List Spark System Scam Review – Nothing But A Lousy List

By | 03/26/2015

The List Spark System came to my attention like so many other types of make money fast schemes often do. Through an unsolicited email. I actually received several of them and I decided to have a look at what Emka and Juan had to offer. I clicked on the link and what follows is my experience so far.

Long Boring video

emkaAAAUUUGGHHHHH!!! I hate the long boring video. Problem is, the VSL ( Video Sales Letter )   has become a very common marketing tool for “systems”  that come to my attention in email form. So in order to provide this review service for you ( something I take very seriously ) I am going to have to take one for the team. I do it gladly. ( Sort of )

Synopsis of the VSl

Everything you need to know about this program is pretty much covered in the first 15 minutes or so. Then it just becomes redundant.

Before we get to the meat of the content, ( such as it is ) I would like to make a comment. Most VSL’s have a playing time of approximately 30 minutes. But geez, this one seemed to last for at least an hour. ( In reality it was probably more like 45 minutes. ) Still I soldiered on resolute in my dedication to getting as much information as I could in order to let you know what to expect.

Not a lot of flash with this video. Silent and very minimalistic, we begin with how I will be “blown away” by this “free” viral all in one list building system. So I sat there, prepared to be blown away. Imagine my surprise when boredom set in quickly and it was all I could do to pay attention.

How It Works

List Spark is a twisted combination of affiliate marketing and viral marketing which is employed in an effort to produce $$$ at a faster than normal rate. The idea behind list spark is exponentially building an email list.

For instance, you get your first 5 subscribers. Then those five people must recruit 5 people. The first five people your first five people recruit. are passed through to you. So that adds 25 people to your list you didn’t have to work to get.

Then those 25 people each recruit 5 people who are passed on to you, and that means 125 people are added to your list.Etc. Etc. until you have thousands of people on your list. If the first person you recruit upgrades to the pro version, he/she doesn’t have to pass off the first 5 people recruited.

Free and Pro Membership

These guys really go heavy on the “F” word. Free.  ( Why what F-word did you think I was talking about? ) Which automatically causes my hackles to rise? Free is a word that is used by human predators, to lure unsuspecting victims into their web of lies and deceit. You never know when they’re going to spring the trap on you.

list spark reviewThree choices are presented. Join as a free member and learn all about how to build a list, join as a Pro member ( $19.95/month ) and earn $$$ while you learn how to build a list or just $1 for a 2-week trial. ( Keep in mind there is only a 7-day money back guarantee in effect.) But hey it’s just one measly little dollar. What the heck right?

That just leaves me with one question

What the F@#% am I supposed to do with a stupid F@#%*&@ list???!!!!

Non-secured Payment Page 

I decided I would go ahead and try out the Pro membership because I could join for one dollar. ( Perfectly affordable ) So off I went to the payment details page. What I discovered there gave me pause to reconsider and start off with the free membership instead. Let me tell you why I changed my mind.

 It is a regular payment page asking for all your info. You know name, address, email, credit card info etc. It is promised that the page is encrypted and protected by DealGyardian.  While we’re talking about DG. I conducted a little research about them.  I didn’t find much, but what I did find didn’t sound promising.

list spark review

But in the Real World….

There is not one lick of encryption existing on this page that will protect your very private and very sensitive information from stealthy prying eyes. Not doing much to garner my trust here, know what I mean?

list spark review

 Inside The Members Area

I entered the members area and looked around to see what kind of damage I could cause.  ( Not really ).On the main training page, Five  videos were listed: Two of the videos had subsections listing additional videos in that training module.thre of the videos were all about how to drive traffic to your add.

Getting Started

Listed an additional Five videos.sparkstart1.png.1

  • What is List Spark?
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Explanation of the Viral Engine
  • What is List Spark PRO?
  • Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Emka speaks with an accent, yet he has an excellent command of the English language.. the videos aren’t too hard to follow, but some marketing experience might help to gain a better understanding of what it is all about.

Basic Set-up

Listed an additional five videos.sparkstart2.png.1

  • Autoresponder Registration
  • Editing Settings, Creating the List, Creating the Webform
  • Creating and Sending a Broadcast Message
  • Setting Up Follow Up Messages
  • Custom Domain Names

These videos I  liked. I learned about autoresponders and how they work. I have been thinking about creating a mailing list for my site, the one you are on right now. So this information was actually beneficial.

