7 Things You Need To Know Before Trying To Earn Money With Online Surveys

By | 09/01/2015

Hey. My name is Polly. I once spent three months of my life trying to earn money with online surveys. Since I was gainfully unemployed and living with my mom, I had many, many hours to devote to this particular pursuit and devote myself I did.

Earn Money With Online SurveysEvery waking hour was spent signing up for a new survey company, trying to qualify to take surveys, taking surveys(long and involved sometimes) and learning everything I could about the subject. Considering the amount of time I spent and everything I involved myself in during my endeavor, I consider myself an expert on earning money with online surveys and all that entails.

So in the interest of sharing the power that knowledge brings, I will share with you the 7 most important lessons I learned during my journey.

I. Take Time To Develop The Proper Mindset

It is imperative to understand and embrace the concept that no matter how many surveys you take or how many companies you sign up for, trying to get paid doing online surveys is a fruitless endeavor. Once you’ve achieved this goal, the rest is easy.

II.  Maintain A Separate Email Address

I learned this lesson extremely well and trust me, this is important. Every time you sign up with a company you have to enter an email address. After an email address is entered, there’s a 99.9% level of probability it will be sold to third parties. (Always check the privacy policy) Barring this, you will be directed to other websites and therefore not their problem if your information is sold or shared.

Pretty soon your inbox will be straining under the avalanche of crap, spam, malware and other malicious emails that will bombard it so badly, your email will self-destruct. Now you may think I exaggerate or perhaps exercise a little poetic license when describing this scenario. I assure you I am doing no such thing. It happened to me a couple of years ago. To this day I cannot get into the email, I can’t cancel it(that involves having access) and a really good friend of mine still receives junk and malicious emails from that address.

 III. Understanding The “Payment System”

Earn Money With Online SurveysRecall what I said earlier about accepting the fact that you won’t earn any money? Well, here is where I will elaborate on that statement for you. You will NOT I repeat NOT be paid in cash. No matter what they lead you to believe.

Survey companies generally reward you with points, or credits or some kind of imaginary money system. Once you build up a certain amount of credits or whatever, they can be redeemed in exchange for gift cards for amazon or gas or restaurants. In some cases(rare as they are)the  points can be redeemed for PayPal cash gift cards.(But you have to have a PayPal account)The gift cards come in dollar amounts ranging from $5 and up. The exchange is usually something ridiculous like 100=1 dollar.

Doesn’t really sound too bad when you skim the surface, but just you wait until you discover what you have to do in order to earn all those credits and how long it will take.

IV. Cash Bonus Just For Signing up!!!

Earn Money With Online SurveysHave you ever seen this type of promo? Looks like they are going to pay you fifty smackeroos just for taking your first paid survey doesn’t it? Offers like this don’t come around very often. More likely you will encounter an offer of $5 dollars not fifty. You’d be a fool not to jump on that right? Allow me to rain on your parade. Please.

No actual cash is involved here. Again, you will receive a free gift card worth the denomination they have promised you. I can guarantee you will never get real money you can hold in your hand. Isn’t that what it is about after all?

 V. The “Best” Survey Companies to sign up with

I have compiled a list of the best survey companies. You need to sign up with as many as you can to get a reasonable “payday”

  1.  There are none! They all suck!
  2.  Refer to item number one.

It really doesn’t matter which survey company you sign up for. You either get paid absolutely nothing worth your time or you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to receive points instead of cash, which you can thereby use as payment for “cash and prizes” or lotteries to win a “big cash prize”

VI. Prepare To Divulge Top Secret Info About Yourself

Whenever you sign up for a survey company you must fill in all the blanks. Name, email, phone#, birth date and sometimes they want your social security number or you will not be admitted to take a survey. Often you are referred to some other obscure website to sign up for something else and they want all of your information too.

Earn Money With Online SurveysExtreme caution is recommended here because these pages where they ask for your information are not always secure and/or encrypted for your protection.(You can find out by right clicking your mouse on said page and click on “View Page Info”)

The there is the qualification process. See, you can’t just take a free survey, you need to qualify to take a free survey which you may or may not get paid for.That is a survey in itself. Now here is where they really start digging. They want to know your sex, race, income level, what kind of car you drive, what language you speak, who does all the shopping, do you have kids and if you deny answering those questions(which you can) they automatically cut you off and inform you that you didn’t qualify and better luck next time.

Think about how much info they gather on you even if you don’t qualify.Also, if you keep getting disqualified time and time again the survey invitations dwindle down to nothing. Which doesn’t really mean anything because as I stated earlier, SURVEYS ARE A SCAM!!!!!

VII. How Much Can I Earn?

Haven’t you been listening to anything I have said for the past five minutes?(or whatever length of time it took you to read this article) YOU WON’T MAKE ANY ACTUAL MONEY!!handful of money.jpg.1

Your Choice…

If after reading these words of wisdom, you still wish to become involved in online surveys, be my guest. Proceed at your own risk, don’t say I didn’t warn you, and don’t come crying to me when you figure it out for yourself.

If you really want to learn how to generate a respectable, legal income online join me here. Or contact me and leave me a message.

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