Melissa Mayer Work at Home Review – Scam Fer Sure!

By | 02/16/2015


I do my best to be aware of  any new work at home scams before they start to make the rounds. Here is another incarnation of the chameleon  ” Posting  links online ” scam with Melissa Mayer this time. I think they are trying to be clever as they have used the @ sign and call it Work@Home. It seems they are running out of original names and are now subjecting themselves to using symbols. So without further ado, I present to you, my…

Melissa Mayer Work at home  Review

Work@Home starts out exactly the same as several other scams of this nature.

Our story begins with a woman named Melissa Mayer. She has worked really. really hard her whole life. Topping it off with having to raise her child alone. Working multiple jobs trying to make ends meet it all comes to a screeching halt onwork@home14

 On this day Melissa Mayer was fired from her full time job. ( The job she relied upon the most ). She cries for days, feeling lost, helpless and scared. Then she gets mad and starts to think and decide for herself what her dream job would be. after much conversation with everyone she talks to we are informed


She meets a man who has been working online part time for years, and lucky for her, he shares his secret to success. Three months later…..she quits all of her jobs, doubles her income working only four hours a day and now she is a millionaire !!!!

Wow !! Wasn’t that a fascinating story? The best part is the  “millionaire”  is going to share her secret with us ( a $2000 dollar value by the way ) for the low, low one time only price of $97. Isn’t that great?

So How is it a Scam?

Patience grasshopper, I’m getting right to it.

The implication is made that payment is rendered just for posting the links. Not true. Payment is only rendered if and when the link is clicked on and a purchase is made as a result of the link. These are called affiliate links. So this ” system ” is loosely based on affiliate marketing.

This system is called ” Internet Link Posting ” <sighhhhhhhhh> If I had a nickel for every ” program ” like this I’ve investigated…….well, you know. The sales page continues to elaborate by informing the reader of all the mega companies desperately searching for partners or contractors to post links ( on and offline ) to their websites in order to generate more sales.

The sales page takes like three sections with six paragraphs each to tell us these mega corporations are desperate for people to post these links because they can’t afford to construct the huge building or pay all the employees they would have to hire in order to do this in-house. Anybody out there falling for that one? I certainly hope not.

They provide a calculator with which you can estimate the huge amounts of cash you will generate for posting these links. Check this out:

work@home work at home

My personal thought is: This calculator appeals to our inner greedy child and causes us to see $$$$$ dancing before our very eyes. I think this because I tried a program which was exactly the same only it was called Work at Home Institute (Read about my experience !) When I used the calculator I saw many, many $$$$$ If I only knew then what I know now.

More Food For Thought

Customer satisfaction and testimonials are prevalent on these sales pages. They are all made up.

While perusing this page I kept my eyes open for the inevitable slip-up which is a common occurrence. I found it Looky here:

work@home work at home

 Now the reason I call this a slip up Is because the name of this system is called Work@home right? However, this ( found at the bottom where you sign up ) speaks of Careers@Home University.

I took off to find out what I could and ended up here:

work@home work at home

 Look familiar? Here’s a hint: Scroll back to the top of the page. That isn’t all believe it or not. Following is another excerpt from the sales page and proof of the untruth:

work@home work at home

work@home work at hiome

Not to mention Work at Home Institute and Work at Home university.( Sorry, no screenshots of those. Trust me on this one okay? )

How about this?  A list of all the names I have come across in relation to this particular overworked scam:

  1. Melissa Mayer
  2. Cami White
  3. Debbie Jones 
  4. Bobbie Robinson
  5. Angela  Bussio  
  6. Diane Fisher
  7. Kelly Frazier
  8. Jessica Marshall
  9. Kelly Frost                                                                      

Just to name a few.

All of these findings remind me of a snake. Here’s why. Every so often a snake will shed it’s skin and replace it with completely new skin giving the appearance of a brand new snake. But a snake is still a snake on the inside no matter how many times it sheds it’s skin.

One More Thing

Always, always look at the disclaimer. Here is an excerpt from the Work@Home disclaimer:

work@home work at home

work@home work at home

 Sounds to me like the fictitious Ms. Melissa Mayer doesn’t even believe in her own product. If even ” She ” doesn’t believe why does she expect you to believe?  She doesn’t really care. She just wants your money.

There you have it.

A Refreshing Alternative

What would you say if I told you I know of a program which will actually teach you the skills to be successful in online marketing? You’re probably thinking, ” Okay, here it comes. ” Just listen for one second okay? Please?

get trained

Obviously you are here because you are looking for an opportunity to make some money online, this probably popped up in your email box, ( like it did in mine ) and you are doing prudently conducting a little research to determine if Work@Home is a legitimate opportunity yes? I’ve shown you it isn’t and I have something for you that is.

Just take a little more time and read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. Also read about how I learn with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and make an informed choice. If you decide on WA you will receive ten Free lessons and two Free websites, Free hosting and that is just to start. Trust me if you are serious about earning an online income, you will not be disappointed with what you will find and learn.Plus I will be with you every step of the way Deal? Alright!! Let’s get you rolling on your path to success with a free starter membership!!!!!

So I hope you learned some helpful information here today. Just remember, Keep your guard up and don’t be fooled. If you have any questions about Work@Home or Wealthy Affiliate, leave it in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to help you out okay?

6 thoughts on “Melissa Mayer Work at Home Review – Scam Fer Sure!

  1. Toney Mcleoud

    what kind of laptop do you recommend for doing online work.

    1. Polly Post author

      Well, Toney, I don’t have a laptop I have a pc. So…while I am not exactly technically challenged, I can’t really provide any kind of recommendation for you. My advice would be to do your research carefully and take your time before purchasing anything. Especially something like a laptop which has the potential to be a significant financial investment.

  2. Rehana Ullah

    This article seems very helpful for our financial needs. But how I don’t find the form to fill out. How can start working on online and earn money? Please email me all instructions.

  3. Ray Cunningham

    I like your page and website, It is well written and looks professional. I also love good humor. You are doing a good job of weeding out the snakes and scammers so keep it up. I do like the approach and I hope your readers will like it also. Keep up the good work and I hope you prosper well.

    1. Polly Post author

      Hey Ray,
      Thank you for the compliment and the well wishes. I hope my readers enjoy my work as much as you. Also I hope to be able to impart enough info to help everybody who cares to read my offerings to make an informed choice and not go into anything blindly. Even when I offer them the alternative of Wealthy Affiliate. I feel comfortable doing this because it is a legitimate chance to learn and I know they will not lose any money for trying out the Free starter membership. Thanks for stopping by.


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