Survey Money Machine Reviews

By | 09/28/2015

Survey Money Machines Review

Interested In Online Surveys?

So… want to be a survey taker huh? Well, if that’s the case, let’s have a look-see and find out a little bit about what is out there shall we? If you are going to become involved in this activity, you might as well go into it with your eyes wide open We will begin with a Survey Money Machine review.

I have been planning to write several articles about surveying for quite some time now, but my own experiences with this endeavor has caused me to pretend as though online surveys do not exist. However, I am hoping to prevent what happened to me from happening to you. Trying to make money with online surveys can be quite maddening.

My Frustration With Surveys

Survey Money Machine ReviewsI must admit to having serious frustrations in dealing with surveys in any way, shape, or form. I can’t really label this particular website as a scam(although there are some who would beg to differ).

Much of my frustration stems from the fact that getting involved with so many survey companies(even just one)leads off into a maze of crazy paths and different directions. Much time is spent just trying to navigate the lefts, rights, and hairpin curves that following just one survey path can take you. In this review, I will take you through one path in order to able to lay out some facts and then you can decide if this is a scam or not.

Let us begin with trying to determine…

 Who Is Hailey Gates?

Survey Money Machines ReviewFirst of all, it is important to me to know who I am dealing with. Hailey Gates is the presumed owner and operator of Survey Money Machines. However, I have serious doubts as to the reality of Hailey being an actual person. Her picture for example. Let’s have a look.

If I may be so bold as to direct your attention to the left of this paragraph, you will see a picture of “Hailey” that is taken from one of the SMM websites.(Yes there are more than one, but that is a topic for later.) This picture is a lot like the Transformers; More than meets the eye.

What do I mean by that? Ahh.. I thought you would never ask. Allow me to elaborate. This picture is little more than a stock photo that can be downloaded(either for free a for a fee.) and used on any website. Looky here what I discovered.

Survey Money Machines reviewSurvey Money Machines Reviewhailey8hailey9


These are all photos of “Hailey” I found on different websites and not for SMM. Each image is embedded with a link to the website from where I found it. If you would like to see for yourself, just click on the image. They have even changed the color of the shirt in some instances. Once you arrive at the website you may have to scroll down a little bit to see the picture, but trust me, she’s there.

The thing of it is, these images are merely the tip of the iceberg. She is on hundreds of websites(no exaggeration)hundreds. That right there is enough to make me wonder. if “she” is dishonest with a picture, what the hell else is going on? Right?

Unfortunately, using stock images and creating fake people is a common practice in online scamming.

 So I Signed Up…Again

hailey16In the interest of research, I signed up with SMM… again.<siiiiigggghhhh> However, knowing what lies in store for me I have used a fake name and a throw-away email address to prevent damage to my true email account. This is already giving me a headache.

I opted in for the fast track. The image to the right explains exactly what this means.This means I will get a double buttload of emails.

Next I filled out a survey(already)designed to get a feel for my “demographic.” I can’t remember, but I think there were about 10-15 questions. Next I was sent to a page where I was encouraged to sign up with at the very least 10 of these survey companies.

I did not do this because I know what’s coming next. More buttloads of emails. Trust me this stuff multiplies like rabbits and even though I am researching I am not a masochist. Besides, I can give you a good review without doing that.

Not True

I would like to point out that SMM claims they do not support survey sites who bombard your email with “offers” you will end up paying for. I found this under something they labeled, “What Makes Us Unique”.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Now I am going to show you something that proves this as an untruth. Below is a screenshot of a survey company I joined through SMM called “Inbox Dollars”(ID). Just so you know, Inbox Dollars is not the only one. However, it only takes one for it to be a lie.Survey Money Machine Reviews

You with me so far? Okay. I am going to show you one of the emails ID is going to “pay me” to read. Are you ready for this? Because I’m not but here we go anyway.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Survey Money Machine Reviews


There are two links here as you can see. Both of these links take you here:

Survey Money Machine Reviews

The Disney movie club. In order to get the $10 ID has promised you, it is required to complete the offer. Now let’s investigate what this offer entails.


According to this, you have to buy each of the first 4 movies at the price of $1.99 each. Then you have to agree to buy 5 more movies over the next 2 years at regular club prices. They start at $19.95. Blu-Ray at $29.95. And then of course you have to pay shipping and handling.



