How to find the best keywords to target – a users review of the Jaaxy keyword tool

By | 11/06/2013

 What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword research tool ( KRT ) available today. How to find the best keywords to target, is only one of the many capabilities  this product has to offer to the serious minded individuals who want to dominate  keyword search traffic.

Let me start by showing you this:

how to find the best keywords to target

Jaaxy search results

A picture of Jaaxy search results. I know it can look a little confusing at first, but I’m going to break it down for you so that you can fully understand the attributes of this  KRT. Notice in this screenshot I circled the search box at the top? This is where we will begin your personal tour of The Jaaxy  KRT  to find top keywords. ( click image to enlarge )


So here is the search box with the keyword phrase I entered:


Turns out Jaaxy returned an excellent result on the first try. Look familiar? Before I show you the results let me explain what you’re about to see:


  1. Monthly searches – determines the amount of searches per month for a particular keyword or phrase. ( Large numbers are very good )
  2. Estimated traffic – the amount of traffiic you will receive if your keyword ranks your site on page one of search engine results.
  3. QSRQuoted search results – this is the number of results that use the same keyword, in other words the competition ( the closer to zero this number is the better the result )
  4. KQI keyword quality indicator – red/bad – yellow/okay – green/good
  5. SEO power -strength of the word to draw the search engines to it. ( the closer to 100 the better )

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for…the results

jaaxy search results with everythying - Copy.png1-10

If you’ll pardon my chicken scratch, I’ll walk you through this. First of all, numbers , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 and 10 are no good. Let me tell you why. The QSR a.k.a. the competition , is all over one million except for 10 and it still has a very high number. This means that there are that many sites on the net which use that particular keyword.  Also the KQI is red. Red/bad. Finally the SEO power is very close to zero. All signs of a keyword that won’t do you any favors.


1 , 2 and 4 however, have my undivided attention.

jaaxy.jpg2These results show great promise.  The first result is a little different than the other two, because in the first two columns  <10 is displayed. That little symbol means less than ten. Not good, even though the KQI , QSR and seo power are exceptional. Numbers two and four, have the same searches and traffic yet the QSR and SEO power are different. Which one would you decide is the best choice between two and four?

If you picked two , that is correct. Two has a lower QSR ( good ) and a higher SEO ( also good ). It just so happens , This entire keyword search that I have walked you through is one of the actual searches I executed when I decided to write this article.

I want to show you something real quick Scroll up and look at the keyword phrase I entered, then look at the results for number two. after  you do that read the title of this article and the second sentence of the paragraph and tell me what you see? See!! I would just like to point out that here you are reading this review. What did you type in that brought you to me?

Find keyword ranking on results pages for your site

jaaxysiterankI want to show you one other function of Jaaxy before I leave you. Now just because I am only showing you one more, doesn’t mean that’s all it can accomplish. there are several other features I haven’t even touched upon, but you will have to see for yourself.

Here is a screenshot of three of my articles that are ranked on the first page of google. I researched the keywords that landed me there with  Jaaxy


jaaxygooglesnippetRight next to that,Jaaxy will display a screenshot of the page you are on as well as a snippet of your article. Like this:

See?? That is me, ranked on page one. All you have to do is enter the keyword and the url of the page it is located on and Jaaxy will search the results of the first twenty pages.

Pretty powerful stuff huh?

You’re probably thinking this is going to cost quite a bit of money. Not so. For one thing, I wouldn’t want you to buy something without at least trying it first so here’s what I have for you……

Free Trial Offer – 30 searches for free

N o credit card required just enter a keyword and search. You know what ??? Why don’t you just try it out for yourself real quick. Just type in any keyword that comes to mind and watch Jaaxy in action!!

If you decide you can’t live without Jaaxy There are two membership levels to choose from.

  1. Jaaxy Pro$49 per/mo ( this is what I use )
  2. Jaaxy Enterpriser $99 per/mo  5x the speed

So click here  witness Jaaxy in action with your thirty free searches!! Truly a thing of beauty.

Now if you can find me something better then this please let me know in the comment box below, O r if you had any questions on the topics I discussed or whatever is on your mind, I would love to hear it. Drop me a line below.

4 thoughts on “How to find the best keywords to target – a users review of the Jaaxy keyword tool

  1. Toby Turner

    What a great review of Jaaxy. It really is a brilliant tool to have when design a website.

  2. Christina

    I love this information about Jaaxy! I have used and even purchased other keyword tools before, and Jaaxy is by far the easiest to use and the numbers make the most sense. I think you did a great job of showing exactly why it’s my favorite keyword tool. 🙂

  3. Mike C Smith

    I congratulate you on the set up of this blog, the review on Jaazy is very good as is the lay out. Considering your site appears from September you are well placed on Keep up the good work.

    1. Polly Post author

      Why thank you very much Mister Smith!! Very kind words. I don’t even know about my alexa ranking. I think I’ll go check it out in a minute.I hope I have helped you in some small way.


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