Personal Assistant Jobs. They Almost Got Me!

By | 01/06/2015

Personal Assistant Jobs Scams

Now here is a scam I alllllmost fell for. You know I really don’t know what is wrong with me sometimes. I can’t believe I almost fell for this steaming pile of poo. I’ve never been interested in personal assistant jobs before. It sounded too good to be true. I know better. Rule #1: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

It all started two days ago when I received this email.


laughing smileyI know, right? The first questionable item is the return email address. Also the message itself is suspect. Seriously, just look at it. Looking at it now, I certainly feel like a moron. I mean here I am writing reviews about scams to try and protect the general population of the internet, and I go and pull a stunt like this on myself. Please let me finish my story so you can see for yourself.

I actually clicked on the link. This took me to what seemed to be a professional letter from some employment agency, I can’t remember the name of it. I did research the employment agency it came from and it seemed legit.


I read the email. I wish I had taken a screen shot to show you. I remember what it said though:

handful of moneyThe “agency” claimed to represent a pharmacist by the name of J.Crawford. J,Crawford needed a personal assistant to run several different types of personal errands as he/she was currently out of the country attending a pharmaceutical conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The job was part time , 15-20 hours per week. could be accomplished on my own schedule and I would be paid $500 per week. Paid in advance no less. Sounds awesome don’t you think. I thought so.


Apparently, J.Crawford travels frequently. I am to receive cash advances to run errands and pay bills in his/her behalf. In addition, I am to have packages delivered either to my home or a local post office and pick them up as my schedule allows. Once I  retrieve the packages it is necessary that I re-send them to an address Crawford provides.

All of my instruction will be given in the mail. I am allowed to open the packages in order to examine the contents to make sure everything is on the up and up. I don’t have to pay for the shipping myself as Crawford has a ups shipping account. The packages I ship will be charged to his/her account.

Let’s talk about the money now. Crawford will send  me certified checks, which I am to deposit into my account,  pay  bills on Crawfords’ behalf then wire the remaining cash to somebody else. All at the expense of Crawford of course. Instructions would be given on these matters also. They must be followed to the letter.

So I filled out the application, entered my email and my mailing address. They also asked if I had a bank  account. I’m not that stupid. ( At least I hope I’m not ) I told them no. ( I actually share one with another person. my little secret ) Another question they asked was how I would prefer to get my “advance payment”. Direct deposit or a certified check? Of course I said certified check. I sent off my reply and then promptly dismissed it from my thoughts. The very next day I received this emailCapture.PNG2

The email address I highlighted, is how I knew my prospective employers name. If you look closely, You’ll see the last half is identical to the one I circled in the first email. Here it is again for comparison:Capture.PNG3

Nowwwwww I am starting to become suspicious.( About time right? ) I called the number given. The only response was for me to leave a message. I initiated a reverse look up of the number also. Phone registered to NOBODY. I tried to email and received a failure to deliver status from the postmaster @ I looked up the last part of the email. This part was verrrrrry interesting: This email address originated from Portugal.

Now I am merely curious to see how this situation plays out. As of the writing of this article, I am still waiting for the “certified check” to arrive. (Think I’ll get one? ) If this occurs I’ll snap a picture  and post it to share with you. Then again, only two days have passed  since I received the second email. Maybe tomorrow.


     Update: I received the check via priority mail

================================================================cashiers check

It sure does look pretty darned official. Sorry the quality isn’t very good let me explain. The circled area in the upper left hand section is the name and address of the bank. I looked it up, and it does exist. Same address and everything except the zip code. It was off by one number at the end. The bottom right corner  informs me two signatures are required if the amount is over 100,000. The second signature is actually a number 335611. ??????? What does that even mean? The amount of the check is, get this, $1,998.

“Detailed Instructions”

As promised, the check came with detailed instructions on how I was to handle the “funds”. They told me I had to deposit this check into my bank account ( I ‘m pretty sure I told this guy I had no bank account ) so Crawford could have immediate access to the money. He is currently in Canada.

After the deposit, I am supposed to keep $300 as my fee and rewire the rest to this address: Mia Willis 15 Kundima Strt.Manila,1006 Philippines via Moneygram. Then I have to email Jason Crawford with the details. Senders name Moneygram reference number and the amount sent after deducting charges for transfers.

Oh, I am supposed to do this quickly to build trust in me so Crawford knows I can do this job. I am sooooo sure. I think I will send it to the bank in question and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

How This Scam Works

Stolen funds obtained from hacked bank accounts are  transferred into the “employees'”bank account and then rewired to the original thief. Certified checks or money orders are likewise deposited and rewired to another location ( the criminal )  laundering the stolen money into untraceable cash. Leaving the victim holding the bag. This is quite illegal and  eventually will be traced back to the victim. Often  their accounts are frozen and they become liable for the stolen money, whilst the actual thief gets away Scott free.busted

The scenario with packages is similar. In these cases the assistant is asked to re-ship stolen property, or products purchased with stolen credit cards obtained from phishing schemes. In effect laundering the stolen products, by sending them to the crook himself. This way the stolen goods can’t be easily traced back to him, leaving the victim in a very precarious legal situation.

A number of variations of this scam are in existence, preying on innocent people who are merely looking for work. Don’t become a victim to these types of cyber-cons. Protect yourself by investigating the situation Scam repellent 101, never ever give out personal financial information.

Serious business

walogo.1All being said and done, if you are truly interested in earning extra income I can help you with that. It won’t cost you a dime and no credit card is required. Either click here or uncover the secrets to making money online by clicking on the  square located in the margin above. Nuff said!

I really want to help you get started with your own moneymaking career online, and help you to avoid the situation I almost got hooked into before my common sense prevailed ( Good thing it did ). If you have had something similar happen to you, tell me about it in the comment section below.

168 thoughts on “Personal Assistant Jobs. They Almost Got Me!

  1. Cori Y.

    Well, I’m glad I did a search for “personal assistant scams” and this was one helpful site among others to pop up. Here is my experience with one:

    Then when I responded I received this:

    For one I haven’t attended that college in three years. For two it’s “Highline” not “HighLine.” They didn’t ask for anything else from me, no interview, no resume, nothing. Ready to hire right away. I am not going to respond any more. All they have is my name and email address. Hope no one else falls for this! I had heard that you can’t accept money orders or certified checks for a private auto sale, for instance. Cash only, everything else can be faked, and by the time everything is unraveled, the perpetrator is long gone, with your vehicle.

    1. Polly Post author

      WoW. Just WoW. Hey Cori, I’m relieved that you researched first. I’ve received comments from people who researched after the fact. Things did not go well. I actually took screen shots of the email you received and redacted the email. I don’t want anybody getting any crazy ideas.

      I responded to an email similar to this and I ALMOST fell for it. Fortunately, I have a scamdar(you know,like radar)and I just turned it into a case study I wrote about.

      This dude is smooth. Dangerously so. Actually this is the best one I’ve ever seen. Mostly because the English is actually pretty decent. Not broken and stilted like most. Lots of dazzling detail too. Still the same. Same package different wrapper. He’s trying to send you a check. Trying to get personal info.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Cori. Please tell everyone you know.

  2. jibbers

    the answer to this is pure and simple, classifieds should not be aloud to publish these types of scams. and all sites have the know how of eliminating this, this is now 2018. first of all publishings are confimed with an acknowledgement email of destination, for a purpose; investigations. these scammers can be found and eliminated very easily. its the laws that allows it. hmmm, is feds raking it in… so eat it and party.

    1. Polly Post author

      Very astute Jibbers. Yes I do agree with you. Unfortunately, the re is a large number of the population is not aware of this. Thanks for calling.

  3. Angelica Martinez

    I just went through this. I was getting suspicious after (Edited)* wasn’t responding as fast or in the proper manner. I did my research and looked up the company, (Edited for Security and privacy) and okay it looked legit, but the check they sent me came from a (Edited)* I googled him as well and found a website, but some of the pictured were questionable. The address they sent the check from was a house in Florida but said it was Bronx, NY. I tried calling the offices on the Mosaic website and the one in Chicago is b.s. you cant talk to a human what so ever. My bank but a 5 day hold on the check and I’ve been keeping (Edited)* up to date and sending her pictures of my account. Luckily it was an account that I don’t use and only had a couple cents in. I stupidly sent the account number on the hold paper and I just now realized it. I googled (Edited)* job scams and nothing came up. Then today I tried looking up (Edited)* and luckily your page popped up. I contacted my bank right away and they are handling it. I also emailed the scammer that I have alerted my bank and going to the authorities. I am really surprised that I haven’t heard anything about these types of scams. Luckily I haven’t turned down any job opportunities, but I was heading in that direction.

    * These areas have been redacted for safety, security and privacy issues

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Angelica,
      I edited the parts of your comment with names and the actual email. The email I deleted entirely for two reasons. One being security. I did notice at the very end it was advised not to reproduce any part of that or get slapped with a lawsuit. Not that I think they would But you never know.

      Also google sees all. I don’t want misunderstandings here. It might pick it up think it is a scam coming from here.

      Truly an awesome experience. You did the right thing and hopefully others can learn from it.

  4. AJ

    So glad to find your page! I was rounded up by these scoundrels through my LinkedIn profile! I did a lot of research, but was still curious so I let it play out. I received the check (which is a horrible fake), and waited for the assignment. I was instructed to go to Walmart and conduct a Walmart to Walmart transaction to Waco, TX. I’m on the West coast, job contact texting from upstate New York, and business he claimed to own is in San Diego. Mostly same scenario that everyone posting has stated, but I did some checking and found: active business but contact not connected with the business (he said he was the owner), requests to send pic of deposit slip, (lol), active account for the check he sent, used Fedex, and changed assignment 3 times before I received the check. I talked to my bank, and was instructed not to cash the check. I attempted to contact the “issuing” bank, but no resolve with them yet.
    Got a few more texts asking when I would be going to Walmart. My response: “Currently speaking with law enforcement.” His response, “Why?”. I replied, “I’m sure you know “why”!
    These jokers are disdainful, and I plan on reporting to the FTC as well.
    Thanks for having this site, and everyone affected please save yourselves, and don’t cash those checks as it is fraud.

