Take Free Surveys For Cash? Seriously, Good Luck With That!

By | 08/02/2015

Free Surveys For Cash?

Yeeeaaaahhh…I don’t think so.

Are Online Surveys A Scam?

redsmileyYes!! Yes, they are!! Can you make money taking surveys online? Are there really sites where you can take free surveys for cash? No and No!! Believe me, I know what goes on. I spent three months (that I will never get back) in the labyrinth that is the world of online surveying hell. (Never made a dime by the way) After everything I went through during this so-called “money-making” venture, I have come to the perfectly logical conclusion that…

 Surveys Suck!!!

Why?? I’ll Tell You Why.

kermit-196498_640Like any other naive individual I really thought there was money to be made. They make it sound reeaalllllllly good. You know, stay at home, choose your own work hours, work online (online surveys), work as much as you want, or don’t want. work in your pajamas (my personal fave) and sometimes they try to make you think you will be soon be bathing in money as it floats gently down upon you.

Or so they say…

Little did I know I was about to embark upon one of the most wildly confusing rides of my life. I thought perhaps I had told my story about my survey experience in its entirety. Turns out I haven’t. It seems I have alluded to it in small excerpts  sprinkled around throughout my site.  Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth whenever I try to tell the tale.

I can honestly say participating in online surveys nearly drove me to the brink of madness. Sinking into this miasma of surveys and survey companies is an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. (Seriously)

It All Began…

sunnyday3..on a pleasant day in May 2013. I had quit my full-time high paying job at a prestigious catering company two years previously here in the south-central part of Texas where I currently reside. I had had enough.. I live with my mama and I found myself gainfully unemployed. My mother had also had enough and gracefully retired at the age of 66.

So there we were, living on her retirement and a small stipend from the government that had to do with my father. Then he died in June of 2013 and that small stipend was eliminated cutting the income almost in half. I was listless and drifting. Not caring if I ever worked again when one day she told me I had better get a job. Busted. You see up until this point in time I was spending every waking minute glued to the computer screen either reading or playing video games living in a world of denial.

working online.jpg.2Then it came to me. I could research a way to make money online. People do it all the time. How hard could it be? I mean, that’s all that I did with my time anyway. So I figured if I am going to be online all the time, I might as well figure out a way to get paid for it right? Boy was I ever in for a shock. Let me tell you what happened.

Ways To Make Money Online For Free…?

I began my research looking for something for free.(Remember, I am unemployed and living with my mama on her very limited retirement income.) Anything that I could possibly do to make money online for free.

I investigated many, many possibilities. I either didn’t qualify, there was an additional cost or it was something I couldn’t and/or wouldn’t do even if I did get paid. You would be surprised what kinds of things pop-up when you type “ways to make money online for free” into your search browser. I have seen everything from freelance writing to selling body parts. (I know, right?).

Eventually, my attention was drawn to how to get paid doing online surveys. Here is where my memory gets a little hazy.(mostly because I refuse to dwell upon it) I ended up at a website called Survey Money Machine. No, I am not affiliated with them and no I do not recommend them.

Free Surveys For Cash

I received an email from someone who claimed to make enough money to support herself and her others by participating in online surveys. All the “advice” and “lessons” she gave me didn’t cost me a dime. She told me to join as many survey companies as I could and to click on every email I received or the chances of earning a respectable income would diminish(This implies there ever was a chance)

So I sign up for the companies I am referred to and any others I see along the way and I start getting tons of emails. Like a good little sheep, I click on everything. Most of the crap has nothing to do with surveying, but it must be clicked. Or I had to sign up for free offers (need a credit card for that. This is one thing I am trying to avoid)to some other useless whatever that I have no use for.

Man, I tell you what, I can’t decide if this writing process is cathartic or bad for my blood pressure. Did I mention talking about this leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Yes I am sure I did. I can’t help it. I feel stupid for falling for all the crap I went through, but I didn’t know any better.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the f****** emails from hell. These things multiplied like rabbits going at it 24/7 and I couldn’t keep up. I clicked here there and everywhere and let in every possible malicious program into my email. The damn thing blew up. I swear. One day I went to log in and I just couldn’t do it. Nothing I did or researched or tried to figure out for myself worked. I couldn’t even cancel it. I was doomed.

Thus ended my survey taking venture.

Did I mention I didn’t make any $$$$ whatsoever? After all the time I spent(three months day and night) and all the ridiculous hoops I jumped through all the private information I surrendered. didn’t amount to a hill of beans. Speaking of beans, if I had bought some magic ones, it probably would have been more effective. Instead, I was left with nothing. Not even my email address.

surveyssuck.3It has taken quite awhile for me to figure out what exactly these “free” survey places get out of this. Until I wrote this article and started to revisit the horrors of my survey insanity, I was unable to comprehend. I knew they were receiving some sort of compensation and I was correct. With the new law requiring full disclosure on websites, this was added to the Survey Money Machines site.


Clarifying the fact they receive money from the companies you sign up with. That is why what they do is free. However, they offset that by stating you will be paid handsomely. PPPLLLTTTHHHHBBBBB!!!(That’s me, sticking my tongue out and blowing a very disbelieving raspberry.) Handsomely? Puh-lease. More like, if you are lucky, you might get paid. I’ll bet you anything they don’t actually partake in the surveys they advertise. The following is an excerpt from the disclaimer:



They even give a warning. Check this out.


Oh yeah, you most definitely have to put in some time and effort and it is for sure not a get rich quick scheme. They aren’t fun or rewarding. They are work. Boring unfulfilling work. But I gotta tell ya, the time and effort you do manage to put in will not be worth your while.

Most people looking to make money online are broke, don’t plan on buying a new car or house anywhere in the near future, are too young or too old to fit into certain demographics.(That would be me) And even if you do qualify why are you taking surveys to begin with?

They Lure You In…

giftcard…with promises of earning cash. Hah!! cash my a**. More like maybe you can win some cash or earn enough points to trade in for “cash”(Giftcards with cash denominations.) I don’t know about you, but I was not interested in gift cards. I had actual bills to pay.

They don’t accept gift cards in payment. I just can’t imagine why not. I mean after all, if you are being “paid” in gift cards I would surmise you could pay bills with the same. (In case you can’t tell, this is sarcasm)

What Really Happens…

get trained…is you become entangled in a universe of trying to qualify for surveys, not banking on surveys you do participate in, divulging private information and pretty much just wasting very valuable time that could be spent actually learning the skills necessary to develop an online income.

Not to mention the fact that you have to sign up for free trials for stuff you don’t need or want. (And they always want a credit card for this “free trial” business.

Seriously? Why the hell would I be signing up for things I do not need or want especially if I have no money? Hello!! That is the reason I became involved in surveys to begin with. To make some damn money!!

So here’s the thing my friends, I have finally found a place where I have learned to  make actual money online. If you are interested in how I accomplished this join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Where you also can learn the skills you need instead of wasting your valuable time going nowhere with online surveys.

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  1. amer

    I will work with wealthy affiliate but i want to ask how long it will take to make money from the start point, how many hours i have to work a day, and, is there any charge anther than the $47 monthly charger?

    * PS: is the wealthy affiliate business a real business because i need to work?



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