How To Spot Fake Surveys Online

  Let me show you how to spot fake surveys online!!

If you want to do online surveys you must learn how to spot the real from the fake.  You will see advertisements  all over the internet inviting you to take part in online surveys to make huge amounts of $$$$bags of cash for little or no effort.

Here’s how it usually goes down. you see an ad for a survey, you sign up, you know,  name,  address,  e-mail address and telephone number. Shortly after signing up you’ll receive e-mails inviting you to partake in surveys, but be careful, there are several questions you must ask yourself first.

It sounds really good but is there a catch?

Rule number one  is always  “If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is”. There are several ads  that will try to convince you that the only way to make money doing surveys is to buy their list of the companies that pay the most and you have to use a credit card. That in and  of itself should give you a clue right away. Even if you do put money in their pockets to get “the list” chances are you won’t qualify. Any time you sign up for a survey company they pose a list of questions  to find out if you are the type of consumer they need to accomplish their survey goals.

Always check the privacy policy

I cannot stress this point enough. If there is no privacy policy then it’s probably not legit.  Even if there is a privacy policy read it so you will be aware of what exactly will be done with the information you give. A privacy policy notifies the user of what the information will be used for, and who will see it. It will also give the user access to filing complaints, offer comments and also a contact page. These companies put effort into making sure the privacy of the information is secure.

Spotting the fake

A fake survey site is run by companies that will actually sell your information to third parties. These marketing companies will ask you to sign up for free trial offers, getimages.jpgcreditcards2 you to buy some sort of product and even ask you for your credit card information. Not a good idea at all. This will actually generate  an abundance of unwanted junk mail that they will tell you not to spam or you won’t  receive any more survey offers.  Of course, they offer outlandish cash and prizes as incentives to coerce you into signing up. Don’t be fooled!!

The legit companies

A company that is legit will tell you upfront that this is not a substitute for a full-time income.  It is not a requirement to be charged a fee,  it isn’t  necessary to purchase anything to join, nor is it required to furnish a credit card number to them. These types of panels are offered by marketing research companies not marketing companies.

So what does all this mean?

The bottom line here is that survey taking is not a really good way to generate a full or part time income. Attempting to research all these companies (pretty sure there is at least a bazillion) will take up a lot of your time for very little compensation. Then if you do happen on some legit companies (I lost all my faith in them) You still aren’t guaranteed any sort of income. I think it’s more important to spend time learning the best way to make money online by developing your own business.

A word of personal advice

If you still insist on taking online surveys to try and make some money, do yourself a favor. Do not use your personal e-mail account to receive all their mailings. . Go out and get yourself an account at any of those free e-mail sites and use it for that specific purpose. Trust me when I tell you it will make your life much easier.

What’s the best way to get started?

I can totally help you out there.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you to do just that. It is an ongoing education community that will help you  to develop the skills necessary to make money online. You will get two free websites, access to awesome research tools and advice from people who have become successful as an online entrepreneur. The best part is a credit card is not necessary. What have you got to lose for some of the best information out there today? Click here to get started for free.

Any questions or comments or if you found a legitimate survey place or not sure about one let me know I’ll do what I can to help.

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6 thoughts on “How To Spot Fake Surveys Online

  1. Bellings Silumbu

    You have shown me a number of Malawians who are joined to your system ,but our Country Malawi is not listed on the billing page ,so how are people paying you because l am failing to catch you. Can you show me your address

    1. Polly Post author

      What address? Visitors to my website do not pay me for anything. I am an affiliate marketer. I refer my visitors to Wealthy Affiliate to learn Affiliate marketing. And the Jaaxy keyword tool which finds excellent keywords for ranking your website on Google. If someone I refer decides to join as a member(for either one) Then I receive a commission from WA or Jaaxy. That is how I get paid.

  2. guy sarsfield

    the 2nd day july 26,2015 i cannot get back on the board due to not having the right password———-

  3. Laura

    That is so true. For a while I was joining one survey company after another…and they would send me some surveys, but most of the time I would click through only to find out 2-3 minutes later that I did not qualify for one reason or another. It is definitely NOT a way to make a steady income online!

    1. Polly Post author

      No it isn’t. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to generate some sort of income, and it just ended up infecting my email to the point I couldn’t even log in. It caused prob;ems for my friends too. IO still can’t delete that sucker. I am just happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate. They have helped me so much in developing my own online business. You should check it out.
      Take care Laura,


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