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My Early Years

Polly(me) founder of Learn To Make Money Online

Polly(me) founder of Learn To Make Money Online

I was born in West Germany, back before the wall came down. My father was in the Air Force and we traveled abroad quite extensively, visiting many countries both times he was stationed overseas. I have been to Holland, Switzerland. Spain, Italy, and several cities in West Germany. My dad drove a tour bus and we were able to visit most of Germany’s national landmarks a mere 20 years after the end of WWII.

I went to all of these places and we returned to the States when I was 7 years old. Then we lived in several states including Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Michigan, until my dad retired and we eventually wound up in Texas.

The details

I graduated high school in 1984, but had no ambition to attend college courses or any type of trade training so I didn’t put any effort into that type of endeavor. My first job was working at a fast food restaurant as a short order cook. This was my introduction into the blue collar world.

Floating aimlessly

From that point forward, I went from one cooking job to the next always looking for something that paid a little bit better than the last job. I tried it all. Line cook, prep cookchef3.gifprepcook, dishwasher, catering as well as a whole slew of jobs that had absolutely nothing to do with cooking. Looking back I must have had 10 or 15 different occupations. I  do believe the longest job I held was for four years. No matter where I worked I noticed these places had at least four things in common:

  1. My presence was required at a particular time, then I was chained to that spot until it became time to punch out
  2. Waking up early in order to prepare and be on the way.
  3. Always someone hanging over my shoulder telling me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.
  4. The paycheck was always the same and usually barely enough to live on. The only way to increase my income was to pick up extra hours (overtime) which is frowned upon by most companies. On the other hand, some give it out like candy.

I really can’t tell you how many times one or more of these situations has caused me to react badly (usually my boss rubbing me the wrong way) and storming out of my place of employment in a dignified huff, slamming the door behind me.

Stuck in a rut

Over the years this became a  behavioral  pattern repeated over and over on my part causing difficulties 7.gifdoingnothingin acquiring new employment. I became depressed and ended  up living at home again without even trying to obtain any type of job. Just surfed the internet and never went anywhere much less got dressed. For three years. Then my mama was going to make me go get a job. So I buckled down and started trying to find a way to make money on the internet, since that’s where I spent all of my time anyways.

New lease on life

Now I work from home at my own pace. I work whenever I want or don’t want. All from the comfort of my own bedroom at home. I have no boss to tell me what to do, I determine my own paycheck, I can work as long or as little as I decide to. I even wear my pajamas to work (talk about a comfortable uniform). Although nowadays I actually bathe and get dressed.

Best of all I can leave my place of employment at anytime without fear of termination.  This is the joy and freedom that comes from working online. I have my own website and I can work from anywhere I want as long as I have access to a computer.

Want to know how I am doing it? Affiliate Marketing that’s how.

If you are interested in learning how to become an affiliate marketer, all you have to do is register here to become a part of the most successful online community in the world.


10 thoughts on “About Polly

  1. E. Cadorette


    Another business that also make money, in different way but it is a “Core Skincare” scam. For only half an once trial, they charge you $4.97 (S & H) and if you do not cancel before 14 days they charge $89.97. It’s another way to cheat and make money. The product isn’t good either. But if you do not cancel, they send you one monthly for $94.87.
    What a way to cheat. We have to learn a lot and the work you do and offer it would be best, not to continue losing money..Thank you for your help.

  2. Tom R

    Polly your work is fantastic and the world – especially the internet world – needs more people like you. The idea or notion of “Truth in Advertising” (advertising and marketing in NYC is where I started my career) is all but gone and forgotten. Amidst a world overburdened with rules and regulations ( my next job was on Wall Street and I was so appalled at how the big firms work I started my own broker dealer) that you would certainly think some one of the many arms of government would care about the extent of fraud (illegal scams, pyramids, outright lies and unsubstantiated claims). Unfortunately – politicians have been so “stuck” for 8 years that only one law against hacking has passed (and it only kicks in if the hack results in property valued over $10,000). It is pathetic, and where in my day (before the internet) a TV ad with false information would lead to a big, fat fine – today there are so many sites there hasn’t been any discussion, much less action, regarding attempting to control these problem people (true scumbags and predators who look to take advantage by promoting HOPE and a DREAM – and unfortunately elderlypeople and others too desperate to see the truth – fall for the fraudulent sales jobs.
    Indeed some of them are quite convincing but the truth REALLY is – if it sounds too good to be true, it is!. The other question to ask yourself is so simple – if this (whatever) is so great and made all this money – why is this guy spending time selling it to me and trying to make MORE money – instead of just giving this away? trust your answer!!
    I was blessed with good luck from hard work and retired young after 22 years on Wall Street (that is all I could take). My goal now is to give back, give help, help “do-gooders” and try to make the world a little bit better of a place and inspire others to do the same. My name is Tom R and within 3 months I should be able to send you a meaningful increase in traffic (no “catches”, no charge, no ‘nuthin’!) and I simply encourage you to keep up the good work!

    1. Polly Post author

      Why thank you Tom. Your encouragement and kind words mean a lot to me. Awesome that you retired young and can now enjoy life to the fullest. Double awesome if you send me more traffic. Triple awesome that you want to give back. Not many people think like that. These scammers like to say they do, but it isn’t real. I mean like you said, they’re selling it instead of sharing it right?
      Keep in touch ok?

  3. Kim S

    I am very intrigued by this. I work part time and have a home based business, but would love to replace my part time job. Even though it’s only 24 hrs a week I am still in the rat race which I loathe!! My question is can you tell me about how many hours a week you would need to invest to get started?

    I know it can vary, but since I am juggling so many hats…what do you guess would be the minimum number of hours to start? 5? 10? More? Just wondering. 🙂

    Thank you.

    1. Polly Post author

      As many hours as you can spare. How much time does one spare when working on their dream to become financially secure and to live comfortably? However, one piece of advice I would give is that since you have many activities you are involved in that you schedule the time you work at it and stay consistent.

  4. Chris Mallett

    Hi Polly!
    I am disabled and have been looking for an online business. This sounds interesting. I do have some questions. Would you mind emailing me??

  5. Jen Langley

    Hi Polly.
    I like your point about being able to work for yourself, even in your pajamas! Lol. That is a great thing about working for yourself, you are able to make all of the decisions as to when, where, how you work etc.

    I am a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member too, and I love the Live Chat. It is awesome to have help 24/7.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Polly Post author

      Thanks Jen appreciate the feedback.Helps to know I made you laugh.I really do work in my pajamas.Heh heh. i too totally love the live chat Talking to the members in there has gotten me out of more than one difficult technological scrape.


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