit the scammy highlights. I am introduced to the “V.I.P. Club” and how it is the greatest.


What follows is a whole bunch of hyped up nonsense about how you will get more intense in-depth training and it shows a list of e-books you will receive as a V.I.P and just how much money you will make in general and how all this money will bring you happiness, yadda, yadda.

By the way, how am I supposed to tell the difference between what I have already paid for(regular membership) and this V.I.P. membership they assure me it is in my best interest to have?

 Then…here comes the pitch:


At this point, I have yet to enter the members area  to see exactly what I am dealing with.(Which is where that link was supposed to take me.)They want me to pay $47 for an upgrade to a program when I haven’t even tried it out.

I mean seriously, if I were to take them up on their V.I.P offer, sight unseen mind you, how would I know they aren’t just selling me the same piece of garbage I already have. With no actual upgrades.

That’s right I wouldn’t know because there would be nothing to compare it to. You follow me here?

Just to twist the screw a little tighter they mention that I will never, ever be able to take advantage of this offer again. Seriously. For real. They Aren’t kidding around. They MEAN IT.


I exited the page and tried again. This time, I ended up in what I thought was the members area, but I wasn’t there just yet. I ended up on a page that  displayed a video I was to watch and then down at the bottom it had two link choices. Here I’ll show you what I mean;

earnstart earnstart1

 There are two separate directions this goes. One, I click the part where the “play” arrow overlays the dude in the picture. I thought fer sure I would be listening to this guy give me the welcome spiel. I skipped that part(I went back later. Tell you about that in a minute)and went straight to where it says “….>>>>Continue To Training Area”. <ssiigghhhh> Still, not the training area but another f@#$^&@ upsell cleverly disguised as a “FREE BONUS”


I assume this website will be free? Let’s take a closer look. The link sent me to a fake news story,


which then takes me to a video advertisement for “Millionaire Websites”.


This is thirty minutes of how this absolutely free website is going to earn you truckloads of cash(yes he did say truckloads)every day like clockwork.


 The normal cost of a partnership into this business is $15,500. However since they are sensitive to the fact that times are tough and they want me to make money, they are  going to design this website and hand out a bunch of free coaching videos or whatever worth thousands of dollars. All for FREE. Can you believe it?

All of this free stuff can be mine for a one time fee of


I need only to pay for the hosting of said “free” website of course.


I clicked out of there and fiiiiiiiinaaaalllllly I was allowed to proceed to the Members Training Area. I was not very impressed. Bu then what was I expecting for $5.


#1 was all about Facebook. How to set one up and how to market on it.(Stuff Facebook tells you already)

#2 is called “Google Marketing” and is all about using AdWords. Considering this scam has been in production since 2008 or before, all the information was irrelevant.

#3 how to sell on eBay

#4 was about SEO. Something every website owner should eat, sleep and breathe.

#5  “Cash Magnet Websites” is all about setting up a domain and hosting. How to set up WordPress and set it up for multiple websites.(I didn’t know you could do that)and download the “website” so you can start making some of that truckloads of money.

#6 V.I.P. Membership. A list of about 40 downloads to read that are supposed to help me make money. Last of all is,

#7 simply titled “Downloads” These are supposedly what I am supposed to download to the website I set up in Course #5. But I wouldn’t know about that seeing as how I can’t download the s@#%.

Not to mention the fact that during course #5 there is a link to get another  website from a “company” called Innovative Site Creations and that’s a whole different can of worms. Look it up on Google and see what you find that is absolutely


Here they also ask that I only pay for two years of hosting  at a place called Purely Hosting. It was advised I signup for the two-year package for better rankings on Google. ??????????? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Google doesn’t rank you based on how long your website domain and hosting are paid for.

Unfortunately, I could no longer proceed with my investigation because the link is broken. I did Google the company.  They didn’t even have a two-year plan. Or at least, if they did I couldn’t find it. No hosting was provided either. At all.

Then I Took  A Break.

I took a break from my perusal of the website because quite frankly it was giving me a headache. So I put it aside and started to write my review. About a week later I came back to finish the article and discovered something screwy.

Upon my return I clicked on to course #5 “Cash Magnet Websites” to look at a few things. What I saw truly confused me. Same thing happened when I clicked on #6 V.I.P membership.  Here is what happened:

Normally #5 would take me here;


instead, it took me to this from some dude by the name of John Harris.


Here John tells of a program that will make you so successful that


All for the very affordable price of $77. Then it stopped and went back to showing  course #5.  And now…

It’s Doing It Again…

…so I can’t show you a screenshot of what #6 looked like before but I can certainly show you what is happening now.

I end up here.


Which is exactly like the one I was told I would never see again


with a few minor discrepancies. My letter was from Emily Young. The one showing up now is from John Harris just like the “cash magnet websites”. Also, the one from Emily specifically says this V.I.P. is for “Earn At Home Club Members” while the one from John harris merely invites me to achieve V.I.P. status.of whatever his program is.

They are one and the same. Except for price. Emily-$47 one time offer, John-$67 one time offer.

The Best Part; Success Road Academy

This is a 7-step video  presentation, about affiliate marketing.which I am beginning to suspect is the actual program. I think everything else is an accursed upsell.

Actually some very good information here. It talks about domain names, hosting, seo, websites,  keywords, niches and all manner of subject pertaining to the art of affiliate marketing. I do believe at one time this program might have worked, but the information is very dated, (Google Wonderwheel is mentioned.)as well as the fact that all links and websites referred to were either broken, defunct or led to something completely unrelated.

I do believe at one time this program might have worked, but the information is very dated, (Google Wonderwheel is mentioned.)as well as the fact that all links and websites referred to were either broken, defunct or led to something completely unrelated.

The copyright is 2008. 8 yrs is a long time, especially when dealing with technological evolution. So even if some of the info is good, so much of it is irrelevant that it isn’t  a very big help to anyone serious about becoming an affiliate marketer.

So You Gotta Ask Yourself One Thing.

Am I serious about learning how to make money online? If the answer to that is yes then it is imperative to get with someone who knows what’s going on and will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in affiliate marketing. That I can help you with. After extensive research, I found Wealthy Affiliate. The most innovative affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have helped me to

That I can help you with. After extensive research, I found Wealthy Affiliate. The most innovative affiliate marketing platform in the world. They have helped me to become successful online. I am now earning an income from the internet and it is awesome!!.

Now let’s compare a few things:

Now is the time to get rolling!! Don’t hesitate to take the first step into your future! It is free to try and you don’t need a credit card.! No Contract, no hidden fees. First ten lessons are free.


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