    1. Polly Post author

      Totally. Thanks for sharing. I am determined to put a stop to this. One person at a time if I have to.

  5. Jethro A Gedeon

    Hey Polly,
    I’m currently dealing with a similar situation. I applied to a printing company, for administrative assistant but they emailed me and referred me to an associate who is looking for an assistant. The name is legit. The company he runs is legit. And the company that referred me is legit. We emailed back and forth and he sent me a check. Now I already know what you’re going to say. DONT DEPOSIT IT. But I did. Here is the plan: let it clear and give it time to be checked out, monitor his behavior, see if he asks me to money order some or take money out in a sense of urgency. If so i will report it to the authorities. In the meantime I will not touch the money, not even a penny! I do have my suspicions and will keep my guards up but I don’t want to pass up on a good opportunity.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeahhhhh, okay then. Let mo know how that works out for you.

      1. Sharon

        Is there anyone we can report these scammer to?

    2. Lynn D

      This is happening to me now. I have received a check of over three thousand dollars. I have been questioning it since it arrived. They keep telling me to deposit it and I haven’t yet. I think I will save myself the trouble and tear the check.

      1. Polly Post author

        Tearing it is fine and a very good move. But I would to encourage you to take it to the bank or at the very least the proper authorities.

    3. Leslyn Binder

      PNC Bank told us not to accept money orders or certified checks in payment because people have found a way to use them fraudulently

      1. Polly Post author

        Excellent! I love the fact that they are pro-active and advised you of the situation

  6. Polly Post author

    That Thing is insidious> Comes in too many guises and originates from anywhere on the net.I removed all the links. Las thing I need is a bunch of crap backlinks in the comment section of my blogs

    1. Ray Smith

      Yesterday I received an email from Nicholas J’ O’Hara for a personal office assistant position. Same as others here, artist, travel’s a lot, questionnaire, part time basis or more, with a compensation of $25.00 per hour in addition to bonuses.
      Answered initial question, although I was experiencing a nausea feeling from the beginning. I researched Nicholas J O’Hara and there is an artist with that name, but I couldn’t find much information on the email, extremely suspicious. Today they emailed me back saying I got the job and I needed to move fast. I asked my husband for his opinion because the nauseous feeling just intensified.
      Thank you all for sharing and please be very careful!

      1. Polly Post author

        Thanks for sharing and Ray? I’m always careful

  7. Marcel Wilson

    Hey I recently had this happen to me But i didint give him my account info just my mailing address and I changed it once I found out it was a scam so what do I do if he sends the check or package to my old address?

    1. Polly Post author

      Let whoever lives there now to just either get rid of it or give to you. Turn it in to the authorities. There might be some follow up emails if they actually send something but I wouldn’t worry too much.
      They are more than likely living on some other continent. They’ll quit you and move on to greener pastures. They only stay around to graze when there’s grazing to be done

      1. Angie

        I had the same issue but I gave the scammer my phone number, address, and email. He sent me a $1000 check but I could NOT deposit it into my account. Can they still somewhat affect me in legal situations?

      2. Polly Post author

        Well Angie, it is a good thing you did by not depositing that check. It might have caused considerable financial difficulties.

        About the giving your information to a total stranger part of your comment. TOTAL STRANGERS
        Stay safe.

  8. Lauren Hicks

    I think I just received one of these scams. The Email with the subject line read “Seeking someone who can work part time and earn ****$350 Weekly*****” It was just a pdf with the contents of the email reading “Open the attachment Read More about the position” The attachment said my “boss” was some artist who was opening a gallery in Australia with this website: I have been receiving emails from “Dan Craig” They didn’t ask me if I had a bank account only asked if I would send these amount of info and then they could start an interview process:
    Full Name, Full Address, State, Zip code, Cellphone, Age, Occupation (said I’m only a full time college student), and Alternate Email address (I said I only have a student email account).
    The rest of the outline to the job was that I could buy everything required that I would be shipping to this John Stezaker (who I looked up is a real artist based and operating out of London, England) from Walmart. It was also important enough for them to note that I needed to be in US, but that my location inside the US did not matter as much.
    After replying with the basic amount of info that you can look at my facebook (now that I think about it I really should delete that whole account) and know, they proceeded to act that I had been hired. The first task was to buy business check paper from Staples. When I inquiried if they would like me to email them when I’ve collected the paper they said don’t bother with the check paper anymore a check has been sent to me via FedEx, tracking number included, for $1999 and I am to completely cash the check while keeping $350 as my payment. When I inquired about more detailed instructions I received a prompt email reply:

    It’s at this point I’ve become suspicious. I know I should have been more so earlier on but I guess my brain just thought $300 a week isn’t that much nor does it sound too bad to just run someone errands for them. It didn’t feel too good to be true it seemed fair.

    1. Polly Post author

      Large amounts of money for free between two strangers who have never met? I don’t see anything to be suspicious of. Seriously, I can’t believe people can’t at least be a little suspicious.

    2. Polly Post author

      good eye. Of course it’s a scam. Besides that you can’t be too careful these days. Lot of stuff goes down either on or because of the internet

  9. Brittany

    i received a email for personal assistant by the name of larry clearman through ziprecruiter. he said he viewd my resume and asked for basic info he wants me to drop off a donation at a orphanage??? hell send me payment to buy things for orphanage thats my fist task he sent me his iD so i know its legit and asked for mine. im concerned about this he says hell pay me 650 a week

    1. Polly Post author

      No. Don’t do it . Most definitely a scam

      1. anora

        how did this situation worked out for you Brittany?
        I received the same e-mail today!

    2. Donna

      I just got this one today too. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Polly Post author

        Happy to help. Don’t be a stranger.

  10. Rikki Hurt

    So I wanted to leave my own comment. I am already very wary of these scammers.

    In some cases the people use real names, and do their research. I posted an ad looking for a “work from home/errand running flexible position” in order to help with my mother that has been diagnosed with cancer. In the past I have gotten work from people just starting their business and it’s been legit work.

    This time I received an email and although it was an anonymous Craigslist email, a name showed (Shane Cotton).

    First said it would be an errand running position then said he is out of the country on lower Hutt, new Zealand. And that he would want his art fwd to my address.

    When you search the name and location it comes up with an actual artist. I had to get creative in what I typed and was brought here.


    1. Polly Post author

      Be careful indeed. This particular scam is a viciously sly little devil. But this is the first one I’ve seen which has the potential to cause such serious damage to a person’s life.

  11. Alejandra Miranda

    This is happening to me right now. They sent me the information by email from the school, telling me the details of the job. I was going to pay $ 400 weekly. after several days without knowing anything of Mr. THOMAS BRYAN who sent me the emails he contacted me again telling me that he is going to send me the money for my first task and first week of salary, taking things to an orphanage as he makes constant donations to orphanages. I stupidly gave him my bank account but after doing so I realized that the area code of his phone was from NY and according to him, he told he leaves in California. investigate more thoroughly the name of the company that had given me and it turns out that it has been inactive since 2008. I’m super scared right now but I’ll call the bank to be able to block anything

    1. Meghan

      Hi … he’s just gotten in contact with me. He was about to send the first payment for the orphanage task and yes got in touch with me through a school account… what do I do

      1. Polly Post author

        Just ignore him. Most of these scammers are located in foreign countries. In all likelihood, you will never hear from this guy again.

        These types are after one thing and one thing only; Money. Period. If you aren’t putting out, he’ll merely move on to the next having already forgotten about you. So don’t worry, you absolutely did the right thing.

  12. Ashley

    I am also going through this. Just received my check today and found that there is a lawsuit out with the bank for them sending these checks out or something. Here’s the scam email, name is Kate Smith. Should’ve assumed it was fraud, even with the so common of a name.

  13. Alison L

    This literally just happened to me. I applied for a part time personal assistant job (it appealed to me because it was part time and just what I needed and seemed like fairly easy tasks at $17/hr). They replied back, this guy claimed to be a Matthew C. Bernstein, a 61 entrepreneur who is currently in Canada for business. I was suspicious when they didn’t ask me any real questions and offered me the job saying they think I’d be perfect and I’m like ‘but you don’t know me lol’ no background check, no references, all they asked was my address and phone number. They said I’d get a certified check to give to an orphanage along with my first payment. They sent me a check for $2800, told me to cash it, take $540 out for myself and send the rest to some orphanage that probable doesn’t even exist. The check seemed legit but on it had the name and address of some quality inn and suites located in Kentucky, along with a bank name in Kentucky. They also texted me from a 307 area code number which is a Wyoming number which threw me off.
    Long story short, I received the check, made up my mind that this whole thing is a scam, I did not take it to the bank or cash it, and am currently deciding whether to rip it up or take it to the police/bank for them to deal with it. I’m also contacting my detectiv friend to see what I should do with it.
    I’m 23 years old and was just excited about money 🙁 but be careful these people are sneaky!

  14. Tram Nguyen

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I too am a victim of this scam. Just yesterday I received 2 emails from 2 different people both asking for a personal assistant position to be filled. I am a college student, desperately needing a job and money with flexible hours, so this is just too good of a dream to pass up. How silly of me, I was actually thinking of taking both jobs, with the salary of over $1000/week combined. I proceeded to reply both of them agreeing to the job, one of them replied immediately asking for an copy of my ID, in form of either a passport picture or a driver’s license. He also attached an driver’s license, with a matching name with the email and such. I fell for it. I sent him my driver’s license picture. He then proceeded to text me saying a check would be arriving the next day and I needed to deposit it to complete my first task. I did deposited the check this morning. He eagerly asked me when the check would be posted in my bank account, and I said probably in 2 days. He then said i was done for the day and he would give me the next instruction once the check is posted. Now during all of this I kept having this uneasy feeling in my stomach, but I guess I am just gullible and didn’t bother to look into it. Until later in the afternoon the second guy emailed me and basically described the same thing the first guy did. That was when I knew. I copied the whole email and looked it up on google, and man did I realize how dumb I was for falling for this. It was so obvious it was too good to be true. I immediately called my bank saying I have reasons to believe the check is fake, and I want it cancelled from being posted on my account. They said for now they can’t do anything, but once the check is determined fraud, it will be sent back to the sender and I’m responsible for a $12 returning fee. However there will be no negative consequences affecting my account.
    I am now just worried that I did send him a picture of my driver’s licence. Would he use my ID to scam the next victims, like how he sent me an ID of an actual guy named Billy from California?

