Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam-Another Nigerian Inheritance Scam

By | 09/26/2015

Nigerian Inheritance Scam

Karen Smith Email Inheritance ScamThere is a serious proliferation of scams which originate from the country of Nigeria. These scams are often referred to as a “419 scam” dubbed so because this is the penal code for which these crimes are prosecuted in that country. Apparently they are the number one scam producing country in the world. So I would like to show the latest, which has shown up on my doorstep(so to speak) and explain a little bit about it. I call it the Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam.

The Email

Lke the most of these 419’s I am warmly greeted as Beneficiary(quite the personal touch, yes?) Then”she”introduces herself and lets me kow where she obtained my contact information. Below is the email word for word as well as the email address it was sent from. Oddly enough, the name on the email does not match hers.(Big surprise)




Brief Overview

karensmithBad grammar, a common telltale sign this is a scam. She got my info from a Christian website. I don’t belong to any Christian websites. She is dying of cancer,(causing my heart to bleed for her of course)only has three months to live,is an elderly widow, is heirless, and wants to leave her husbands millions(which he left to her) to anybody but her God forsaken greedy family who is bent on letting her die. So anybody but them deserves her inheritance.

This is where I come in. If I am interested in inheriting her millions, she urges me to contact her lawyer, a Mr. Michael Newton currently residing in The U.K.Contact information is provided as well as some sort of code which is to be mentioned when initiating contact proving I am truly the heir of choice.

Digging For The Info

In the interest of research and a little morbid curiosity, I emailed “Mr. Michael Newton” with a throwaway email address and supplied the code given by “Mrs. Smith”. Below is the contents of my email to “him”.

Mr. Newton,
I recently received an email from Mary Holeman who has named as an heir in her will.  law/chamber/solicitors/je/ws/ WILL/98390-012. So I am requesting information on what I need to do in order to collect my inheritance.

I received a reply back within 10 minutes. By someone who identified himself as Charter Chambers. ???????. Oh well, Karen Smith Sent hers from Mary Holeman’s address. Why would this guy be any different? I gotta tell ya, this fella was rather long winded in a badly grammatical way, so I’ll just hit the highlights.

ksmithHe put his physical address at the top. It was an address in the U.K.(A real address by the way) I was informed that this was totally %100 legit but if I didn’t believe him not to bother responding with an unwarranted proposition. Whatever that means.

Just a little sidenote: I’m cleaning up the grammar as I relate this to you because for someone who lives in an English speaking country, he’s got serious communication issues

Edward and wife were honest and nice people. It was sad watching her suffer from cancer disease(his words)for two years He has faith in God to do what’s right in her case. Charter was instructed that anybody “that writes me either she is dead or alive and quote the reference numbers I should not hesitate to deal with him/her” with respect to the “deposited cash of Ten million US dollars.”

The cash in question is currently “in safe keeping security Company/security firm.” If  he is sure  “with my willingness and sincerity to carry the responsibility in accordance to the donor’s good intention, am going to give you proceeding funds for release.”

However,  certain personal information is required:


It must be “Real information” And there are conditions. Oh yes. Check it out.


So in other words. I can’t tell anybody. if I don’t have a bank account I need to set one up, and he’s telling me how I have to spend it.

Phone Number

A phone number was provided and I checked it out. Want to see what I found out? I’ll share. No problem. This is the number provided:


I must say I learned quite a bit when I conducted this part of my research. Look at this:

work at home paycheck

Sorry.(Heh) I just couldn’t help myself. Seriously here is what I discovered that I did not know before now.

karen smith

I thought this was very, vveeeerrrrryyyy interesting.

I emailed this dude again:


Received this reply:



This is a common theme with these inheritance scams. Spouting some sob story and generally leaving their money to a complete stranger for one reason or another. The intention is to get your personal information in order to continue the scam.

They would probably have stolen my identity, robbed me of whatever money I had in my bank account and hit me with certain “fees” necessary to process my “inheritance”

I tell you what, this crap gives me a headache. The effort expended in reading the tripe they presume to call English is enough to drive one mad.

Watch out for stuff like this if somehow it slips through your email filters. Don’t be afraid to do a little research and dig up the dirt. It’s out there if you know where to look.

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2 thoughts on “Karen Smith Email Inheritance Scam-Another Nigerian Inheritance Scam

  1. Crystal

    Yeah I have this email. I’m having a good time with it. I’m going to send him the info he wants. It won’t be mine though. It will belong to a ghost.

    1. Polly Post author

      Right? I like the way you think. I do the same thing for entertainment purposes. However, I suspect they have some sort of auto-responder set up and they don’t really read what comes their way.


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