How to sell comic books online

Do you want to learn how to sell  comic books  online?

Comic book collecting is a sport for all ages and where better to reach the largest audienceimages.jpgpile of comics for selling or trading  your collection than on the internet?  Collecting comic books for some people is a very passionate endeavor.  My cousin Ric has been collecting comic books for as long as I can remember and we had a lot of fun as kids just sitting around in his bedroom reading comic after comic for hours on end. My brother Rob was  the same way. He began collecting comic books at an early age. Now as adults they find their  comic books spilling out into all areas of their lives and houses. Time to sell.  But how to go about it?

  • Using venues already in place

There are several sites that will sell just about anything you can think of including comic books. Places like and will sell used books as well as other items. This is probably your best bet because they don’t get their percentage until the sale has been completed. Many sites require a fee up front and these are the types of sites you’ll want to avoid. Especially if you have little or no money to begin with.

  • Auction houses

The fact that some comic books are highly collectable makes auction houses appealing because you never can tell what type of income will be generated in this venue. That very same reason is also what makes it a risk. There are several things to consider before taking steps into the world of online auctioning. Having a credit card is a basic requirement so that they can be sure to collect their cut of  the items they have sold for you as well as preventing fraudulent actions. Personal contact information is also necessary when using these types of sites.

It’s also important to remember that the site itself is not responsible for shipping the item. That is something that you must do after the item is paid for.

  •  Classified ads

You can also sell your comic books by listing them into a local or regional classified ad service. These sites are typically free with no need for a credit card and cuts down on your shipping costs as the buyer can retrieve the items his/herself.

  •  Opening your own comic book shop online!

This can require quite a chunk of change because you have to buy a domain name, images.jpgcollectingcomics purchase hosting for your site and hire somebody to design a site for you if you haven’t got a clue. Now this might seem a little intimidating at first but……

Never fear, I am here to help

I would like to introduce you to a learning program that will get you started with two free websites, no contractual obligation and no need for a credit card. They will also provide all the help you could possibly need on a personal level to guide you on setting up your own comic book shop online. Just like any business, online shops require work and dedication but in the end you are your own boss and to me that is priceless! Even if you decide the program isn’t for you the websites and hosting are yours to keep and work with. Wealthy Affiliates will teach you the step by step process to owning and developing a profitable online comic book shop. To get started with your free account click here.

Good luck in whatever avenue you choose to pursue!!

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2 thoughts on “How to sell comic books online

  1. Rick Jantz

    This is a great site and thanks for sharing the information. I didn’t realize you could buy and sell comic books. Is it a big industry? Probably gets quite the boost from the TV show “Big Bang Theory”. All the best to you and I learned something new today, thanks.

    1. Polly Post author

      I think most people who don’t collect comics don’t realize how much people will pay for the right comic book and some are really sought after for various reason i.e. type ,rarity, who the writer was,the artwork involved it really is big business and some people have truly let it take over their lives


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