    1. Polly Post author

      Man…you totally averted what could’ve been quite a disaster if left unchecked. I do believe $12 is a very small price to pay for that. You handled it well. Congrats.

  15. Bohdan Mazur

    unfortunately i fell for it i had already reported it to authorities and my bank but my question is can i get my money back?

    1. Polly Post author

      If you spent based on the promise of that check then it’s not about you getting your money back, rather it’s about you paying back the money you owe. Gonna take a little time. On the other hand, if you reported it to the bank before any money was was taken out, it won’t be so bad. Maybe some sort of fee

  16. L.J.

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve had this problem multiple times, but only once did I almost fall for it. There was an artist who ran a gallery and she needed a personal assistant while she was looking at spaces in some other country. My job was to do the shipping and receiving, picking up her mail, scheduling events …all that jazz, and she would pay me $500 a month (I think). She was just waiting on my response.

    I responded happily as did she. She wanted me to fill out a questionnaire which she called the interview and some of the questions were financial, like do I have a bank account and all that good stuff. I started to become cautious after that so I searched her email but couldn’t find much but she did give me a link to her website. It looked legit! Then I realized the banner of the site was slightly discolored like it was covering something. Immediately, I knew something was up. I google image reverse searched one of her “gallery” pictures and saw that this wasn’t her content. I think the scammers name was Mary btw. Mary took somebody else’s site and copied her name and pasted it over the real artists’ name, and it looked like it was all done on MS paint. At that point I stopped responding and sent zip recruiter a message about scams people have been pulling from there. That one experience has been my learning experience.

  17. Nikki

    Thank God for your life Polly. I almost got trapped with this scam. Good thing I listened to my husband that it might me a acam and I could be in trouble. I got 2 cashier’s checks worth $3,500 each.
    I was a little nervous when I received them and just looked at them and something was telling me that it was too good to be true. Then I started searching in the internet about PA scam job.
    I am not gonna deposit them ofcourse. My worry is that scammer knows my name,address and telephone number.
    Should I worry?

    1. Polly Post author

      No. They make a lot of empty threats. Some are more aggressive than others. After a week had gone by and I still hadn’t cashed the check. I received another letter in the mail asking me when I was going to send them the money I OWED Them. I tossed that shit into the trash. No further problems

  18. agostina

    It happened the same to me. I received a bank draft and was asked to deposit and send the money to a third party.
    I told him i wouldn’t do that and to not contact me anymore and he told me i was going to have legal problems if i don’t send the bank draft back.

    What should i do?

    1. Polly Post author

      Don’t worry, it is most likely an empty threat as most of these scammers probably aren’t even located on the same continent as you. They’ll just move on to greener pastures. Just give the forgery to your bank or mail to the bank represented on the counterfeit with a small anonymous note attached.

  19. Jazel

    Recieved this to good to be true situation. Was Kind of interested but got too suspicious. I did send in JUST my basic info nothing else. Upon waking up today saw an email from this scammer said I should get a payment and package tomorrow or next week. Thats when I started investigating and found this page you posted about these scams. I emailed back the scammers that I will not recieve anything from them and have hired a lawyer and will pursue legal action against them. Hopefully this should end this problem. Also I will no longer be looking for a job through ZipRectuitor this website is where I started to recieve these scams!!

      1. Gris

        Good morning!

        So I currently got hooked into one of these scams (super unfortunate, but the thought of alleviating students loans quickly was just too good), and I’m wondering, is there any way to perhaps combat the scammer themselves? I feel like not responding is just giving the scammer a reason to find another victim!

        Please let me know your thoughts!

      2. Polly Post author

        There isn’t really a way to directly confront them. Aside from this blog, I tell everybody I know. It’s all about increasing awareness. I have mostly been advising people to be honest with their financial institution when they get caught in the web. I think if more financial institutions were to get involved it would help also report this scam to the proper authorities.

      3. Sam

        Got a check today, seemed way to good to be true. So I called US Bank(where the check is from). Put in the account number in their automated system and guessed the PIN to access the account(IT WAS RIGHT! It was 1234, lol). They say “Thank you for accessing you account, we cannot give you a balance because this account has been closed”. Please be careful out there guys and girls, you never know who is going to try and screw you over.

      4. Polly Post author

        Well that is very interesting. First time I heard of someone actually calling.(Although I did advise it on several occasions) Thanks for sharing

      5. Veronica

        So glad I found this article. I’ve been receiving all of these jobs posts from some place in Austin, Texas. I live in Hawaii ??. The personal assistant job us on there along with a slew of other too good to be true jobs. Shameful people.

      6. Angela C

        I wanted to let others know that yes the scam is still happening. The newest name is Tiffany Jays or Tiffany Hamilton that she is an artist that travels and is now in Canada. She would like to send me a check for things. To many red flags in the whole thing but I wanted to see where it went. Oh yes she is willing to pay $40 an hr without even meeting me in person. NO person nor company will do that. Plus she started off with Dominion Energy scam and wanted to send a check for foster home shopping. She used the last name of Hamilton on that one. I have responded to both names and warned them that I will get the police involved. So please be on the look out for her name and look up the Scam for Dominion Energy that is going around as well. Also off ZipRecruiter website.

      7. Polly Post author

        It keeps going yet changing and evolving. The only reason they keep doing these things is because they keep working!. Increasing awareness will help

      8. Polly Post author

        Thank you Angela. I like your style! You have The correct attitude and handled things correctly and well. Now if only everybody could be as astute as yourself.

    1. asylum23

      Everyone, including the article writer, has go to be kidding? Look at the language of this example, you can surely tell that their first language is NOT English. Using “kindly” and 500/USD rather than just $500. You can almost always tell these foreign language scammers, by the wording that they use, the punctuation, and the misspellings. I thought that this was obvious to everyone?

      1. Polly Post author

        I know right. Unfortunately that little piece of obviousness is overlooked by many more than you would think.

  20. Valeria Salazar

    I got a check today for 4,950. And to take out $600 for my pay , I still have the Check

    1. Polly Post author

      Save yourself from this and either turn the check in to the authorities. Or send it to the bank it is drawn on to show them what is going on. Under no circumstances should you attempt to use that check in the manner specified by the scam artist. It could ruin you financially and end your life as you know it.

  21. Maria

    Hey my name is Maria and these is happening to me right know !! Idk what to do I receive a check but I told the person that I didn’t have a bank account will these affect me in any circumstances??

    1. Polly Post author

      Get rid of the check. Either rip it up and throw it away, or turn it over to the authorities. Under no circumstances should you cash it or deposit it or anything.

  22. Marina G. Corbin

    I also got one of those. If you want the email screenshot let me know.

    1. Jennifer

      I’m in the process of one of these now and keep going back and forth on whether this is legit or not..

      1. Polly Post author

        If they send you a check as advance payment and ask you to deposit it and withdraw a portion then send it somewhere else. Probably a scam. If it’s about package forwarding or reshipping, it’s probably a scam.

  23. Aj

    Can we just cash these checks at a currency exchange

    1. Polly Post author

      You know one of the comments I posted mentioned cashing it at a liquor store. It actually amused me. Showed those scammers a thing or two and most unexpected I/m sure. However…bear in mind, the check is still most likely a forgery. Therefore I do not recommend cashing it at any type of check cashing exchange. Seriously. Check fraud is a felony.

      1. MyrandAM

        I’m currently having this exact thing happen to me. It started from for a child care add and she said she already found child care but had a personal assistant job lined up for me. Saying she’s currently in Denmark and does a fabric company thing and would have fabric and packages shipped to me while she was gone and that I would just have to send them to the addresses she sends me. She asked for all of my details but it didn’t feel right and thankfully I trusted my gut and did some research. She also asked to meet in person upon returning from Denmark(whenever that is) Thanks for this information

      2. Lara

        Almost the same exact thing is happening to me right now. Asked to meet for coffee after one week of doing his work.

      3. Polly Post author

        Ah yes. The old “bait and switch” routine. This tactic is a long standing one and apparently still works. Be careful

      4. Nae

        Man, I am glad you posted this. I applied for a perosnal/office assistant position for a company named affordable garage door & opener repair job. Now the company is legit but after I received an email from the supposed employer I went back to look at the job description in zip recruiter and it had been deleted. I had a feeling but I kept going out desperation. I was given some set instructions and asked questions just like the others everybody posted about. I did give them my contact info that was on the resume posted in zip recruiter. Also the email that I was contacted from switched over which was a sign too. Oh and my stupid behind sent what bank i have an account with but not the number. Well i dont have any money in it anyway… Lol…I know that doesnt help the situation tho! I havent received anything yet. What can I do if anything? Thanks.

      5. Polly Post author

        You should call your bank and inform them of the situation and ask for their recommendations. They are better equipped to advise in regards to your account and the security of it

      6. francis g

        5/16/2017 hello polly i applied for an assistant job similar to what every one on this blog is referring to, i got the check last thursday 5/11/2017. i have been jobless for almost 3 weeks so when i saw the post on CL
        i did not think of it as a scam not until Jason Robertson asking me about my banking info. so i figured it was sketchy, so i emailed the guy that i wasn’t interested. I had the the check over the weekend and finally decided to deposit it on 5/16/2017, i didn’t get any instructions or any email back from Jason Robertson, check cleared looks like it, and paid some bills with it. What do i do??? Thanks in advance?