So let’s do a little math. If we figure conservatively and order regular titles instead of Blu-Ray, you’ll pay $7.99 for the first four movies. Shipping and processing is free for this order. 5 more movies at regular cost $99.75. Shipping and processing for each movie X5 (assuming you only choose one each time) $19.75. By the time you are through, you end up spending $127.45. And all ID is going to pay you is $10. So it begs the question,“How the hell is that making money???!!!!”. Seriously!! It is ridiculous.

Something Shady Here

While I was writing this, I thought to myself”I wonder if there is an actual Disney Movie club website and if the offers are the same?” So I searched on Google and there is indeed a Disney Movie Club Website. What I found there made me suspicious of ID.

The membership terms and conditions are pretty much the same as stated above. Except for this:


So if you actually join at their official website, you only pay $1.00 for all four movies. That most likely means ID is pocketing the additional $6.99. If you really want to join the Movie club, just skip over ID and go to the official website. At least there you know what you are paying for. That particular offer was pretty straight forward. I was paid 4 cents for “reading” that email.

Another email from ID was the…

Outback Steakhouse Offer


This one was different in a couple of ways. For this “survey” I would only get paid $0.50 and it had this attached to the bottom of the email.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

Which means my email address was given to a third party. This is why it behooves one to read the privacy policy before giving any info and why it is a good idea to use a throw-away email address. Once it gets going there is no stopping it.

When I clicked this link I was sent to the National Consumer Center. At the bottom was this information: Clicking on this image will show an enlargement so you can read the highlighted areas. This type of offer drives me crazier than others. You are about to find out why.

Survey Money Machine Reviews

So I answered three easy questions to qualify. And I answered them three different ways, so it doesn’t matter what answers are given. Qualification is a certainty. The three questions were:

1) Do you like Outback Steakhouse?

2)How old are you?

3)How many times a week do you use facebook?

Next I had to give my first and last name, mailing address, zip code, phone number and birthdate. All the answers I gave were inaccurate as I have no intention whatsoever of claiming my “reward”.

Easy right. Next level. You ready for this crazy crapola? This time, I was asked a total of  23 questions. I will not list them all. I will give you the highlights though. They wanted to know some very sensitive information. Remember they are selling that information to other third parties.( The image above clearly states this).

They wanted to know if I owned a car, did I own a house, my yearly income, my political affiliation, do I have over $10.000 worth of debt. my ethnic background, my employment status, do I have health insurance and so on. You get the idea here? This type of information can start serious arguments in polite conversation. The only thing I answered truthfully was my ethnic background.

Survey Money Machine ReviewsI didn’t fill out any offers. silver, gold or platinum. I skipped them. All. They require money and a credit card. No thank you.

So then they were like well what are you interested in? And gave me several things to choose from. I randomly picked credit cards. I was promptly whisked off to where I was given the “option” to apply for 15 different credit cards. Yeah, I really need another line of credit. After that it just stopped. No reward card for me I guess.

All of that for a lousy $0.50 from Inbox Dollars. However, this is merely the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg. My inbox currently holds like 17 of these types of “survey offers”. Each with it’s own confusing path to travel down.

My Point Already?

Umm…OH YEAH!!! Do you remember why I brought you down this path to begin with?  Hel,l I don’t remember and I’m writing this article. If you do, you just might survive survey taking after all, if for some reason you are overcome with a temporary bout of stupidity and sign up for this crap. The point was to disprove the fact that Survey Money Machines does not deal with survey companies that blast you with “offers” you have to pay for. I think I have done that with my little display

I am not the only one who feels this way. check this out. I found a website where people can review companies. Here is what some of them had to say about Survey Money Machines:

Survey Money Machine Reviews Survey Money Machine Reviews

Now remember, SMM  is merely an affiliate website. “Hailey” makes her money by receiving a small stipend for referring you to these survey companies. So now what? Well, take a page from “Hailey’s” book and learn how to become an affiliate marketer.  I’m tellin ya, if you really want to make money working online, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

Where To Do That?

wabannerI got you covered. Learn where I learned, Wealthy Affiliate.(Read more about Wealthy Affiliate!!) They have the best affiliate marketing program there is! It’s really easy to get started. The free starter membership doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t need a credit card to try it out. This is the place I found after my own online survey fiasco. It was the best one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never looked back.

You will lose nothing except maybe a little time and you have everything to gain so why not give it a shot. Tje surveying sure as hell won’t make you any money. Hailey is making a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. You can be even better than that!!! So sign up and start building your first free website. today!!

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