How to work at home online. For real?

By | 12/27/2014

How to work at home online?

Polly(me) founder of Learn To Make Money Online

Polly(me) founder of Learn To Make Money Online

A question that is trending during this technological age we find ourselves living in. I’m going to take just the “work at home” part of that statement and scrutinize it for a second. Work at home…..hmmmm. It does have a nice ring to it, and very appealing to more and more people each day. I count myself among them and I spent a lot of time researching to figure out how to do that.

Now the next part, “online”. It really sounds easier than it is and people often mistake any number of the hair-brained get rich quick schemes circulating the internet, as a way to profit. If you are like me, you just want to find a regular job you can do that also allows you  freedom from employment slavery, Let me show you what I learned about how to work at home online.

While working on my research, I concluded there are too, too many get rich quick schemes that are designed solely for one purpose and that is to separate you from your hard-earned cash. The real jobs out there you have to dig really hard for like if it were some kind of mystical secret nobody wants to share. So here is what I have come up with.

The way I see it………

You have three options:

  • Current employer A large number of corporations are offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely. Staying at home and working for the office from a home based internet connection. If you work for such a company inquire for information to get you set-up to work from home.

I read an article about a woman who worked in just such a manner. They interviewed her and when they asked her to explain how her day went she described it like this:

I get up in the morning and I get dressed in business attire and sit down for my day of work. I work from 8am until 12pm then I  take 1 hour for lunch. After lunch I go back to work until 5pm at which time I log out and It’s the end of my day.

I am totally not interested in that. To me, me working at home is more like this: Taking a break whenever I want, to do the things I want, with the people I wanna do it with. Sound about right?playing dominos

  • Selling online – This entails offering products/services for sale to other individuals, This can be done from your own website or from a website such as eBay or Amazon.

I’m out for this one too. I have no products/services of my own to offer. And that brings me to the third viable option:

  • Affiliate marketing

    Advertising products or services for a company other than your own, In return for this advertising the company pays a percentage to you for any sales generated by your advertising efforts,

This is where I hit paydirt. I really wanted to work online and from what I could see about affiliate marketing, it was just what I was looking for. This is what I had to do to become an affiliate marketer:

  1. Build me a website
  2. Write articles
  3. Join with a company as an affiliate

Of course, I may be oversimplifying the situation, but this is basically what I do. Obviously this isn’t some sort of magic trick. I was completely new to the world of internet marketing and I have never had a website.

As you can imagine I had no idea  about how to accomplish this with absolutely no money and no credit card. (More mystical secrets) or so it seemed. I tried a few places to get a free website, but these endeavors didn’t really work out very well. I have had zero experience when it comes to building a website and I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it for me (zero cash remember?).

walogo.2.png2Fortunately, I found Wealthy Affiliate An online platform specifically designed for, but not limited, to teaching people like us how to become affiliate marketers. They are totally geared to teaching the ins and outs of

To that end, I received  two free websites as well as free hosting. You know, they don’t just provide the websites, they taught me step by step with video tutorials, how to get my website up and running. They also taught me how to write and publish articles to my website.

I didn’t have to buy any products, and I didn’t have to spend any money to get started either. Wealthy Affiliate provides a 7-day free trial that includes the first ten video lessons free. Uniquely, WA does not require a credit card fro this free trial. So far, this is the only program i have seen where I can actually try before I buy.

Now let me share with you how my workday goes

I wake up whenever I damn well please. (Clothing optional) I let my dogs out into the backyard. While they are taking care of business I get me a nice hot cup of coffee and a big glass of water. Then I head back to my bedroom (because that is where my workspace is)  turn my computer on, and have my first cigarette of the day (while at “work”).


Talk to my mom for a little while (whenever she stops by “the office”) I am either researching for an article or writing one, and I do this at my own pace. Maybe I’ll take a little break and watch a few T.V. shows, maybe I won’t. I might decide to take a nap or play some video games.

At some point in time, I let the dogs in and continue to let them in and out all day long. I love my little guys and I am glad I don’t have to leave them to go to work Around dinner time I’ll stop to make dinner for mom and I. You get the idea.

The point…..

Is that I do it the way I want to do it while getting paid and that means a lot to me. So if you are looking to have your freedom from employment slavery, do what I did. Learn how to work for yourself at Wealthy Affiliate.

6 thoughts on “How to work at home online. For real?

  1. Dawn

    I am 66 years old and at a time in my life when retirement should be all I think about. Instead my husband and I are raising our 10 year old grandson who is ADHD, Bi-polar, on growth hormones and high functioning Autistic. This causes a lot of unexpected expenses that we are having difficulty meeting. Can this truly work and after the 7 day trial what do you put out each month. Thanks so much for your info.

  2. jimmy

    this is totally scam, there is no such a thing as FREE EDUCATION and lessons, com`on

    1. Polly Post author

      You are definitely correct in saying education is free. No such thing. However, nobody offers an actual free trial loike Wealthy Affiliate. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  3. Tonia

    I have signed up for wealthy affiliate for free but I haven’t got that far because of I had to finish semester of school. are you really making money that way

    1. Polly Post author

      That’s great Tonia. I understand school is important.To answer your question: Yes, I really do make money with affiliate marketing.Thanks to the training Wealthy Affiliate provides and the support of the WA community, I have been able to generate a consistent online income that increases every month.

      I would like to encourage you to set aside some time to learn with Wealthy Affiliate so that you can also Learn To Make MOney Online.Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.


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