      7. Polly Post author

        You have got to do what you can to minimize the damage. If I were you I would call the bank and be honest and tell them what happened. Really they are the only ones who can help you now. If you don’t get it straightened out, it could be bad.

      8. Jennifer S

        I received an email for an assistant position for Jason Robertson. He needs me to run errands in my “area of location” since he travels around the world on insurance business for AIG. I thought it was odd he was only requesting my contact information to consider me for the position, especially after I had already attached my resume which has that information already on it. I googled his name which brought me here.

      9. Polly Post author

        Brought you here huh? You know I really thought I was hallucinating today as I’ve been catching up on my comments. But you are not the first to have told me you were referred here to get more info about one of these scamsters.

        I don’t quite know what to make of it just yet.

      10. Chynna lei Bas Castro

        please respond. i cash out and sent out the checks he sent me and 1 of those already bounce back.

      11. Polly Post author

        Well there isn’t much you can do now unfortunately. The only thing you can do now is go to your financial institution and explain things to them and speak to the authorities. From now on do your research BEFORE you commit to anything.

  24. Polly Post author

    That would be the safest thing to do. Do not respond further. Cut them off cold.

    1. Orlando Gonzalez

      I just completed the 1st task not really thinking about it just needed the money. What do I do?!?!?!

      1. Polly Post author

        What exactly IS the first task? A little more detail please.

  25. Tomi

    Hi there,
    Thank God i didn’t fell for this one. I’m in the middle of the hiring process. I did send them my personal information but as much as I put in my resume so nothing substantial.

    It’s so good to be true with 400 per week. Geez. His name is John Holloway and executive pf something he said. So I looked up in LinkedIn, Facebook, news he’s not exists. I even used some online tools to trace the email still there’s no online present. I trace his email address it was in another city in Canada but he said he currently at the state. The big blow is when he emailed me with another email account but the address is long so I thought, ok, enough let’s move on. Thank you for posting this post.

    1. Polly Post author

      Totally my pleasure. Remain vigilant

  26. Jennifer reif

    I think I was just offered one of these scam PA jobs yesterday. I am enraged at what scammers do to honest people and it’s made me very untrusting of others. I have not responded to this “Kristie ” since I recieved the second text and email but I thought I would share the Email’s to help others encountering this situation. …… 1st email I responded to after a text message stating she sent an email and would like to confirm I recieved it:
    Hello Jennifer,

    My name is Kristie Macdonald,hiring manager at Ruiz Foods Groups Inc, Inc.We have over 39 years of experience in the corn-based snack food industry. In addition to our Private Label, Co-Packing and Contract Manufacturing customers, we are also the creator and manufacturer of our own branded snack lines: Pajeda’s and Mystic Harvest.

    Ruiz Foods Groups Inc is committed to our pledge of being The Beacon of Value® by continually producing innovative and quality products for a wide variety of customers throughout the United States. We have a reputation for custom-manufacturing high quality snack products for a number of major retailers, as well as enjoying success with our own brands.

    Since Ruiz Foods Groups Inc early days, we have enthusiastically supported our communities.Our social responsibility takes several forms-cash grants, gifts ,gifts of food products, creating and supporting volunteer opportunities, matching employee grants to their local United Ways

    We also support a lot of foster home and public schools.We demonstrate our values through our ethics and compliance policies, workforce and supplier diversity programs, environmental and energy conservation initiatives, and our community relations activities.

    The contents of the “offer letter”:
    I have had people try to pull scams on me before….dating websites, phone calls saying I owe money and if I don’t pay it they’ll issue a warrant for my arrest. They impersonated an NYC police detective(with a strong Indian accent) yeah right! Lol. I called them out and said “you know it’s a federal offense to impersonate a police officer” they stumbled over their words a bit and said “what? Someone with an accent can’t be and cent police officer?” I replied “HA NOT IN NEW YORK” I told them “I’ll be waiting for you to show up and arrest me then” LOL I’m happy to waist their time as much as possible for wasting mine. I have true hate for these pieces of trash and now they want to mess with my career search! They better pray they never meet me in person! LoL….thanks so much for having this discussion out here!!!

    1. Austin

      What do I do if I deposit the money when I spent my 400 dollars already but I never sent them the rest of the money so now I am 400 dollars that I have already spent help

      1. Polly Post author

        I can’t help you. You’re pretty much screwed. Get with your bank. I am by no means a financial expert. But from the comments I receive here and my own research, I think you should consider yourself lucky that $400 is all you have to payback. it could be so much worse.

  27. Gustavo Berrios

    I applied to a job posting on craigslist, for a shipping and receiving clerk. I was then contacted by email stating that I was a good candidate to fill the position. The company name is Grand Parcel, they are a package forwarding company. I was sent 2 attachments on that email. The first was a job description the other a contract that needed to be signed prior to starting my employment. After faxing over the contract. I was contacted by a man from a private number, verifying that I was who I said I was, and that they would start sending me packages for me to reship. I mentioned my job to my sister and she was the one who told me to be careful that this might be a scam. But at this point I had already shipped out various packages. Please give me some advise on what to do. I don’t want to get in any trouble, when in reality I’m a victim in this situation. Please Help!!!

    1. Polly Post author

      Cease and desist immediately don’t touch any more packages. Or…and this just a thought. Return to sender. If you do that let me know what happens please. A lot of times this is a form of identity theft. They send the packages to the address of the identity stolen. You pick up the package and they are none the wiser. Have you looked inside these packages?
      There is a 99% probability it is a scam. Even though it sounds legit. They all sound legit. It comes in many disguises

  28. Amanda

    So I got into this situation and deposited the money but haven’t sent any of it, if u let my bank know the situation it should be alright right? I told the guy I wasn’t sending him the moey because it was a scam and he street threatening me saying I’d start having problems in my lifeet and I was stealing from him I told him I wasn’t and one the check cleared the 7 day clearance period from my bank , then I’d send it back to him, usually these checks are found fraudulent, within 7 days so I’m waiting if I contact the police and my bank and I don’t spend the money I should be okay right?

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Amanda,
      Yeah. You handled the situation extremely well. since you have not sent any money, you are still able to rectify the situation. It is imperative you notify your bank of the situation.

      In most circumstances, your financial institution is cool about it and will help you to resolve the situation before it reaches the point of no return.

      Yes I do believe you will be okay. Most of these schemers are based in countries far from here(no matter what they say or imply otherwise)and the threats they make are empty. However do notify the police.

      I am really pleased you have averted what could have been disastrous financial ruin and possible legal trouble. Good Job!!!

  29. Jason

    Hi, I honestly didnt even think about googling this, until i got 3 emails, saying similiar things but different names & emails. pretty much saying “Thank you for your application for the job advertised on Craiglist, after close consideration, you have been shortlisted and offered a job with my company as My Executive Personal Assistant” I thought wow cool . so he asked for my personal info, which i gave . then I got 2 other emails saying the same thing 1 hr time difference . so thats when i realized something was fishy. It just sucks because im applying to all these jobs but there not even real 🙁

  30. Caroline

    Thank you so much for this article!! I almost fell into a trap. I applied for an office assistant position through my college and the woman who emailed me claimed that she was looking for a personal assistant and that it the hours were flexible and she would pay $15 an hour, running errands for her etc. Silly me, who should have realized that this was too good to be true. The woman said she worked for an engineering company and she was working currently in Brazil returning at the end of the month. So she sends me a check for 2k and then says to contact her to further instructions after I cashed the check. Thankfully I did not cash the check and I am planning to report her to the police and the FTC. I don’t know if it will go anywhere but I am scared to not do anything with it…… anyway thank you for this helpful advice.

    1. Polly Post author

      Excellent work Caroline!! If we work together , and report these things when they happen, more public awareness will be generated and really that is the best way to put a dent in this beast.

      I have been hearing from more and more people who are either avoiding this altogether or doing something about it before it is too late. The more people we reach, the better for all on the internet

    2. Stephanie

      I think we may have spoken to the same lady! I applied for an admin assistant/receptionist job, and the next morning had an email from a woman saying she worked for an Engineering consultant and was in Brazil doing research and was getting ready to start her own architectural design company. She needed someone to be her personal assistant until she got back next month. Not gonna lie, I thought hello dream job…the pay I want, not behind a desk all day, boss never around. I responded back that I was interested and asked if there would an office I reported to every day, would I be working for anyone else in the office of was this strictly an assistant to ; and the proceeded to tell her a little more about myself and work ethic. Then this is where I started suspecting something was off. She responded back the next morning, telling me again how she was in Brazil, but this time she told me she was doing research in the Amazon for gold mining. The she changed her position from an Engineering consultant to owning the consulting company. And said it by name. She said email was her only form of contact but that I would strictly be her personal assistant for a few weeks until she got back in June and that this time would be used a probationary period to see if I could handle the tasks. The once she got back if I was a good fit she would offer me a full time position making 45-50k/yr. Something about the email was off to me so I did a little digging. I found the original job posting and googled the name of the company she gave me…the address for the company was a house in a nice residential neighborhood. Okay, yes some people work out of their homes. BUT what got me was that the company did not have a website. And for the amount of money you are claiming to be able to pay me, I would think you would have a small office or website or something! I’m sorry, but if you are a consulting service, you need a website. Hell, every company nowadays needs a website, that’s the best way to market! But there was no other info about this company, other than the names of the two owners, neither of which were hers. So with my gut feeling getting stronger I decided I wasn’t going to “take the job”. But I did want to see what she was going to say next if I had. So I wrote her back and said I was interested, what would be the next steps. She wrote me back that same day, (this was yesterday by the way lol) and told me “after careful consideration she has decided to hire me temporarily to see how things go”. Ummm…careful consideration?? We exchanged 3 emails, come on now!

      She went on to talk about pay and that each week she would send me detailed instructions of my duties for that week. She would pay me by mailing me a check and would send me a check to get me started since I would be doing personal errands for her. She said she needed my address and name as it appears on a check.

