Affiliate marketing basics for beginners

By | 09/15/2013

Have you ever wondered how to get started in affiliate marketing?affiliate marketing

Two months ago I was asking myself the very same question. The answer was not easily revealed  because there are tons of articles on the internet with regards to affiliate marketing basics for beginners so I am going to do my best to school you on what I’ve learned and how I learned it.


  • Why I became interested

I spent my entire adult life in the food industry, and made decent money in this field but I wanted something more. I always knew there were ways to make money on the internet because after all there are thousands of people that do it quite successfully. So I asked myself “what do they know that I don’t?” but more importantly how did they learn how to do it?


  • My quest for online income

It is not as easy as it seems and I started my search by looking for ways to make money online. 420,000,000 resultsWhen I typed in this search term  I was bombarded with millions of versions (literally) of how to make money online and numerous variations of the same thing. It was totally overwhelming but I was determined to make this work for myself. I read about the subject and accidentally got involved with “job seekers” and trust me this is something I do not recommend. Too many headaches and B.S. involved. I randomly chose one and what I ended up with was one of those how to make money online let me show you my technique things blah blah blah. I ‘m sure you’ve seen them before so I won’t bore you with the details as they’re pretty much all the same. Scammish.


  • The only thing I learned  from this load of  bull…

was about the existence of affiliate marketing.  After trying to sign up with dozens of affiliate companies (and being rejected I might add) I discovered that 95% of these companies require you to have a working website with lots of traffic. Then they tried to get me to spend more money after making it harder than it had to be. I had to let them go.


  • The experiments

I went through quite a bit of frustrating endeavors trying to build my own website,killpc.gifkill the computer (I have two or three of them floating around in etherspace doing absolutely no good) All that got me was frustration. I couldn’t really figure out how to build it properly even with the easy “drop and drag” capabilities each one supplied me with much less how to drive traffic there.  I was just about ready to give up.


  • My awesome discovery!!!!

While researching yet another get rich quick scheme I happened upon  Wealthy Affiliate.  Probably my saving grace.  The best part about this was that they were the only ones I found who did not require any kind of monetary payment in order to get started which was a total turn on because I was  one broke chick. Seriously not even a credit card!!! So I signed up for my free starter account and got rolling. I gotta tell ya, these guys got it goin on! If you are skeptical, just take a couple of seconds and flip around on my website and believe me when I tell you this is the product of only two weeks of steady effort. No B.S. No scamming.


  • Continuing education

This a place of ongoing education where the learning never ends. Not only have they shown me step by step how to build a website, they are also teaching me the basics of marketing and what it takes to create a website with quality content that will attract people  in order to create the traffic necessary to have a thriving profitable website .  If you want to become a quality affiliate marketer, this is the place to be. So by now I bet you’re wondering how to get wealthy affiliatevideo1started. I can fix you right up.

  1. First watch this video to see what WA can offer you.
  2. Get started with your free account here.
  3. And away you go!!!

3 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing basics for beginners

  1. Laurie Bullard


    Thanks for allowing me to share,
    Laurie Bullard

  2. Kyle

    Back when I started (almost 11 years ago) I had no idea what affiliate marketing was either. I quickly came to understand it when I started my very first business online.

    It is by far the best model that has ever existed on the Internet allowing literally anyone to create a business within any niche, promoting any product or service they like.

    It has vastly evolved since 2002 and I don’t think the opportunity to succeed as an affiliate has ever been this great. More people online, more connected spending more money.

    This is only good for us that understand affiliate marketing, which is the foundation to millions of successful online businesses.

    1. Polly Post author

      You are right Kyle it has vastly evolved and the opportunities to become successful are much greater Thanks for your comment


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