Bill Gates FedEx Delivery Email Scam

By | 09/25/2015

Bill Gates FedEx Email Scam

Bill Gates is a very busy man. He is currently in West Africa working on a survey project. However, he has somehow found the time in his busy schedule to leave a FedEx package for me in the United Kingdom(of all places) in the care of FedEx Express. Hey! It could happen. NOT! This package contains a certified bank draft worth the sum of $750.000.00 United States Dollars. Yeah. Right. Welcome, ladies and gentleman to the Bill Gates FedEx delivery email scam.

The Email

Bill Gates FedEx Email ScamSo ..I wanted to show you the email that declared me a rich woman. Below is a screen shot(I had to do it in two takes) of the notification sent to me from some nameless individual addressing me simply as “Beneficiary”. I always did like that personal touch.(Heh)



billgates8.jpg.1 billgates9.jpg.1

According to this, my email address was the winner in the Microsoft Online Sweepstakes in conjunction with Oil & Gas Nigeria LTD. Yaaayyyyy!! I’m a winner. Truly I am not that gullible and it pains me to think that there is somebody out there who might be.

But then again according to the email Mr.Bill Gates wealth is also a woman. Did something happen to Bill that I am not aware of? Did he become a woman? I am pretty sure this hasn’t happened. I’m positive we all would have heard about it.

Glaringly Obvious

At least to me it is. I mean, it doesn’t really take a genius to notice that Mr. Bill Gates wealth is not a woman. So the only other explanations would be:

A) Bill Gates is a master of disguise

B) Whoever wrote this does not have a very good grasp of the English language

C) They are talking about two different people.

The correct answer is B. Whoever sent this scam to me is either a complete idiot or English is not their native tongue. I am betting on the latter. I mean COME ON!! Nobody talks like that. Bad grammar, improper punctuation, improper capitalization and name dropping are only a few of the ways to discern if an email is a scam or not.

The Purpose Of Email Scams

There is only one reason these scams come at us on a daily basis. They are trying to part you from your hard-earned cash. The lure of large amounts of “easy money” is a serious temptation to some. Or they are desperate. These animals prey on this type of individual. The only reason we keep seeing crap like this is because evidently there are people out there who fall for it. So it works for them.

How They Do It

PhishingThere are basically two ways to get at us. The first one is trying to get your personal information. Although this is the first one I have seen that wants to know how much sex I have. Or is that what sex I am? You never know with these guys.

Anyway the action of trying to pry personal info from someone is called phishing. When something like this occurs and you actually do give out your private 411, you are then in for a world of hurt.

Although financial info is not required here, The info asked for would enable somebody to forge your identity and then gain access to your bank accounts or create bank accounts and such with your name. they could very easily create an identification with their own picture and this is called identity theft.

is affiliate marketing for beginnersSecondly, they attempt to convince you this large sum of money will be released to you if you only fork over X amount of dollars. Presumably to pay the fees required to get this money to you. Here they claim Mr. Bill Gates wealth is only paying for the secure storage of this imaginary bank draft. And how do they know what is in it anyway? It is supposed to be secure. It also seems to me that if Mr. Bill Gates wealth can afford to store it, he can afford to send it to you.

In this case, they use both. And more than likely will come at you from both directions. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!!

Magic Money

If this were true, we would be witness to something extremely spectacular and rare. Magically becoming rich overnight!! Not many people have been at the receiving end of this phenomenon. Most of us poor slobs have to work for a living. That includes me.

If you are truly interested in making some extra cash, why not look into another alternative. The alternative I have chosen is affiliate marketing. It really isn’t that hard once you learn how.

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