      After reading that, that’s when all the red flags went up and so I started googling these kinds of scams and found these posts. I immediately wrote her back and told her I respectfully decline the offer as I am not comfortable with it seeing as how we have never met or spoken. But if she still has a position open once she gets back from Brazil then maybe we can discuss this further then. I am not at all interested but wanted to leave on a happy note, I don’t want any trouble LOL.

      So I thought I would share my experience.

  31. Fahmida Janna

    Hi, I fell for this scam few days ago. I deposited the check then came home and saw all these postings here. I called my bank and explained my situation. They helped me to freeze my account. The scammer is still sending me text everyday. He has my home address and my DOB. I am terrified!!! I don’t know what to do. Please any suggestion will be much appreciated.

    1. Polly Post author

      You did the right thing in contacting your bank immediately Fahmida. In most instances, the authorities are more than willing to help you straighten matters out as long as you are honest.

      As to the other… I really wouldn’t worry about them physically coming for you, as they are most likely in a foreign country far away. But identity theft is another matter entirely. I think maybe speaking with your local law enforcement for advice in that matter is your best option.

      Please tell everyone you know!! The only way to stop this is public awareness. These scams continue because they work. If they fail to work it will lessen the impact and hopefully fizzle out and die.

  32. sam

    Superjob for alerting everyone.
    I almost fell . but had a voice saying too good to be true.
    Then I decided not to give full personal information and insist on a personal telephone interview. Also said I do not want to be paid by check as I do not have a bank account and I use only PayPal.
    Guess what?
    They look for the next victim

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey, that was quick thinking, and good advice. Advise your friends and everyone you know. Let’s stamp this out.

      Never, never, ever, ever, ever, give out personal information to anyone over the internet. Unless you know and absolutely trust the source of the email/whatever else.

  33. Maria

    Hello I applied for this job and I actually fell for it. I’m so dumb is there anything I can do. I need help!!!!

    1. Polly Post author

      Well…that all depends. Did you deposit and or cash the check? Have you even received a check/

      If you have received a check, but not done anything with it, either throw it away(shred it preferably)or…take it to your bank and explain n to them, and turn the check over to them to deal with(after voiding it of course)

      If you have deposited it and that’s it or deposited and sent money, your best option is to tell your financial institution and ask for their help! It is essential!! They are really the most qualified to help get the situation under control before it gets any worse. Then hopefully they will report it as will others who have experienced this scheme.

      1. Heather Harper

        Hi Polly,

        I gave my address and phone number to what I believe is a scam. The phone number 6xx-xxx-xxxx, a phone number registered in Minneapolis. I just emailed the man who sent it to me that I would not be able to be his assistant because I was taking another job. I haven’t started receiving anything from him nor I have I receieved a paycheck. He didn’t ask for any bank account informatiin either. What else can I do?

      2. Polly Post author

        Don’t worry. I don’t think you will be bothered. They don’t really waste time if they aren’t getting anything in return

      3. Polly Post author

        I think you’ll be okay.

  34. Tangie Reyna

    I just received the same invitation for those too-good-to-be-true opportunity become a personal assistant for Matthew and Mark who is a Fabrics distributor. I proceeded to ask him after sending my resume the name of his business or tax ID number so I can do my research and make sure it was a legit opportunity he said he did not have a business name or website. And proceeded to ask for my financial institute and the name of it in which I responded why would I give you that information if I’m processing payments for you then shouldn’t I receive your information I’ve never met an employer that would ask for personal information everything is conducted through their own banking account and I have not gotten a response since so yes I agree this is something that would be easily interpreted as a legit business by someone who has not had the experience with this. Maybe recent graduate students who are looking to make money and not have to work so hard would take this as an opportunity and because they have no experience with this type of work or what it really means to be a personal assistant then end up sending information and getting in trouble so yes I do agree something needs to be done because I can see my 17 year old daughter taking him up on this because she thinks she found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  35. Kaury

    I received the check that they sent trough FEDEX. The amount is $6,001 from Capital One Bank. I’m holding the check, but I wont deposit. Thanks God I decided to check for spams and then I found this , thanks a lot.

    1. Polly Post author

      OOHHHH…WOOOOWWWW! $6,000 are you serious? That is the largest amount I have ever heard of for this scam!!! Daaaayyyyyaammmm! Good thing you decided to do a little research huh? You could’ve faced serious financial ruin if you had followed through. Please take the time to report this scam. Show the check to the authorities if you can.

    2. wilson

      wowwwww i jsut received one for 3,000 supposedly 750 is my cut. good thing i looked up these forums first before doing anything

  36. ashley

    im so glad i saw this before i got in to deep OMG people are horrible… This happened to my sister she cashed it at a local liquor store.. yikes will she get in trouble???

    1. Polly Post author

      Well that is quite the interesting twist. Those checks are really, really good fakes. You’re the first person I’ve heard of that just cashed that sucker!!

      However, it would probably be best if your sister either stayed away from there for the rest of her life, or go to them, explain the situation and try to make things right. When the store owner deposits that check, the truth of the matter will come to light and it will eventually come back to your sister. It will definitely cause problems for the liquor store that cashed that check.

      She could get in trouble for fraud. It is probably best if she tries to make it right. I hope she didn’t spend it.

  37. Joseph

    Hello! This is very important post! I’m in the process of being “hired” by this fella who is looking for a “general labor” assistant, and I believed it to be too good to be true. But I was desperate so went ahead and provided him with a signed Employee Master Sheet and a filled Direct Deposit form with my banking information! Can this potential con artist deposit stolen money into my account for which I will be liable for? Or is it strictly a check?

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry I took so long Joseph. Listen, I think it’s safe to say that actual money will not be deposited. He’s trying to take it from you, not donate to you. If he does do anything it will most likely take the form of a check. It would be prudent to keep a close eye on any unusual deposits especially from the “employer”.

      If I were you I would talk to your financial institution, and tell them the situation. Then close that account and open a different one so this guy has no access what so ever. It has been my experience that they will do the best they can to help you protect yours and their interests. But most definitely nip it in the bud before it really gets out of hand. Seriously.

  38. Sharon Beauzier

    i recently got a text from someone saying they saw my profile on which i am on for nanny/companionship , so i was a bit curious as to where he found me under . any ways this is what the text said . He needed a personal assistant and would be paying $460 weekly . me needing a job i emailed him but felt a bit hesitant to accept . not sure just a gut feeling that this sounded too good to be true . this is what he said in return to my email .

    I received your email with interest in the position regarding to my text i sent.I usually would not hire anyone this way but I urgently need the services of a Personal Assistant/special need due to my very busy schedules and to take care of business and running errand since i am not around and always busy due to my work. My name is Mr John Acrey presently in Canada on a business trip and convention, am an Interior Designers, Decorators & Art collector with a large client base and because of my job I’m constantly out of the State. My former Personal Assistant just got married and moved to Mexico permanently. If you accept my offer, I will need you to take charge of my mail pick ups and drop off’s as well as errand running for me. The job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are as long as there is a post office in the area. What i really need most in this offer is your total Honesty and Trust.I will pay for the first week in advance to run any errands,and will also have my mails/packages forwarded to a nearby post office where you can pick them from at your convenience. All errands will be in your city so it is not a must you have a car, but if you do it might be a plus. When you get my mails/packages, you will be required to mail them to where I want them mailed too. The content of the packages will be business and personal mails. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me and you are to work for just 3 days per week (4 hours daily). You will be doing this for 3 weeks until I get back to town so we can formally meet and discuss about the possibility of making this arrangement long term if I’m satisfied with your performance.I am willing to pay $460.00 weekly including gas and others expenses. That is not a bad offer is it? If you accept this offer please reply with the following details:

    Your Full Name:
    Home Address (where payment should be mailed to)
    Zip Code:
    Cell Phone Number :
    Current Occupation:
    Available hours :

    I will be needing your service immediately, so once the information above is received, I have a financial in the state which will handle your payment.I will request your first week payment be mailed to you along with the pay to run errands for me for the first week. Most importantly, what i really need from you is your total honesty, organizational skill and ability to carry out the task with less or no supervision on time. I want to believe you will be committed to assist me.Kindly get back immediately, if you are willing to help and accept this offer,have a nice day ahead…I hope to read back from you soon.


  39. Gaby

    You guys I’m like terrified! I let 2 actual job opportunities go because this seemed like a perfect job with my school schedule and all! Ugh I am such a fool. I fell for this scam and today when I got the check I was expecting $500 for my advance pay but instead got a check for $2k+ and as soon as I saw it I just knew this was a scam! Once I read the letter with the instructions and saw the poor spelling/grammar my body felt weak. Honestly if it wasn’t because of my old boss making us cash our checks instead of depositing them to our account, sometimes he didn’t have enough money in the bank for our checks to clear and he hated paying us for the fees of bounced checks, I would have deposited the phony check. I looked up this Mathew Willard name and phone number and nothing popped up. I looked up the sender address and it’s bogus. I looked up the company the check is from and they are an agricultural company which by the way I’m supposed to work for an Artist? So I searched personal assistant Craigslist scams and now I find myself here. What should I do with the check? Should I go to my bank? Should I “Return to Sender” and pretend I never got it? Should I throw it away? Let me know I will appreciate it!

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Gaby,
      You know, the best part about your situation is that you didn’t deposit that sucker. Saved yourself a world of hurt.

      As far as what to do? I would really like to see an end to this particular scam. The potential harm for unsuspecting victims is very serious.

      As long as you don’t deposit it, no harm will befall you. This scam and similar ones, normally originate in another country.

      The police probably will either do nothing or turn it over to the proper authorities. You can actually skip the middleman and go directly to the FTC and report it yourself.

      You could also find out if the bank it is drawn fro!m actually exists and igf they do, send the check to them with a note exposing the situation.

      I think a combination of notifying the bank and the FTC would be the most effective. Also, warn everybody you know.

      Whatever you do, DO NOT DEPOSIT THAT CHECK!!!

      1. Liz

        OMG I fell for this too.. I received the check today I will definitely report it!

      2. Polly Post author

        Thank You Liz. This scam is rather insidious and if I have received many comments from individuals who have been harmed and/or experiencing personal financial difficulties because they fell for it. Reporting this will help to raise awareness and hopefully we can do some good here.

