How I Learn With Wealthy Affiliate-Free Starter Membership Pt.2

By | 02/26/2015

Picture 4The last time we met, I had told my story up to the point where I chose the theme for my brand new website. As you can imagine my excitement was a living tangible entity. It was like live electricity crackling all around me in my bedroom.( My office ) This was real to me now, but I knew I had much more to learn with wealthy affiliate.

Starter Membership Part Two

learn with wealthy affiliate

Lesson #4 was very simple and easy to accomplish. In this lesson, Kyle provides a video walkthrough of exactly how to set up a website using the free website builder provided  by WA.

For my first theme, I chose Blueberry. It was kind of plain, but I really liked the color. I think it has since been removed.( I had a lot of problems with that sucker)  Anyway, after choosing, I set it up with the name I had picked, ( Learn to Make Money Online ) a very broad niche. Woohoo !! I was in business my friend I had just created my very own website. It was one of the best feelings I have had in a very long time.Then I went on to the next lesson. ( I told you lesson four was very easy to accomplish.) On to lesson five!!

Lesson Five


learn with wealthy affiliate


Kyle discusses what it was like in 2002 when he first started his career online. Apparently at that point in time, WordPress Express ( What WA uses ) wasn’t in the picture and websites had to be coded manually. Can you imagine spending four weeks to create a website? I just can’t wrap my mind around it. ( Although some of those free website builders out there make me believe )

The lesson continues with graphic explanations on how to access and start to use the Administrative area (Admin) of your brand new WordPress website. The admin area is where the actual work is done on a website.  Like creating the look of it, writing the content for it, general maintenance and whatnot. ( I love that word “whatnot”) ( Been trying to find a way to use it in my writing for a while now.)

Part of what we did is activating the installed plug-ins

Lesson Six



 SEO (search engine optimization) is an extremely important part of operating your own website. Without SEO. there would be no hope of obtaining a page one ranking on Google.

At this point, I started to have problems with the internet jargon I was encountering in my lesson. I executed much research online just to figure out what some things meant. I began to think in another language, a language I like to call internetese. I always wanted to learn how. It is one of those languages you need to immerse yourself in. Then all of a sudden everything becomes crystal clear and you follow along easily.


intermissionSo I am taking a break for a second as I write this article, and I’m sort of perusing it, you know. giving it a “how does it look so far” kind of look over. I have decided it is pretty dry reading. Not very exciting at all.

What is important for you to understand is the fact that everything I learned within my starter membership was so very brand new to me. This was something I have been dreaming of doing for a very long time. I was enthralled with the information I was provided. It kept me glued to my seat for 4 days.

I never made a serious effort to try for an online career because I thought it was only for people who knew about stuff like this and were computer savvy with all these magical coding skills I would never be able to have. Or that the only way to do it was to work for a company already established on the internet. It isn’t like that anymore. Not by a longshot.

I was talking about it to everybody who would listen My family would pretend to be interested, And at first they were. Then after awhile they just got this sorta glazed look in their eyes cause they don’t really know what I am talking about. but because they love me, They smile and nod, And say “yeah” and “uh-huh” in all the right places (That’s love folks)

With Wealthy Affiliate, I learned (still learning as a matter of fact) everything I need to know to become successful online. It doesn’t get any better than this !!!!! I am my own boss and I only answer to myself. (and mama) I don’t have to punch in or out. I can have an extra cup of coffee ( or twelve) in the morning, without having to worry about being late for work. I feel free!! I wear what I want, I take breaks when I want, and I sleep til noon if I want. ( I am single with no children ),

Back to the Show

Before starting to write our own content, it was necessary to delete pre-written content. Just silly stuff like “Hello World” which is standard for a new WordPress website. Plus it helped to show how to maneuver within the admin area. Very important info. Especially if you have never seen anything like it before. ( Like me. Remember the only experience I had was surfing the internet. Not becoming a part of it )

So I am going to wait to tell you the rest in the next installment. I am trying to create sort of a cliffhanger effect here, to keep you interested, and make  you say to yourself: “So what happened next” in a desperate sort of way ( Is it working?)

I’m pretty sure I can cover the last four lessons in the next episode. After that we’ll move on to much more exciting stories.

 Stay Tuned !!!!!

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