Build a basic website

How to begin your journey on the web

The most important thing you need to do to begin your journey on the worldwide web, is to build a basic websiteimages.jpgwebsitebuilding. After all who can expect to get started without one? Several things are necessary to accomplish before the actual building begins. It is important to register a domain name or address for your website. Just like arriving in a town you’ve never been in to visit a friend and all you have is their address. The address tells you right where they are located. Next you need to obtain hosting, or where the domain resides. Again just like the town you’re in. The town is the host for the address. This allows the user to be pointed in the right direction to get to the domain name. There  are any number of sites available for you for a small fee. Also just as many who can provide one or the other for free but generally they do not  provide both.

Where to get the website built?


Today most of the sites that provide domain names and hosting for said domains alsoindex.jpgwhichwaysign provide templates and easy  access website builders. These give you the basic design to build upon as well as a “drag and drop” feature enabling in the ease of creating your own personal look. Just to name a few of the more popular places: There is, who provides inexpensive domain names, hosting and website builders. Same as with, as well as These three  sites provide everything you need to get started. For a fee. There are numerous places to get a website for free. is probably the most popular free website builder out there.

How to get the website built.

I have heard that back in the day (ten years or so ago) in order to be able to have a website, a working knowledge of coding and programming made life a little bit easier.There are any number of independentimages.jpgwebsitebuilding2 and company based website builders who will design a very professional website for your needs. Again these types of providers will charge you a fee to do the job.  However in this day and age that part of having a website has pretty much been taken out of the equation. For a beginner such as myself this makes things much much  easier. This is where the free website comes in handy. Even  having all these things simplified there can still be a degree of difficulty getting everything set up to your satisfaction.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has designed and put together a program that combines all these steps into one single accessible site. This is a list of what you will get with your free starter membership

1 Two (yes two) free domain names with hosting

2 Step by step video tutorials detailing how to get your websites up and running.

3 Access to a large community of support (including CEO participation)

4 Classroom discussions

5 24/7 live chat where someone is always available to answer your questions

Never will you be left hanging. So in my opinion this is the best place for a novice web builder to begin their journey on the worldwide web.

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2 thoughts on “Build a basic website

  1. Rick Jantz

    Lots of good information here and I appreciate you taking the time to write this. Building a website and finding good hosting is always difficult, especially for those who are just starting out. I think you have some great ideas here on how to do that and I know that Wealthy Affiliate does a great job at doing these things for anyone interested in getting started.

    1. Polly Post author

      Thanks Rick it is always cool to receive comments like yours.


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