  40. Dai

    I to just recently went through this and thought it was real but seeing the emails everyone had gotten it’s literally identical to mine…I feel like a fool for even allowing this to happen I didn’t cash the check I did deposit though few days ago and I’m gonna go to my bank and hope they can freeze my account maybe cancel it and give me a new one to play it safe

    However this was the email I received

    Dear Applicant

    I received your email in respect of my Online job advert, thank you for your interest. I have reviewed your email and you have been selected as a potential candidate for a Personal Assistant position pending background checks.

    Your Duties are as follows: .

    • Perform official assignment to detail/ instruction.
    • Running personal errands (receiving and making payment).
    • Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence.
    • Work independently without much supervision (inspecting items paid for at Post office near to you)

    Available Position: Personal Assistant
    Type: Part-Time
    Hours: 10 Hours per week
    Days: 3 days per week
    Weekly Pay: $550.00.

    The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenience time, it can be done during your break-time.

    • AD & D Insurance
    • 401(k)

    Willing to take this job position, reconfirm your information to us for background check. :

    CITY :
    STATE :
    ZIP CODE :
    CELL # :
    HOME# :
    EMAIL :
    AGE :


    HR Dept Head Manager

    1. Polly Post author

      good thing you have realized the seriousness of the situation and are taking steps to minimize the damage. Some unfortunate souls actually get in over their heads and end up with some very nasty side effects. I gotta say, the creativity I have observed in this scheme is some of the most diabolically clever to date.

      But no matter how ingenious they all appear to be, the pattern is always the same. One has only to look carefully beneath the thin veneer presented to recognize it for what it is.

      Another hidden danger is this: Armed with the type of personal information they try to pry out of their victims, it is also very easy to progress from merely stealing the money to full blown identity theft, and from what I understand, Identity theft is very difficult to get out from under and can follow one around for years.

      thank you for sharing your story.

  41. Jeannine Robinson

    Hello, Polly.

    So, I am currently in the middle of one of these situations. I didn’t realize until just now that it was a scam. I haven’t received anything from them yet, but if/when I get the check, can I just shred it and be free, or do I actually have to go to the police?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Jeannine,
      Yes. You can shred it and be free. These people are usually located in other countries and they aren’t going to waste any effort bugging you about it. You might get a few emails asking you what the hold up is but they won’t do it for long. The police can’t really do anything. It might be nice if you could send it to the bank the check is drafted from with a short note explaining the situation and leave it in their hands. Not a requirement.

  42. Crystal Davis

    I have been applying for jobs on different search engines and I recieved a email through zip recruiter that I thought to be easy PT pay for working as a personal assistant. My boyfriend said I should look more into this position bc he thought could be a scam. I started to look online and thats when I came upon your artical.
    Here is a select all copy of conversations via email that we had so far. I deleted my email and personal info on the cooy & paste below. I just got a check for $1,650. I am not cashing nor depositing the check. My questain is how would I go about to turn this person in or if this Thomas Green is real or not?

    Hello Mr Green,
    It’s been a interesting week for me, Donald Trump won the election and its getting colder here in MD. Hope all is good on your end as well.
    I checked my mail yesterday 11/10/16 and recieved your check for $1,650 unfortunate I didnt get to my mailbox until 4pm and checked my email later in the evening.
    If its not too late I will deposit first thing in the morning, In hopes the funds will be available
    to complete your task.
    Sorry for getting back to you later than you expected.

    Thank you,
    Crystal Davis

    On Nov 10, 2016 7:43 AM, “Thomas Green” wrote:
    Hello Crystal,
    How are you doing today, I hope you are doing great, How is the election going around you and sorry you havent been able to hear from me in a while, I have been extremely busy.

    You are starting your first task tomorrow and You have been sent a check payment of $1650 which will be delivered today via USPS with the tracking #: 9470101699320027228790

    Upon the receipt of the parcel, have the Check DEPOSITED at your bank, or ATMs (Check deposits made on NON-BANKING HOURS OR WEEKENDS will be post on the same day always get a receipt after making an ATM bank deposit) and wait 24 BANKING HOURS for it to clear which depends on the banks policy for funds to be available tomorrow morning to complete your first task.

    You are to deduct your $350 payment for the week tomorrow when the fund goes through and I will be sending you the information to send the excess funds which We will be needing it to plan for our next photo exhibition and Organize our next teachings on photography coming up.

    I will follow up with an update on how to send out the excess funds and the information of which it will be sent tomorrow morning after which funds would have been made available to complete the task.

    I will Appreciate an update from you later today as soon payment has been received and processed.

    Thomas Green.

    On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 3:43 PM,
    Crystal wrote:
    Thank you Mr. Green for getting back in touch with me. I am very excited to fulfill my new duties. I will look forward in getting the preparation of your upcoming exhibition.
    Also, I would like to give you my additional email that doesnt have as much mail coming through which in turn would help me to promptly respond to your emails without having to go threw a lot of junk mail.
    Thank you Mr. Green for this exciting opportunity

    Crystal D

    On Nov 1, 2016 7:18 AM, “Thomas Green” wrote:
    Hello Crystal,
    I do hope you are doing great.

    This mail serves as a confirmation you are my Personal Assistant. I will make arrangements with my clients to mail you payments for preparation of my upcoming exhibition in the States when am back which will also come with your first Assignment.

    Like I mentioned to you earlier, Hope you do respond to your emails promptly.

    I will let you know as things unfold as I welcome you on board.

    Thomas Green.

    On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 11:13 AM,
    Crystal wrote:
    Good Morning Mr Thomas Green,
    I would like to have the opportunity to take on the job requirements you are seeking for a personal assistant. I obtain a BS in Healthcare Management and a minor in business administration. I attached my resume for you to further review my credentials.

    Full Name: Crystal D
    Address: 0000 Bri Sq
    Country: United States
    Gender: Female
    Cell: (443) 000-000]
    Email: ××××××××
    Current Occupation: Seperated/Mother looking to get back into the job market of employment

    Thank you,
    Crystal Davis

    On Oct 30, 2016 9:24 PM, “Thomas Green” wrote:

    Dear Applicant,
    I received your email in respect of my Zip Recruiter job advert, Thank you for your interest. I have reviewed your email and you have been selected as a potential candidate for a Personal Assistant position.

    Am Thomas Green, A Vet by profession and also an avid Art Collector. I often tend to travel to Europe and Asia for my art works and artifacts. At the moment, am attending a work shop here in Birmingham, England. I will be here till next week after which I will be in the Philippines to attend an Exhibition am already booked for.

    While I am out of the Country I need some one who can stand in the gap for me. His/her duties will be the following

    1.To receive letters and mails on my behalf.
    2.Running Errands (Receiving and making Payment)
    3.Schedule appointments with patients for me.
    4.Book my flight tickets.
    5.Send letters and mails from my clients

    Available Position : Personal Assistance
    Type : Part Time
    Hours: 8 Hrs a week
    Weekly Pay : $350

    This position is very flexible which means you can keep your present job and still work on my task.

    This position is home-based and flexible part time job at the moment, you can be in any location to carry out any of the activities. All i will need you to do for now is to check your emails twice daily and keep your phone on most times in case i might need to call you from anywhere i may be.I do have a number of things you could help me with as from next week if you will be available to start. This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship. Let me know if you have any of the office equipment (If not, I will make arrangements to send them to your home address)

    Personal Laptop/Desktop:
    Internet Access:

    For proper review (since i am not available now to set up a face-to-face interview) supply out correctly and in order the required information below.

    FIRST NAME ………………….
    LAST NAME…………………..
    ADDRESS……(No P.O. Box)…….
    CITY ……………………….
    ZIP CODE…………………….


    1. Educational background is not a critical criteria but an Advantage.
    2. You must be Organized and able to take instructions well Dependable, Reliable, Trustworthy a must
    3. Must have excellent Communication skills
    4. A great work ethic and attitude, as well as people skills, pay-attention to detail, capable of multitasking, and works well under stress at times.
    5. Again, An Ability to Multi Task.


    – Your performance bonus and Paid vacation /sick/personal days

    Salary: – $350 weekly.

    I will be looking forward to your response.

    Thomas Green.

    Hello Crystal,
    Thanks for the update and you are to deposit the check this morning then proceed to complete your first task.

    You are to proceed to complete your first task via Money Gram money transfer using their outlet today as have one in the nearest Walmart to you.

    You are to Deduct your $350 payment for the week and proceed to send $1300 to my Event planner through Money Gram to start preparation for my Art exhibition coming up in a week time in Texas.

    Below is the information you need to wire the $1300 to through Money Gram money transfer.

    Name : Danielle Greene
    Street Address : 16232 Saxon Hollow Ln.
    City : Houston
    State : Texas
    Zip-Code : 77084

    You are to deduct the sending fees from the excess funds and use money in minute transfer service. After completing the transaction, You are to mail me the following transfer details.

    # Reference Number (8 Digit Money Transfer Reference Number) on the Money Gram Receipt.

    I will be waiting for the transfer details once you complete the transfer later today. Please Note that you deduct the Money Gram charges which should be around a $110

    Here is the breakdown of the funds:

    Payment received..$1650
    Wages… $350
    Money Gram Charges $110

    I will be waiting for the transfer details including the actual amount sent after all deductions.

    Thomas Green.
    Show quoted text

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey thanks for that blow by blow description. I hope everyone who comes to my site will take the time to read this. No matter how it starts off, it always ends with them sending a check they want you to deposit. One thing I have noticed is that they never ever ask a victim to cash the check. thank you for that.

