Effectively learning to build a website

By | 09/15/2013

  Benefits of learning.

If you are like most people then you learn something new everyday. I  am an avid supporter and believer in the old axiom “Knowledge is power” This is a very powerful statement, and it is true for whatever you learn. It is not power in the sense that you can wield it to have control over other people by being privy to information they don’t have, rather it is gaining knowledge in order to make informed decisions to enrich not only your life but the lives of people around you.

Learning something new.

Learning something new whether it’s bicycle riding, surfing, skiing, card games, any kind of game or say building a website, we create new pathways in our brains. Let’s take this analogy with the “pathway” a little bit further. When I was a kid,images.jpgthe woods my family went on vacation to Kentucky frequently, because that is where my father grew up. One of our favorite activities was “tromping around out in the woods” with my dad and our cousins.  I could never figure out (I had to ask) how dad always knew where he was going and why we never got lost. He explained to me that this is where he grew up and he and his uncles engaged in “tromping in the woods” all the time. Probably wasn’t much else to do in the way of entertainment in them days. Every time they ventured out, the pathways became easier and easier to travel because they had been down that road so many times before. That is what our brains are like.

What goes on in your head when you learn?

When I decided to write this article, I did a little research so I could learn a little bit more about learning (heh heh oh the irony) and one of the things I found particularly intriguing is the process that goes on within the brain when something (whatever it is ) is being learned. So in the interest of gaining some insight, I am going to share this information with you.

  • Basically a chemical reaction called “myelination”

Myelin is a fatty tissue that covers the neurons and axons in our brains. Studies have shown that myelination (the increased production of myelin) causes  a significant increase of the speed and strength at which electrical impulse travel from axon to axon. In other words it is like teleportation in the sense that instead of traveling down the neural pathway (neurons) which connects the axons, it skips the pathway entirely and just jumps from axon to axon at an accelerated rate. It’s like  traveling down a road for the first time vs.  going down it all the times after the first. Each time, you become more and more familiar, which in turn helps you travel it a little faster. Make sense? So the goal here is to engage in myelination as often as we can. How do we do that? By practicing. This brings us to……

The art of practicing

This is  probably the most effective way of learning images.jpgathletepracticinganything in my opinion. You have to get down and dirty with it I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. Well that is a particularly apt statement. Olympic athletes, professional athletes, world class musicians, champion chess players, and writers all have one thing in common. They practice what they do practically everyday of their lives and that is why they are so good at it. They have learned and learned well by doing. Nobody can become good at anything if they do nothing to achieve their goal. So this is why practice is so very vital in learning a particular skill. How can we apply this to building a website?

Learning to build a website

As we discussed in the previous paragraphs. If you want to learn something well, practice is necessary. So in line with this reasoning when building a website it’s a really good idea to get with somebody who can teach you what you need to know in the most effective way possible. One thing you can’t expect is to become terribly proficient overnight.This type of thinking will get you nowhere in a hurry. I’ve had some bad experiences with trying to learn how to build an effective website, and the people that I’ve paid pretty much guaranteed overnight success.

Learning at Wealthy Affiliate

I have engaged with a company that knows the basics and much more. They understand the absolute necessity of practicing on a regular basis and they emphasize this in the teaching techniques they employ. Wealthy Affiliate is that company. If you don’t believe me just flip around through my website and check out my pages. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I started building this website two weeks ago, and in that two weeks I have built a live functioning website. I am learning by doing and it’s still an ongoing learning process. The best part is that it cost me absolutely Nothing to get started. Yes you heard correctly, 0$ to begin. I am sure you’ve heard that before, in fact you’re probably thinking “they probably want a credit card.” Not true. A credit card is not required to get started. At least give it a look it won’t cost you anything but your time.

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