Scam or legit Instant Pay Day Network

Is Instant Payday Network a scam? Let’s find out shall we?

My Research

I began my research on this product by trying to sign up so that I could give anjeff buchanan video accurate review based on my own experience. If I made any money in the process that would be bonus. I had to maneuver a little bit to get to the actual website located here. Now if you go there, look in your browser at the url and you’ll see why it was so hard. Then when I finally landed there, I signed up and  got an error that informed me the mailing list was no longer available. That was my first clue. Next I cruised around the net a bit more and what I noticed was there was a triple buttload of U-tube testimonials and every single one I looked had a referral I.D. that took me to the video where Jeff finally explains what it’s all about. Here is what I found out.


The product consists of four easy steps that will get you rolling.

  1. Join Express My Cash Freebies
  2. Join Double My Cash Freebies
  3. Get Your Free Marketing System
  4. ***Bonus*** 100% Commissions

Express My Cash Freebies is a marketing company with a list of Fortune 500 companies that offer free trials to whatever it is they sell.  In order to use them you have to sign up for your own free trial offers. (credit card or debit card required) Hah the second clue.  Same with Double My Cash Freebies. In step three, Jeff shows the registration form a member fills out and that is when you get your free marketing system. Step four is a membership to Empower  Network (and that’s a whole other can of worms best left unopened)  and this you have to pay for. All of this actually reminds me of something similar I tried and the only thing I got out of it was explosive amounts of junk mail.

Pros vs. Cons

  • It’s free
  • You can opt out of the free trial offer so you don’t have to pay for it
  • After you sign up for three free trial offers you don’t have to sign up for anymore.
  • Only people who live in the U.S.A or Canada can participate in steps one or two
  • Only people in the U.S.A, Canada and the U.K can participate in steps three and four
  • Doesn’t make sense to use three and four without one and two
  • A credit or debit card is required
  • You have to sign up for Empower Network
  • This is basically a multilevel marketing scheme where your commissions are based on getting other people to join using a referral I.D.
  • Everybody receives the exact same marketing system (No creativity)
  • No community support
  • No way to contact Jeff directly
  • It really all depends on if Joe surfer is specifically looking for Instant Payday Network
  • No residual income

Tools and training

I didn’t really notice anyresources page jeff training just a bunch of tools located on a very bare resources page. On the list presented you’ll see a list of seven classified sites . A list of five count  ’em five training videos, and a couple of video tutorials. It is set up very nicely but as I didn’t sign up I couldn’t really tell you just how effective these tools are. Click on the picture for a magnified view.

Support system

From what I could see on the video the only support system I could see was A button that said “contact us” and an F.A.Q. page.  Not once during Jeff’s presentation did he mention he could be contacted personally if you had any questions.That’s pretty much what F.A.Q. pages are for. Leave me alone I’m busy.

So who can use this program?

Well… like I stated earlier you can only participate

  • If you live in one of the three countries listed
  • Have a credit or debit card
  • Have a lemming mentality

My final opinion….

It is just another MLM scam that sells nothing. Jeff clearly states that nothing is being sold so at least he isn’t trying to fool you. I suppose one could make money on this venture but there are so many people doing the exact same thing. The fact that he is involved with Empower Network is enough to give me pause because I have heard so many stories from former Empower Network members. None of them positive. If you truly have your heart set on this, I strongly suggest staying away from the EN part of the deal They will just try to take your money and then try to get you to take someone else’s money. After all he said it was a bonus. If it is a requirement, then run fast, run far and don’t look back!!!

Where to get real training

Wealthy Affiliate

is instant payday network a scamIf you are truly interested in learning to become an actual internet marketer, not another lemming that propagates somebody else’s ideas. What you need is a company that will teach you the skills to earn money online without scamming other people. Learn to earn on the internet honorably and ethically. This is what you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate.To get started right away  click here. Or you can click on the magic square located in the sidebar above.wa starter

If you have any complaints or comments about Instant Payday Network I would really like to hear them leave me a comment below

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Scam or legit Instant Pay Day Network

  1. Laura

    Great review…I checked them out too several weeks ago, Instant Payday Network, ZNZ, Project Payday are all the same. “Lemming mentality”…love it!

    1. Polly Post author

      So you get what I’m talkin about when I mention the lemming mentality and really that is all it is.Thanks for the comment


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