  43. Charlotte H

    Hi! I read your artical because today I received a text in my personal phone for a personal assistant job. Me being me and thinking about my husband I sent him my name, home address and my phone number. But also me being me, I ran it by my sister once she was avalible to talk. That’s when she brought to life about this new scam that I’ve never heard of. I havent recieved an email from him yet, but once I do I don’t know what to say. I’m thinking of telling him that it will impede on my current job (24 hour call center with 9-11 hour shifts) and advising to look elsewhere. He said he is currently traveling and will be back in December and at that time we can talk about making it permanent. I didn’t reach out to him and my number is blocked from all social media sights. I don’t know how he got it and I just need some advice on how to proceed wisely.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah, seriously Charlotte, this personal assistant job scam is almost like the hydra in that although they appear to be different, they are in reality the same snakes only with different colored skins.

      So…first of all, you said it yourself,” I didn’t reach out to him and my number is blocked from all social media sights. I don’t know how he got it” My question to you is this; Why in the world would you give out your personal info to a total f****** stranger?

      Even though your number is blocked from public perusal, it really is not surprising that this happened to you. I can guarantee you aren’t the only one. For example, my mother and I rarely if ever answer our house phone for the simple reason it is listed and anybody can get a hold of it. We rarely if ever receive an actual call that isn’t pure garbage or scam material.

      So check this out, I recently received an unsolicited call(which the answering machine picked up)from someone I don’t even know who knew my full name and my phone number. The strange part is, he didn’t want to talk to me, he was trying to get in touch with my niece. My niece’s name is Naomi. But her middle and last name are the same as my full name.

      How do you suppose that happened hmmmm? I’ll tell ya. Anybody can search on the internet for a particular person. There are companies out there who after searching will spit out possible acquaintances and relatives names addresses and phone numbers. The more suspicious part is, the phone here is in my mom’s name not mine. So as you can see, it is relatively simple to acquire this type of info. This dude, probably doesn’t even know your name.

      You must understand, these people are professional con artists and very resourceful. Information isn’t difficult to acquire in this day and age. One only needs to know where to look. There are myriads of websites and so called “white pages” and “yellow pages” where phone numbers and suchlike are sold to anyone with the required amount of money.

      This particular scam has the potential to ruin one’s life and can be very dangerous if you become involved. But here is the good news, The bottom line for these scumsuckers is $$$$. That’s it. Most often they are located in a foreign country and will not waste time on any individual who doesn’t respond appropriately. i.e. coughing up cash. So if you receive any further contact, just spam and ignore. He will eventually lose interest and move on. Or get a different email and change your number.

      Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not deposit any kind of check he might send or help him in any way, because if you do, it is the beginning of the end for you, seriously. If you read this article, no doubt you have seen the picture of the check sent to me by one of those sorry examples of humanity and I am here to tell you, it was an excellent forgery. The routing number was off by one digit and that was it.

      Any involvement could spell financial ruin and even imprisonment for you. They have no way to find him so you will end up taking the fall.

      No matter what the initial approach is, they will always try and get their victims to deposit a forged check and get money sent to them. It always ends that way. Always. In the meantime, don’t ever give out your sensitive personal information to someone you don’t know and can’t see or talk to personally. Even then exercise caution and protect yourself okay?

  44. Angela

    Hi Polly,
    I’m glad I decided to google this whole situation because I too thought something was fishy. I applied to a job posting on Craigslist for a bed and breakfast manager working part-time with a free room and a salary. I thought wow. later that night I got an email from a Jason Robertson stating the position had been filled however he needed a personal assistant making $400 weekly. If I would like the position the advanced payment will be arriving in a few days. I got the assistant job because of my quick response. Mr. Robertson likes punctuality. He sent two emails wanting to know if I received his instructions. I told him yes but I had not read it. He emailed the 3rd time letting me know that will be a check arriving today did I receive his instructions so I said well I better go read the email sure enough it stated to send when I can work how many hours are going to be able willing to work a day before I even got that email he had already had a check supposably on the way to my home he’s text me and said that it would be there today I told him that the mail doesn’t run until around 4 430 he comes back and says what time does your bank close? I said at 5 who do you bank he ask with? I said BB&T, he says you will surely be able to make it there before closing I know you’ve got it in you. I’m waiting on the check to arrive. He texted from a 770 then a 630 area code.i will keep you posted.

    1. Polly Post author

      Yes. Definitely keep me posted. I think with all the schemes buzzing around out there this is one of the most insidious. I heard from a college student who actually cashed the check and sent the money off. Poor thing thought it was legit because it came from the college. I tell you what, this scam comes from just about anywhere, uses several angles, but in the end, they want you to cash a check and send money somewhere else. These checks are also extremely well counterfeited with watermarks and everything.

      Hey, if you do receive a check, call or email the actual bank it is drafted from. I can almost guarantee it will be an out of state bank.

      On the off chance,(way, way off)the bank is local or near you, take it there to cash it. I mean don’t actually cash it, but you know show it to them and everything. See what happens.

  45. Shilo Rives

    I am really glad i found your article. My boyfriend is looking out for me and alerted me that this is probably a scam. I am expecting the parcel to come by Monday…glad i didnt cash anything.

    My scammer wants to start a spa and needs a PA. He used John Bertrand’s name, the yachtsman from Australia who won the America’s Cup 1983. Checked out the facebook and there is a few blank fb accounts, one of the skipper, and one with a young african man. Hmmm. Stinks like a scam to me. Very stinky.

    When i get my package I am turning him in.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Polly Post author

      Oh yeah. My pleasure believe me. I am really glad your BF gave you a heads up. This particular scam is a bit more insidious than the usual scams. It doesn’t just come in unsolicited emails, but you can find it pretty much anywhere. Glad you weren’t taken in. Take note of the bank the check comes from and try to contact them also if you can.

  46. Rob jones

    Please give me some advice, I am going to college. I got the job through the career help center at my school. The girls name is Laura Villereal, she said she is out of town in Stockholm, Sweden. After e-mailing she quickly ‘hired’ me, she sent me a check for 1950.00. Because I found the job through my career center I thought it was legitimate, I kept 200.00 for my payment and sent the rest via moneygram. The reciever of the moneygram payment was just one town over from where I live so that made it seem legit aswell. Is the bank going to make me pay the $1750.00? Is there a possibility this job is legitimate?

    1. Polly Post author

      Oh boy. You really need to talk to the people at your career center. I am pretty sure you have been had. You need to get with your bank, and talk to them also. This is not a legit job just because you found it through your career center. Was it an ad? Or did a real person actually recommend it for you. Seriously Rob, try to fix it immediately and minimize the damage.

      This personal assistant scam has been found everywhere from personal ads, to Craigslist. I would suggest you not have any further contact

  47. Tim H

    I like an idiot cashed the check today before doing any of this reading.
    I will not be continuing following the man’s instructions to send a money gram.
    What do I do? And if the check clears, does that mean its safe to send the wire transfer?
    I am really scared cuz I’m broke as a joke and I can not afford a 1600 dollar fine from the bank.


    1. Polly Post author

      You have got to contact the bank immediately and stop payment. Do whatever you have to do. Call them and tell them what happened. Be straight up and ask for their help in what to do. But whatever you do do it quick!

  48. Jenni

    I received an email from a job posting on Craigslist that I applied to. It was Personal Assistant position. They sent me the email at 1 am in the morning which I thought was strange but I went back to sleep. In the email they told me to re-confirm with them that I was available and to give them my information. I started to research the so called “James Braham” to see if it was a real person. Well, I found someone with that name, bu they were not an art dealer as this one claimed to be. I was also offered $500 a week for the part time position and I would b buying gifts and receiving and distributing checks. I blocked them for my emails, but since they have my resume which has my address, phone number, and other ways to get in touch with me now I am worried. I just want a job not this shit! I didn’t respond to their email.

    1. Polly Post author

      I wouldn’t worry tooo much about them contacting you, or if they do just block them or ignore them. hey are most likely in some far off country and aren’t going to waste their time on someone who doesn’t respond.

  49. Bri

    I fell for this scam today, after searching for jobs for MONTHS and I was SO excited, thinking I found a job with flexible hours to help me pay for school, I’m so upset 🙁

    1. Polly Post author

      I understand how you must feel. I actually thought it was a good thing also. And seriously, the check was an excellent forgery. I just wish it were true. Unfortunately, these people apparently go to a lot of trouble to try and fool regular joes like you and me. Whatever you do, don’t cash the check. you will be in for a world of trouble if you do.

  50. Diane

    Hi Polly,

    Interesting stories above. My story goes like this… I was contacted by a gentleman stated he works in art(selling successfully), he needed a personal assistant quickly and I answered his preliminary questions. I proceeded to email him in regards to the application, the email bounced back which made me suspicious. He contacted me a week later and said I was hired. He will be sending me equipments and my sign-on bonus. I was skeptical because he never interview me face-to-face, he was in Puerto Rico for a job and we will meet in 3 weeks. So I’m glad I read all of the stories and did some personal research myself. It is true if it’s too good to be true it is. As soon as the checks come I will be contacting the police and the bank .

    1. emily


      Do you have the name of the Sr. that you suppose to work with?
      something like that happened to me. A guy who sells art, antiques in Canada, USA and Australia.
      He suppose to send me a check,a laptop and a printer. And He said the we xan not have a interview because he is in Canada and will be back in 2 weeks.
      I just read this post and I am in shock because I do not know if I could be in the same situation of the writer of this post.

    2. Mandy

      Hey, guys! Yes, I am going through the same thing right now as we speak with Mr. Gary Cook. I have his Contact number . He’s in Puerto Rico As well!!!
      I applied on ZipRecruter Job Apps.

      I was very excited and I even received a check this morning, but it all seemed too good to be true with these SCAMMERS!

      Well, I wish I could give them my damn Student loan account so they can take up that loan lmbo!! Talk about real debts!!! Lol

      1. Polly Post author

        Hey, mandy. Whatever you not cash that check!! Investigate the bank like I did. Contact the [police and hand it over to them. Then wash your hands of the whole affair. Stay safe!! Thanks for sharing your story.

