Is Inbox Dollars A Scam? Read My Review…Decide For Yourself

By | 10/01/2015

Is Inbox Dollars A Scam

Inbox Dollars Review

Coming up in this article, I will discuss with you, my experiences with Inbox Dollars. How and where I signed up with them, the paid emails, and what they actually pay for each survey and offer sent to my email. I will reveal what keeps them ticking and why it is free to join. At the end of this you will be very well informed and able to answer for yourself the question I posed in the title. Is Inbox Dollars a scam?

What Is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars(ID for future reference)is a paid online survey company. At least that is what everybody says they are. However, if you look at the logo I have included above you will notice they call themselves an Online Rewards Club.

It is not really accurate to label them a scam, as they are actually an affiliate marketing website that operates on both sides of that. They are affiliates of the companies they advertise for:

and they offer an affiliation to other bloggers and publishers.

inbox5.jpg.1In other words, they get paid when they secure sales for these companies, and they pay their affiliates %10 for any sales generated as a result of their referral to these companies and ID itself.

The above descriptions are a basic rundown of pretty much any survey site. One of the main differences between ID and a bazillion other survey sites is that they offer “cash” instead of a stupid point reward system. As if this sets them apart from the others. It doesn’t. It is merely an illusion created to make you believe you will actually make some money by participating. You won’t. Not really.

If You Want To Take Surveys…

…you have to qualify. What does that mean? Patience grasshopper all will be revealed. Surveys operate by targeting specific individuals based on, ethnic origin, sex(whaaaaaaattttt?)I meant to say gender, sorry. Age, employment status, financial status, how many children you have if you have any at all, if you own a car, a house, if you plan to buy a car or a house, how many people in your household, the age of all of them, who does the shopping, if you do the shopping how much you are responsible for.

The list goes on. So for me, nobody wants to pay a white, 49-year-old single, childless, woman living with her mother and brother, doesn’t own a house or a car nor plans to buy either in the near future. I also never reveal the financial status of my household and frankly I find all of these questions highly personal. Also, remember they will sell or share your information with other third parties as clearly stated in their Privacy Policy. (sectionII.)I don’t know about you, but this aspect bothers me.
Is Inbox Dollars A Scam

List Of Surveys

They do actually have a list of surveys for you to choose from as you can see in the image below. On most of them there are limits as to how many you can try to complete each day. Also listed is how much you will be paid.

You will only receive payment if you qualify and actually take the survey and they can be some loooonnnggg surveys. Some are estimated at 21 minutes and you will be paid maybe $2.oo more or less(Depending on the survey and how much they get paid for referring you) Most aren’t worth the time spent.

If for some reason you do not qualify, you get a free spin on their “Billy Spin And Win” which is quite the consolation prize(can you see me rolling my eyes?)



Paid Emails

Paid emails are really the heart of how ID makes their money.(Notice I said “their money” not “your money”?) Because it is true. I will give you several examples of this. I already have one example you can read about in a previous article I wrote about Survey Money Machines.

Okay, here is an example of a “paid” mail:

It isn’t enough to apply for credit. No no no. According to this, you will receive $5.00 only if you are approved for credit at Fingerhut. But… you do get paid for reading the email. The last one I read paid $0.4.  Whoa! I think I might have a hard time taking that to the bank?

Then There Are These

For this deal, you get paid $3.00. But…terms and conditions apply. Just what are these terms and conditions?


I can try Great Fun from Trilegiant with the first month for $1. With my authorization, the trial and $16.99 monthly membership fee will be billed to the credit or debit card I provide. If I wish to cancel, I can call toll free 1-877-488-9480 or email or click the cancel link on the Customer Care page at I can cancel my benefits at any time and I will not be billed for any additional months.

Translation: You have to spend $17.99($1.00 for the free trial and $16.99 for the first month) in order to earn $3.00.

Next we have one from Zippyloan:


For this one in order to qualify for the $15.00 you must apply, receive approval and take out the loan. The smallest loan allowed is $100. Now we all know when you take out a loan, you must pay it back with interest. Translation: You end up spending $100 plus in order to earn $15.

Of course in all fairness they aren’t all this costly. However, they still cost more than you make.


Offers and such  are just some of the things you do to earn money. You can play games(usually gambling games where you have to buy credits or tokens $$) You can watch videos at $0.1 or $0.2 a pop. Sign up for other survey companies. Or all the piddly crap where you only earn $0.1 to $0.75. You can only cash out when you have reached $30 or more.

So Can You Really Make Money?

You can…but it isn’t serious money, money you can live off of. The premise behind InboxDollars is they pay you to get deals, shop and other things you would normally do online.  So if you shop online all the time, this might be for you. If you want to really make some money, Inbox Dollars is not the best choice(neither is any other survey company for that matter).

This is for people who have nothing better to do and use this as a leisure activity. So I wouldn’t really classify this a scam, but it  is important to see it for what it is…an affiliate marketing website. Therein lies the real money.

 Affiliate Marketing

wabannerWould you like to learn how to become an affiliate marketer? It really is the least expensive way to get started with a money making venture online. It just so happens I know the best place to accomplish this. It is where I got my start. Wealthy Affiliate. The best part about it? It is free to get started.  No credit card and no money up front. Truly the definition of a risk-free trial.

So if you are serious about making money online whether it is because you want to or you need to…

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