Bill Gates FedEx Delivery Email Scam

Bill Gates is a very busy man. He is currently in West Africa working on a survey project. However, he has somehow found the time in his busy schedule to leave a FedEx package for me in the United Kingdom(of all places) in the care of FedEx Express. Hey! It could happen. NOT! This package… Read More »

Stop Getting Spam Emails

Dangers Of Email Spam I have had up close and personal experience with the horrible damage that occurs when you have an email address acting like the poster child for everything that could possibly F### up gets F##### up. I’m serious, my email account was shot down in flames because of email spam. Irrevocably destroyed beyond… Read More »

You Have Won The Lottery!!!! – Another Chase Bank Online Email Scam

Unfortunately, Another Chase Bank Email Scam I received an email in my spam folder informing me of the good fortune that has befallen me. It seems I am one of 10 lucky winners of  the “Annual Year Lotto Lottery, conducted by: America Co-operation Management in Conjunction with United Nation Worldwide. To the tune of $50,000,000. Let me… Read More »

Take Free Surveys For Cash? Seriously, Good Luck With That!

Free Surveys For Cash? Yeeeaaaahhh…I don’t think so. Are Online Surveys A Scam? Yes!! Yes, they are!! Can you make money taking surveys online? Are there really sites where you can take free surveys for cash? No and No!! Believe me, I know what goes on. I spent three months (that I will never get… Read More »

Learn How To Academy System Review – Scam! Again!

Learn How To Link Academy Learn How To Academy System Review A new name to the game. Diane Fisher. Same old, same old, work at home link posting online scam. The hydra as I like to call it. ( Find out why I call it the Hydra!! ) Although, I must give whoever did this… Read More »

List Spark System Scam Review – Nothing But A Lousy List

List Spark System Review The List Spark System came to my attention like so many other types of make money fast schemes often do. Through an unsolicited email. I actually received several of them and I decided to have a look at what Emka and Juan had to offer. I clicked on the link and… Read More »