      2. Mandy

        Hi Polly,
        No I will not cash the check. My husband was so upset because he knows how hard I have been looking for a job and to fall for this type of stupidity doesn’t make any sense. It’s just plain wrong, specially with the high rates of unemployment, some of us with out a job are easily attracted to this scams.
        The check I received came from Chase bank for the amount of 2,780. They wanted me to keep 500 as my bonus, 30 for gas & the rest of 2250 to be transferred and deposit into some else account. That’s when I became very skeptical about the whole process. Also another red flag I encountered was when I reversed the phone number given to me, the address of the check & were I applied for the position location, none of it related to one another.

        I will also notified ZIPRECRUTER and alert them of these individuals who post these type of jobs.

        Thanks again for you’re blog it definitely help me clear things out.

      3. Polly Post author

        Atta girl Mandy! If we all work together we can hopefully put an end to this crap. Good thing you did your research. It is what I counsel everyone to do. This scam takes many forms and comes from different places. But they all have the same underlying theme. They send you a check and want you to cash it and send money to someone else. That is how they launder the money. Good thinking. Keep up the good work!!

  51. Glenn

    I saw a posting in a local group on Facebook. Advertising a personal assistant job. I emailed the person asking for more details. Here is the response I received:
    I am replying you back this job offer, i really needed someone urgently to start working ( WORK FROM HOME ) for me as my personal assistant.My name is Dean mark .I would have loved to meet up with you to talk about this job,but I am out of town .so there will be no interview,till next month ,then we can meet and talk more about the future of the job. All you need to do is follow instructions……I am an Artist.I just started my own art gallery, I buy ideas and materials from ancient cities and individuals and government and private museums. I am looking for someone who can handle my personal WORK FROM HOME and business errands at his/her spare time. Someone who can offer the services listed on the advert on Facebook (THERE WERE NO DETAILS IN THE POST ON FACEBOOK) such as receiving calls and reporting back to me what information you got from clients, replying emails and printing invitation for exhibitions, shopping for gifts and materials, paying bills as well as receiving payments from clients when am not around.You will work on the average of about 3-5hrs per week and I will start by paying you $500 per weekly which will rise to $700 depending on how effective you are, the job will start from the moment you start running errands. This job is temporary and could possibly be a permanent one for you based on how you deliver your duties, we will talk more when am back and you can take part more in my successfully growing business.I will always will text you on your phone for instructions how to pay for the what to shop for me when I need you to shop for me and will be precise on what and where, funds will be giving upfront and the shopping must be reported in detailed manner. No heavy packages is involved! You can do the shopping at any nearest stores.You will receive an up front payment of $500 will be a cashier check and other weekly payments will also come and delivered at your address weekly we look forward to reading from you only serious and interested should fill this soon. kindly Send us your details in mailing the payment
    Full Name:
    Zip Code Country:
    Phone number:
    Current Occupation:
    I will be looking forward hearing from you and then proceed on the next step forward.
    This is where I began to get suspicious. The English and grammar is awful. However add none of the info was back account credit card or ssn, I gave the info requested and received this text:
    “Hello, am text about personal assistant job”
    That’s it, no request to text back, no other info, and certainly again with the horrible English and incoherent sentence.
    I ignored and deleted the texts (3 MORE WERE SENT IDENTICAL TO THE FIRST). This morning I received another email:
    “Good Morning Glenn what is going on , i have been text you on your cell phone number you gave me for the Job you apply for and you never get back to me are you still interested”
    At this point I don’t know whether to reply to him telling him to kick rocks our just ignore and block the number and email address.
    Thanks for your post!

    1. Polly Post author

      Yeah same steaming pile, just a different smell. Just block the number and have nothing more to do with it. They are usually located in some other country and won’t waste resources trying to get you to do their ILLEGAL bidding.

    2. melanie dawn conner

      I just got this same email but the name is tammy on it and the email is . She said the job is for 45 dollars an hour as executive assistant. This is unreal. How do we stop people like this?

      1. Polly Post author

        Hey Melanie,
        I removed the email address for safety, security and privacy issues. The best way is report to FTC and at the grass roots level. What I mean by that is to call the bank or contact them in some way and let them know about these counterfeit checks and tell everyone you know. The best way to shut these jerks down is to take away their power. And the way to do that is to take away the money they make, and spread the word. If they don’t make money they will abandon this type of scam. Eventually

  52. Rebeca

    Literally just happened to me yesterday. Mine actually originated from! I have my number on there for any one-time jobs for a date night and things of that nature. I received a text from an Emily Grayson asking if I could watch her son, which I was more than happy to. She asked me to send my reply to an email so I did. I received an answer back super early this morning which was a little odd. She stated that she was Australia for business. The times matched up so I didn’t think anything of it. In her email she said that her husband found a nanny already but she was willing to offer me a personal assistant job explaining the details. After accepting, I started doing research and came across this post. So thanks for posting!!

    1. Polly Post author

      No problem. It’s a good thing you actually did the research, and saved yourself a lot of problems down the road. When doing any kind of business on the internet, one must always learn as much as possible before making any decisions. Especially if thos decisions affect your money or your life. Glad I could be here for you.

    2. Ally welk

      Omg!!! I got mine from and she has a daughter names Saraha and that they found a nanny and now they are in Australia for buisness! I gave them my Address name and number …so what do I do if I do get the check ??? Turn it into the police??

      1. Polly Post author

        By all means!! Turn the check over to the police and cut off all contact. Whatever you do don’t try to cash or deposit it. Also You might want to get in toouch with the bank associsated witht the chack. Let them know what’s going on too.

      2. Vani

        Same things just happened to me right now But I said to her could you provide me your info and stuff she actually sent me her driver license. And she had gotten my number off craigslist which I post for babysitting job. Thank you guys for saving me. Her name was (Edited for privacy)lives in TX, but I live in NC. And she kept forcing me to give her my address.
        Her email (Eited for reasons of privacy)

      3. Polly Post author

        Yeah, I just bet “she” gave you “her” real drivers license. “She” is most likely not even located in texas and what you saw was a victim of identity theft.

        And never, ever, ever, ever give out personal information.

    3. Ayla

      The same thing happened to me! I found a job post from a Stephanie frain on a job group through Facebook. She said she has an apartment job cleaning and when I emailed she said the position was filled but she needed and assistant.

      1. Polly Post author

        Yeah, I am not surprised. You should report that to facebook. Although it is a totally different angle, it’s still the same in the end

  53. Kandice

    I’ve been talking to someone I found on craigslist. The grammar and overuse of the word “kindly” made me start to question things. The guy was pretty pushy about me making sure I got the check and would deposit it right away. I got the check for $2500. The check has very little info on it. The check has one name on it, the emails have another, and the envelope for USPS priority has another. I haven’t received details on the “errands”, yet. When I looked into the name on the check (RE: Oluwole A Williams), it turns out to be a pharmacist in Penn. The phone number I have been texting is from North Carolina. When I called the bank, they could not verify the check. They said it didn’t come from them. I texted the guy back and fibbed a little. I told him the banker wanted to verify the check because of the amount and they would not be able to accept it. Haven’t heard back. Right now I’m continuing to do research and see what I can do about reporting it.

    1. Polly Post author

      Wooowwwww!! That sounds like what happened to me except for the Craig’s List Part. These guys are everywhere huh? Yeah definitely bad news. At least you took the time to investigate before you actually tried to take any kind of action with that worthless “check” Most of these scammers operate out of foreign countries so they aren’t likely to really get in your face about it. Yet they continue even when caught red-handed. They continue because there are actually people out here who have the misfortune of believing and they become ensnared in the scheme.

      I actually have a link here which will direct you to a site that provides information on how to contact Craig’s Lisyt when a suspected fraud is coming from one of their posts.. Click here!
      Keep your eyes open.

    2. Beth

      This exact thing happened to me but thankfully I caught it before I could deposit the check. But I did give him my basic information and the company of my bank account can he do anything??

      1. Polly Post author

        I don’t really think he can. I mean the whole scheme hinges on the fact that you will cash the check. Don’t worry. Just maybe notify the bank and have them keep on the lookout. Maybe find away to change your info or set up an alert everytime your account is accessed. Putting a few security plans in place can only help. Better safe than sorry you know?

  54. Jonathan

    This happened to me but I put it in the bank now I gotta pay 1,998.80 to the bank … can u help me

    1. Polly Post author

      Oh my goodness Jonathan. I am so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, you are liable for the money. They usually never find the actual perpetrators and they don’t really even look as these scams normally originate in far away countries. It is easier for them to hold you personally responsible. My best suggestion is to hire a lawyer who can speak in your behalf. If that is not affordable then the next best thing is to speak with them yourself and try to arrange some sort of payment plan. They are only interested in recovering the money lost and would prefer not to press charges. Again so sorry for your circumstance. Perhaps you would like to learn how to operate your own online business? Wealthy Affiliate offers ten free lessons and two free websites to get you started. Just a thought.

    2. Polly Post author

      Hey Jonathan< I conducted a little more research on t=your situation and I found a way to get you the help you need. I was wondering which state you live in? Anyway every stat has an Attorney general and every Attorney General's office has a consumer protection division. Contact them on your area and I am sure they can advise you on your next step. Hope this helps. Polly LTMMO

    1. Polly Post author

      You are more than welcome for the scam analysis. It was actually quite interesting to see it firsthand. Do you know I received emails from whoever it was for days afterwards because I didn’t deposit the check. They finally gave up after several tries with no response. All you have to do is ignore them and they will eventually go away. If you wish to join WA all you need to do is click this link. Thanks for your visit.

      1. Ili

        What if we deposit the check but it’s been put on hold by the bank did not know that this was a scam I feel so dumb but what can I do as far as trying to reduce the damage that’s already been done I’ve scheduled a meeting with the bank but is there something else I can do? I was contacted thru my email thinking it was from one of the job listings I’ve been applying for but now I see this it’s so krazy to know I fell for this scam.

      2. Polly Post author

        Well, hopefully you didn’t try to send money? Just be honest with them and tell them what happened. I think(don’t know for sure)that as long as money didn’t go anywhere, and you’re honest with them there won’t be any serious financial damage to you.

        Maybe mention to them that they could send an email to their customers about the scam with a warning.

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