Paid Traffic

  • list spark review This video teaches you how to drive traffic to your ads by sending paid traffic. Traffic you have to pay for to another guy who has a list of his own

Free Trafficfreetraffic.png.1

  •  Ad-swaps enlightens us on how to trade with someone who has a list of their own, while


  • Social Media is just that. Showing you how to add to your list by advertising on various platforms including youtube.

All of these techniques used together is what contribute to the viral nature of the product

Squizz Pages

At least that’s what I call them. These squeeze  pages are provided for you to use in conjunction with the autoresponder they have you sign up for in the  “Autoresponder Registration” Video. each page is embedded with a tracking link ( affiliate link ) That enables them to determine who signed up for List Spark through one of your pages so they know which ones to add to your list.


Privacy Policy

I ignored one of my #1 rules to follow before signing up for some scam s@#% like this. Always, always read the privacy policy.

Gave me the chills when I found out what was being done with my info as well as all the people I would be signing up.

Is List Spark a Sound Investment?

Back to the question I asked earlier at the beginning of this article.

What the F@#% am I supposed to do with a stupid F@#%*&@ list???!!!!

The only way to make money using this “system” is to sign up for the pro version. If you don’t you will be ineligible to receive commissions based on those who signed up for the pro version from your list. It will be passed to someone higher on the list chain than you are. You also won’t be able to have his first five members passed to you either. He will keep them for his own list. You get f*&%@#& twice !! By the same guy no less!!!

Using the free membership, the only way to make money is to rent your list out to others. In other words, instead of you being the one who buys the traffic, you are the one selling the traffic. I will never become something I despise just to make a quick pile of cash. ( This is me, rolling my eyes ) Quick pile of cash my a** !!!

What Do I Think?list spark review

Definitely  thumbs down. Everything about List Spark, is designed to benefit List Spark and its viral nature will eventually be the cause of its demise. The very thing that gave it life will turn and stab it in the back Why do you think that is?  I can tell you why.

There will always be me and others like me, who try to stay vigilant and run these types of scammers off before they ever get started. As soon as we notice a new scam on the move, we investigate, and we write about our findings in order to enlighten others like you, just trying to make a living online. To try and help you to avoid scams that promise great riches quickly, yet deny you time and time again.

Eventually, all of this bad publicity will take its place in the first-page rankings of Google. Not only that, it will crowd it so far down in the ratings that nobody will actually be able to find the original site. You will be abandoned as it all comes crashing down and you will be left with nothing but a lousy list.


  How Can I Learn?

wealthy affuiliate does not workSimple. Learn with Wealthy Affiliate. ( Read more about Wealthy Affiliate!! ) There are no overnight riches to be had. There is no way to obtain money easy. You cannot expect to have money falling on you from the skies. You can expect to learn what it takes to be successful with your own business online. You just have to be committed to work for it. Nothing good ever comes easy. All you have to do is decide you will succeed and go for it.!

WA offers a free membership trial for anyone who cares to start learning how to build their own business. No credit card required. Try it out for free and if you like what you experience., You will be given the opportunity to join as a premium member. Unlike List Spark you will actually learn something useful.

The lotto crusher system scam review

 Anything I can do to help? Any questions you need answered? Please leave me a comment in the section below.


15 thoughts on “List Spark System Scam Review – Nothing But A Lousy List

  1. Laurie Bullard

    I tested List-Spark as well. Can;t say it is a total loss as I did gain 3 new subscribers fairly quickly. For me, however, I am in it for LIST BUILDING only and monetary reasons. Videos are a bit drawn out (which would cause one to lose interest fast). But thank back to school…were our Instructors there to teach or entertain us?

    I’m going to continue on with the FREE List Builder Review and Account. I’ll send a new update in say 6 months?

    Laurie Bullard

  2. John

    Hi Polly,
    just writing a note to say thanx for your report… I had joined the free department and was going to start today with the Idea of building my list first before I went premium…

    Then my inner voice said “Go check reviews first”… so I reluctantly said to myself “Okay!”… and here I am…

    I have only got one person on my list… my sister…

    I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate… Sorry… did the Bootcamp Phase 1 and now on ten days off(as instructed) but doing the Getting Started course… on lesson 8…

    Taken me three months so far!…

    Well I hope you have a GREAT day…

    1. Polly Post author

      All good. Glad to hear from you John. As a member, you probably know that there is training for building a list in the community right?

  3. Andre'

    Wealthy Affiliates is the best form of cash extrapolation I have seen so far online! You join them for FREE then your time runs out. The list you have built try their best to get in touch with you but “You are completely switched out”. Forget the fact that you are a free member for a moment and try to communicate and the W/A owner sends you a reminder to become a paid member! As for List Wire, they have my vote. After all as every visitor clearly says “The Money Online, Is In The List!

    1. Polly Post author

      Apparently you have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever joined a s a free member? You even call List spark List Wire. WA does exactly the same thing List Spark does. Try to sell their program to you. I know. I joined them for research purposes and I got Emails from them for months afterwards.Write back when you have intelligent information to share.

  4. Jb

    Okay im the naive one that wanted to use list spark have i got scammed by them.

    1. Polly Post author

      Sorry to hear that. One way to avoid these things is to always, always investigate first, not after the fact.

  5. Roger

    Yesterday I joined this program and for sure, I don’t find that it is a scam, because when I joined I knew that the whole idea was about marketing the business itself to attract new sign ups who’d pay $20 a month to start making some bucks, too. I have been paying for traffic to this site with FB and other means and so far I have signed up several people thus recovering my first $20 and being in profit. I think that a person is a adult enough to join a program like this and be free to stop paying the moment he or she wants to. Besides, they use Paypal for payment which is utterly fine with me since you can stop paying the membership at anytime, something that doesn’t happen with other programs out there. I don’t find it is a scam, I find it very interesting since you can create your own list and profit at the same time, why not? And last but not least, if the guy has an accent does that make him a suspect? Since when in American people can’t have an accent? I hope you post this one.

    1. Jb

      List spark they require a tech savy code which no matter how hard i fallow the dam video it still wont let me throw. Due to that fact that tjeu said in the video its easy you dont have to be a compter programer you can work the system. Now thats a load of bull ive been trying for three day each day i spend 2 to 4 hours trying and that a waste of my time.

      1. Polly Post author

        You are right. It is a load of bull. That is why I wrote this article

  6. Samuel Nichelson

    I just wanted to make a post here I just now got involved with listspark and think its a genious idea. I am so tired though of wealthy affiliates downing other programs just to promote wealthy affiliates. I mean is it really that good..I highly doubt it. Now I hear you say whats the point of building a list well automatically this shows how successful you are! A list is EVERYTHING in internet marketing, mlm or whatever you decide to promote. I usually don’t say anything when I see wealthy affiliate reviews but this one pissed me off. Also its genius for them to make it more worth doing the upgrade which is a measly 20 dollars a month. With the possibility if you work to make 100s a month on top of 5 referrals if they don’t upgrade. I think maybe you should at the least give this a shot before downgrading it. Its my first day with this system and I can guarentee you I will make a full-time income with this alone in the next 90 days. If you did not begin building a list yet I have no idea how you will become successful..or why wealthy affiliate isn’t teaching you to build one! Have a great day and if you are going to do a review please know what you are talking about from now on..Thank you. Rant over

    1. Jb

      Okay now why dosent the system work for me. I spend endless hours i send messages to the support team i got nothing do be dear and explain in plain english not tech english since i didnt go to school for that.

      1. Polly Post author

        It is a scam plain and simple. That is why you are getting no help and no support./ Hope you didn’t spend any money on it.

  7. Nate

    You aren’t too bright are you?
    Most any website collects that kind of information.. just most are not scrupulous enough to outline it for you.
    So what if someone upgrades and you don’t get the leverage? By your own efforts you would only have gotten the one anyway. Even as a free member the leveraging with quintuple your efforts exponentially (remember exponents from elementary school?)
    And what do you do with a list?? You sell to it! You build a relationship. you brand yourself and become recognized as reliable and trustworthy. And you sell to it. All you could come up with is to sell the list itself??
    You are the sucker promoting a training program that has an antiquated affiliate model that provides information you can get anywhere online for free if you know how to look.
    Your negative review only shows your own limited knowledge and paranoia.
    Use the free tool and move on.
    No big!


    1. Jb

      Im show u my fraustration. Since i fallowed the entire system videos as they said and still i got nothing out of it. It wont let me get through the basic setting my caoch says you need a landing page okay i skied the guy 6 times yesterday i got no response i send 8 support message i got nothing yet wtf. Your telling me this isnt a scam. Prove it. Show me this isnt a fing scam.

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